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Defeated and Displayed
Chapter 1 - Defeated
By Amalaric (Illustrated by Amalaric)
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Brute strength, resistance overcome, bound tight by cold iron. Stripped down so every powerful muscle and hard hairy plane is displayed to the casual observer; even his manhood exposed to the open air, helpless between corded thighs. His head is bowed, gaze averted in shame and simmering rage as he still fights an inner battle, against the fear of what may yet be coming.


Bloodied, leaning exhausted against the post, long compact frame of harnessed strength pummelled and punished; his back decorated by the kiss of the lash. The captive heaves deep breaths of desperation, shaking salty tears on the unforgiving ground. He glistens in the rustling breeze, bound and defeated by questing fate.

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