The Telemachus Story Archive

Bachelor Party
By Anonymous


A group of bachelors assemble for a bachelor party…

SIMON: Hey Neil, you really think you're ready for this? I mean, that ole ball and chain can get really heavy at times, or so I hear…

CURT: Yeah. And Diane is already so top-heavy if you know what I mean… The group laughs hysterically

NEIL: Oh shut up man! Like Joy is any better! Speaking of top-heavy, where are the strippers? They should have been here by now!

DINO: Who wants more Tequila? The group cheers indiscriminately at the suggestion

NOAH: The strippers are comin' at midnight. But there's another surprise comin' up before they get here!

DARREN: Dum-dee-dum-dum-dum…

MITCH: Great, great … that means the strippers won't be here for another hour and a half!

CURT: Chill man … I'm sure Noah took care of things. So what's this surprise dude?

JOEL: The surprise is the strippers are really hookers … I'll bet you anything!

NOAH: No man, but you wish! HA!

DARREN: So what then? Why are you being so secretive? What's the big deal, is J-Lo comin' or somethin'?

NOAH: Alright, he should be here any minute so I might as well tell you. My buddy Chaz is a stage hypnotist, right? So I figured it would be fun to…

NEIL: A hypnotist? Noah, you got a hypnotist for my bachelor party?

CURT: This should be fun! (Sarcastic)

JOEL: It could be, if the strippers participate! Guys, I was hypnotized once at my cousin's wedding … it's cool!

DARREN: No one's hypnotizing me! I ain't gonna be no chicken!

NOAH: Guys, it's cool, Chaz is amazing! Neil pulls Noah aside.

NEIL: Noah, I don't know about this? Hypnosis and crap like that, makes me kinda nervous…

NOAH: Why?

NEIL: I dunno man! Wait I do know. Comics.

NOAH: Comics? What…?!

NEIL: I used to collect them growing up. I actually still have the collection somewhere. Anyway, there were tons stories in there with a hypnosis theme and those always fucked me up the most!

NOAH: What do you mean?

NEIL: Well, it was usually the bad guy who was the hypnotist, right? And all the comics portrayed being hypnotized the same way … you know, that sort of …Yes Master… brainless-zombie thing? I mean, Superman was hypnotized dozens of times and made to do all kinds of stuff!

NOAH: Neil, you're not Superman, and this isn't the comics!

NEIL: I know man. It just creeps me out is all!

NOAH: Chaz is super cool. You've never met him … so I'll introduce you when he comes in and you guys can talk … you'll see, he's totally harmless. He's not some evil hypnotist!

SIMON: Walking like a sleepwalker towards Noah & Neil Master? What do you command?

NEIL: Very funny Simon!

NOAH: Actually that's a pretty accurate rendition of the comic-book hypnosis-thing we were just talking about!

NEIL: Yeah, good one Simon! Simon is standing very still, vacant-eyed

NOAH: Yeah, you can snap outta it now!

NEIL: Simon, go away!

SIMON: Yes Master! Simon walks away still in mock-zombie mode, then bursts into laughter as Chaz enters the bar.

NOAH: Oh, hey, Chaz is here!

NEIL: Whoopee!

DARREN: Hey Noah, is that the big hypnotist?

NOAH: Um, yeah guys, this is Dr. Chaz Foote…

CHAZ: Uh, correction, one more year of residency until it's official…

NOAH: Chaz, this is Curt, that's Darren, Joel, Mitch's the red head over there. Simon's right behind him and Dino is at the bar with Neil, the groom-to-be, and if I'm not mistaken, Peter stepped out to buy some smokes.

CHAZ: Hey guys!

NOAH: Hey, come, I'll introduce you to Neil, he's kinda nervous about hypnotism…

CHAZ: Oh? We can fix that! Chaz removes his coat and hands it to Noah

NOAH: Yes sir. (Blandly) The two walk toward the bar

CHAZ: Ah, Neil, may I offer you my congrats! Marriage is a big step, I do so envy you!

NOAH: Neil, this is Chaz, Chaz Foote!

NEIL: Hi, Neil Winters, nice to meet you.

CHAZ: A pleasure! May I sit?

NEIL: Be my guest!

DINO: What are you having?

CHAZ: Whatever Neil's having!

NEIL: I just finished my fourth beer, but I guess I can have another! What the hell right? I'm getting married!

DINO: Coming right up!

NEIL: So, Chaz, how long have you been doing this hypnotism thing?

CHAZ: Ever since I was a kid … I was always fascinated with it… I used to hypnotize my brothers all the time!

NEIL: Really? I was always creeped out a little by it!

CHAZ: So I take it you've never been hypnotized before? Chaz adjusts his ring at Neil's eye level.

NEIL: Nope. And I don't know that I wanna be...

CHAZ: You know, it's no different than when you get really engrossed in a movie- You kinda go into a light trance… your eyelids begin to close a little, you feel sleepy, very sleepy, following my voice, listening to my deep voice taking you deeper, and deeper and deeper into that abyss of sleep… So relaxed and at peace… hypnotized… deeper and deeper until you sleep! Neil's head slumps forward

DINO: (Incredulous) Wow! Is he…?

CHAZ: Hypnotized? Yes he is hypnotized Dino. Pretty cool huh? Yup, he's Hypnotized…hypnotized…hypnotized… It's like a lullaby word, isn't it, Dino?

DINO: Huh, wha?

CHAZ: Have you ever been hypnotized Dino? Chaz takes out a light-pen from his pocket Look at the light Dino, that's it! Deeper and deeper. Just relax…sleeeeep! What's your lullaby word Dino?

DINO: Hyp…nah…tize! Dino's head slumps forward in sleep

NOAH: Chaz, no one's noticed yet!

CHAZ: Neil, Dino in a moment you will walk to the backroom and wait for me there. You will stay in this relaxed state all the while. With each step you will find yourselves going deeper into sleep. Do you understand?


CHAZ: Now … go! The two walk quietly towards the backroom of the small bar.

NOAH: What are you gonna do with them?

CHAZ: Noah, come with me!


CHAZ: Now, my three sleepy heads, I want you to sleep deeper…deeper, And deeper … as I push on your shoulders you will fall deeper and deeper into Hypnotic sleep … so deep… Chaz pushes down on Noah's shoulders and he faints gently to the ground.

