The Telemachus Story Archive

Super Ball Busting
By Arthur Hero

Super ball busting: Doc ballbusts Razor

Razor wanted revenge after seeing his buddy Slate brutally battered.

"Doc," he said to Brick.

Brick walked up to Razor and massaged his back. Razor's brown skin and big pecs were adorned with the armor's rubber nipple pieces.

"Don't worry buddy. We did the best we could." Brick said. 

Brick, the muscle furry bear laid in bed with Razor. The two rubbed their rubber codpieces against each other. Razor's eight pack abs against Brick's softer six pack. Brick was now in his late 40's. Razor was still a vigorous 30-something. His huge mushroom cock pressed against his codpiece. The two codpieces rubbed their huge packages against each other.

"We shouldn't," Razor said. "If our cocks are horny during an emergency we could be in trouble."

"We can't live in fear." Brick said. 

"We have to fight Doc." Razor said.

"We will but now is not the time."

"If not now, then when?"

The two dry humped each other superhero cock and superhero cock. Two greek god like bodies rubbing their huge junk together. Brick's red codpiece against Brick's fuchsia colored codpiece. Razor's chocolate skin and dark nipples were sucked by Brick. His nipples were large, firm, and hard. Razor stroked the silver fox and fingered his plump hole. The two made love and had superhero sex.

Every villain now felt empowered with the defeat of Slate. News spread through Grand Island City that the hero was defeated, ball busted, and out of commission for a long time. As he recovered in the hospital, Razor wanted revenge. Razor looked at Brick sleeping hours later and decided to suit up. He looked in the mirror and was happy with his physique. He was built like a god but his huge endowment was his centerpiece. He was blessed with a thick cock and juicy balls…but that would not work in his favor.

Razor got off his motorcycle and went straight to Doc. After an easy entrance into his lair he grabbed Doc by the neck who was working on an experiment. Razor began to assault him. Doc was no match for Razor. Razor was in his codpiece, boots and nipple armor. His titanium gloves were on and his sharp visor. He body slammed Doc and began to kick him.

"You win," Doc said. Razor was a site to see. His big cock was still hard from his morning wood.It was coiled in the red rubber bulge. Doc could see his orb nuts against his red suit. If only he could activate the tentacle machines. 

"It's over." Razor said. He stood over Doc and lifted him up. Doc could feel Razor's huge cock against his leg. He was taller than Razor but no where near as massive.

"I'm sorry for destroying Slate." Doc said. "I'm sorry for having his nuts squished like grapes."

Razor punched Doc to the ground. Just then wires dropped down and wrapped around Razor's neck and waist. Tentacles! No. They lifted him up and squeezed him and wrapped around his pecs.

"Fool hero. Now I'm going to bash your nuts just like Slate's. The tentacles wrapped around Razor's huge package. His hard cock was squeezed through. The tentacles began to jerk his thick huge cock. Doc took advantage and squeezed Razor's balls. 

"Arghhhhhhh," Razor moaned. 

"Beautiful muscular hunk." Doc said. Razor was bound by the thin tentacles. Doc took a sledge hammer and began to bust Razor's balls.


"I busted Slate's left ball first like this." Doc said. He swung the bat deep into Razor's package. The cock slammed against the codpiece.

"Look at all that meat jiggle." Doc said.

The thick cock and thick balls jiggled in his suit. Doc took the sledge hammer and swung it into the balls again.


"Fuck you." Razor said. He was visibly in pain as the impact now reached his gut. His big balls vulnerable. 

Doc slammed the stick portion of the sledge hammer into Razor's south portion of the codpiece. It was clear his balls were getting direct hits..

"I'm going to have my nano tentacles squeeze the life out of you."

Thinner tentacles the size of shoestrings descended with needle like edges. They pierced through his suit and gripped his pecs. They found his nipples. The thin tentacles with its needle edges shot into the nipples.

"Ah," Razor said. The tentacles took a full grip around his nipples and squeezed. It took another full grip around his large massive pecs and squeezed. Then the tiny needles secreted a gel that caused a burning sensation. His nipples began to swell up with the ointment. 

"Juicy nipples," Doc said. "Let me get a taste."

He pulled off Razor's nipple covers and saw the black silver dollar nipples oozing out the serum. Doc sucked Razor's nipples and licked the oil on his pecs.

"Such big juicy pecs," Doc said.

He sucked the large swollen tender nipples. 

"Unghhhhhh." Razor moaned. 

A tentacle descended from the ceiling and found its way to the tight ass crack. It slithered down and pushed its way into Razor's tight anal canal. 

"Break him open." Doc said.

The tentacle pushed deep and hard. It turned and turned.

"Activate needles." Doc said.

The tentacles ejected thin millimeter like needles that poked into Razor all around him, Then they curved and hooked. The needles ejected deep into his balls, into his nipples, deep in his prostrate.


The tentacles pulled him tight…shredding into his man meat. Then it secreted an oil, that caused a burning sensation on his pecs and abs. 

"I'm so weak," Razor said.

"That's it my pet monster, weaken him, stretch him, pulverize him." Doc said. "It knows your pain points."

"Ughhhhhh, getting weak." Razor moaned.

