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Diablo's Torture
Part 1
By Arthur Hero

Diablo’s Torture. A Superhero in Peril - Part One

Diablo suited up in his red costume. His muscle pecs were in his suit and he was in awe at this physique. The pecs were adorned with rubber nipple pieces that covered his silver dollar nipples. 

During the day he was a marketing rep at a tech firm. He figured out a way to make a synthesized skin tight suit that fit like armor. Diablo was tan, 25, handsome. He was 5’8 stacked with hard cut muscle. He looked in the mirror again at his physique. An 8 pack, dark nipples that stuck out like suckable Hersey kisses. His cock was long and plump. His suit was anatomically correct so the plump uncut head of his cock and balls could be seen. His armor was translucent so the features like his dark ass crack, cock, nipples could be seen. In the light he almost looked naked covered by a red condom like rubber. His combat boots and visor was black. His codpiece jiggled like a yoyo. 

Slate called him from his intercom. He admired Slate, he thought he was hot and attractive. Diablo, Joshua Mendoza was never with a guy before. His codpiece showed his huge 9 inch cock print so he tried not to think about Slate. Otherwise it would grow into a large man meat target. He knew his weakspot was his balls so he couldn’t give villains a reason to attack his manhood.

“Hey youngin’ are you up for a mission?” Slate asked.

The latin stud took down villains every night. Burglars, gangsters, serial killers, mobsters and nasty people that were in Grand Island City. He patrolled the industrial north section with was where the port was. Therefore he was public enemy number one for the evilest scum. His predecessors Slate, Razor, Slick and Brick had their own team on the other side of Grand Island City. They rarely crossed paths but Slate offered that his team would help if Diablo was ever in a bind. 

Theres a disturbance of a gas leak on North Island. That was no fun Diablo thought.

“Hey man, I’ll check it out,” Diablo said. He radio’d in to Slate to let him know to be aware of the situation. The muscle hunk jumped on his motorcycle and headed north. The plump muscle ass and deep crack were scene when he stood up and did tricks on his bike. Show off. Now there was another disturbance. This looked interesting, a missing military missile in the port. Diablo decided to track down the missile using his tech knowledge. The missile didn’t look nuclear but it was definitely was a long way from the nearby naval base. He couldn’t allow this device to get in the wrong. And the port was prime real estate for goons.

Diablo dialed in. 

“Hey Slate, I’m at some warehouse and tracked down that missing missile.”

“Hey kid, get out of there. I’ll come by with the squad.” Slate said.

“I’m going to investigate.” Diablo said. He turned off his signal. He knew Slate was being cautious but he wanted to handle the patrol on his own so he had thorough logistics.

He used his scanner and surveyed the missile. It was old technology from the Soviet Union. It was a nuke! The radiation was missing though.

“The radiation is missing,” a voice called. Diablo turned around and saw the old lanky man. It was Rog. He was an evil genius. He was sinister and liked to kidnap muscle bodybuilders and conduct experiments to torture them. Sicko.

“What are you doing with the radiation?” Diablo said.

“Oh I’m not into dirty bombs or making things go boom.” Rog said.

“So then?” Diablo ask.

“Meet Mallet Man,” Rog said. “A former Russian combat warrior that is now infused with titanium plates. He’s programmed and hardwire to get off on hurting muscle men like yourself. When you scream he enjoys it and when your limb cracks he cracks you more. When he smashes these mallets in that nice pretty cock and balls he’ll smash harder knowing that he’s hurting you.”

Diablo sized up the cyborg mutant. He was pale with green zombie like skin. His armor that protected him was nails and spikes around it. They were sharp like rusted nails. In his back was a power pack. He was fueled by radiation.

“I’m Mallet Man!” He said.

“I’m Diablo you freak.” Diablo said.

He threw a smoke bomb and rolled under Mallet Man to kick him in the nads. He kicked a steal plate and Mallet Man swung his mallet into his abs.


Mallet Man took his mallets and swung at Diablo’s muscular thigh. It was enough to injure him and puncture his suit.

“AGHHHH!” Diablo yelled. Mallet Man swift lifted the mallet and dropped it into the codpiece.

He pressed down on the codpiece and the dick and balls squished into the ground.




The sound of the rubber suit and the metal mallet scrunching into the ball sac.