NOAH: Uughh…

CHAZ: Now you, Neil, deeply hypnotized, and Dino too, deeply hypnotized… Chaz takes a moment to admire his work … three men lying on the floor totally under his power.

CHAZ: Now boys, with your feet, I want you to kick off your shoes, you will all feel ten times more relaxed without shoes on… OBEY! And relaaax… (The guys kick off their shoes in unison and immediately slump even deeper into the floor). Now, I am going to remove your socks… As I do, you will be even more relaxed, falling deeper and deeper and deeper into my power … you are all my hypnotic slaves now … you must obey me! (Chaz yanks off Noah's socks, then Neil's, then Dino's, again taking a moment to admire the helpless pile of men before him, now barefoot. He positions the men's bare feet atop each other, crisscrossing them so as to compare them in their vulnerable, inter-tangled pile).

CHAZ: (Cont'd) Well it looks as though Noah's got the biggest dawgs, Neil, what size are you feet?

NEIL: (Sleepily) Size eleven…

CHAZ: Dino … what size are your feet?

DINO: Eleven… a… half.

CHAZ: And Noah, we know wears a size twelve and a half. Isn't that right Noah?

NOAH: Yes sir.

CHAZ: Now all three of you, Dino, Neil and Noah, you will repeat after me: I am Barefoot. I am ready to receive commands!

NOAH/NEIL/DINO: I am barefoot. I am ready to receive commands.

CHAZ: Excellent my three slaves! Now listen to me… your pants are very tight! They are cutting off circulation to your Upper body. You must loosen your pants. Undo, your belts, unbutton, unzip … anything to get comfortable again. Now very slowly, I want you to open the flies on your pants… The three sleeping men, move in slow motion to comply with Chaz's request.

CHAZ: Now, Noah, your body is paralyzed from the Waist down. You have no feeling below the Waist. Is that clear?

NOAH: Yes sir. (Chaz reaches into Noah's opened pants and with a few jerks and tugs, manages to expose Noah's flaccid penis. He pulls it out of his boxers, leaving it to rest limply on his opened jeans).

CHAZ: Now your turn Dino. Your body is paralyzed. You cannot move. You cannot feel anything. You are frozen, aren't you? (Dino's body becomes ever-more rigid in compliance).

DINO: Yes…! (Chaz reaches into Dino's crotch, finally getting hold of his limp penis, he exposes it much like he did, Noah's moments before).

CHAZ: Someone's got a lot of man-hairs on them, don't they Dino? You're a hairy son of a bitch, aren't you?

DINO: Hairy…

CHAZ: And now, the groom-to-be! Neil, feel your body becoming more and more aroused! Every Muscle in your body is tightening, getting heavier, listening to my voice, going deeper… deeper. Yes, you are so turned on Neil! (Neil's penis begins to rise on it's own, through his opened fly as Chaz continues to deepen his hypnotic state).

CHAZ: Now, isn't this pretty! (Chaz takes a moment to admire the three men before him, their penises exposed, and their eyes open, yet completely vacant, and their bare feet piled atop each other like that, they looked so deliciously vulnerable).

CHAZ: (Cont'd) We'll have time to play with your feet and other body parts later. In a moment you will all awaken. You will put your shoes on, but you will leave your socks with me! You will not realize that you are missing your socks. Is that understood?

DINO: Yeaah…

NEIL: Yes…

NOAH: Yes sir. (Taking one final look for now, Chaz moves up the line of men, putting their cocks back into their pants and doing them up. There was still a whole party of men in the other room that he had his sights on…) Cut to: *** INT. THE BAR, MOMENTS LATER…

JOEL: Hey there they are … where did you guys disappear to?

NOAH: Ran out of Buds…

DARREN: So are you gonna hypnotize us or what?

NEIL: I thought you didn't want to be hypnotized Darren!

CURT: That was before we bet him $100 that he would go under in less than ten minutes!

CHAZ: I would say five minutes if I had to guess!



NEIL: C'mon guys let's give him a chance!

CHAZ: Darren? You wanna come with me?

DARREN: Huh? Where?

CHAZ: Just out back … we're gonna see what kind of a subject you'll make!

DARREN: What are you gonna do to me?

CHAZ: Just some relaxation exercises … Pre-hypnosis tests is all.

DARREN: Just don't go turning me into no farm animal ok?

CHAZ: Deal! Hey, do you like zebras? Chaz joked as the two walk toward the back room.

CURT: Hey Darren…! Sleep well!

DARREN: Yeah you wish! This dude ain't gonna hypnotize me, I promise you! Get that hundred ready man!

INT. BACK ROOM … MOMENTS LATER (Darren and Chaz enter the room together)

CHAZ: Now Darren, why don't you have a seat? Put your feet up and relax. (Darren puts his feet up on the desk as instructed)

DARREN: No funny stuff though, ok?

CHAZ: What, like swinging this watch in front of your eyes?…

DARREN: Oooh, I'm soo sleepy! (Sarcastic)

CHAZ: Watch the swinging amulet of gold back and forth, that's it, with your eyes, back and forth, keep watching the swinging mass of gold and you will do as you are told!

DARREN: Hey...this…is… really… hap…

CHAZ: Deeper Darren, sleeeep! Your eyes, magnetized to the watch … sleeeep!

DARREN: Fuck, sl…so…sleepy

CHAZ: That's right Darren, so sleepy! Even deeper … go deeper, as you focus on my voice, you want to obey my voice… obey…obey!

DARREN: O…bey… Darren's head slumps forward in sleep

CHAZ: Kick off your shoes Darren, as you do, you will feel one hundred times more relaxed than you are now. Darren kicks off his huge sneakers

DARREN: Uughhh (His entire body goes limp)

CHAZ: That's right Darren, you are so relaxed now, so deeeeply relaxed… you can feel your socks coming off your feet … but this too deepens your trance … freeing your feet is so relaxing, isn't it?

DARREN: Yeah… my feet…

CHAZ: And what huge feet you have! Darren, what size are your feet?

DARREN: Thirteen and a half.

