The Telemachus Story Archive

Mutant Santas vs Brick
By Arthur Hero

Mutant Santas vs. Brick - 1. "January Ball Pain"

By: Arthur Hero

He got the name Brick because his abs looked like a stack of eight bricks. At 45, he still had them.

"What the hell is going on?' Brick said.

"Oh my God." Mayor O'Brian said. "Brick we have mutant unemployed Santas going around dropping off gifts all over the city to muscular men 18-55. The men open the packages and then a hydra plant opens up with tentacles, subdues them, and jerks them off. The semen is collected and the Santa's pick up the cum."

"Slate is missing." Brick said. "I need the rest of the team to patrol and find him."

"Brick," Mayor O'Brian said. "This may be a mission for you. Now that the holidays are over I'm concerned that these mutant Santa's are looking for work. I hope they didn't join a milking black market cell to supply the mutants. We can't have people worried about getting milked and we can't let the mutants get stronger"

"I get it." Brick said.

The Loft:

Brick looked around and went to the changing chambers a lot changed. He saw the back up suits for Slate, Razor and the rookie Intern. He looked at the shiny, rubber, suits with the new codpieces. He then went to another room and saw his old suit hanging up. It was purple with dark black boots. He figured he gained a few lbs but decided to suit up. When he came out the air tight chamber that sucked the air out to make the lavender suit skin tight he looked in the mirror. He still had it. Brick's maturity made him look like a true veteran hero. His square jaw line and blue eyes made him look like a superhero out of a Hollywood George Clooney movie. His cock was out and he looked around at the cod pieces. He found a one which fastened to a cock ring and his dick bounced in it. The codpiece was way too small but he forced his manhood in it. His balls bounced around after he fastened his cock ring to the synthetic latex codpiece. His curved cock dick print coiled in the tight package. Each testicle clung tight and snug to the micro fabric. It was a vulnerable target...

Christmas Tree:

Brick's pecs and abs were well defined and looked like they were photoshopped. He looked more defined and more put together than when he was a 20-something. Brick's ass wasn't too muscular but it was round, plump and meaty. His cheeks fit like two round globes on his backside. Slug took notice of the man's ass and was ready to win this to add the veteran to his hero collection. Brick took out a flashlight and observed the packages. They were empty. He bent over and leaned down.

"Damn boys look at that ass." A voice called. It was Doc, his nemesis. Doc was in his late fifties, out of shape and a sinister burly mad man. He had to be behind this!

Four mutant Santa's surrounded brick. Their faces were old and they looked worn. Their Santa suits had cum stains all over. All of them had massive beer guts that popped from under. Brick, slowly kept his eye on them.

"Get him boys," Doc said. "You're out of work! This is what I'm paying you for."

Brick fought off the mutant Santa's one by one. He was athletic and did a running jump and slammed one Santa on the ground. One Santa tried to grab him from behind but he dodged and kicked the evil Santa in the face. In less than two minutes the veteran Brick knocked the Santa's on the ground. The Santa's were upset and angry that they couldn't subdue Brick. Brick's juicy pecs heaved up and down as he stood over the heroes. Doc was angry. Brick was his nemesis for years and wanted to break Brick's curved plump cock and have it stuffed. Brick represented the origin of super heroes foiling Doc's plans. Enough was enough. Doc pressed a button and a hologram of Brick's team mate Slate appeared. Slate was bloody and had fluids oozing out his cock. In the hologram Slate's cock was tied and held by Doc's henchman Ram.

"Brick," Doc said. "Give yourself up or Slate is gone.

"No," Brick said.

"I said yes!"

Ram lifted Slate up and appeared that he was going to throw Slate down into the river tied up.

"No," Brick said. "I'll turn myself in if you let me see Slate go first."

Ram slowly untied Slate and let him go. He untied Slate and walked away.

"Now you're my exchange," Doc said.

Brick obeyed and dropped to his knees. The Santa's immediately tied him up.

"You stupid fool," Doc said. "Slate isn't here."

It was a set up.

Brick was electro tortured as he was bound in his suit. He squirmed but the Santa's took electro shocked tools. They removed his nipple pieces and began to electro shock them. The sensation mad his curved cocl grow.

"Hold him up," Doc said.

