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Soldiering On
Chapter 7 - Septimus
By Anddrew Greggory

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Another morning bloomed a so many did at the villa, soft, warm, golden. Philodorus had grown to enjoy the mornings more than he thought he would. Cason entered, his wax table and stylus at the ready.

“Ah, Cason. Good. We need to reprovision. The men eat more than anyone could imagine. Be sure there is sufficient mutton and fowl for their weekly feasts. And as long as you are there, buy fish, fresh, not salted, for today and tomorrow. Arrange to double our order of fresh eggs and ….’

He caught sight of the doctor out of the corner of his eye entering from the other side, bearing the tray with the elephant ewer. He stopped speaking. The doctor raised an eyebrow and tilted his head as if to ask if he should leave.

“That’s all Cason. Just the eggs. Go, and don’t allow me to be disturbed for an hour.”

Cason looked at the doctor, but made no sign that he understood what was to happen, which he did. As he left, there was a sardonic turn at the ends of his mouth. One could not term it a smile.

“Doctor. Good morning.” Philodorus stood and removed his sandals. Why was he even wearing sandals?

“Good morning, Excellency. Would you prefer to go….”

“No. It is too pleasant here in the open air.” Philodorus dropped his tunic on the floor, and strode across the patio to the table. He climbed gingerly onto it, stretched out full length, and spread his knees apart. He lifted his hips slightly, and then lay still. “Ready, Doctor.”

The doctor approached and put the tray on the table between Philodorus’s ankles. He lifted the ewer, and tentatively touched the prone man’s left buttock.

“Here, let me make it easy for you.” Philodorus reached around and pulled his buttocks wide apart, exposing his anus to the doctor and the sun.

“Thank you, Excellency.” The doctor touched him with the point of the elephant’s trunk, gently penetrating a fraction of an inch.

“Come, come, Doctor. Do it like you mean it! After all, you have said often enough that it is most effective when administered deep and hot. So, go on then, make it deep.”

“Yes, Excellency.” Emopocles Anthenion shoved the elephant’s trunk deep into Philodorus’s fundament, and upended the ewer, so the thick gooey semen might flow deep into the waiting man.

“Ah!” gasped Philodorus and the violation. “That’s it Doctor, earn your keep. Go on, give it all to me.”

“Done, Excellency.” He withdrew the spout, and replaced the vessel on the tray. “Now, Excellency, remain….”

“Yes, yes, I know. I will remain here some time. The sun feels good and I will luxuriate in its warmth.” He stretched and made a pillow for his head of his forearms.

“Doctor, find Tarcisius. Have him bring the oils. I would like a massage as I lay here….. incubating.”

“Yes, your Excellency. I will find the boy.” The doctor smiled. He was glad to hear that Philodorus called for Tarcisius. Tarcisius, the entire household knew, was the only one of the slave boys that Philodorus found……… enticing.

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