Mallet Man swung and cracked into Diablo’s bulge. The young hero tried to grab a mallet but the cyborg was too strong. He dropped his mallets and squeezed the muscle pecs. He pulled him close into a reverse bear hug and gripped into his abs.

ZAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Mallet Man was able to produce electric shocks and zapped the muscle heros abs. As promised the more Diablo’s abs contracted in pain the more Mallet Man got off. Diblo could feel the villain’s giant cock hard pressed against his butt checks. It must have been over a foot and he could tell the girth was thick. That cock was hungry for the ripe butt cheeks and he was going to get his prey.

 Mallet Man but he lifted him up and slammed his handsome face to the ground. Diablo swore he had a concussion. He was dizzy. A sickening sensation hit his gut as Mallet Man now ab clawed and shocked his eight pack. The fibers of the 10 pack abs became squeezed stopping the air in his gut. 

“Reverse bear hug him so I can get a good look at our prize.” Rog said.

Rog looked at the restrained handsome Diablo. His muscles bulging. His codpiece pointing his semi boner out with the two balls that hung down.

Rog got closed and held the codpiece. He sniffed the ball sac and licked the rubber. The cock moved around.

Mallet Man took his mallet and choked Diablo. Diablo clung to the mallet as his codpiece was exposed. Mallet Man was taller so his cock rested on Diablo’s muscular back. Diablo could feel the massive thick meat on his back through the armor. 

Rog began to rub his hands on Diablo’s pecs. He tugged at the silver dollar nipples that were poking through the armor. His nipples became hard, pointed, and pulsed.

Rog took a knife and cut around the armor around his left nipple. The tan nipple was hard. Rog sucked on his nipple and nibbled at the muscle pec. Next he took a needle and injected into his left pec an ointment.

“AHHHHHH,” Diablo yelled.

“Relax,” Rog said. “Let my poison take over your mind.”

Next he rammed the needle into Diablo’s bulge like a knife. He injected deep into the left ball sac.


Rog began to work on the left nipple. He was obsessed with the hunk. Rog jerked off to Diablo. The huge codpiece filled with latin man meat. He now had him. His prey.

The blood began to rush into Diablo’s cock. It filled the codpiece which was now erect and hard. The cock and foreskin pressed on the rubber suit. The print was clear. 

“Such a beautiful boy,” Rog said. He looked down at the mocha balls, swollen, juicy, full of cum. He gently massaged the left nut that was out of the suit. The right ball was still coiled in the codpiece in its ball shell.

“Unghhhh,” Diablo moaned. The powerful mix was viagra and a euphoric mix. The hero would never be with someone with the likes of old Rog but now his physical horniness took over. Precum dripped out of the uncut cock. Rog took a knife and gently poked the foreskin. The sick bastard slit a piece.

“I could circumsize you right now. I could cut off your thick cock. I could pop open your ball sac.” Rog said.

The hero gulped as Mallet Man tightened his grip. 

“I’m going to use you as bait. You will bring Slate and the other stupid heroes here. I know they are on the way.” Rog said.

“Noooooo, unghhhh.”

Rog squeezed the balls with a tight grip. Rog massaged the cock and the head popped out of the foreskin. The thick head was throbbing. Pre-cum oozed. Next Rog jerked the cock in his hand. Diablo thrust into the tight hand. His manhood needed to blow.


Three geysers of cum streamed out. The hero convulsed and shook as the biggest load he ever shot sprayed Rog in the face. Rog put his mouth on the heroes cock and another explosive cum jet went in his mouth.

“Let me feed.” Mallet Man said. The mutant pushed Rog aside and sucked with all his might. Diablo couldn’t control himself and another four more jets went into Mallet Man’s mouth. He swallowed every drop. As the cum became less he squeezed the balls in frustration.

“Give me more!!!” He roared.

“AHHHHHHHHHH.” Diablo yelled.

The villain bit down into the cock with his massive teeth and twisted.

CRUNCH! Next Mallet Man bit the left ball. In anger he dropped the hero and stomped on the exposed kock and balls. 

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Diablo yelled.

The hero held his package to protect his hurt cock.

“That’s enough,” Rog said. “Let’s tie him up and drain more milk for you. Once his stupid friends come over to save him you can squash his balls to a pulp.”

They tied Diablo spread eagle to a X shaped device. The cock was still hard despite the damage to his manhood. The torture was just beginning…

To be continued.


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