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Phone Sex
By Amalaric (Illustrated by Amalaric)
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Come on…answer the damn phone!!!!

‘Billy, that you? Yeah…Joe Collins here. Fuck, man, I thought you weren’t going to answer and I TOLD you to be ready for a call at quarter to six. That’s right…have I ever disappointed?’

Joe Collins seems high as a kite and wired like Rockefeller Square at Christmas- what the fuck is going on here??

‘Shut up, Billy…yeah, listen to me. It’s just like we planned and, by the way, I’ll take payment of the three grand straight into my bank account and don’t say you can’t remember the sort code… What? Line’s acting kind of funny (haha), oh, right- yep, he’s here…listening to every word, in fact.’

Pause as Joe wipes the sweat from his forehead, listening to some meaningless buzz on the other end of his mobile…

‘Ohhhhh…you got that right, Billy! Yeah, you know how it is- scoped the big dumbshit out for the longest time, haha. Damn, seems like the only thing I didn’t manage without getting caught was hopping into the shower with him when he got back from the construction site at night. Fucker’s a real party animal, hardly ever at home. What….????’

Static .

‘Oh yeah- he’s straight as an arrow…for now, haha! Can’t wait to show you the cam-cording of him and his various babes thrashing all intense on the mattress in his bedroom- fucker actually has one of those old lava lamps, remember those…’

Laughter on both ends of the line.

‘For sure, man…he didn’t have a fucking clue- big dumb shit! Yeah I burgled the joint and placed tiny cam-corders all over the place and he never spotted a single one…but I had a blast keeping an eye on HIM. Man, you would not believe how long this guy can piss when he gets up in the morning!!

More laughter.

‘Billy, Billy…have I ever let you or any other customer down? Man, you KNOW I’m the best there is and when I say I can deliver…well, I deliver the best. Yeah, all the specifications just like you ordered. Down to the finest detail- no worries, man, this buck is EXACTLY what you wanted. Shit, I’m gonna hate to sell him to you. Describe him? Sure, except you’re coming over right now, right? OK, OK, I know how it is…’

Joe takes a deep breath and a long rambling look at the scandalized prisoner standing bound to a post three f eet away. Jim McGovern is reeling with the shock of his predicament, still slightly groggy from the drugged beer quaffed a couple of hours earlier; purchased all friendly like- yeah- by the slime ball talking on the phone with a mile wide grin splitting his ugly face clean in two…

‘Damn, Billy, you should see him now; trying to take me down with a hard glare in his ice blue eyes…ha! That’s just about all he CAN do, because I got the big stud tied all nice and tight against an iron post. He ain’t going nowhere, that’s for sure.’ ‘Oh yeah- he’s ready for some fun, helpless as a baby but with enough play on the rope looping his feet to the post to give him plenty of room for dancing but not enough for any kickboxing heroics, haha! Shit, you should see the look he’s giving me now- all dangerous blond bravado, square jaw clenched with some major aggro…if looks could kill, this fucker’d get the electric chair.’

Vague chatter on the other end of the line. Joe licks his lips and winks at Jim McGovern…

‘Anyway, where was I? Yeah, his hands are tucked away all nice and tight behind his back and double tied to the post- like I said, our big bruiser is here for the duration, on ice so to speak, so get your ass in gear and down here- we’re ready to rock and roll, man.’ ‘What’s that…line’s breaking up a little… Oh, right…well, yeah I did strip him down…

Fuck you, man!! I gotta have some fun!’

Pause as Joe makes faces at the receiver of his phone.

‘I TOLD you, man…I got to have some fun too. OK, sheesh…calm the fuck down! Right, I know you wanted a ‘virgin’ and, yeah, I KNOW you wanted to strip him yourself…but Billy, I mean, look at it from my point of view- here I got this big buck, yeah he’s maybe six three at least, killer good shape and let me tell you, THAT was obvious even under his tee and blue jeans, smelling like some kind of erotic aerosol all sweaty-like, just off the construction site, with just a whiff of this morning’s deodorant and the drugged beer still on his breath…oh man, Billy, the dude was irresistible. Ahhhhh, fuck off- you would have done the same thing!’

Angry chatter on the other end of the line as Joe frowns a storm cloud into the receiver.

‘Listen, dude, and listen real good. Time for you to swallow your little snit and I mean NOW. Yeah, that’s right- ‘cause here’s the deal: You can take our boy ‘as is’ or you can turn your car right around and head back home to the familiar company of your calloused right hand. That’s right- I’m about three seconds from calling off the deal, I can sell this animal to any number of other customers so knock off the hysterics…NOW!’

‘Good, I knew you’d eventually see some sense…besides, in one way I was just screwing with your head (hahaha), yeah, because…well, I didn’t really strip him all the way, Billy. No. Hard as it’s been (more laughter ) to control myself, I left our big boy wearing his briefs- hold your breath now, Billy- white cotton fly fronts, probably cost all of ten bucks for a four pack at the local Walmart… Yeah, our stud’s no pansy prancing around in oversized lady’s panties dyed some puke lavender shade… Nope, just no nonsense man’s man undershorts and, Billy…you simply wouldn’t believe this guy’s fucking bulge!’

