by Wolfpek

Disclaimer: This story contains graphic scenes of M/M non-consensual sex and rape. If this content offends you, or you are under 18, you have no business reading it. Any resemblance to a real professional wrestler in this story, well, can’t be helped. This fictional character is based on one I particularly admire. But harbor no ill toward. If you are interested in this subject matter I hope you will enjoy it.

Randy wasn't happy about this development. He didn't know this arena, or any of the wrestlers on the bill. In the last year he had become a star. Vic Capri, The Edge, The Rock, all the biggest names had been counted out under his beefy heel. But he hadn’t seen any of these guys for a while, and he didn’t recognize any of the names on tonight’s line up. A backwater bullshit venue like this was a waste of his time, and a step back to his meteoric career. He couldn't understand why his manager had insisted on this gig, but together they had built an impressive career, and Randy trusted him completely With-in the space of one year Sid had taken him from an East Texas lube shop to international celebrity. If Sid said this was part of his master plan, he had no reason to argue. Despite his obvious skill as a wrestler, Randy's looks were also a part of his popularity.

The arc lights surrounding the remote stadium glinted off the leather jacket, which ended high on the slim sinewy hips, riding tantalizingly over the nearly naked thighs. Having prepared early, Randy’s white trunks where already straining to barely cover his impressive bulge and round meaty ass. The lower part of the glutes bare under the hanging jacket made him appear more nude than clothed. Annoyed he swaggered through the athlete’s entrance to where an excited Sid waited in front of the locker room. He noticed a sign before a side hall, which read MEET YOUR HEROES. He glared at his manager.

“I know kid,” pitched the manager. That’s what Sid did, pitched.

“So you greet a few fans after the match. There the ones who made you what you are today. Trust me. This is going to be a turning point in your career. You’ll see. Have I ever steered you wrong before?” The wrestler warily shook his head “That a boy. Believe me. After tonight your whole life is going to change” Randy looked at the program. He was set to wrestle some unknown called The Injector.

He snorted disdainfully. Lame. Whatever it was only one night. He heard the familiar intro music. He was on.

For a two-bit barn like this they put on a hell of a light show. Randy heard a deafening cheer as he made his usual entrance through a cloud of dry ice and lasers.


Bolstered by the wall of cheering sound. The wrestling hero lifted his square jaw, and strode, redneck royalty, toward the ring. The sound became almost unbearable as he dramatically shed his jacket revealing the now famous, massive pectorals, which shaded the serpentine abdominal muscles dusted by a single trail of dark hair.

His jet-black Italian mane contrasted sharply the flashing blue eyes surprisingly set in the wide Sicilian features.

The most striking aspect of the sleek muscled animal storming like justice itself toward the ring, were the trunks that barely adorned the vividly male form. The white fabric stretched nearly beyond it’s limit, practically glowed as it worked to contain the distracting bulge, and perfect high, round ass that were it’s charge. Other than the high boots and tattoos that ranged across his back, and encircled his upper arms these overworked trunks were his only covering. Randy wore his near naked body the way some men would wear a thousand dollar suit.

The hero’s heart sank when he saw his opponent, waiting in the far corner of the ring. This was what they gave him as a challenge? How was he supposed to put on a show with this creature lurking pathetically in the corner of the ring?

He was reminded of a villain he had seen in a children’s movie as a kid. A ghoulish figure with stringy black hair and sunken eyes, which would lure children into a funereal candy, wagon and take them to an underground prison. Only this figure appeared to have African features despite his pasty white skin. The long stringy black hair hung shoulder length from the sides of the otherwise bald head.

The already sunken eyes ringed with kohl, and black lipstick, accentuated the gaunt features. Randy supposed this, along with the black leather suspenders holding up snakeskin leggings, was an attempt to appear threatening. Unfortunately for this “Injector” the matchstick arms, hollow chest and distended belly belied the effort.

Studded gloves cut at the knuckles decorated the long hands, topped of with black fingernail polish. A normal cruel Randy felt a twinge of pity for the KISS wannabee. He would find a way to put on a good show for the crowd, maybe even make his opponent look good.

