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A Hero Is Born
By Arthur Hero

A Hero Is Born, Sol - Knight of LA



Angel Lopez was the son of military royalty for the Mexican government. His dad was a decorated general and very wealthy. Until Doc was hired by a secret society named The Jaguars decided to reign in on the streets. They knew they needed to get of Ralph Lopez, the decorated general. One day there was an ambush that almost took out Angel’s entire family. His dad, his mom and his sister didn’t make it. Angel was lucky and went to America to start a new life. By 18, he was a trained ninja assassin, and was deployed on special missions. The Jaguars were moving into Los Angeles and Angel was determined to stop it. He met at the superhero headquarters in Grand Island City and met Slate, Razor and Doc. Slate took him under his wing and suited him up with a new suit. Angel was now Sol, a new superhero that would patrol Los Angeles. Slate injected him with the serum that made him stronger but his balls would forever now be plump, tender and filled with milk at all times. His dick was already big buy his girth just always throbbed. He was the posted boy of LA. Smooth tan latin skin in a gold rubber anatomically correct suit. His new codpiece pocked his cock out vertically. Why not? He had a nice dick and big balls so let everyone see. By 26 Sol had taken down bosses, thugs and goons. Now he was the target of new supervillians in Los Angeles.  Doc was hired by a drug lord named Murder Max that wanted Sol hurt and humiliated. He was going to set an example. He was going to make Sol scream. He was going to sound his thick tan cock and inject sex drugs into him. He was going to make him cum over and over and then squash his balls. It was time. Doc transformed thug named Killer. He was big, he was a giant muscle bear with dark brown skin. Genetically mutated he was impossible to hurt. He would squeeze his opponents until they were smothered to death. He would sit on their faces or choke them with his thick fat legs. He then liked to take his mega ton wight and squish their bulges with his foot. He wore iron spiked boots that would rip into their nads. Killer was now a super villain and he knew that he couldn’t out maneuver Sol, but if he got him in his clutches he would destroy his bulge. If that wasn’t enough there was Shocker, a man that had metallic tentacles that clamped pecs and injected voltage to a man’s pecs. He was vicious. Then there was the most sinister of them all, Trap Joe. He was wired by Doc to inflict pain. He got off sexually by nut grabbing. He had a metallic wire inserted in his head that powered his menacing brain to be sinister. He also had hard wires that pumped his body with a serum that have him superhuman strength. Trap Joe, Killer and Shocker were hired by Doc, who was hired by the Jaguars, to crush Sol once and for all.


The plan was to lure the hero into a warehouse at the port. There they would use tentacles to secure him. Then they would go to work on his ball sac. Killer was hard thinking about the sexy Sol. He had tattoos, nice pecs, nice abs, large nipples that pointed out. And a BULGE. His body was leaner than most heroes but he had a plump butt and he had huge dick. He had a v cut that showed his torso. He had nice muscle thighs and round calves. Sol had dark brown eyes and a killer smile. He flirted with everyone. He would fuck women and he would fuck men. He also liked to be fucked. He was a muscle Casanova, and Killer had a crush on Sol. He wanted to cage him and keep him. He planned to hurt Sol and kidnap him so he could milk him and ballast him forever. He would force him to workout and gain muscle. 

“Can’t wait to crush his balls,” Killer said.

“The balls are mine,” Trap Joe said.

“Silence,” Doc said. “Your mission is to hurt this muscle pup bad. Trap Joe, your mission is to ballast him.

“Yes!” Trap Joe said.

“Killer you can work over his girth dick. Make him cum and snap his cock so all of that ejaculation is painful.” Doc said.

“Got it!” Killer said. “That dick is mine.”

“Shocker you get to work over his muscle tits with your tentacles. Hold him, and you get to fuck his pretty brown asshole with your cock.” Doc said.

“Yeah I’m gonna fuck that plump ass real good while I zap and torture his nipples.” Shocker said.

