Captain Invincible and the Golden Phallus of Ramses II

Story by Wolfpek
Illustrations by Telemachus

This is how these old cities all wound up buried so far underground thought Lance Corporal Jake "Tex" Tyler as he watched the sand cake the windows of the makeshift compound gym complex. These sands shifted as of their own will, covering all the struggles and sins played out by those gone before, and sweeping the stage clean for the next human drama of good versus evil to play itself out, over and over. Each to be buried and forgotten under these epic and constantly annoying sands.

He wasn't normally this philosophical. He missed Texas. Best damn place in the world He missed Peggy Sue, his faithful sweetheart. Angry at his own moribund self pity, he completed 15 more pull ups, sweat staining dark the front of his ribbed olive green wife beater, as the, already massive lats, delts, and biceps increased with the strain. Unruly straw blonde hair plastered against his forehead by the sweaty effort hung towards his furrowed brow, and slightly oversized but straight nose, which balanced his heroically square jaw. Jake had always considered his pronounced nose a flaw, but in truth it added to the rugged masculinity of his profile.

If it were not for the iron hardened mass of muscle, Jake would be the stereotypic slim-hipped, slow talking cowboy of his homeland. hair but since he had decided to devout his life to bringing justice, and good old American, strike that Texan, values, and good clean way of life to the rest of the world ,by joining the army, he had worked tirelessly to turn his body into a perfect fighting machine. From the already sexy slim ranch hand of his teen years, he had become by age 27 he had turned himself into the paragon of masculine perfection now stationed in a secret army base near the oldest cities of the ancient world..

Then there was the incident with the spaceship, that changed his life forever. He had been on a hike in a remote part of Alaska when it had descended without warning. A ray of light so dense in it’s blinding energy, that it was like swimming in a viscous heated soup. It had invaded his every pore, and imbued him in the knowledge that he had been chosen. That he had become ..CAPTAIN INVINCIBLE.

That was two years ago, and since that time, he had grown used to his role as a super-hero. His identity shared by no one not even his constant Peggy Sue.

But he was not one to dwell on the past. His thought must now be focused on the task at hand.

Jake’s unit had been assigned to protect a newly discovered, and priceless artefact, and a symbol of the stomach turning decadence of pagan times; THE GOLDEN PHALLUS OF RAMSES II. Legend described it as a source of mysterious and unspeakable power. Giving it’s owner limitless control over all enemies.

Tests had proven that it did possess an incredible amount of energy, but as yet, it was unclear how it would be tapped. But it was only right that this deviant artefact rest in the hands of the government of the good old U.S. of A., and not in the hands of another culture that would surely abuse it’s power.

Suddenly his super sense began to warn him of pending danger, and his super hearing picked up voices of the brass, speaking in an office not far away. Private Jenkins was with them.

“What do you mean it’s gone man”

“Sir! Yes Sir!”

It had five men guarding it.

“It’s gone, sir. It happened so fast. I heard a shout, ran in and it was gone. And the men…”

He could hear, the normally collected Jenkins, having difficulty holding it together.

“They had been assaulted, sir”

“What do you mean assaulted”

“They were.. they were..”

Jenkins could not continue.

He heard Dr. Carter, commander of the medical unit interject

“The men were found sexually molested, sir. Each was found with a test tube inserted into his rectum. The four of them are in intensive care. It may be a while before they walk again”

“Four? There were five guards on duty”

“Yes sir, one is unaccounted for, Browder, sir”

Test tubes? Jake knew what this meant. His arch nemesis; Dr. Nefario, had learned of the artefact, had come to Egypt, and taken it. He had defeated the slippery genius many times in his career as super hero, but the big headed freak had always managed to slip away after every defeat . He knew about the mad doctor’s sickening proclivities towards handsome young men... and now he had Browder.

His square jaw set into a stern grimace, a look of determination grew into his steely grey eyes. He knew what must be done. This was a job for: CAPTAIN INVINCIBLE

Looking around to make sure there were no witnesses in the gym, he shed his gear, and raised his hands, in the shape of a pyramid, above his head and allowed the transformation to take place .