That turned out not to be so easy. Just to make it interesting, he tried at every opportunity to leave himself open to let this clown get a punch or two in, but he only seemed to flail listlessly about the ring.

Maybe it was best just to get this over with as quickly as possible.

His opponent wasn’t entirely weak. He seemed to possess a slippery wiry strength, like a greased python. Randy decided to make quick and flashy work of this clown. This clown was very light as he lifted his struggling opponent over his head for a trademark slam. Feather like he picked him up again head downward for another slam, and noticed something odd, the feeble struggling seemed at times to become a caress, he felt the long thin fingers glide up his massive thigh towards his ass, subtly raising the snug trunks upward to expose just a bit more of the delicious flesh, he felt his adversary’s upside-down hot breath on his cock. He was wrestling a faggot! Filled with rage he slammed the creature against the mat hoping the spindly neck would break. All pity for this repulsive creature now gone he began to completely decimate his victim. The one struggle he faced was to continually keep his trunks where they belonged, bloodied and broken this Injector took every opportunity to “accidentally” expose as much of Randy'’s perfect ass during the conflict.

He could pin this wimp at any time but became obsessed with the need to punish this pervert for daring to touch him like that. He slammed the ugly face into the turnbuckle and performed his trademark victory strut for his cheering fans. He noticed, however, that this crowd was made up mainly of middle aged to older men, and not the adolescent demographic that he was used to. There was also a surprising lack of female presence in the stadium. This was getting creepy. Time to finish up and go. He would begin by weakening his opponent’s leg by slamming him face down on the ground and twisting the spindly leg into an unnatural position, as he bent, face away from his defeated opponent, The bloodied Injector looked up at the magnificent ass raised above him the heavy round balls hanging between the spread legs and smiled. It was time.

He raised his arm as if in pleading supplication and cat like, from his studded glove extended two, hair-thin, 3-inch long needles. This was the best part. With the speed of a lizard’s tongue, he twisted upwards, and sunk the needles past the straining lycra into those suckable eggs. The sinewy hunk dropped his adversary and arched his back in reaction to the jabbing pain, before smashing the cheater’s smirking face into a bloody pulp with one crashing blow. Any mercy he extended to this scrawny freak long gone, he easily raised the perverted creep above his head and tossed him effortlessly out of the ring with such force that his opponent smashed through the announcer’s table and lay still among the scattered audio equipment.

Randy took a moment for a victory flex before dragging the little bastard back into the ring for a final pin. Deep shadows defined every sinew on the powerful torso as the raging wrestler posed and strutted around the ring. An intricate tapestry of muscles played sensuously down from the bulging deltoids, past the round high pecs to the hypnotic pattern of the abdominals as sharply pronounced as the underbelly of a cobra. The crowed cheered its hero.

But something was wrong.

A throbbing burn had begun from his skewered balls, and up into his now inexplicably rock hard dick in time with rapidly increasing pulsing of his heart, which now seemed to be high into his throat.

The pounding was now is his ears screaming loudly into his brain.

The throbbing seared into his raging dick was aching with a painful need, making concentration almost impossible.

His opponents name now clear. His opponent was now behind him.

His opponent’s hands were now running freely over his magnificent torso. His opponent’s tongue was now running up his neck, and ramming into his ear… hot breath swirling into his buzzing brain.

His knees began to buckle underneath him… “NO!” His opponent’s breath was taken away by a sharp elbow into the solar plexus, Randy was back in charge, spinning his stunned opponent against the ropes, Stepping back to get a running start, he slammed his attacker into the turnbuckle, but the injector was not there. For the first time in his career, he found himself against the ropes. Numbly he turned to face the ring, his back resting against the turn buckle, head hanging down, he found is cock, swollen to an absurd size was now poking out from his trunks, saturated to transparency with precum.

Wraithlike fingers took ownership of his hair and pulled his heavy head up to level with leering reptilian eyes.

The voice was like velvet dipped in motor oil.

“NOW…… we wrestle” Randy' s eyes widened as the Injector stepped back and held up both hands protracting to long needles from his gloved index finger, still unable to move he watched as these were lowered level with his luscious hardened nipples and rammed unceremoniously into the tips, he threw his head back and roared as the fiery poison spread out into his heaving pectorals and beyond, past the pounding in his ears he could hear the crowd's answering, and approving roar.

