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How to break a Super Hero
Part 1 - Villain School
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Arthur hero)


Doc looked at the mutant villains in the audience he was training and unveiled a bound Razor. Razor was in his red rubberized suit. His muscles were cut like a razor, smooth brown skin and a bulge that pressed through his codpiece like a giant lump of cock. The audience of villain students were in aw at the bound bodybuilder restrained.

"Step one kids is to immobilize your hero. He's strong, swift, and smart. If you give them a chance they will have you handcuffed and thrown in jail." Doc said.

Razor squirmed to try to get out but couldn't.

"Any idea where a superhero weakness lies?" Doc said.

"His abs?" a huge student with metallic knuckle plates said.

"Come up and try." Doc said.

The student got up and lugged his huge load over to Razor. He never was this up close and personal with a superheroe. Razor's eight pack was amazing. Rocky and hard. The student rubbed Razor's abs through his rubber synthetic suit and then took a swing.

"Ughhh," Razor yelled.

"His balls," a student yelled.

The fat student looked at Doc. It was his favorite student Tub. A heavyset mutant bear with super villain strength. Although he was young he was ready to destroy.

"Go ahead." Doc nodded.

Plowwwwwwwwwwww! A dull sound was heard around the room as the student rammed his fist into Razor's balls.

The hero yelled in agony.

"See class that's how you bring a superhero down. His balls." Doc said.

Razor's bulge was massive and his 10-inch cock coiled into the codpiece like a giant lump. The next lesson was bondage. They hogtied Razor so that his cock and balls were on the ground. He wiggled with his plump ass up as his bulge caressed the floor.

"He's making me horny by wiggling like that." the chubby student said.

"Me too," Doc said. "This is your prey. Punish him for being so hot and sexy."

One student sat down on Razor's back so that he was pinned to the ground. His codpiece was a target, and vulnerable. The fat student rubbed Razor's bulge. Thick, pulsating and hard. It pressed against the thin rubberized fabric that protected it. He rammed his fist into his ball sack and the impact hit the ground. Razor held in his screams but his meaty balls couldn't handle the pressure and the swishing.

"Can we put him in the cage with the mutant?" the kid asked.

"Yes," Doc said.

The mutant was a bodybuilder with four muscular arms. He was solid as a rock. The class watched from outside and Razor was untied and thrown in the cage. On the ground were bricks and stones. The mutant, named Claw, had one claw like hand. And three other muscular arms. He wasn't paying attention and was throwing bricks at the wall in a rage. The transformation of the former heavyweight bodybuilder was complete.

Razor still in a bit of pain, stood back in a corner. He looked around for an exit but couldn't find one. He decided to make the first move and jumped on Claw's back. He pounded but to no avail couldn't break his clutch. The mutant stumbled over his own clumsiness and fell. Razor took a stone and smashed it on his head. This made the villain bleed. He was angry.

He grabbed Razor's arms with two of his arms and began to bash his abs with two others. THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD. Razor was pummeled and in a daze.

The villain students could be heard cheering as Razor was getting his abs blasted. Then the mutant began to claw at Razor's abs. Through his armor the eight pack was getting decimated. Each claw tore at the fibers and Razor was in pain. The mutant threw Razor on the ground and jumped on his abs. The red rubber suit began to tear under the weight of the giant. Razor rolled around and his muscular butt was was in the air. The giant spanked it and inserted a finger in his deep canyon ass crack. Razor was grabbed again by the arms. His hard cock was dangling through the suit. His ball sack again vulnerablle. With one hand claw grabbed one ball and with another claw he cupped another ball. Then he squeezed and crushed each ball. The groin claws sent a dull ache through Razor and weakened the hero.


Razor's balls were large and round. Each claw flattened them and they looked like they were squeezed out.

"Ugh," Razor screamed.

"Squeeeeeeeeeeeze," Claw yelled.

"Agh." Razor screamed.

Razor's muscular arms were held by Claw's two top arms. Claw tied razor to the ceiling. Now he had four arms ready to destroy the hero. One arm after the other landed on his bulging balls and cock. The relentless bashing swung his cock around like a boxing bag. Each blow was relentless and Razor's codpiece could no longer endure the bashing. His ball and penis tip appeared through two cuts from the impacts. Claw squeezed and twisted the exposed testicle and Razor almost passed out from the pain. Claw sent an uppercut into the bottom portion of his ball sack which sent shockwaves throughout his body.

Razor tried to bend over but he was restrained so only his neck bent.

The students cheered to see the hero immobilized. His nipple appeared out of his suit. His testicles could be seen slightly from the rips in his codpiece from the impact. Razor was spent.

"Spare my balls," Razor pleaded.

"Your balls," Claw said.

Claw launched an assault on Razor's balls that no man should endure. With his four arms he swung back and landed punches that shook Razor's balls around. By the end Razor's nuts swelled up.

Slate entered the chamber and entered through from the ceiling.

"I'm here." Slate said. Slate was one of the the main heroes in Grand Island City. He was muscular and about the same build as Razor. The only difference was Slate had a more plump and round juicy butt. Razor's butt was more muscular and firm. Slate had smooth, mocha tan, latin skin. He had model-esque good looks. His cock was coiled in a firm codpiece that kept his manhood in tact.

Claw lunged at the hero but Slate was able to maneuver away. A gas entered the room and Slate coughed. He felt sluggish and his cock began to throb.

"Let me help Claw out," the evil Doc said. The gas dissipated but it left Slate feeling Sluggish and aroused. Claw took advantage and put Slate in a bear hug with two arms. He tied Slate by the waist next to Razor. Their plump bulges rubbed together as they tried to wriggle from restraint. The meaty codpieces connected. The class looked in awe at the two muscle heroes as they wriggled and rubbed their cod piece bulges together. Two ten inch cocks and four balls rubbing around.

Claw took advantage and grabbed their balls. He squeezed them together and the two yelled.


Razor was already ball busted and could no longer endure. He began to pass out.

He rubbed their cocks together and the two began to frot. Their long thick cocks already were oiled up from pre-cum.

"Unggggggggggg," Slate came.

"Ahhhhhhhh," Razor came.

Their cocks were still hard from the gas that aroused them.

"More milk," Claw said. "To the last drop."

Claw rubbed their thick mushroom penis heads and oozed out more cum.

"Unghhhhh," Slate moaned. "No more."

Claw was upset and envied the two muscle heroes cocks. They were so hard, so thick and still throbbing. How could the heroes have such girth and energy after the ball bashings.

Claw crushed their balls again. He squeezed Slate's balls even harder. Slate just took the ball bashing and hoped this would stop Slate from producing anymore milk. The opposite happened and cum gushed everywhere. Slate's balls released milk with each tug. He cut Slate down and threw him on the ground. He lifted his foot and smashed it in Slate's balls. Slate tried to break away but Claw's weight was too much.

"Enough!" Doc said. "Let's milk them dry."

(to be continued)


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