It began as a small buzzing current of electricity shimmering into a ball in the space between his joined fingers which grew , spread, and began to pour out over the solemn figure like shinning white motor oil, forming snugly, over every sculpted curve and angle of the lance corporal’s finely tuned body until it became the armour of light that the aliens had entrusted to him.

Jake had never gotten used to this immodest costume, and wished the aliens had provided him with something that didn’t make him feel so, well, naked. Real men didn’t wear tights, and by comparison tights seemed downright decent. Having been raised a decent American boy, he had tried to alter it, with shorts or fabric covering at least his embarrassingly obvious manhood, but the suit would not allow it. Competing materiel was simply vaporized leaving him as exposed as before.

He was literally poured into this opalescent, filo thin material that now clung to, and exaggerated every curve, and striation of his magnificent form. Halogen bright mother of pearl, a rainbow of viscous, iridescent colour gleamed within the pure whiteness of the, for want of a better word fabric, that was his second skin,. The materiel found it’s way into the deep valley between the rounded pectorals riding high above the tapering rib cage, down every, line and ripple of his breadbasket abs. The sharp line that separated the stomach from hips, leading the eye down to the low hanging thick basket, ,. Viewed from behind the impossibly wide shoulders and back tapered sharply to a point, and down again to the pert high buttocks, protruding high and taut, curving dramatically back to the pillars of strength that were his massive legs.

His already over developed forearms, and shins were further accentuated by bracers which reached to his elbows, and greaves, covering his lower legs, these carried an arsenal of weapons and tools which he used to battle evil. Each was adorned with a silver “I”. He never knew what the aliens had meant by this symbol, but it was from this letter that he took his name.

Jake Tyler was a perfectly made fighting machine, but once transformed into his alter ego, he was as one of the granite deities at adorned the timeless monuments scattered throughout this region.

A star appeared at the bridge of his nose, flattened and formed into a pure black glass wrap around surrounding his eyes, ringing the sides of his head to serve both as a mask, and enhancing his vision.

He could see where he needed to go. He took a step back, and was airborne. He had never been able to become nonchalant about this particular feature of his new life. Every time he took to the skies, he felt like an eight year old on Christmas morning. It wasn’t terribly comfortable. The shrieking winds of the cumulous level combined with the incredible speed required for flight, made this a difficult, at best, form of transportation. This reaction, he felt, was inappropriate for acceptable superhero demeanour, but every time he felt the sharp wind in his face and the earth screeching past underneath, his inner adolescent could do nothing but scream “KKKkeeeewwwwlll!!!!!!!” into his ear.

But this no time for childish play. He had a villain to defeat.

Off once again to save the day.

Dr. Nefario had done the impossible. He had built his travelling laboratory within a secret room, he had found at the base of the pyramid itself. This chamber had once been used to prepare royal bodies for their passage through the underworld. Now Dr. Nefario was using it to prepare for total world domination. In contrast to the Arcadian, and mystical stonework and frescoes, Dr. Nefario had reinvented this place of ancient passage, to an equally mystic hyper space age place of creation. Complex equipment, and glow lighting reflected as unnatural glare off of the eternal hieroglyphs, computerize beeps and whirrings echoed through the impassive walls. Gleaming steel tables and cabinets laden with papers, computers and a rainbow of bubbling liquid filled beakers. In the centre of the room was a rough hewn onyx slab, upon which once laid the bodies of deceased royals , upon which now sprawled the nude, living body of an unconscious deflowered marine, leaking semen from every orifice.

A small, spindly old man with an absurdly huge bald brain casing, wearing thick goggle like glasses, dropped the dead weight of the large muscular legs from his tiny shoulders, and removed his penis, enormous to the point of deformity from the ruined sphincter, and smiled down at the knocked out knock out.

“Why thank you, Lieutenant Browder, that was most pleasant, but now, I think it is time to put you into storage until I should require your services again. I have work to do”

He shouldered his hunky burden, and carried him to a bank of clear, refrigerated life support pods. Spidery metallic arms reached out to relieve the Dr. Of his prize. Standing the stocky jarhead upright, at attention within the cabinet. With a sigh of compressed air the door sealed shut, filling the transparent case with a soft clear liquid freezing the soldier’s life force, low light highlighting the planes and curves or the frozen hunk’s body, a statuesque decoration preserved, on display and ready for his new master’s future use.