His giggling attacker took this opportunity to arch him further back against the turnbuckle and as a sculptor with a clay statue slowly work his way down to the oozing cock. Gingerly grasping it with one maddeningly soft squeeze, the freehand once again springs another stinger. He lovingly caresses the rugged face with the sharp tip, gazing deeply into his victim's eyes "This may sting a bit" And while ramming his tongue far past the wrestler's tonsils, brings the weapon toward the exposed cock head and injects his venom into the undefended piss slit.

Randy's scream stilled the crowd. The pain gave him the strength to break free from his drug-hazed prison, and slam his assailant flat on his back on the opposite side of the ring.

Struggling to regroup he stumbled to one knee, but somehow manages to pick himself up. He was going to drop this fucker into the next century.

Climbing to the top of the turnbuckle, he sees the slime lying still, flexing his mountainous biceps he jumped, elbow poised down above his victim. Who once again. Is not there.

The matt seems to pass through his aching body and out his back, as he meets screaming pain face down, and feels those sickening hands running along his upper thigh to fold up his straining trunks to resemble a humiliating thong. As he pulled himself into a crawling position the wraith like fingers, grasped his hair and pulled him upward, a bony shoulder bit into his groin and he felt his nearly exposed ass raised into a humiliating position bent over his opponent’s shoulder. This seemed to especially please the crowd.

The injector took a moment to show this view to all for sides of the ring, before beginning a sickeningly rapid spin.

Randy then learned what is like to fly as the spin built up enough speed for his opponent to toss him out of the ring and into the already shattered announcer's table. He had done this to so many wrestlers but know understood just how painful it could be.

He had no idea how many more such firsts there would be in this match.

The grinning Injector loves to grab his victims by the hair, hunky studs so completely dominated made him insanely hard, and so he does. His other hand reached down to pull the over strained trunks into a painful wedgie. This stud's ass was beyond perfect. Round, high, and steely hard, feebly struggling to free itself from the degrading grasp.

By hair and trunk he forced his quarry back to the ring, hanging, ass deliciously raised over the edge, he takes a moment to caress it's sweaty, marble curve before rolling the groggy hunk back into the place of punishment.

In spite of the venom, now buzzing freely throughout his body, Randy was still crawling toward a standing position, as a steel tipped boot dug into his abs sending him stretched fully face up on the mat, his swollen cock, despite the constrain of his soggy trunks, hovering above his heaving lower abdomen, unstoppable precum pooling on his flat stomach, his attempt to stand stopped short by the sharp elbow which had flown down from the turnbuckle, cutting off his breath, a veritable planetarium of stars swimming in his eyes.

Viselike fingers dug deeply into his defenseless abs, kneading them like rolls of pizza dough and softening them with a surprisingly powerful rain of blows for such a wimpy looking loser to dish out.

The moaning stud tried unsuccessfully to fold into a defensive fetal position. His massive arms made leaden by the drug and the punishment unable to stop this onslaught by his weaker, and unworthy adversary.

The drug's effect now so powerful he could barely feel the pain passed is burring hard on, as the sadistic heel pulled him into a backbreaking stretch, and out again to send him head first into the turn buckle.

The snickering villain reached down between his legs, and lifted the larger man, gently laying him to rest, balanced, face up along the top rope, massive arms lying limply toward the mat, legs wresting precariously along the thick length of rope which, drawn by gravity, threatened the still covered ass crack.

The Injector could take his time now, to really savor what he was going to do. He lightly ran his long black tipped fingernails along the mountainous terrain of muscle, so completely at his disposal. He followed with his mouth, stooping for a long lingering kiss, his tongue exploring over the square jaw, down the thick column of neck, lingering at the delicious hollow where neck met cleaving, into the deep, deep valley between the pectoral mounds, crossing high over one of the hard round hill, to latch onto the erasure stubbed pink- brown nipple, and suckle the sweet clear fluid excreted as a side effect of the injected venom. For fun he teased the tender nub with the tip of his pointed tongue before biting into the tender flesh enjoying the piteous moan that resulted.

