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Home Invasion
Chapter 7
By Abizboah

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I quickly crept in to Mike's room. He reacted when he saw me and I started untying him.

"I have a plan," I told him as I pulled his gag down and he spit out the bandana in his mouth. "Pick that up," I said pointing to the bandana, "grab those cuffs, unscrew one of the bedposts and take it to my room. Wait there for me and Chris."

Mike nodded acknowledgement and snuck off to my room. I repeated the same process in Chris's room and followed him back to mine. I told Chris to stand behind the door and have the bedpost ready to use as a club. I had Mike wait on the other side of the doorframe. We were ready.

I started grunting and shaking the chair around. After a few seconds I heard one set of footprints coming down the hall. The door opened and one of the kidnappers walked in. He turned the light on and said, "What the fuck is your problem..."

He never got to finish his sentence because Chris whacked him over the head with the bedpost, knocking him unconscious. Mike caught him as he fell and we carried him over to the chair. The three of us tied him to the chair I was in and gagged him with the balled-up bandanas Mike and I were gagged with.

"He'll be out for awhile," I said, going through his pockets. I found his gun and my knife. I took the gun and gave Chris the knife.

"OK," I said, checking his watch. "It's 5:30 now. We have until 9 to get out. Let's go."

The three of us exited the room and burst into the room with the remaining two kidnappers. Chris ran up to one and put the knife to his throat and I had the gun pointed at the other one. Mike quickly took their guns and cuffed their hands behind their backs. Mike and I tied them to their chairs and gagged them with Chris's balled up bandana and the ones that were used to blindfold us, which our captors had left on a table in the corner.

Mike and Chris went back to get number three and bring him in while I surveyed the room. All our stuff was still in the two vans. Our captors' masks were off. They had also gotten rid of the black outfits and were wearing jeans and T-shirts. The leader was wearing a wifebeater and my blue bandana from the day I was captured. Each of the guys was in his mid-20s or so and pretty buff. They'd have to be to lift me and Chris. Then I recognized their faces. I remembered seeing them on a local Most Wanted show and knew they were going to serve life sentences for robbery and kidnapping if they went to jail.

"This is mine," I said, grabbing my bandana from the leader's head and putting it back on.

When Mike and Chris returned with number three, we finished the breakfast they were eating and Mike and I each took our cigarettes back and lit up. Chris found our wallets and other possessions and gave them back to us.

"Yo dawg, what are we gonna do wit these three suckas?" Chris asked.

I thought for a second. "Mike, you and Chris take the van back to our house and start putting everything back," I said. "These guys are wanted and will soon be serving long sentences. I'll call the police and meet up with you later."

My two brothers got in the van and I told them how to get home. As they drove away, I noticed three was awake and the kidnappers were struggling against their cuffs and ropes.

"Don't worry, guys," I said, lighting another cigarette. "I'm not going to call the cops. I got something better planned."

I picked up Jack's cell and hit redial.

"Hello, Miguel? My name is Matt. I'm one of the guys who works for Jack," I said to a man with a thick Spanish accent. "Jack isn't going to be there for the pickup, and left me in charge. I got the three guys tied up and gagged here in the warehouse on 12th street ready for you. Oh, you'll be here early? Excellent. I'll be waiting."