They looked at the two screens and saw two images of Sol on the screen. One one his front and the other was his back. They analyzed his codpiece and were delighted to see his balls and cock were secured by a cock ring. His codpiece had a design that anatomically correctly showed off the curves of his balls. His cock was coiled and had to have been 11 inches of solid muscle cock. His pecs and nipples were silver dollars. All four men were hard as they looked at the handsome man. His pearly white teeth and his dimples. Such a handsome stud to work over.

The time came and Sol walked in. His codpiece jutting out like a huge bulge. He was confident in his suit. The suit was a second skin and every groove was seen. His ass had a designed mold that shopped the deep ass crack like a canyon. His plump butt filled the suit and jiggled as he walked. He knew there was going to be a trap so he threw a smoke bomb and hid. Unfortunately Doc powered the nano tentacles to detect Sol’s cum. Doc did this by sending a hot guy to have sex with Sol. The gogo boy saved the condom and now the tentacles knew to go for the cum. It detected Sol and immediately coiled around his arms. He kicked around as his dangling bulge bounce around. Killer, Trap Joe and Shocker came out and saw his prey. Trap Joe threw a dart that injected Sol with viagra, steroids to produce cum, and a pleasure stimulant. In a few moments Sol was already rock hard ready to blow his load. The tentacles lowered Sol down. Killer, Trap Joe and Shocker went to work. Shocker began to squeeze the hero in a bear hug. He lifted Sol up and had his hard dick against his stomach. Sol busted a nut as the warm flesh engulfed his cock. 

“Ungh!” Sol moaned. The cum oozed out of his codpiece and onto Shocker’s stomach.

“Messy boy, now I have to teach you a lesson. You cum when I let you cum. Your dick is now mine. And I’m going to hurt your balls now.” Killer said.

He twisted Sol’s fat balls. He clawed and twisted. He strained his groin and now Sol’s balls were in massive pain. He screamed.


“Thanks for confirming! I will hurt you some more.” Killer said.

“Hey that’s my job.” Trap Joe said.

Shocker released him from the ceiling tentacles and slammed him on the ground. The three of them surrounded him. His cock was now hard, the toxins began to produce an unnatural amount of cum and his balls began to swell up. His nipples were super sensitive. Oh know he thought, they were going to milk the cum out of him. A lot of milk.

Sol squared up and lifted his fists. His muscles flexed in a defensive stance. The three villains had scary smiles. Sol never lost a fight and began to assault Trap Joe. Trap Joe had wires that Sol knew must’ve been used for something. He ripped one off that attached to Trap Joe’s ball and a dark green liquid oozed out.

“ARGHHHHHHHHH!” Trap Joe yelled. Sol kicked him in the face and his nose began to bleed.

“Take that sucker!” Sol said. 

Next Sol back kicked Shocker in the balls. He attached a net bomb on Shocker that tangled him in a net. He couldn’t get out.

“This punk is beating us!” Shocker said.

Killer observed the lighting speed of Sol. Killer was good at squeezing and crushing if he could grab him. Sol jumped under his legs and uppercut Killer’s massive package.

“Ballbust!” Sol said.

“UNGHHHHHHHH!” Killer yelled. 

Sol twisted the nut sack and brought down the 7 foot villain to the floor. Next he attacked Trap Joe who was wincing in pain since his wire was leaking the essence that made him strong. Sol pulled out his famous night stick and began to thrash and whip Trap Joe. Sol was putting a hurting on the mutant that was no longer connected to his painless concoction. 

“You fools!” Doc yelled from the loud speaker. “His balls is his weakness! Go for his balls!”

Killer lunged his massive body and tackled Sol. Game over. Once he was able to wrestle and have one to one combat it was over. He slammed Sol’s head into the concrete floor four times. He then took another hand and ab clawed his eight pack. He tore into his muscle slab abs and squeezed so the hero couldn’t breath. Then he slammed his knee into the large package. He grinded his knee into Sol’s balls and then pulled his arms simultaneously.


“AhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!” Sol yelled. His gut had a sinking sensation of pain. Trap Joe Slammed a syringe into Sol’s neck and injected more viagra and opium. 

“You’re getting groggy and horny!” Trap Joe said. Trap Joe fixed the wiring that attached to his cock and balls and the super strength began to return.