CHAZ: Now Darren, open your eyes wide! I want you to look into the light! Look deeply into the light!


CHAZ: Now Darren, you are a robot. I am Programming you right now … your voice, you can speak Darren and you can hear me!

DARREN: Hear you…

CHAZ: You are a robot Darren, you will speak like a robot!

DARREN: I … am … a - robot!

CHAZ: Now sit up straight robot! And obey your master!

DARREN: Sit … up … obey!

CHAZ: Darren, I am connecting your wires now, your body and mind will soon be completely under my power. Even after I wake you up when I say the phrase … sleepy slave, you will fall back into my power, is that understood?

DARREN: Sleepy slave... yes. (Chaz puts Darren's white socks over his ears and ties them at his scalp).

CHAZ: Now, you are almost ready my robot slave! Let's see you walk. Stand up erect Darren!

DARREN: Stand up! (Darren stand to military attention)

CHAZ: Let your arms rise in the air … The tips of your fingertips are magnetized to me Darren, come now, follow me. You are sleepwalking. You are a robot. You must obey your master!

DARREN: Must obey my master! (The two walk into the main bar, Darren following Chaz).

CHAZ: Alright boys … here is your friend Darren the robot … and I believe I did it in under ten minutes. Come on Darren… come!

DARREN: Come… A blank faced Darren emerges from the backroom, socks on his ears, barefoot, with his arms outstretched, he is walking towards Chaz like a zombie.

JOEL: Holy Shit! Darren man, look at him!

MITCH: He's pulling our legs!

NOAH: No guys, Chaz is amazing, he can hypnotize anyone!

JOEL: Geez, look at him, he's like a freakin zombie!! How deeply is he under?

CHAZ: You wanna see how deeply? Darren, freeze!

DARREN: Yes master.

NEIL: Yes master? Noah, what's going on?

NOAH: Darren's hypnotized!

NEIL: I can see that! But what's with this …yes master… bullshit?

NOAH: Neil?

NEIL: Yeah?

NOAH: Sleepy Slave!

NEIL: (Head slumps forward) Uggh…

JOEL: Wow, this is nuts … obviously Chaz hypnotized Neil back there. Hey what about you Dino? You were back there with them too!

DINO: No one fuckin hypnotized me, no fuckin way man, I would know If I were hyp-no-tized…hypnotize…hypnotize… Dino's head slumps forward

PETER: Hey dude, can you hypnotize me to stop smoking?

CHAZ: Sure thing, Peter, is it?

PETER: Yeah man, hey how'd you know my name?

CHAZ: Peter, I want you to sleep!

PETER: (His head slumps forward)

CHAZ: I met Peter at the convenience store…

JOEL: Shit this is amazing! Hey Chaz, who else have you hypnotized here? Not me, right?

CHAZ: No Joel, I haven't tried to hypnotize You, Mitch, Simon or Curt… but if any of you are interested, I'm open!

SIMON: No offence man, but I don't wanna be that! Pointing to Darren

CURT: Hey guys, lookit … Darren's got his socks on his ears! I just noticed! What a fruit! Does anyone have a camera?

CHAZ: I do, but it's in my car!

MITCH: Hey, wait a minute! Look at Neil and Noah! They both don't have socks on! They had to have had socks on before!

JOEL: No shit! And Peter and Dino too! They're all sockless! Hey Chaz, what the hell have you been doing to our buddies' socks?

CHAZ: Nothing I won't soon be doing to yours Joel! I know you've been hypnotized before…

JOEL: Yeah, at my cousin's wedding, years ago!

CHAZ: And more recently, a few weeks ago with Noah here. Remember?

JOEL: Noah… yeah, Noah tried to hypnotize me! Hey what the hell is going on here?

CHAZ: Sleepy boy Joel!

JOEL: Yes master! Joel stands to robotic attention, his conditioning obviously intact.

CHAZ: Take off your shoes and socks Joel!

JOEL: Yes Master! (Joel complies eagerly)

CHAZ: Now, Mitch, Simon, Curt … you three are next!

CURT: Ok, this is fucked up! Snap them out of it man, c'mon wake them up!

SIMON: It's like they're statues or something!

CHAZ: Yes, they are all my statues Simon, as the three of you will soon be…

MITCH: NO! I don't want to be hypnotized!

CHAZ: Attention slaves! Get Simon, Mitch and Curt … now!

DARREN/NEIL/NOAH/JOEL/DINO/PETER: Yes Master! (The six men jump atop the three others).

CHAZ: (Chuckling to himself as his six men overpower the three remaining men) Oh yeah, wrestling is sooo hot!

CURT: What the fuck is going' on?!! (Petrified)

MITCH: You won't get away with this, you freakin' perv, ow! Get off me!! Darren and Neil are now holding Mitch down.

SIMON: What the hell do you want from us?!

CHAZ: Do you have any brothers Simon?

SIMON: Yeah, three, so?

CHAZ: I want you to hypnotize your brothers, Simon, and I want you to do it tonight!

SIMON: You're fucked man!

MITCH: (Struggling against Neil and Darren) Let go of me!

CHAZ: Patience Mitch, I will command Neil and Darren to get off you once you're under my power, not before!

MITCH: Dream on psycho!

CHAZ: Look deeply into the light Mitch!

MITCH: (Closing his eyes) NO! I ain't gonna let you do this to me!

CHAZ: Slave Darren, force Mitch's eyes open!

CURT: Don't listen to him Darren, leave Mitch alone!

DARREN: Yes - Master!


CHAZ: Watch the light Mitch, that's it … now you can't stop looking at it, right … it has glued your attention… it makes you soooo sleeeepy…

SIMON: Mitch! Don't listen to him, fight it man! Fight it!

MITCH: …fight.. (sleepily)

CHAZ: You cannot fight it Mitch. No, Mitch, sleeeep, you must sleeeep! Deeper and deeper under my power, you're body is relaxing now, isn't it?

MITCH: Yehth…

CHAZ: Mitch, the only word you are able to say is …hypnotize…. You will keep repeating it, until I order you to stop!

MITCH: Hypnotize. Hypnotize. Hypnotize. Hypnotize. Hypnotize. Hypnotize. Hypnotize. Hypnotize.