The tentacles squeezed Razor and his muscles contracted and flexed. His cock was being squeezed by one tentacle. It jerked him and soon Razor's cock was blowing a load.

Cum squirted down and Doc smiled as Razor was in agony and ecstasy. The poison secreted in his paralyzed him. He was helpless like a prey trapped.

Doc released the tentacles with a button and Razor was on the floor convulsing from the pain of the toxins the tentacles did. His cock was hard and flexed. 

Doc lifted the muscular hero and caressed him. 

"There, there." Doc said.

He reached down and twisted Razor's cock violently. Even though the muscular hero was bigger than the frail Doc, he was frozen. Doc caressed the hero and felt his manhood in his hand. He unzipped the codpiece and revealed the cock and balls secured by a red cock ring. The balls were secured by a thin leather band that divided each ball into a juicy round nut. The balls were thick, sweaty, and juicy. Doc was going to bust his victim. He was driven by the idea that Razor, a thick muscle bodybuilder was helpless in his clutches. Razor foiled his plans one too many times and now he had to pay like Slate. 

Doc squeezed the balls and cum squirted on to his hand. 

"Feel me bust you Razor," Doc said. Doc squeezed and twisted the gonadal tissue. One part of him didn't want to see such a pretty cock and balls destroyed but he had too let the hero pay. Next Doc pushed Razor to the ground. The hero was still in a daze and paralyzed from the ooze. Razor was now nude with just his boots, visor and cock ring. Doc smelled the musty scent of balls and sniffed the heroes codpiece. 

Razor tried with all his might to move. 

Doc lifted his foot and kicked the big cock and balls. They bounced around like a yoyo.

"Ahhhhh," Razor moaned. 

Dock then lifted the two muscular legs and knee dropped into the cock and balls. 

 The balls now were swollen from the bashes but not damaged enough. Doc waned to end razor once and for all. He stomped relentlessly on the balls and then on the thick veiny black cock. 

"I hate your manhood," Doc said in envy.

The balls were now swollen and had to be ruptured by now.

"Pleaseeeee," Razor said. "Stop."

Doc went to his assault collection and took out a ball and chain with spikes. He would it up and crashed the device on the swollen ball sack. 


Razor passed out from the impact. 

Doc saw his prey and the cock and balls still in tact. Doc was hard as he stood over Razor. He wound up the ball and chain again and was going to flatten the balls once and for all. After he swung he would stomp on the brown balls to flatten them.






He reached down and fondled the now Razor's ruptured package. The plump balls were now mushy and cum oozed out of the penis hole. The cock was bent and swollen. Still the balls looked like two put together pieces of muscle. This made Doc angry. 

"Squeezeeeeeee" Doc yelled as he finally gave one final attempt to mush the heroes balls. Razor woke up and was in agony. Just like his best friend Slate, he was now doomed from Doc's sinister ball bust. He looked down and saw his once proud cock bent and twisted. He clung to Doc as he busted the proud package. The sensation burnt in his gut and he accepted his ball busting. 

Doc felt the muscle bodybuilder give up. His sweaty pecs and nipples pressed against Doc. Doc continued to squeeze the nuts for another hour. He dropped Razor on the floor and his nano bot tentacles lifted the ball busted hero in the air.

Doc looked up to see the damaged balls and did a series of uppercuts to the now mushy ball sack. He took off the cock and ball ring and the ball sack was now just one giant sac of mush.

He gently rubbed the two giant testicles.

"Tomorrow I will bust this sac open once and for all." Doc said.

Razor, barely conscious, looked down at his swollen balls and injured cock. He was still horny from the poison and began to cum uncontrollably. He was relieved that his balls were still working…

Kid Marble, the young superhero, got the distress call and entered the lair. The latin stud was built, dark, and sexy. He disabled the nano-bot tentacles and tracked down Razor's location. He slowly entered the torture chamber and saw the muscular Razor in sweat, oil and cum. Razor's uniform was on a table. His cod piece was in a trophy like glass.

"Sinister Doc." Kid Marble said. The 20-something was naive because he knew that by disabling the security system he did the right thing. Little did he know, he fell right into a trap. 

Kid Marble walked up to Razor.

"I'm going to get you out of here big guy." Kid Marble said.

Relieved, Razor was happy to see the young hero to his rescue. The dim lights came on and Doc walked in.

"Kid Marble," I was waiting for you. "Put down Razor, I'm not done ball busting him."

"Never," Kid Marble said. He gently let Razor on the ground to confront Doc.

He walked with his slinging bouncing young bulge secured by a small cod piece and went up to Doc. 

"This is over." 

About two dozen of Doc's henchman appeared with bats, pipes and metal devices.

"Welcome to your ball busting Kid Marble." Doc said.

He kicked Kid Marble in the balls.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," the rookie screamed. Immediately 24 giant henchmen began to pummel the muscle pup. Pipes hit his manhood to disable the hero. It was an easy takedown.

Doc grabbed the latin stud's big package and rubbed.

"Torture time," Doc said.

He squeezed and Kid Marble was next in his ball busting hero mission.

"Nooooooooooooo," the rookie pup screamed as his tight young package was next for Doc's sinister busting.

to be continued...