Killer continued to slam Sol on the ground and went for his signature move of weighing his weight on bulge. The nuts pinned deep. It was even more excruciating because Sol’s cock ring held his balls in place and popped them out. Killer was hard seeing Sol try to cling to his legs to get him off his package. He was so sexy as his muscles flexed and throbbed. His nipples flexing through their rubber armor. His eyes closed and his teeth grinding in pain. He was so handsome Killer continued to squish his nuts. Killer jumped and slammed his body onto the hero. He began to smother the hero with his stomach. Sol couldn’t breath. Killer then squeezed the nut sack with his two hands. He straddled the hero and then put his elbow into his balls. 

“AHHHHHH!!!” Sol yelled. His hunky body he thought was his downfall. This villain was obsessed with the package he was so proud of. His pride and joy was being ballbusted by this brute. Maybe he was jealous of him. He was.ol was getting his balls squished in every which way. Now Killer wanted to see the package.

The loudspeaker came on…

“I’m Doc. Sol the Jaguars did this to you. They hired me to finish the job. I’m going to have my boys bust your balls now and I’m coming down to watch.”

Doc appeared and sat in a chair. They held the muscle hero up. He was sweaty, hard, and looked as sexy as Doc imagined. 

Shocker now wrapped his tentacles around Sol’s waist and he grabbed him from behind. Shocker’s cock was hard and he rammed his boner into Sol’s butt armor. The more Sol wiggled he could feel his plump butt on his boner. MMMMMMMMMMmmmm this feels good Shocker thought. What an ass. He dry hummed the hero and then unleashed his metallic clamps on the heroes nipples.

“AH!” Sol yelled. Shocker then zapped the hero with electricity and began to fry the tender perky hard nipples.

Next Trap Joe injected another needle into Sol’s balls. This was to produce a burning sensation anytime his balls were grabbed, hit or squeezed. It amplified the already weak spot of the hero. Trap Joe was pissed that Sol had the audacity to rip off his hard wire. He was going to show Sol real pain. He was the worst of the villains because seeing muscle hunks in pain brought him joy.

“Yes, yes, yes…” Trap Joe whispered. He licked Sol’s ear. “It’s my turn.”

He put on his infamous ball busting glove. The finger tips had two razor sharp steel spikes on each finger tip.

Killer kissed Sol as he squeezed Sol’s nuts. The razor spikes dug in tearing into his gonads. He twisted the ball sac and pummeled the nut sac with his right hand. He twisted and pulled the balls now with two hands. 


“Scream louder!” Trap Joe yelled. He squeezed the codpiece area with his balls so hard. He squeezed into the massive package.


Trap Joe bit Sol’s neck as he brutally twisted his balls.

Sol was secured by Shocker now who had his arms locked. He tied his wrists behind so the hero couldn’t fight back. There was now no chance to escape. 

“Not going anywhere muscle man.” Shocker said as he dried humped Sol. He pulled out his cock and nutted down the deep ass crack getting jizz on Sol’s suit. He slapped his cock on the muscle ass and cum dripped down his thick ass.

Now Killer grabbed the girthy cock. He immediately twisted it around and jerked the dick from inside the codpiece. He tugged and twisted it to add pain. He punched the hard dick and it bounced around. 

“Whip that sucker out!” Trap Joe said. “Let’s drink his cum and get some more energy. Then we’ll finish off the mission for the bosses.”

“UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My dick! Ah!” Sol yelled. 

Killer took a knife and stabbed into the codpiece slicing the rubber down. The dick was amazing, thick, tan, juicy, already covered in cum. More cum gushed out and Trap Joe sucked and covered his mouth. He viciously sucked the dick purposely nibling and biting the cock. It was so thick he left a full bite mark.”

“Left a mark on your pretty cock.” Trap Joe said with cum running down his mouth.

“How can someone be so handsome with such a pretty dick, while we’re ugly motherfuckers,” Killer said. “I bet you beat up a lot of man pussy with that dick. I bet you made a lot of lucky people orgasm.” 

“Look at it!” Trap Joe said. “He can hit a G-spot without putting his entire dick in.”

“And look at his balls. Man they genetically modified you to have the perfect round balls. Too bad it’s your weak spot!”

