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Soldiering On
Chapter 13 - Tercius Decimus
By Anddrew Greggory

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“Ah! Doctor! Right on time, as always!” Tully smiled at the physician, and the physician, more friend than physician with the man, bowed his head to the right and smiled up at him, looking through his eyebrows with a certain ironic twist to his mouth that Philodorus did not quite understand.

“Good morning, Sir. Are you enjoying your stay here with his Excellency?”

“Yes, quite a bit, actually. More every day.” Now it was the doctor’s turn to not understand the smile on the face of the man to whom he spoke.

“Very good, Sir.”

“Yes, Doctor. Right on time.” Philodorus did not rise from his chair, but just pushed it back a sat forward, his hands on his hips. “And I see you have your ‘medications’ with you.”

“Yes, your Excellency. Of course.”

“Alright, Philip, I will see you later then.”

“No, Lentillus. Do not leave.” Tully allowed his face to ask the question without saying a word.”

“Doctor, ah….. let me think how to say this…… I will not be taking my… er, ‘injection today. Or tomorrow for that matter, or, again.”

“Indeed?” there was not the slightest surprise in the doctor’s voice or his look.

“No. You see, well. I will not be needing your services again. My comrade here, Marcus Drusus will supply all I need, all of my needs, himself.”

The tip of Tully’s tongue slid over his lips, and then his upper teeth bit gently on the lower one.

Looking directly at the doctor, who had not moved, Philodorus spoke with the slightest edge of command in his voice. “Come here, Tully.”

Tully stood up. His body had already begun to respond, and he did not hide it. With a glance and a not at the doctor, he tossed his short chiton aside, and naked and ablaze, walked toward Philip who had moved toward the table on which he usually lay for his ‘injections.’ So, he was to be the source now. How fine. How absolutely fine that was.

Philodorus stood at the narrow end of the table, and kicked aside his sandals. He reached behind his neck and pulled the tunic up and off, out of the leather belt that gathered it at his waist. His back was strong and straight, the back of a soldier, as always.

Tully unconsciously stroked his manhood once or twice as he approached that soldierly back, but just as he was about to put his hands on his friend’s shoulders and push him gently forward onto the table, Philodorus turned, grabbed Tully by his upper arms, turned him around so that he was between Philodorus and the table, and bent him down onto its marble surface.

“Uuff!” Tully’s breath was knocked out of him by the force of Philodorus’s move, but more by the surprising turn of events. He started to lift his head to look over his shoulder, in protest? in question? in surprise? but thought better of it and lay expectant on the table top. He did not have to wait long. Philodorus kicked Tully’s ankles apart and grabbed him by the hips.

“Ointment, Excellency?” the doctor asked.

“Why not. He’s been a good boy.”

The doctor approached to offer the ointment, but Philodorus did not take it. He let go of Tully’s hips and stood with his fists on his own. The doctor only hesitated a moment before he dipped his own fingers into the unguent jar and spread the sweet smelling grease into the crack of Tully’s ass. Philodorus did not move.

“Ah!” More a sigh than a word, the doctor looked at Philodorus with a mixture of surprise and admiration, and not a little self-satisfaction as he anointed the centurion’s fully erect penis.

Quartus Decimus

“Did you pay Emopocles?”

“Yes, though it nearly beggared my treasury. I shall have to barter until I get back to Rome to get more specie. But it was money well spent. You are whole again.”

“Yes I am, entirely. You know, I don’t think I was ever not whole. I mean, there was the wound and the loss, of course, and as they say, the vessel, or in this case, the bag, is only half full, but I think the real problem was elsewhere. But whatever the case, I am well.”

“Yes, you have proven that enough over the last three days.” Tully ran his right hand up and down the crack between his buttocks as he lay on his belly in the sun.

“Ha! And you are complaining?”

“No, my Lord, I would never complain of his Lordship’s actions.” The mockery in his voice was as think as the scent from the vines that covered the far end of the piazza where they lay. “But you must admit, you have been rather,…”


“Indefatigable! ‘Tully! Come here! Over the table!’… ‘Tully! Here! On that bench!’ … ‘Tully! There! On your knees!’ … ‘On your back!’…. ‘On your belly!’…”

“Up against the wall!”

“ ‘Up against the wall?’ No, I don’t think you ever said…’

“No, Tully. You’re missing the point. Up against the wall. Now!”

Tully scrambled into position, his arms straight in front of him, his back slightly bend, his legs spread wide apart. Philodorus swatted him hard across the rump before grabbing him by the hips and laughing as he plunged home.

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