He stepped back to inspect his work, his fingernails now running up the shaft of the cock, prevented from standing straight up, only by the ridiculously strained, and now transparent trunks. He held it down against the pancake abdominals with the tip of his finger, causing his hunky victim to groan loudly. With the other, sharpened forefinger nail, he severed the front of the trunks, now no more than water logged tissue, from under the balls, up to the waist band only reaching halfway up the shaft, and released the tip, the force with which the oozing cock sprang skyward ripped the trunks from the body send bits of the fabric into the cheering crowd who fought like jackals for the wet souvenir fragments.

Save for the thigh high boots the helpless muscle man laid naked before the cheating heel who had best him, his obese cock grown painful proportion pointing, a load bearing column, toward his captor's heaven.

Speaking directly to the standing meat rather than the prone victim the Injector effused "Isn't that better, my precious? You are finally free to meet your new prison." He opened wide, and impossibly took the entire manhood into his mouth.

Deep in his drugged haze Randy could feel himself taken into the hot, moist mouth, the tongue skillfully manipulating the thick vein that ran along the bottom of the shaft, the long nails of the hands digging into his balls, torturing his nipples, zeroing in on the secret ticklish spot on his sides and back to torture his balls. Without releasing cock, The Injector had found, a spiked leather strap to encircle the base of his victim's member, and wrap, too tightly around the dark blue balls. The sensation of the nails torturing very sensitive part of his heavily muscled body, the top rope digging into his ass crack, the pressure of his tightly bound genitals, and the skilled mouth torturing his rod was too much for the stud to bear, the need collected like a knife blade into the rumbling the base off his dick and exploded in audible spurts into his tormentor’s greedy throat. He growled, and groaned. He cam copiously in rich pulsing torrents, and yet no relief came. His need was now a more burning insistent ache, than before.

He opened his eyes to see the sick fuck who had tricked him, cum oozing from his smirking mouth, down his chin, like a small child eating blackberries.

"I know, my beauty. It's the venom, you see, it keeps you where I want you even after you've come. I'm far from done with you yet." Another kiss. He gagged on his own cum coating the sides of his throat.

Randy tried to squirm his way off of the rope but the claw clamped around his pulsing dick kept him in place. Hot breath whispered over the lizard tongue in his ear.

"Now for the best part" He heard the crowd collectively gasp as the emaciated heel draped his nude body over one shoulder. Intense humiliation joined the blood rushing to his brain to redden his face with shame, as a cool breeze kissed his dimpled round buttocks exposed and helpless before the deafening cheer of the crowd. His massive arms rendered useless by his molester’s potent venom swung in time with his downward hanging head, and thick rounded calves.

He knew bitches and some faggots liked to check his ass out, and had always chosen trunks to accentuate his appeal, but had no idea this teasing fashion would have left him in this helpless, humiliating position, and how good his ass looked now. A ripe and virile trophy for a cheating heel, raised round and high, paraded around and around the ring to a crowd cheering his defeat. The spotlights bounced off of it's muscled perfection accentuating the dimpled play of muscle and the deep cleft pulled slightly open to only a hint of the treasure within its cleft center.

Possessively, the languid hand of his captor cupped its melon roundness, and caressed the hard resisting muscle as he presented his prize to the appreciative crowd.

The Injector took relish in presenting the defeated hunk, but now it was time for the final blow, he dropped the listless hunk against the turnbuckle, and watched with delight as he slid floor ward down the corner of the ring.

A flash of lightening cracked painfully across his eyes at the end of a massive meaty fist hammering across his receding chin, lifting him off of his feet and bouncing him flat backed onto the mat.

His succulent victim still had some fight in him. This was the most powerful opponent he had ever faced. This was going to be better than he thought. From his possum position he watched the stud, barely able to stand, stumble toward him. Like a reeling drunk he raised his oversized paw to slam his would be rapist. His normal lightening speed robbed by the drug, The Injector had ample time to evade the blow, and return one of his own. The match now rendered even by the drug, the two men traded blow after blow, the naked stud slowing with each trade, gave the heel time to reach out of the ring, grab a folding chair, and bring it down on the bull sized neck, watching the mountain of stunned muscle collided with the mat.