Trap Joe now grabbed the balls with one hand and began to punch with the other hand. He was envious of how hot Sol was. It made him angry. Now that the cum mixed with the super strength serum his grip was tighter and harder. 

“Ballbust! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Trap Joe said.

He took out needles and began to poke around and stab into his balls. He injected more pain serum mixed with viagra. The burning sensation felt like his nuts were on fire. 










Trap Joe doing what he did best crunched the fat nut sac. He busted a lot of balls in his life but the juiciness and thick cum coming out made him horny. The handsome hero muffled as he squirmed to no avail to be released from his clutches. The burning sensation in his nuts, the shocks to his juicy nipples, and the cracking of his thick cock were too much for the hero. He knew one day he would be trapped but he always imagined a quick and speedy death. This slow torture on his weak spot was worse than death. The villains didn’t let up knowing that they were causing slow torture to the hunk. His balls were dripping with blood as Trap Joe continued to grab and twist the fat baseball sized nuts in his steel glove grip.

Shocker let go of his mouth and by now Sol was just whimpering instead of crying out loud.

“Scream bitch!” Trap Joe said. “Killer fuck his tight pretty hole. Push your 15 inch dick with no lube. Hahahaha!”

Killer, the fat muscle bear with the huge dick was waiting for this. He pulled out his cock and pulled out a studded condom with jagged metallic balls. His cock was basically a He laid on the ground as Killer and Trap Joe lifted Sol and slammed him down into the studded covered cock. It went right down and slammed his g-spot. Cum squirted out Sol’s cock as the tender g-spot was smashed by the 15 inch cock. 

“Fuck that muscle jobber pussy.” Killer said.

Sol’s asshole was torn open as the girthy dick began to fuck and devastate his tight asshole. The pain was too much. 

“That’s got to hurt Trap Joe said as he continued to squeeze and tear up Sol’s nut sac.

Sol was beginning to lose consciousness. The pain was too much. Next up was Trap Joe. He began to fuck Sol relentlessly. He had a smaller dick then Killer, but he continued to squeeze and bust Sol’s nuts as he fucked his brains out.

“It’s time to chop off his dick.” Trap Joe said. Shocker grabbed his arms and spread him eagle, His bloody balls and cock mixed with cum. It was splattered all over his thighs as it dripped down. Killer took out a sharp army knife and poked around on the hero muscle cock. He sliced a shallow piece on the underside of his cock. This was it Sol thought. He lifted the knife but a boomerang hit his arm and knocked out the knife. A handsome hero stood above in the warhorse. He wore a purple codpiece and pec armor. His thighs, arms and abs were exposed. He wore knee high black combat boots. Purple Thunder is my name the hero said. He was black, handsome, and stocked with muscle. He was about 5’10 and had a giant rod and ball sac that showed the ample package. He was from the inner city of The Watts, and learned how to do hand to hand combat in secret military missions. Now he was home to protect his home and save the legendary Sol from The Jaguars and Doc. He dreamed of teaming up with him. He couldn’t believe how handsome he was and his cock began to throb and he saw Sol full of sweat and his body gleaming with sweat. He could tell he was in pain and he knew he had to stop the villains now.

Trap Joe looked up and was salivating. The young hero was stunning. Juicy lips, brown skin and dark black nipples that were perky. He couldn’t wait to ball bust this new hung hunk.

He could see Purple Thunder had low hangers that were ripe to twist off. 

“Tentacles hold Sol!” Doc said. Sol was wrapped tight and bound. His cock was wrapped around by a tentacle. 

“Get that new muscle hunk. Let’s play with his balls and rip off his cock.” Doc said. 

“ARGHHHH!!!” Purple Thunder yelled as Trap Joe grabbed his balls with his spiked gloves. Blood leaked out and the muscle hero dropped in pain. His balls too were the source of his strength.

“Get off my nuts bro!”Purple Thunder said. Trap Joe squeezed and squeezed the fat juicy sac.

“AHHHHHH!” Purple Thunder yelled. 


He had to get out of this or he was doomed along with Sol…

NEXT TIME (Purple Thunder in Peril)