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How to break a Super Hero
Part 2 - Failed Rescue
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Arthur hero)

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Razor woke up bound with his suit partially ripped off. His cock was attached to a device that clamped into his balls and secreted an enzyme serum that overproduced sperm. His balls were heavy, tender and plump. His juicy chocolate orbs heaved up and down. Razor's cock milked itself through the device and produced continual streams of cum. Hie squirmed in pain.

He woke up to see the eight mutant students drinking glasses.

They were all large, bear like and tubby. He thought in his mind to call them Tubs. They were being taught to crush superheroes and Razor was their specimen. He wondered where Slate was after they both were both destroyed by Claw.

He pretended to be a sleep as he saw the students having a mixer. They were hideous. Anytime they took a sip of the milky substance in their glasses their eyes lit up and they punched the wall. Whatever they were drinking was giving them superhuman strength. He felt the urge to have an orgasm and he released a load that he couldn't control. He looked down to see a tube wrapped into a device around his cock. There was a large jug that connected into a tap. They were drinking HIS cum. He was being milked for their event. He looked at a bartender shake a milky concoction with vodka.

"Superhero spunk with vodka," one Tub mutant said.

"Muscle hunk spunk on the rocks," the other Tub said.

The bartender shook the glass and poured the milky drinks into martini glasses.

Razor's mushroom shaped tip continued to ooze continuously. Doc had created the ultimate formula to keep vibrant muscle to keep ejaculating. Even as Razor was fading in and out of consciousness he continued to ooze. The students looked on. They began to rub Razor's ass an now the assault went from a brutal beat down to sexual torment. They enjoyed their alcoholic beverages mixed with Razor's spunk.

"His butt is so firm," one Tub said. He squeezed the strong glutes. Even with out flexing they were rocky.

Just then there was a megaphone and everyone looked to the front of the room.

"Your attention," Doc said. He was pure evil.

"Thank you for attending this event. You are the official first class of evil villains that Grand Island City has systematically bred.

Everyone clapped.

"Your final lesson is to now witness a superhero torture."

Doc unveiled a bound Slate. He was bruised from the beating with Claw but he still had his muscles defined. he was tied and bound with jagged barb wire. Slate's beat down was worse and was personal. He had two broken ribs, lacerations on his pecs, abs and ass. Claw beat Slate to a pulp. His left ball was swollen from the torment. Doc had other plans for Slate. He despised him more than Razor because Slate single handedly put a dent in his drug cartel operation and mutant experiments. Claw kept guard as they expected Slick and Brick to try to save their hero mates. He couldn't take the risk so he decided to break him now. Doc took knife and tore away Slates tight butt armor. Doc couldn't believe it. Slate had two huge glutes. He grabbed the muscular yet meaty butt of Slate and nestled his face in it. He slapped it.

"I'm going to have fun with you papi." Doc said. His star pupil walked over and handed him a dildo. It had little silver balls all over it.

They removed the barb wire rope around him and placed him in a chained sling. His arms were spread eagle and the giant holding device could move around like a wheel. Doc flipped Slate upside down so his muscle ass was in the air. He inserted his finger and began to finger fuck the latin stud.

"This dildo is loaded with electricity Slate. I'm going to fry your little prostate"

He inserted the dildo rough. He rammed it through the meaty butt. His butt was so large the dildo disappeared in the tan twin juicy butt cheeks.

"Ughhhh," Slate moaned.

Doc began to twist and turn the device around Slate's anal tract. Doc rubbed his own cock as Slate squirmed in agony and pain. He knew he reached Slate's g-Spot when Slate began to moan and tighten his cheeks on the device.

"Nice and tight. You must be the top when you fuck Slick. Where is he? He needs to meet Claw. I can't wait to hear his bones crack." Doc said.

"Fuck you," Slate said.

"No," Doc said. "Fuck you."

He pressed a button and electric shocks pulsated through Slates anal canal and prostate."

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Slate screamed. "Ahhhhh."

"Scream Slate!" Doc yelled. He inserted the dildo in and out faster and faster as the electricity was on.


Slate squirmed around and his bulge moved around. His cock hardened from the stimulation in his prostrate.

Doc began to rub Slates codpiece. The throbbing penis could be seen pressing against the thin rubber layer. Doc unfastened it and Slate's swollen balls bounced out. To add to the pain Doc took a plexiglass device and began to squeeze the swollen orbs. His chubby minion in training came over.

"Nice balls and cock," the villain said.

"Crush them," Doc said.

Slowly Slate's balls began to flatten. They began to turn into pancakes. Slate couldn't believe his defeat. He could feel the device flatten his ball tissue. He felt little pops in his balls. It was agony.

"Let him go," a voice yelled. It was Brick the most senior member of the team. He snuck in through the ventilation and had Doc in a choke hold. Brick had a magneta colored suit. He was handsome and had salt and pepper hair. He was fit and known for his juicy hairy pecs. Doc could feel Brick's bulge in his backside and enjoyed the hold.

"Another hero to torture," Doc said.

"The only person getting tortured will be your ass in jail." Doc said.

"Exactly," another voice yelled it was Slick.

Slick was the youngest member and only 21. He was built like a gymnast, short, boyish looks and 2% body fat. Slick choked the henchman and knocked him out cold. Slick had an identical costume to Slate but his was icy blue. Although he was little, his package was almost horizontal and his balls were placed in a latex like armor. It looked as if his bulge was in a blue condom. It bounced around. Slick preferred this new stretchy cock "armor" compared to the more secure rubber codpieces that Slate, Brick and Razor wore. His nipple pieces were also elastic and his silver dollar pink nipples could be seen through the thin cover.

Brick lunged and knocked Doc out.

