Tarzan: The Ultimate Prize

Story by Profguy15
Illustrations by Telemachus

“Many men have made the same threat,” said Tarzan to Commissioner James. “None has succeeded.”

“I know that, Tarzan,” replied the commissioner. “But you don’t seem to understand who you’re up against this time. This man Sayo has the resources to do exactly what he’s stated here. His father is a wealthy oil sheik.” The commissioner picks up the telegram from his desk. “You should be careful.”

“I will be, Commissioner” said Tarzan calmly.

“I say we find this guy and kick his spoiled ass,” interrupted John, Tarzan’s mate and a reformed poacher. “Let’s go, Tarzan.”

“John, I think it’s best if you stay here with the Commissioner and work to find their camp. You can help his officers talk to the natives and see if they know anything. I’ll start looking for him myself.”