CURT: No man, no way! C'mon, Dino, Peter, wake up! Get offa me!

CHAZ: You're last Curt, lucky you! You get to watch me put Simon out Of his misery!

CURT: Fuck you! (He spits in Chaz's direction)

SIMON: You might be able to hypnotize me but no way will I ever hypnotize my brothers for you man, forget it!

CHAZ: Slaves Noah and Joel?

NOAH/JOEL: Yes Master?

CHAZ: Force Simon's eyes open!

NOAH/JOEL: Yes Master!

SIMON: You won't get away with this Shithead! I'll get you!

CHAZ: Yes Simon, get you nice and sleepy, See the bright, flashing light? You're eyes are forced to it, aren't they? Deeper Simon, that's it! It's hypnotizing you, you know it … you're so relaxed now…

SIMON: Relaa

CHAZ: Take off his shoes and socks Joel my boy! NOW!

JOEL: Yes Master! (Joel removes Simon's shoes and socks, leaving them at his side).

CHAZ: Neil, as the groom to be, I think it's only appropriate you be given the honour of taking off Mitch's shoes and socks! Now slave!

NEIL: Yes master! Neil takes off Mitch's shoes and socks

CURT: Fuck man, what is your problem with feet? You got some kind of fuckin' fetish you freak?

CHAZ: Good question Curt … since it's only a matter of seconds before you get one of your buddy's feet up the ass!

CURT: Forget that man! Mmmmgh! Get offa me!

CHAZ: You know, I think I'd like to render this one barefoot before I begin! Joel, Noah, Darren, Neil, hear me … you can leave Mitch and Simon … they are sufficiently under my power … come, remove Curt's shoes and socks! (The four men rise mechanically and move toward Curt and Chaz)


CURT: No guys, get off me! Get off!! (The four friends strip Curt's feet of shoes and socks and then freeze alongside him, as if awaiting further orders).

CHAZ: Curt, you are the last of your friends to be enslaved … what do you have to say?

CURT: You'll pay for this you bastard! You'll never get away with this!

CHAZ: You have cute feet Curt … but soon I'll be admiring your entire naked body, not just your feet!


CHAZ: On the contrary Curt, Fuck you! Look deeply into the light… deeper, deeper… it makes you sleepy…sleepy!

Cut to: INT. THE BAR … TEN MINUTES LATER (The men are lined up in a straight line … all are standing at attention, blank looks on their faces, all are deeply hypnotized, but still fully clothed but for shoes and socks).

CHAZ: Now men, I want to know, which of you have brothers in this city? Joel?

JOEL: Yes Master … my brother's name is Owen.

CHAZ: How old is Owen, Joel boy?

JOEL: Twenty five master.

CHAZ: You're going to hypnotize Owen tonight, is that understood?

JOEL: Hypnotize Owen tonight. Yes Master.

CHAZ: What about you Curt? Any brothers you can hypnotize for me?

CURT: Yes Master. My brother is only eighteen though master... (Some resistance is still detectable in his voice)

CHAZ: That makes him legal … you are also going to hypnotize your brother for me tonight. What is his name?

CURT: Ad… Adam master.

CHAZ: You will hypnotize Adam tonight. Repeat that for me Curt!

CURT: I will hypnotize Adam tonight. Yes Master!

CHAZ: Mitch, do me a favour? Look into this light!

MITCH: Hypnotize…hypnotize…hypnotize…hypnotize…

CHAZ: That's right Mitch, you are hypnotized. I forgot you were still repeating your mantra. You can stop now Mitch! But you will obey my every command! Do you have any brothers, Mitch?

MITCH: No sir…

CHAZ: Pity. I always like the redheads! That's it Mitch … sleep! Now, when I count to three Mitch you will remove your shirt! 1-2-3! NOW! Mitch stumbles at first but after un-buttoning the first few buttons, he pulls the shirt over his head like a sweater, discarding it on the floor at his bare feet).

CHAZ: Now, Simon and Joel … I want you to take off your shirts too. Obey me!

JOEL: Yes Master. (Joel and Simon remove their shirts almost in unison)

CHAZ: You have a nice chest Simon! Darren, Noah remove your shirts!

NOAH/DARREN: Yes Master. (Noah and Darren remove their shirts)

CHAZ: Now, the rest of you, I want you to do the same … remove your shirts, Neil, Dino, Peter, you will go deeper into hypnosis after you take off your shirts! (The three men take off their shirts and then resume their attentive stance … At this point all seven men are standing shirtless, shoeless and sock less in a straight line, awaiting further orders like army recruits)

CHAZ: So who has the nicest chest of the group? Dino, Peter you two win! Oh yes! Dino, do you work out?

DINO: Four times a week…

CHAZ: Dino, why don't you take off your pants?

DINO: (Confused) …My pants?

CHAZ: Yes Dino, obey! (Dino looks as if he is struggling against the command. He does not rush to comply with the order).

DINO: I don't…

CHAZ: Peter, take off your pants!

PETER: Yes Master! (Peter removes his pants without even flinching).

CHAZ: Now Dino, look into my eyes… (Chaz walks right up to Dino, grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling his gaze closer to his own…)

DINO: (He only slightly looks away, but is soon subdued) No, I…

CHAZ: What's your lullaby word, Dino?

DINO: Hyp … nah … tize. (Dino's head slumps forward onto his chest)

CHAZ: Take off your pants now Dino! (Speaking like a dictator)

DINO: Yes sir! (Dino unbuttons his jeans, lowers them and finally steps out of them).

CHAZ: Darren, do you wear boxers or briefs?

DARREN: Boxers.

CHAZ: Show me slave boy!

DARREN: Yes Master. (Darren removes his pants much like the others … in sleepwalking mode).

CHAZ: Now, the rest of you, Simon, Mitch, Neil, Noah, Joel your pants are coming off … undo your pants, all of you!


JOEL/NOAH/NEIL: Yes Master. (The men are now in their underwear standing, ever alert, awaiting further commands from Chaz)

CHAZ: (Grabbing Simon's penis through his briefs) Now Simon, these three brothers of yours … What are their names, and how old are they?

SIMON: My older brother Richard is thirty-three. My two younger brothers Sean and Taylor are twenty-two.

CHAZ: Twins?

