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Home Invasion
Chapter 4
By Abizboah

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The three of us watched as the TV, stereos, computers, silverware and anything else of vault was either stuffed into bags or carried into the garage, presumably to the "vans." A fourth man came in to help load.

"Look at these three," he said while helping unhook the DVD player. "We got ourselves a bunch of thugs here. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were robbing the place."

After a half an hour or so, everything was loaded. The leader tossed two more bandanas at his original two accomplices and then walked behind me on the couch. I looked over as the two accomplices blindfolded my brothers. Chris squirmed a little, by Mike just let it happen. The leader pulled the bandana off my head and blindfolded me with it.

"All right, they're ready. Get 'em loaded," the leader said. Just then it hit me. I understood why our hands were tied the way they were. We were being tied for long-term storage. They weren't just here to rob the house, they wanted us, too.

Unable to see, I could feel Chris and Mike being lifted off the couch. I struggled furiously as one of the men grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder in a fireman's carry. There was no use. If only I wasn't tied up. I was carried into the garage and dropped on the floor of the van. I could hear the sound of chains being locked as I was lifted to a sitting position and pushed with my back against the wall. A collar was locked around my neck. I could tell it was attached to the wall of the van because it didn't allow me to pull away from the wall. Chains were pulled across my chest and lap and locked, securing me to the wall of the van. I could hear my brothers struggling and grunting as they were similarly secured.

Once all three of us were chained to the wall, the vans started up and drove us off into the unknown.

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