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Diablo's Torture
Part 2
By Arthur Hero

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Diablo’s Torture. A Superhero in Peril - Part Two

Diablo woke up stripped in just his boots, codpiece, and gloves. He felt an IV in both of his thighs that provided him fluid. A small needle injected into his balls and pierced the codpiece. It produced a euphoric like street drug and it was mixed with a high dosage of viagra. His cock was attached to a tube. A long thick vibrating dildo was hitting his prostrate. He looked down and saw a gallon of cum inside. He was constantly cumming thick loads that sucked his creamy spunk into the jug. He put his head back and came some more.

 Rog walked in with oil and looked at the hero. He always fantasized about having Diablo, powerless and in his clutches. Now he could massage and play with his muscle prey before destroying him. Rog placed oil on the pecs and began to squeeze the nipples. Diablo came into the vacuum. His mouth was covered in tape and all he could do was moan. Rog ripped the tape off and exposed his juicy lips. Rog kissed him and rubbed on the muscle pecs. As Diablo orgasmed he felt the muscle in his fingers. As Diablo convulsed with each orgasm his muscles flexed. Rog was hard watching the helpless hero flex. He was sweaty and covered in bruises from Mallet Man’s attacks.The cum sessions were becoming less and less frequent. Rog grabbed the nuts impaled with a needle and squeezed.

 “Your juicy big balls better keep making milk. Once you stop I’m going to have Mallet Man rip your nuts off one by one.” Rog said. The sadistic man couldn’t wait to finish off Diablo. He was going to have Mallet Man crush him. That would be his climax. The milk became less and less. Diablo was scared knowing he had to pump out as much cum as possible. The pain that Mallet Man already inflicted on his manhood made him shudder. Mallet Man stared at the cum as it slowed. He couldn’t wait to drink some and get powered up. He was ready to crush the sexy stud. He put on gloves with spikes and began to swing the mallets in the air. He slammed them on an anvil. That’s where he was going to tie the hero and slam the mallets into his abs. He couldn’t wait to hear him scream in agony.

 An hour later, Diablo finally came down to his last load. It was a spectacular load because Diablo tried to hold it.

 “UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” The load pulsed out of his throbbing cock. Finally the machine jerked the last few juices and post cum torture for another 10 minutes.

 “Last drop,” Rog said.

 “Unghhhhhh,” Diablo moaned. The hero was dazed. The hero stripped of his suit was strapped back into his codpiece and butt armor. A spotlight came on him as two henchman untied him. The muscle hero couldn’t see. Sweat dripped from the stud. He tried to regain strength but couldn’t. A cage dropped around them. It was only Mallet Man and Rog. Rog was hard and sat at the top with his henchman who took out cameras to film the torture. They were going to send it to Slate.

 “Crush him.” Rog said. “No mercy. Crush him slow. I want him to suffer long and slow. When you’re done, bring me his cock and balls.”

 Mallet Man swung at Diablo. Diablo blocked but the mallets hit deep into his arms. The hero rolled on the floor to move from the Mallets. Sparks flew in the air. The Mallets were electrified. Finally Mallet Man swung dead smack into the heros abs. Again, and again. Diablo tried to grab the Mallet but was out of breath. Mallet Man picked the hero up and placed him on the anvil. Diablo squirmed but Mallet Man crushed the heros abs. He tied his arms with barbed wire so that he was stretched on the anvil. Diablo’s mid section and abs protruded out along with his huge bulge. His thighs dangled and his ankles were tied to hooks in the ground. He was stretched against out. His codpiece was the only thing in tact. His cock now softer coiled in the thing pouch bouncing. Rog and his henchman were grabbing their cocks at the sight of the handsome stud. It was a shame he thought but a lesson has to be taught.

 “THWACK!!!! THUD! THUD! THUD!” Mallet Man swung into the eight pack relentlessly. Each thud sent an electric shock that fried the abs. Blisters appeared and the hero’s abs were getting crushed and sizzled. Mallet Man pressed one of his mallets against the belly button area and fried the abs around it.


Next he swung at the meaty muscle pecs.

 “Nice muscle tits.” Mallet Man said. The dark brown nipples on his tan chest stuck out like Hersey kisses. He pulled and twisted on the nipples. They were rock hard from being in the cold air of the chamber so Mallet Man took advantage and bit them. His cyborg teeth piercing them in his teeth.