SIMON: Yes sir.

CHAZ: You want to hypnotize Taylor and Sean don't you?

SIMON: Not really…

CHAZ: Yes you do Simon. Your dick is getting harder thinking of it! I can feel it, see? (Chaz grabs Simon's penis and pulls it out of his jockeys, exposing his semi-erect member).

SIMON: I… err …no…!

CHAZ: Yes Simon! See your penis peaking through your briefs … You must be turned on!

SIMON: I can't…

CHAZ: Simon, look into my eyes and Repeat after me…


CHAZ: I am going to hypnotize Sean and Taylor…

SIMON: I am going to hypnotize Sean and Taylor… but…

CHAZ: But what Simon?

SIMON: …don't… know how to hypnotize…

CHAZ: We'll correct that Simon. By the time I'm through with you, you will be an excellent hypnotist! So, you will hypnotize them and bring them to me, is that clear?

SIMON: I…uh… (Chaz tightens his grip on Simon's penis) I… yes master!

CHAZ: Now, I don't know why we're keeping your underwear on at this point, not with such excitement brewing… (Chaz pulls Simon's underwear down, Simon doesn't flinch)

CHAZ: Now Noah, why don't you step out of your underwear, since we're all getting naked here, you'll find it perfectly natural, right?

NOAH: Yes Master. (Noah steps out of his underwear)

CHAZ: Oh yes, Noah, such a lovely dick you've got! Why not show me how hard you can get it Noah? (The professor bends down and gently blows on the tip of Noah's circumcised penis).

NOAH: OH!! Yes Master.

CHAZ: Who's next? Oh what the hell? You are all so relaxed you just want to be naked … take off your underpants, Neil, Mitch, Peter, Darren, Curt, Dino …obey me! (The rest of the men step out of their underpants, somewhat clumsily).

CHAZ: (Cont'd) Now, have any of you ever had Sex with a man before? The men remain silent.

NOAH: Yes master, I have had sex with you sir!

CHAZ: Very good Noah and you liked serving, your master like that, didn't you?

NOAH: Yes Master. (Noah's penis is at complete attention now).

CHAZ: Is that it? NO one here has ever had sex with another man? Mitch?

MITCH: No sir.

CHAZ: Darren?

DARREN: No master.

CHAZ: Curt, Dino, what about you two?


CURT: No master.

CHAZ: Well this is disappointing. Simon, Joel - neither of you has had sex with men before?


JOEL: I once jerked off with a few guys sir. Does that count?

CHAZ: Almost Joel my boy! But not quite. What about you Neil?

NEIL: No sir.

CHAZ: Neil, you're getting hard! How cute your little pecker is when it stands at attention like that!

NEIL: I…err… I dunno…

CHAZ: You have quite the small penis for a guy your size Neil! How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

NEIL: Five eleven. 155 pounds.

CHAZ: And you wear a size eleven and a half shoe! Boy, you're not proportioned are you slave?


CHAZ: And let's see, fully erect, I'd guess your dick size to be, what, six inches, max?

NEIL: Yes master. (Chaz approaches the groom to be, standing on his bare feet, he grabs Neil's erect cock and begins swinging it back and forth).

CHAZ: You like being hypnotized Neil, don't you?

NEIL: Scares me…

CHAZ: No it doesn't Neil, it turns you on … your penis is hardening as we speak … you are completely under my power.

NEIL: …under your power… (Neil's expression becomes even more blank as he repeats Chaz's last few words)

CHAZ: Now Neil, why were you so afraid of hypnosis, tell me!

NEIL: …Comics. Scares me…

CHAZ: Comics? What do you mean?

NEIL: I… it scared me to be under someone's power like that… like in Super-Hero comics n' stuff.

CHAZ: Like you are now?

NEIL: Yes.

CHAZ: Neil, listen very carefully to me…

NEIL: Listen…

CHAZ: You are so turned on being hypnotized that you want to share it with others, don't you?

NEIL: I…uh… I dunno.

CHAZ: Get dressed Neil, Simon! You two are going to fetch me Taylor and Sean, is that understood?

SIMON/NEIL: Yes Master. (Chaz takes his pen-light out of his pocket and shines it in Simon's eyes)

CHAZ: Now Simon, take this pocket light. Shine it in Taylor's and Sean's Eyes … tell them to sleep, deeply Talk like me, hear my voice Simon, and obey! Obey!

SIMON: Obey…

CHAZ: Get dressed now Simon! Here are Dino's Socks, Neil, you will wear Mitch's Socks!

SIMON: Yes master.

NEIL: Yes master.

CHAZ: Neil, you will go with Simon. When he hypnotizes his brothers, your penis will harden. Repeat that please.

NEIL: When Simon hypnotizes his brothers my penis will harden, yes master!

CHAZ: Because you are so turned on by hypnosis and the thought of hypnotizing other men for me, aren't you?

NEIL: Turned on by hypnosis… yes master.

CHAZ: Joel, you will go hypnotize Owen, bring him to me once he is under. Get dressed now, and here … take Curt's socks, he won't be needing them… ever again. HA HA! Isn't that right Curt?

JOEL: Yes master. Curt's socks… (Joel takes Curt's socks from Chaz, as Chaz turns his attention now to Curt)

CURT: I… don't… understand…

CHAZ: (Walking toward Curt's place in the line) Curt, listen to me. Listen to your master and obey!

CURT: Obey.

CHAZ: You will never wear socks again. You hate socks … you want to be Barefoot all the time. You will throw out all your socks and let your feet Breathe. Is that understood?

CURT: Yes master.

CHAZ: Then repeat what I just said to you, now!

CURT: …hate socks…throw out socks…go barefoot. I understand and I will obey!

CHAZ: Now Curt, I want you to bring Adam to me tonight … fully hypnotized, is that understood?

CURT: Hypnotize Adam, yes master!

CHAZ: Now get dressed the four of you and bring me back four new slaves!


