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The Party
Chapter 1
By Anonymous

Simon smiled as he opened the door. Matt stood there , his muscular body literally poured into a pair of tight black jeans, engineer boots and very tight deep blue shirt, covered by an unzipped leather jacket and a tight pair of black gloves.

As the door opened, Matt broke into a big smile as he saw Simon, looking very hot.

Pleasantries were exchanged and soon both men were in the living room. They were having a drink and discussing the party they were going to tonight. Matt noticed that Simon seemed to be increasingly vague about details. Simon enjoyed the inquisitiveness about the upcoming party. Simon stood up and walked over to his humidor. He smiled as he put his hand inside and selected a nice Montechristo cigar. He unwrapped it and began to cut it.

Simon smiled as he raised it to his lips. Even though Matt was continuing the conversation, Simon knew that there was lots of activity going on in Matt's subconscious. Many workout sessions and deep subliminal training sessions had produced a very pliable playmate.

Simon turned around and sat back down on the couch. Matt continued to discuss the subject at hand, his eyes riveted on Simon and the cigar. Simon slowly brought his torch up to the end of the cigar, slowly puffing it into life. He knew the clouds of smoke erupting from his mouth were working on Matt. Simon slowly let the smoke as he watched Matt's eyes slowly and completely glaze over. The training had once again been totally effective.

The only indication that Matt gave of total submission was a slight pause between words in his constant patter. Simon took a deep drag on the cigar, knowing that the glowing red tip of the cigar was deepening Matt. He smiled as he formed his mouth into a small o shape and blew the smoke directly at Matt's face and only said one word as the smoke covered Matt's face "Sleep".

He smiled as the animated boy's eyes rolled up, then closed, his head dropping forward onto his chest, his muscles slackened and relaxed…deep in sleep.

"3" Simon said. Matt picked up his conversation from where he left off. He was completely unaware of the passage of time or that he had been asleep for a while. "Let's Go" Matt said looking at the clock. Simon agreed. They put on their coats and headed towards Simon's car.

As they walked into the party, Matt seemed increasingly turned on.Simon smiled. It was a small gathering , about 16 men. It was being hosted by a friend of Simon, in his newly converted basement into a full scale playroom. Money was not spared in its creation.

"Gentlemen" a deep voice permeated the party chatter. "I am glad to see so many faces. I hope that everyone has been well taken care of." The voice belonged to a very handsome man. He was well built and his lycra suit hugged every muscle he owned. "I am so glad to see such support for this kind of play" he continued. "As I stated, you are here to enjoy, so , on the table are some drinks. I invite each one of you to take one and join me in a toast." He strode toward the back table and lifted a glass. Every man there did likewise. The gentleman raised his glass and said "To Morpheus and his sweet embrace" The men repeated the toast and all the men at once downed the drink. The gentleman smiled and said "Let the games begin". At this point, the men in the room were mixing with each other again, many lighting cigars. Matt noticed that the level of excitement and anticipation in the room rose sharply. He was perplexed as to why.

Matt pulled hard on the cigar as Simon held the torch to the end. Matt brought his cigar to life very quickly. When Matt exhaled, his curiosity stopped. His eyes were a little glassy , a good sign that Simon's suggestions were taking effect. A tall well built blonde joined them and started chatting. Matt watched as the blonde smoked his cigar. Simon smiled and left the group and began to chat up a muscular looking man.

"Name's Josh" said the blonde. "Matt here" Matt replied. "First time to one of Paul's bashes?" Josh asked. "Yes ….it seems to be okay" Matt replied. Josh took the cigar out of his mouth and exhaled a cloud of smoke. "I find that things really heat up about twenty minutes after the toast. The uncertainty really raises anticipation. Matt looked at Josh with a very confused face . "What are you talking about?" he asked. Josh looked at him and smiled. "You do know what kind of a party this is, don't you?" Josh asked. Matt shrugged no. "It's a knockout party. The drinks were drugged , at least 8 men will be fast asleep and will then be the party favors." Matt looked at Josh with a surprised face. "WHAT??"

Matt excused himself from Josh and went over to Simon who was smoking a cigar and the muscular man was playing with his nipples. "What the fuck kind of party have you brought me to?" Matt barked at Simon. Simon lazily rolled his head up and opened his eyes to look at Matt. He exhaled smoke and said "Relax…you always enjoyed them before." Matt noticed that Simon was slightly slurring his words and his eyes were getting glassy. Simon was very relaxed, in a few minutes time he dealt with Matt's reaction to being deeply hypnotized and brought to the party. Simon was now feeling really good, he put the cigar back in his mouth and said "I thought you would enjoy being around for the experience. As Simon spoke, Matt noticed the man with Simon had slowly moved a special chair behind Simon and waited patiently for Matt to finish. Matt puffed on his cigar as Simon finished up speaking, the training reconciled all these facts and Matt was soon appeased.

Simon had fallen into the chair and was well on his way out. The muscular man stepped in front of Simon with a black rubber gas mask. He looked at Matt and said "It's a gas" and applied the mask to Simon's face.

Matt turned around and walked right into Josh. "Looks like it was Simon's turn tonight" he smiled blowing a cloud of smoke into the air. "You see, the host puts a knockout drug in roughly half the drinks. Even he doesn't know who is getting put to sleep. We play around until the drug kicks in, then usually people partner up and play. Anything and everything you could want is here for your use. The guy that Simon is playing with is also known as the Gasman….he likes using gas" Matt nodded. He looked at Josh and said " And you?" Josh smiled as he let some smoke out of his lips and said "everything".

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