He nodded at the referee who had been fisting his dick since the tide of the match had turned.

This time there would be no rally. Dragging the naked he man by his feet, he draped the drugged, beaten fighter over the second rope, using his soft black hair to pull the beefy torso up and bound the impossibly broad shoulders, and sculpted arms painfully tight along the tope rope, forcing the bursting man tits into an exaggerated arc, leaking nipples pointing straight out at the gaping audience. His breathe weighted by a lustful shudder, he threaded his hunky victim through the ropes surrounding the ring, like a sinewy wicker, pulling the thin hips painfully back to rest on the second rope, forcing the perfect round globes obscenely high. He then twisted the massive thighs back outside the ring, tightly binding the knees and ankles to the front of the last rope, forcing the ass up to an even higher presentation, and with drew to admire the view.

The degraded stud hung, head down, too still in his bonds, for the heel’s liking. He wanted more. Climbing out of the ring he found a bucket of cold water, and flung it at his new prize.

Randy’s baby blues shot wide open as the icy liquid jolted through to his spine. He began to growl, moan, and best of all, writhe frantically in a futile effort to free himself from his strangling bonds and venom-fogged mind. Snakelike muscles wriggled and strained within the ropes. The undefeated LAW AND ORDER of the wrestling world, obscenely displayed before his cheering fans, in an exaggerated caricature of sexual submission, his aching cock, ramming into painfully empty, havenless air throbbed out a pond of cum into a growing pool below him, and still no satisfaction came.

The Sahara mouthed Injector had never seen anything quite so delectable. He scrambled back into the ring, and knelt before the glory that was Randy’s helpless ass.

In a panic to escape a fate worse than death the trussed hero fought more against the ropes, only making is writhing glutes even more irresistible to his victorious opponent, he felt the painted claws take ownership of each check, and then nearly wretched as he felt the fetid mouth began to cover the unblemished mounds with humid wet, kisses and sucking bites covering every inch of the desired object until reaching that heavenly valley that separated the powerful muscles the sadistic viper raised his poison talon one last time. The longest, thinnest, and sharpest needle in his arsenal sprang to attention. So thin, it was visible only by the light glinting off of its steely hardness. With the swiftness, and sure aim of a guided missile it found it’s mark, entered and pierced the defenseless prostate with the sting of ten scorpions.

Randy’s anguished howl morphed into a rumbling moan as the razor sharp pain of the impaled organ was quickly replaced by a warm and baffling ecstasy. His most private organ began to hum with an excruciating pleasure that fought with the extreme pain and shame roiling within his innermost soul.

His luscious ass rose high to meet the invading tongue worming it’s way in where no one had gone before.

Never skilled at fine table manners, The Injector’s piggish mastication’s drowned out the piteous gasps of his victim.

Wild with desire, he chewed, suckled, slurped and gurgled his way deeper, and deeper into the dark and heavenly hole, his impossibly long tongue leading the way to torment the infected prostate.

Feverishly slapping and groping, his claws digging into the bucking, muscled glutes, out of control needles making pincushions of the previously flawless globes.

Salty and rich as fine caviar the inviting asshole became slick with foreign saliva mixed with the blood drawn by the pointed teeth gnawing at the tender interior flesh. Like a starving hyena, he sought to devour the magnificent slab of beef struggling within his bonds.

Randy prayed for the release of an unconsciousness which continued to elude him, dread pulled the blood from his dropping head to his knees as he felt the onslaught stop, and his torturer pull away.

He knew what unthinkable horror was to come, and convulsed frantically to avoid this fate worse than fatality.

With a sneer, the Injector stepped backward, and without taking his eyes off of the marbled bubble butt that was now his, reached down and released a surprisingly immense dick from his leather shorts.

More terrifying than its remarkable width and girth for such a small man, was its shape. The curve was unmistakable exactly like a scorpion’s tail dwindling to an unusually pointed tip, smiling up with blissful menace towards Randy’s helpless hole.

The gloved hand gathered a handful of hair. The long tongue circled a Cheshire leer “Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle” came the mocking lie.