The biggest Santa was powerful. The old geezer bear hugged Brick and put him in an excruciating bear hug. The huge bear squeezed Bricks abs one by one. His intestines could feel each gut wrenching claw pummel. Brick's curved cock pulsated. His boomerang shaped manhood was throbbing. The biggest Santa held Brick and put his Santa fat cock in Brick's plump muscle butt.

One by one they bashed Brick's abs. At 45, his abs were still defined. They bashed one by one as the big Santa fucked Brick's brains out. What was next would be horrible.

The little Santa twisted Brick's cock around. At first it was gentle and then it was rough.

"Crack his cock." Doc said. The little Santa took Brick's curved cock and slowly twisted it to the other side. Brick felt his uretha and penis muscle shift. It was slow and then he felt the pain.

"Stop." Brick said.

The Santa licked his cock and continued to crack it.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Brick yelled.

The Santa then took an old Christmas light connected into a wire and inserted it into the broken penis.


"Yeah silver fox daddy scream." The Santa said.

A smaller Santa bent down and bit Brick's balls. He shook his mouth around as if he was going to bite into it.

"Stop." Brick yelled. "Christmas is over! It's January."

The Santa that inserted the light told them to tie the bound Brick up.

He pressed a button and the light began to blink inside of Brick's cock. It became warm and then hot.

"Stop!" Brick yelled.

They slammed Brick on the ground and one Santa yanked the bulb out hard. After five strong stomps to the balls Brick was left on the floor.

Brick was on the floor in excruciating pain. The Santa's tied him with Christmas lights and he hung by his arms on a pole. The Santa's began to crack other areas of Brick's cock. His cock was swollen. Brick felt a stabbing feeling all over. His abs were stretched out. Doc walked over with an orb that looked like a testicle. It was squishy, and looked just like a real one.

"We're going to do an experiment," Doc said. "Playtime is over boys."

He took out a scalpel and began to poke Brick's left nut.

"You don't need two of these," Doc said.

"N-N-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," Brick yelled.

Doc did the unthinkable and began to slowly slice into Brick's left nut. It was slow but cautious. The bound hero couldn't believe what was happening. Brick felt the cold sharp tool inside of his ball. The dull ache became a major blast of hot pain.


Doc removed Brick's left ball and showed it to Brick. He then showed Brick another ball. It was manufactured and he took it out a jar. He inserted the new testicle in it's old place. Brick passed out.

Immediately Brick felt strange as we woke up.

"Wake up hero," Doc said.

Brick looked around and saw jugs of cum surrounding him. His penis was attached to a tube and he could feel his cum oozing out. A dildo was placed in his ass to stimulate his prostate. His new ball worked 1000 times faster than his old nut.

"UGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Brick moaned as he shot load after load. He looked around and could see Doc in front of him. The sinister Doc preserved his ball and wore it around his neck on a chain. There were four more areas that were missing on the chain. Doc squeezed the preserved nut on the chain. Brick looked in horror. He looked down and saw that he was stitched back up. He knew he had to live with this new manufactured over powering mutant testicle.

"UGHHHHHHHHHHH," This load was almost a liter. It shot up and drenched everything in the area. Doc licked the semen that squirted on his face.

"UGHHHHHH," The second load was a pint.

Doc squeezed Brick's natural remaining right ball.

"I'll be back for that one…"

A few weeks later...

Brick slumped his head down and had a full recovery. He wore a cock brace to get his curved cock back into it's correct shape. Slate, the tan Puerto Rican stud hero, walked in and saw Brick nude on the headquarters couch. Brick was massaging his healing balls. The new ball looked just liked his old one but descended a little lower like a ripe fruit.

"I'm always horny Slate," Brick said. His cock was plump and erect.

"I'm going to go with Slick to avenge this," Slate said.

"Let me come with you," Brick said.

"No, you get some rest." Slate said. "Besides what if he tries to take your last natural nut? He'll replace it with some other overactive ball and you will cum forever."

"What if he tries to take yours?" Brick said.

In Doc's lair, there were four new manufactured balls on a table. He wanted to make sure they were all inserted in the heros. He had plans to enslave them and milk them into eternity and have enough cum to supply his black market which he sold. Slate was next and he would have fun removing his he thought. He tugged on his chain and squeezed Brick's preserved old ball which was wrapped in the same color latex as Brick's suit. He squeezed his new trophy and laughed. Four more to go...