SIMON: Yes Master. (The four men leave their places in the line and start to get dressed)

CHAZ: Now as for the rest of you, Darren, Noah, Mitch, Peter and Dino … all of you will stay here and play…

PETER: Play…

CHAZ: Yes Peter, we are going to play. You are getting so hot … so turned on aren't you Peter? (Peter starts to squirm almost involuntarily)


CHAZ: Feel your dick rising to my voice Peter…getting harder and harder, it sends you deeper and deeper into my power! Your whole body is rigid and under my power! (Peter's entire body becomes rock hard and visibly stiffer as every muscle in his body tightens and then freezes on command)

PETER: Yes Master!

CHAZ: Now Peter, which of your friends here do you think is the sexiest?

PETER: Don't know…

CHAZ: Yes you do Peter! Look into my eyes and obey!


CHAZ: Now Peter, which of your friends do you find the best looking?

PETER: Dino?

CHAZ: Dino, your mind is so relaxed but the rest of your body is getting rigid … feel your whole body becoming a metal beam- tighter Dino, tighter!

DINO: I…yes… it hurts. (Dino was straining his body in compliance)

CHAZ: Now Dino, your penis is hardening too as it is totally under my power! Feel your dick getting harder and harder Dino…

DINO: Yeah…

CHAZ: You like that, don't you?

DINO: Yeth…

CHAZ: Now, Peter, turn towards Dino!

PETER: Yes Master!

CHAZ: Excellent! You two men have the same size dicks. I think we should compare them side by side, get a more scientific comparative thing going on here! Don't you think so, Dino?

DINO: Yeth… (Chaz grabs Peter's erect penis and lightly pulls him closer to Dino's)


CHAZ: Yes you like it when I hold your penis like that, don't you Peter?

PETER: Ah! Yes…!

CHAZ: You're so turned on Peter, aren't you?

PETER: Yes…!!

CHAZ: What about you Dino? Are you turned on by all this?

DINO: I… Don't know…

CHAZ: You are very turned on Dino. Look at your penis! (Chaz grabs Dino's penis and begins to move it back and forth)

DINO: So turned on…

CHAZ: That's right Dino, keep looking at your erect dick as I move it back and forth … makes you sleepy…

DINO: Sleepy…

CHAZ: Back and forth Dino, yes, your penis is getting harder and harder… your eyes are getting heavier, you're going deeper and deeper into hypnosis Dino… I am using your own penis to hypnotize you!

DINO: Penis… Hyp-nah-tize me…

CHAZ: Now, Peter come closer!

PETER: Closer…

CHAZ: Listen to me very carefully Peter!

PETER: Listen…

CHAZ: I am attaching a magnet to the tip of your penis … feel it harden even more as I do! Can you feel it?


CHAZ: Dino, I am putting a magnet on the tip of your penis! It is now completely magnetized, completely hypnotized like you!

DINO: Yes…

CHAZ: Now in a moment, I am going to step away. When I do, Peter, Dino your dicks will come together- They will be magnetized to each other. Do you both understand?

DINO/PETER: Yes. (Chaz walks toward Darren and Mitch. As he does, Peter and Dino are both pulled toward each others penises, almost violently)

CHAZ: Excellent my slaves! Now, Dino, Peter, repeat after me: You are my master, I am your slave! (A blank faced, penis-glued duo respond like automatons, and in unison)

DINO/PETER: You are my master… I am your slave!

CHAZ: Keep repeating it boys!

DINO/PETER: You are my master… I am your slave!

CHAZ: Now Darren, do you like Mitch?

DARREN: Yes master.

CHAZ: Look at Mitch! Look at his frozen body … look at his hard dick pointing to the sky… (Chaz grabs Mitch's penis and begins swaying it back and forth)

CHAZ: (Cont'd) On your knees Darren, and come closer!

DARREN: Closer…

CHAZ: You like this Mitch, don't you?

MITCH: Yes Master.

CHAZ: Darren, why don't you take over? Grab Mitch's penis like that… yes!

MITCH: Fuck! I'm gonna explode!

CHAZ: No Mitch! Obey your master! You must not cum until I give you the command. Is that understood?

MITCH: Yes Master.

CHAZ: Now Darren, in a moment, I'm going to wake you up. You will be your old self, but you will be unable to stop playing with Mitch's penis. You will also realize that you are naked and that you have obviously been hypnotized. But when I say the phrase …sleepy slave… you will go back into your trance. Do you understand sleepy slave? (Darren's head slumps forward upon hearing his trigger phrase)

DARREN: Yeth math er

CHAZ: Now Darren, at the count of three, you will awaken to your normal self, totally powerless to do anything but obey me!

DARREN: Yes master.

CHAZ: 1-2-3, wakey wakey Darren!

DARREN: Wow, I musta really been hypnotized!

CHAZ: Oh you were Darren! I promise!

DARREN: What the fuck is going on? Mitch? Why am I holding Mitch's dick? Man, what have you done to me? I'm totally fuckin' naked? You Perv, I'm gonna… Darren tries to move but realizes he is paralyzed

CHAZ: Keep massaging Mitch's penis Darren!

DARREN: I…what? What have you done to us?

CHAZ: Isn't it obvious Darren? You and Your friends are my hypno-slaves!

DARREN: Hypnoslaves? Man, you're sick! Why can't I take my hand off his fuckin' rod man? This is sick! Stop this!

CHAZ: No Darren, you like it!

DARREN: Yeah, you wish!

CHAZ: So why don't you stop me as I bend down behind you to lick the soles of your feet?!

DARREN: Hey, get off of me!

CHAZ: Or if I lick the crack of your ass!

DARREN: That's it! I can't take this anymore man, I'm not gay!

CHAZ: Then explain this Darren! (Chaz grabs Darren's balls from behind) Why are you so hard?

DARREN: Y…you have me under some kind of spell man, you hypnotized me! All of us! You fuckin' hypnotized all of us! Holy shit! Look at Dino and Peter!

CHAZ: Yes! You're all my hypnoslaves!

DARREN: Hey, I'm no one's slave!

CHAZ: Then how come you're so enthralled with Mitch's penis, Darren? Either you're my Hypnotized slave or you're gay. Which is it?

DARREN: I…I… guess I'm your hypnotized slave!

CHAZ: That's all I needed to hear! Mitch! You may cum now!

MITCH: Aaaaaaarrrgh!!! (Mitch's eruption hits Darren square in the face, covering him with manseed for the first time in his life)

DARREN: Uch! That's sick! He just fuckin' came all over me! I may not be able to move, but I can certainly scream! HELP! ANYONE! HELP! HELP!