 “AHHHHH.” He bit the muscle pecs and left gashes around his meaty plump pecs.

Mallet Man took barbed wire and tied it around Diablos arms. He then tied his feet at a different angle between two poles so his legs were in a split like formation. His arms were tied to the ground. The cock and balls stuck out like a giant target. Next Mallet Man took a thin barbed wire cord and wrapped it around the manhood. It was torture time. Mallet Man took grabbed the balls and squeezed. Diablo had juicy balls, so it required a full grip. Mallet Man knew that if he pressed and twisted on the sides it would tear his testicular nodules. He strategically was going to pop each epididymis and then flatten the ball sac with his mallets.  

Diablo tied and immobile stopped struggling he was super rock hard from the concoction and knew his cock was at full mast. Rather than go out as a punk he decided to flex his muscles to show off what he was. Rog was horny as he saw the sweaty hunk flex his pecs and bruised abs. The cock flexed and jumped around. This made Rog angry.

“Finish him”

Mallet Man Diablo’s left ball. The popping crunch was the most agonizing thing he felt. He knew it was just a flat mushy sac.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY NUT!” Diablo yelled. He couldn’t contain in anymore. His nut held in the squeezing thanks to the codpiece. But soon the rubber encasement was giving in to the massive grip. “Please no!”

Next Mallet Man took the mallet and swung repeatedly at the balls and he tried to smash the cock. It sent his hard cock around like a yoyo. The balls were crushed and the hard dick was broken. Mallet Man sent another fury of mallet attacks which smashed the balls and cock on the barbed wire around Diablo’s manhood. This caused the codpiece to shred and there were lacerations on his meat. Diablo looked at Rog with anger, as his balls were smashed and flattened. Rog was jerking off to the site of the studs downfall in the background.

 “GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Diablo screamed. Next Mallet Man took the mallet and hammered it down again on his cock and balls.

 “What’s for dinner?” Rog said.

 “Smashed cock!” Mallet Man said. “I’m going to eat it with your juicy cum covered in it.”

 Mallet Man took a hot spike and inserted it into the ball sac. The hero screamed as his balls were pierced with a hot spike.

 SSSSSSSSSSSSSSIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZLE. The rubber codpiece was no match for the steel hot spike.

 “Let’s put one in your cock!” Rog said.

 “Noooooooooooooo!” Rog came over and help the top of the spike with clamps. It was on a thick hard central part of his cock. Mallet Man slammed down and the spike impaled into the cock.

 Diablo was in so much pain from his burning balls and cock that he wanted to pass out. This nightmare couldn’t be happening. His beautiful thick cock and balls were now mush and damaged goods.

 “I did this to you,” Rog said. Mallet Man slammed the mallets on Diablo’s head and knocked him out cold.

 The hero was slumped down on the anvil. Rog took a video.

 “Any muscle hero that dares to interrupt my plans will meet this fate. He zoomed in on the spikes impaled in Diablo’s cock and balls. Cum, sweat and blood oozed around the ripped codpiece. Mallet Man was in the video and stood over Diablo. He smashed again into the bulge and the mash jiggled. He flipped Diablo around and his ass armor showed his thick glutes. Mallet Man took a spike and rammed it into Diablo’s his ass crack. The hero began to convulse. Mallet Man swung into his back and cracked his back. Diablo stopped twitching and was out cold.

 “Let’s go Mallet Man! I don’t think any hero will bother our sinister plans tonight. Mallet Man picked up his mallets and the pair walked out.

30 minutes later Slate and Razor entered and saw the broken muscle pup.

 “Diablo,” Slate said. He slowly tried to wake up the muscle pup.

 “We have to get him to the hospital.” Razor said. “We’ll need to call our surgeon. They need to fix his cock now before its too late.”

 “Doc was a sinister villain but now Rog must be stopped. Whatever monster villains Rog is pumping into Grand Island City could get out of control.” Slate said.

 “We’ll get revenge.” Razor said.

They gently picked up Diablo and took him to Grand Island General to fix Diablo’s cock and balls. Mallet Man was just one of Rog’s new henchman. What other evil villains was Rog going to unleash in the city?