“Nooo NoooOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!” The merciless scimitar tore through the tightening sphincter muscles, which embraced that which they were meant to guard against. The rapist stopped for a moment to enjoy the snug grasp of the velvet muscle walls before pulling out and ramming in again, out and in, and out and in shocking the outraged muscles into submission, then changing his rhythm, alternately, torque-ing, ramming, twisting and teasing, anything to keep his shuddering victim from becoming lulled by the knowledge of what to expect.

The sinewy puppet before him flailed limply with every thrust. Cum rained from his rod straight swollen dick, thrusting painfully into thin air in time with the curved deformity banging deep into his bowels.

The undefeated Randy Order, super stud of the wrestling world, fought back tears of pain and humiliation, His mind completely blown by the fact that on some level his body sang with pleasure of this assault. He knew it was the drug that made his cock so rigid, his nipples ache, and that pierced spot inside his asshole burn with flaming need, but the shame! He was not a faggot, he thought, as his luscious ass rose high to meet the pounding attack.

The spasming ass muscles, in response worked the heels dick into a violent rage. The Injector had taken many hot fighters down like this, but this stud’s body seemed tailor made to be raped. Losing all control his savage thrusts increased to an insane frenzy, balls slamming madly against the ruined ass until he exploded into the raped ring warrior. Falling flat onto the mat, and staring upward at the white and red fluids oozing from the violated, pulsing hole ensnared above him.

He had to rise. They were waiting. Loosing the exhausted stud from his bounds, he watched this, once proud muscle man’s pathetic attempts to stand and avenge himself for a moment or two, before wrapping a spindly arm tightly around the thick neck, finally granting the mercy of a sleeper hold to his new toy, gently laying him down so the crowd could enjoy the view of the unconscious naked stud flat out on the mat, The referee who had been enjoying the action, cock in hand, stood over the destroyed fighter, Letting out a satisfied shout, came over the sleeping square jawed face and heaving pectorals.

He dropped to the mat and, officially counted the hunk out.

The Injector allowed the official to raise his hand in victory, before shouldering that magnificent ass skyward and leaving the ring Randy’s eyes opened into a blinding glare, as they began to focus from what seemed to be an upside down position, he could make out the features of his old opponent; Vic, chained naked into a sling –like devise, an older man with dyed orange hair seemed to be inserting something into his asshole, from his unusual vantage point he could see other nude wrestlers bound in equally degrading positions around the room.

There was Evan bound to a wheel, Alex bent over a sawhorse, John, Rock, all of the wrestling giants that he had not seen in a while being subjected to the most unthinkable degradations.

A large banner hung across the wall: ‘MEET YOUR HEROES!” A line of men, cash in hand waited patiently for a turn at a wrestling hero.

He understood now. The Injector had taken them all.

Chains dug into his ankles, which held him securely from the ceiling.

His arms bound tightly behind his back. His hard on had not subsided.

He felt a fat clammy hand come to rest on his abused ass. Suddenly Sid’s moon face appeared before his, cigar dangling from his chubby lips.

“Hey Kid!” He said cheerily. His hammy fist filled with twentydollar bills removed the stogie. He blew smoke into Randy’s face. “I see you’re awake. Told you that this night would change your life” “ You said you’d never steer me wrong” “Well, first time for everything. Worked out well for me though. Just tonight, I’ve made more money off of whoring you than I have as your agent for a whole month. So you see it’s all relative” Randy spat in his face. ”You SOLD me?” A greedy hand wiped the spittle from his eye.

“And made a fortune already. Not only that. I had you when you were out. Gotta tell you kid. You are one first class piece of ass” He chuckled.

“Now I’d like you to meet Mr. Brown. You’ll be taking care of him, and don’t worry I’ll be right behind you” From his dangling position, he could look directly at the distended docker clad belly, of an otherwise skinny man. He could see an undetermined amount of money change hands.

He felt his agent’s hand pull his ass apart and the greedy mouth begin to burrow into his hole. A ferret faced chap bent low to look him in the eye.

“Mr. Order, It’s SUCH an honor to meet you,” he gushed, “I must be your biggest fan.” The dockers unzipped, and Randy found himself gagging on a suffocating huge piece of meat.

Mr. Jones might well be right.