CHAZ: Darren, my little sleepy slave!

DARREN: Yes Master!

CHAZ: I think it's time you put Mitch's penis in your mouth Darren.

DARREN: Yes master.

CHAZ: Now Mitch, at the count of three you will Get hard again, ready to cum for the second Time, this time in Darren's eager mouth!

MITCH: Yes master.

CHAZ: Excellent slave Mitch! Now Noah my friend, what do you think about what I have done to you and your friends?

NOAH: I'm so turned on master.

CHAZ: Yes Noah, of course you are.

NOAH: Fuck me master!

CHAZ: In due time Noah, in due time.

NOAH: Yes master…

CHAZ: Now, whose bored? Ah yes, my two Magnetized babe magnets … Dino and Peter. What to do with you?

DINO/PETER: You are my master … I am your slave!

CHAZ: Yes, we know that already! You can stop saying that now!

DINO: Yes sir.

CHAZ: That's master to you, Dino!

DINO: Yes… Master.

PETER: Yes Master.

CHAZ: Now, both of you, come unglued, and look into my eyes!

PETER: Yes master. Peter turns to look his master in the eyes

CHAZ: Peter, you are a hypnotist… You want Dino, bad though. He's allowed you to hypnotize him, here, take this watch. When I say go, you will proceed to hypnotize Dino. Once he is under your power, you will do with him what you've always wanted to-

PETER: Yes master. (Peter takes the watch from Chaz and immediately begins to dangle it in front of Dino's eyes)

CHAZ: Now, Dino, you will awaken at the count of three, but you will still be very much under my power. I will always be your master. But your friend Peter will be trying to hypnotize you and you will allow him to do so… Is that understood slave Dino?

DINO: Uh, yes master?

CHAZ: Now, awaken!

DINO: What the fuck? Man, why is everyone naked?

PETER: Sleeeep Dino, sleeeeep!

DINO: Man, what is with you and this hypnosis thing?

PETER: Watch the watch swing back and forth Dino, allow it to hypnotize you! Sleeep…

DINO: Can't stop myself… I…

PETER: That's it Dino, sleeeeep! Hyp-no-tize!

DINO: Ugh. (Dino's head slumps forward in trance)

CHAZ: Who is your master, slave?

DINO: You are my master!

CHAZ: You will obey Peter!

DINO: I will obey Peter.

CHAZ: Enslave him, Peter, he's yours. Consider him, my gift to you!

PETER: Yes master! Slave Dino, take holda my balls, now!

DINO: Yes master.

PETER: Now, bow before me! On your knees slave boy!

DINO: Yes Master!

PETER: Worship it! Look at my cock Dino! You know you want it! Now put your mouth to it, Dino! C'mon, obey me!

DINO: Yes master! (Dino takes his friends erect dick into his mouth)

CHAZ: Excellent Peter, Dino now belongs to you, use him like the dog that he is!

PETER: Yes master.

CHAZ: Now, Darren and Mitch… what to do with such a handsome couple as you? You both must obey your master fully, if we're going to take your conditioning to the next step!

MITCH/DARREN: Obey master…

CHAZ: I think we can come up with something special for the two of you. But it will involve some long-term brainwashing. Do you want me to brainwash you Darren?

DARREN: Yes master. Brainwash me.

CHAZ: What about you Mitch? Do you find it exciting, the thought of someone brainwashing you?

MITCH: Yes master. I want to be brainwashed, sir.

CHAZ: Then I have the perfect video tape for the two of you to watch come with me … Both of you are sleepwalking toward me … that's it … come!

MITCH: Come…

DARREN: Come… (Chaz leads the duo to the backroom) Cut to: Simon's Brother's apartment … INT.

TAYLOR: I don't get it! I thought it was Neil's bachelor party tonight?

SEAN: Yeah, I'm off to bed dudes, sorry. I've got an early morning meeting!

SIMON: Hold on Sean, come back here! I need you and Taylor to help Neil and me with this…

SEAN: What does it matter if Taylor and I can be hypnotized? Shit, I'm so tired now, you could probably hypnotize me in a second!

NEIL: If you guys are good subjects…

SIMON: Then maybe you could come to Neil's party and help us out … no one is hypnotizable!

TAYLOR: I told you dudes, count me in. Let's just go meet this hypnotist dude and let him put us under!

SIMON: Sean, just sit down please! I want you and Taylor to take a Look at this light…

SEAN: Oh yeah Simon, it's hypnotizing me!

TAYLOR: Shut up fool, just go with it!

SIMON: That's right Taylor, just go with it! You too Sean, come on… sleeeep! Relax and listen to the sound of my voice as you stare into the light…

SEAN: K, I think Taylor is in lala land. I'm just falling…

NEIL: I think it's working! (Excitedly nudging Simon)

SIMON: Look deeper Sean, c'mon, deeper, and deeper … listening to my voice- Taylor, you are so relaxed now, so deep…

TAYLOR: Deep…feels coool…

NEIL: Shit, I'm getting' a boner! What's that all about? I'm supposed to be getting married in a month!

SIMON: Me too! I dunno man… what's happening to us? (Simon suddenly turns, blank-faced and begins swinging the light before Neil's eyes, re-hypnotizing him as well. Once checking that all three guys are entranced, he himself trances out and walks zombie-like to the phone, dialling…)

SIMON: Master! They are all ready!

CHAZ: Excellent slave Simon, you know what to do next, right?

SIMON: Yes master. We already rented the costumes on the way over here!

CHAZ: Excellent slave Simon, get into them and return here ASAP!

SIMON: Yes master!


CHAZ: It would seem the strippers are on their way. I think we all need to clean up! Attention men. Clean yourselves up and get dressed. You will all still be under my power, but you will be awake and thinking it is two hours ago, the moment I arrived. Whenever I say the phrase …Sleepy Slave… to you, you will all go into trance, understood? GROUP Yes master! (The guys begin to clean themselves up. Mitch and Darren holding hands while doing so).

PETER: Lookit, if Neil and Simon miss it, who cares! Just start Chaz, come on!

