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Mideast Travelogue Quartet
By Amalaric (Illustrated by Amalaric)
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I love to travel and, in a myth-soaked land somewhere east of Kansas, I took some photos I would like to post in the next several days. Once you arrive, you can go it on your own but keep in mind, there are...

Guided Tours Available


Travelling in far flung parts of the world, even in this age of globalization, presents many opportunities to sample the wares of exotic locales. Be sure to visit your out of the way destination on...

Market Day


When travelling in exotic parts it's necessary to adapt and often simply 'go with the flow'...occasionally, even, to just surrender and practice the art of...



Last of the Quartet-

It's a real thrill meeting the locals and they are renowned for their hospitality, but a little discretion is advised or you might end up as...