‘That’s good, man, I thought that might make you feel better about things. Hey, by the way…I do understand why you might have been pissed by not getting to strip off his shirt and pants…sorry about that, man. Really. But I bet your fingers are still itching, right?- wanting to pull this stud’s briefs down real slow. That’s right, my friend- you get the privilege of hauling out his cock and balls. Hey, where are you now?’

Joe listens for a while in silence to some meaningless buzz on the other end while lightly tracing the fine blond hair around the prisoner’s ticklish nipples, dipping lower over the ridged corrugation of rock hard abs to Jim’s deep navel

‘Couple of miles away? Cool, almost here…’


‘Oh…damn traffic! Well, try not to hassle it, we got as much time as you need once you arrive. In the meantime what do you want to know?’

‘Yeah, sure, I can do that- First, it’s like I said, he looks like he’s around six three, full head of blond hair…almost positive it’s real because he’s dusted with fine gold across his chest, runs in a line down to his belly where it widens out before disappearing in the waistband of his shorts…hold on a second…yep, got a thick bush of the same gold down there- what a fuckin score, Billy! And you should have seen him squirm when I peeked under the waistband of his fly fronts, ha! I’m telling you, man- this one’s a virgin for sure…just waiting for you to get here and, ah, deflower him, hahaha!!’

‘Damn! Still stuck in traffic…rush hour, ya know…’

‘Anyway…the dude’s in awesome shape, great definition of pecs over a deep chest, good sized pinkish nipples- oh fuck, Billy, you should see him blushing as he listens to this!’

Hey, fucker- if talk about your nips makes you all hot and bothered, I can’t wait to see your reaction when…er…Billy hauls out your cock and balls, haha!’

‘You still there, man? Yeah, like I was saying- he’s got a long torso, flat, hard belly with some definition there too, broad shoulders under a medium tan- must work that construction site shirtless when the weather’s nice- big ol biceps flexed right now with tension…broad forearms flecked with wiry gold hair, thick muscle bound legs slightly spread against the post…sucker’s a real beauty, man, and just begging for some hard use.

Joe rubs his crotch and sighs.

‘Yeah, from the looks of the bulge he ain’t lacking in that area either. I can just make out the head of his cock pressing against the fabric- looks like he’s cut, just like I…I mean you like them. Hey! Want me to take a look and give you a rundown?’

Angry chatter audible, even to the shocked prisoner, from the other end of the line…

‘Just kidding man! I told you, he’s yours to finally strip all the way…but hurry up Billy- staring at this brute standing a couple feet away stripped down to nothing but his modern loincloth has just about got me shooting in my jeans…and we haven’t even used any of the toys yet!

Laughter .

‘Shit yeah! My playroom comes fully stocked!

‘Well, there’s the usual stuff- like, a variety of whips (my favorite’s the short cat but, Billy, you just got to try out this new fangled little number designed just for whipping his penis- yeah, I saw it in an ad in Playgirl, couldn’t resist…), some paddles and a couple of riding crops for warm-ups, any kind of rope you can imagine, chain if you’re into it, lots of cuffs and collars; leather, metal and the latest in fiberglass…fuck, what will they think of next? But then there are a state of the art collection of clamps- yeah, me too…the ones with serrated edges are the best- and some really cool hooks and needles for piercing, a knife or two, … Man, I can’t wait to show you some of my new probes- it’s farking incredible how many ways there are into a man’s hard body!

Garbled noise, though clearly excited.

‘What? You’re breaking up… Oh yeah, sure- I’ve got a full range of electronics if that’s your thing. Hell- what a sight, watching them dance and sweat and yell to beat the band when the juice gets cranked up! Oh, and Billy- I forgot to mention; we got ways to restrain our big buck here that go beyond your wildest dreams! Oh yesssssss, this old iron post is just for presentation, start with the minimal, ya know? Wait till you get a look at my state of the art, fully adjustable X-frame- fuck me, I can get off just running my hands over that smooth…er…wood. Then there’s a whole selection of stocks, leather upholstered poney’s if butt work intrigues you, titanium spreader bars, exam tables with more eye bolts than you can count, and even a range of yokes, custom fit from small to extra-large. And, even if they really aren’t my thing- I like to hear a man sing while he’s being worked on- well, we got a full selection of gags, from the prosaic to the latest designer fashions in a full range of colors. It’s totally your call, dude! Yep, we got it all, man, so don’t you worry about a thing…though, by the looks of him, I’d say our man tied almost naked against that post is starting to worry…big time!

‘Hey, Billy! Is that your car I hear in the driveway?! Excellent, welcome to my little game palace! Sure, give me a second and I’ll meet you at the front door- time to rock and roll, man!!! Bye.’