DARREN: Yeah … I still say you could never hypnotize me!

MITCH: Who ya gonna hypnotize first Chaz?

CHAZ: Well, I guess we should know what the others think. Noah?

NOAH: Go for it dude!

CHAZ: Dino, Peter?

DINO: Whatever man.

PETER: It's funny. I feel kinda Hypnotized right now.

DINO: Yeah me too, sorta. Like I'm Foggy headed, you know?

CHAZ: I guess I'll hypnotize Mitch first! Come up here Mitch!

MITCH: It's never worked on me before, but what the hay?

CHAZ: Just look into my eyes, Mitch! Deeper!

MITCH: I, ok.

CHAZ: So sleepy, so sleepy Mitch! Mitch is suspended in semi-trance on stage as Simon walks in dressed as the Riddler; he is followed by Neil, dressed in an Aquaman costume, and his brothers, Taylor as Batman and Sean as Robin

CHAZ: Ah, I see the strippers have arrived. Super! Actually, we still have a few more super-strippers on their way… (As Chaz finishes his sentence, the door to the bar opens up revealing a very hypnotized Joel dressed in a Flash costume and his brother, easily 6'5 and muscle pumped, donned appropriately, in a Superman's costume, cape and all).

JOEL: Master. This is my brother Owen. He is Hypnotized and dressed as Superman as you Ordered!

CHAZ: (Leaving the frozen, hypnotized Mitch on stage to approach the harem of Super-hero strippers) Yes, I can see that Joel. And you are which Super-hero again?

JOEL: I am the Flash master, ready to do your bidding!

CHAZ: And who do we have here, Simon?

SIMON: Master, may I present to you, a very hypnotized Aquaman, and My brothers, Batman and Robin, Also under my power at the moment!

PETER: Shit this is nuts! Simon, is that really Taylor and Sean in there?

DARREN: Neil makes a good Aquaman though. He does! He's got the blonde hair for it anyway…

DINO: Shit! They're not even moving!

CHAZ: Oh they'll be moving soon enough! They're our entertainment for tonight. Aren't you Aquaman?

NEIL: Yes Master!

SIMON: Master, Here are Batman and Robin, Ready for you to enslave!

DARREN: This is too fuckin' much! What's all this Slave stuff? And why the fuck are our friends And their brothers dressed up as fuckin' superheroes?

CHAZ: Darren, Darren. It's because they are all my sleepy slaves!

DARREN: Yes master!

NOAH: Master, everyone is hypnotized!

CHAZ: Thank you Noah, sleep!

NOAH: Yes master.

CHAZ: Now, come here, Robin!

SEAN: Come…

CHAZ: Look into my eyes, boy wonder. Look into my kryptonite eyes, and Bow before me, your master!

SEAN: My master…

CHAZ: Now, Boy wonder, BOW!

SEAN: Yes master!

CHAZ: Now, Batman, no offence, but with both Robin and Aquaman as my hypnotized slaves, do you think you can resist my hypnotic powers?

TAYLOR: No…sir…

CHAZ: Look into my eyes Batman, and bow before me!


CHAZ: Look deeper Taylor, obey me!


CHAZ: Bow!

TAYLOR: Yes master!

CHAZ: Now what to do with these three Hypnotized superheroes? Neil what did the villains in the comics Make your heroes do?

NEIL: O…bey…

CHAZ: And then, what? What would Batman be commanded to do if he were completely hypnotized?

NEIL: Be made evil master.

CHAZ: Batman, look into my eyes! You are my Bat-Slave. Your Main mission is to hypnotize all your fellow superheroes. Is that understood, Batman, or should I say Taylor?


CHAZ: But first I want to see Robin do a striptease, don't you Peter?

PETER: Yes master.

CHAZ: Robin, my eyes enslave you… Command you to be a stripper … You will get completely naked for us Sean, come on, obey me!

SEAN: Obey… (Sean peels himself out of his Robin costume and is essentially naked except for his underwear. He stands for a moment, uncertain and wobbly)

CHAZ: What are you waiting for Sean? Take it all off!

SEAN: Take it all off! (Sean removes his underpants)

CHAZ: Ah, everyone see! Robin is naked! And under my power! (He ushers the naked Sean onto the stage and begins to do an exaggerated Vaudeville hypnosis routine, on the already entranced Sean, swinging his hands before his face). Ha ha ha! Now, Sean, why don't you sit here near Mitch. In fact, Mitch, you can lie down. You are hypnotized after all, aren't you?

MITCH: Yes master. I am hypnotized.

CHAZ: Now, as for you Simon, you fulfilled Part of our agreement … you brought me Batman and Robin here, but there is still one person you haven't brought to me…

SIMON: Who master?

CHAZ: The Riddler! (As Chaz says …the Riddler… Simon is programmed to go into character)

CHAZ: (Cont'd) I always wanted to have an evil genius under my power -

SIMON: You can't enslave me, I'm the Riddler you fool!

CHAZ: Yes and you will soon be very connected to Aquaman, in more ways than one!


CHAZ: Sleepy slave Simon!

SIMON: YES MASTER! (The Riddler's head plops forward onto his chest)

CHAZ: Now Riddler, are you under my power?

SIMON: Yes Master. I am under you power!

CHAZ: Fine, then take Aquaman out back And remove his suit … we need him Naked in seven minutes!

SIMON: Yes master.

CHAZ: Now, Batman, I don't need to see you naked Taylor … just take off your bat boots will you?

TAYLOR: Yes master.

CHAZ: And now your socks Taylor … take off your socks.

TAYLOR: Take off my socks…

CHAZ: Excellent … now lie down next to Robin, slave.

TAYLOR: Yes master.

CHAZ: Now last but not least … we have Superman and the Flash. I will definitely want to see the man of Steel naked later, but for now, both of you, just remove your super-hero boots and take your place alongside Batman over there.

JOEL/OWEN: Yes Master! (The brother's remove their costumed boots, both are barefoot underneath, and both rush to comply with Chaz's request to position themselves alongside the hypnotized Batman).

CHAZ: Now, we're just about ready, except for… Curt. He's hypnotizing his 18-year old brother for us and he's still not here. Oh well. I'm sure He'll be joining us shortly. Now onto the fun!