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Alien Abduction
Chapter 1 - Alien Abduction
By Amalaric (Illustrated by Amalaric)
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'What's that light in the sky?' It had been at least three years since he had done acid, so it couldn't be that... Jeff blinked slowly and shook his handsome head. The sweltering summer night already had his nerves on edge and the dark haired young stud sat shirtless in the sparsely furnished living room of the dumpy house inherited from his dead aunt, third can of Budweiser gripped tightly in his suddenly immobile hand. It was a spooky place, out on the edge of town and all...and now this. What the fuck is going on out there???? The nearest neighbor was almost a mile away and the thought, not for the first time, made him oddly nervous...but this was different. Fear? Shit...but...what's going on out there?

He ambled to his feet, swaying slightly under the influence, reckoning he would check things out...and paused. Jeff wasn't the brightest buck on the block (but there was no block...), yet even so, well, his instincts shrieked an incoherent but unmistakable warning. The light blazed with redoubled intensity, shattering through the cheap curtains over the window and Jeff, wiping sudden sweat off his forehead, tried to will his pulse to slow down and somehow crossed the long room and opened the front door.

His unkempt yard was lit up like a rock concert, every weed and bramble picked out in high relief. Fark me! What's going on? He ran a calloused hand nervously across his muscular torso and, not really understanding why, hiked his sagging levis up a notch, all the while searching for the source of the glare.

Jeff's heart missed a beat as the light seized him, impossible, terrifying...he stood paralyzed in a kind of dark ecstasy as the beam caressed the naked contours of his rippling upper body, somehow probing deeper, and he tried to hike up his levis, sagging again, but couldn't...fucking frantic, knowing that the dream somehow wasn't but not understanding anything at all. No...leave me alone!!!! The ray dipped lower, against the laws of nature and all that was decent, and he felt the fine hairs dusting his balls prickle as countless pixels danced an obtrusive exploration. Please! Let me go...please...

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