Welcome to Rhode Island. At least I thought I was. It was far enough away from my home state and the, ahem, troubles I had back there. And a nice cosy job managing the local burger joint for a company which clearly hadn't checked my references very thoroughly - if at all. A couple of spotty gimps from the local college did all the work flipping burgers to make some quick money and I just laid back and enjoyed it.

Until the cops showed up on day two.

Arrogant, rude, snapping their fingers for service, expecting to be served first no matter how many others were waiting, belching over the counter, driving away customers with their sneering authority, all that I could take. But not bothering to pay when it suited them, that was too much. Shortfall in the accounts came out of my own pocket!

The worst of all was Trooper 69, a sergeant in the local precinct and boy, you were not allowed to forget it. I don't think he had paid for a single meal since I arrived.

Well, I'm not the biggest of guys, and trying to fix things 'through channels' was clearly a waste of time. Maybe the subtle approach was what was needed.