"Go to bed." Brick said. They then attacked the student and knocked him out as well. The other students ran to a secure panic room and locked the door. They opened the cage so that Claw could come out.

Brick went to untie Slate until he heard a roar, Claw arrived.

"What is that?" Slick said. They looked at the former bodybuilder mutant with his four muscular arms. Two of his arms had welded metal claw like devices to them made of steel. Five students with bats, knives, brass knuckles and chains entered as well. Slick and Brick moved away from their teammates and cautiously looked at the evil guys.

"Well you're ugly," witty Brick said.

"I'll take the big guy." Brick said. "You get the other chubby bastards."

"We are Tubs." They said in unison.

Brick lunged at Claw. Brick punched him numerous times and Claw backed up with each punch. Brick did a flying kick and then a round house. Claw just backed up until he was at the wall.

"My turn," Claw said.

He swung each of his fists into Brick. In a daze Brick was surprised by how powerful this nemesis was. Brick slid under his legs and kicked Claw in his bulge. This angered him and he finally hit the grip he needed on Brick. He lifted him up and slammed him into the wall three times. The impact was enough to rip off Brick's eye mask. Claw slammed the hero into the floor and Brick landed on his chest. Brick rolled away and made an attempt to side sweep Claw. That would be his last offensive attack. In rage Claw lifted Brick up and slammed his back into his knee. Brick knew something broke. He could still move so he knew it wasn't his spine. This villain was a mutant and stronger than any villain before. Claw lifted the hero and began to punch his abs. Each punch was relentless.

He grabbed Brick's bulge and squeezed. It was hard and it was firm. He punched into Brick's bulge over and over. With one arm he lifted Brick and with another he grabbed his waist. He looked as Brick squirmed. He ripped off his pec armor and his juicy hairy pecs were exposed. Claw squeezed him by the pecs and applied pressure. He twisted Brick's nipples to toy with him.

He lifted Brick by the balls and squeezed his bulge. Each nut pummel made Brick tense up. His curved cock was hard from Claw rubbing it. Claw began to lick the top and made a slit to expose the huge mushroom head cock.

Meanwhile Slick had trouble of his own. He noticed Brick getting pummeled. The chubby villains had Slick in chains. They tied him up and his body was exposed as it hung from the ceiling. His tight butt flexed.

"the serum." One Tub injected the serum into Slick's tight butt. He then began to rub Slick's bulge. To his delight he could see the curved cock presses against the think microfiber latex. Slick tried to fight the urge but he couldn't. His cock throbbed through the suit.

"Now let's have fun." Tub said.

The other mutant students all began to bash Slick's abs. Tub slapped Slick's cock around as his package jiggled around in his suit.

Doc woke up out of his slumber and climbed to his feet. He looked around and saw the change of events.

"Good job boys," Doc said. "Nice to see you Slick."

Doc whispered in Tub's ear.

"Yes sir," Tub said. "We will milk Slate and Razor."

They walked away and began to milk Slate and Razor.

Now it was time for Slick to get his bashing. Doc wasted no time and began to punch Slick's cock and balls relentlessly. He picked up a pipe and slammed it over and over again in his bulge. Slick's curved cock swung around like a boomerang. Doc stood behind and pulled of Slick's butt armor. Doc unzipped his pants and began to fuck Slick aggressively. Slick could only tighten his muscular cheeks but in the end Doc had him restrained. Doc gripped Slick's balls with each thrust. He squeezed them so that Slick would stop squirming around and take the ramming. Tub looked over and looked horny. After Doc came he tapped Tub.

"You deserve some tight superhero ass." Doc said.

Tub grinned and strapped on a jagged condom. He punched Slick repeatedly in the balls and then grabbed him from behind. Tub was more aggressive and the pounding began again. Tub rubbed his cock in the crack of Slick's butt. He grabbed his mouth shut and caressed his eight pack abs and he pounded the muscle pup. When he came it oozed down Slick's ass and dropped to the floor. Slick felt violated. His cock was still hard and Tub wasn't down. He twisted Slick's curved cock around and cracked it in the opposite direction.

"Yahhhhhhhhhhhhhj. My cockkkkkkkkkk" Slick yelled.

Tub ducked down and sent five upper cuts into Slick's manhood. In pain Slick moaned and passed out. His cock and balls were broken.

Battered, torn, and brutalized the four heroes were hog tied and suspended from the ceiling. Four long tubes from each of their cocks filled a giant jug. Doc held all four of their detached cod pieces and connected then on a rope. He posted a pic of the codpieces on Instagram to send a warning. All that could be heard in the chamber was the moans after each frequent orgasm. Slick was still knocked out from his cock snapping and could be heard whimpered with each force ejaculation. Doc sniffed the codpieces and walked away and told Claw to "finish then."

Slate looked up and around. He wriggled and wrestled but he couldn't budge. He looked at his team mates all trying to wrestle out of their clutches.

Claw went to each of them starting with Brick, he twisted and cracked his cock.


"Ahhhhhhh," Brick screamed.

He walked to Razor next and gripped his huge, thick veiny cock. Because it was so thick Claw had to bend it twice.


"Noooooooo," Razor screamed as his cock was bent.

Next was Slick who already had his cock broken. Claw was even more sinister and decided to crush Slick's balls as his final punishment. He took two bricks and squashed the muscle pups balls between the two bricks.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slick passed out from the agony.

Finally Claw came to Slate. The ring leader hero who Doc wanted to destroy. Claw took Slate's cock and snapped it in two places.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Slate screamed.

"The police," Tub screamed. Claw cut the ropes as each hog tied hero dropped to the floor. The villains ran out of the chamber and into the night. Doc got what he wanted to milk the heroes and break their centerpieces. He hoped the paramedics could fix their cocks so he could plan another night to torture them and snap their cocks again in the future.