The silhouette of a big headed preying mantis, that was the Dr.’s shadow as he greedily rubbed his hands together turned toward the object on a steel pedestal in the corner of a room. Standing 17” high, the golden sheen seemed to glow with a pulsing light all it’s own. The bronze age craftsmen had been very clever in their attention to detail. Thick as a giant’s arm, slightly curved, and engraved with threatening looking veins, the Golden Phallus of Ramses II, even at rest, radiated with a raging potency.

The mad scientist stroked it with his thin elongated fingers, and indulged in a dastardly chuckle.

‘Soon, my precious, you and I will rule the world.. hahahaha”

He stopped abruptly. “Keep an eye... heehee... on the place, I shall return shortly” he snickered leaving the chamber to the mechanic buzzing, and beeps which echoed around the gloomy and timeless walls. This infernal lullaby interrupted by a ray of blinding purity as CAPTAIN INVINCIBLE burst into the room.

Taking quick stock of the situation, he saw his comrade on salacious display, and moved instantly to his aid.

It was apparent that he could not simply smash his way through the glass, and destroy the very delicate stasis that held the burly youth’s life in balance. Fingering the side of his mask he trained his eye on the control panel. A thin ray of white light shorted the control panel, the liquid drained gently into the bottom of the pod, another burst of compressed air and the door swung back allowing the sputtering naked youth to slump forward into the hero’s arms.

They stood for a moment together, the Super hero supporting the slumped marine in his sure, safe arms, the youth’s head resting heavily upon the haven of captain Invincible’s “Chest of Gibraltar”. If he was not sure of the hyper butch marine’s sexuality, the ‘Paladin of Purity” would have noticed that the stocky arms seemed to pull him in even closer, something rough, a fingernail?, snagged momentarily on his costume, just below his shoulders, and again at the small of his back, and the dripping, beefy torso seemed to rub against his own, as the naked bulldog struggled to right himself. Browder looked up into the hero’s eyes.

“You saved my life”

“You are safe now. Has he harmed you?”

“He… he…raped me.. He..” The soldier’s voice trailed off.

Captain Invincible quickly took charge. “I know, man. You’re OK now. Can you walk?”

Browder nodded

“I have to stay here, and stop this pervert. I need you to report back to the medics immediately. I will be back to see how you’re doing”

“I can fight, sir! Let me help you get this bastard”

“No!” The Captain ordered. “You are in no condition. I can deal with this worm by myself. That’s an order, soldier! ”

He had noticed an abandoned lab coat, left absently over the back of a steel chair, and did his best to cover the guard’s modesty, to limited effect. The buttons were missing as far as the navel and it rode indecently short but would serve. Browder limped through the chamber entrance towards healing..

Our hero turned his attention back to his goal. The Phallus pulsed at him like a degenerate light house. He grimaced with revulsion, and stepped forward to put the thing where it belonged.

His mission was interrupted by what sounded like an effeminate train whistle.


His nemesis stood before him brandishing yet another ray gun.

“Give it up Nefario” The hero sighed as he easily deflected the volley of rays. “Your meagre weapons are useless against me”

He crumpled the gun like an aluminium can, and tossed it aside.

“You have gone too far this time. You must pay for what you have done”

The mad scientist’s only recourse now was to beg, which he proceeded to do in the most distasteful way, falling at the feet of the demigod who had bested him. On his knees he wheedled and pleaded, dovening before the superior man.

“I can never defeat you, I know. I have worked so hard for this..please… join me. With you superior strength, my genius, and the power of this artefact... WE COULD RULE THE WORLD

A look of complete contempt marred the hero’s beautiful features, as he kicked the grovelling monster with such force that his tiny body cracked the wall it slammed into.

“Join you?! You insult me. You are going to spend the rest of your life in jail”

He spat his righteous rage onto the floor, and turned once again to grab the instrument of power.


The desperate outlaw lunged at the hero and tried to wrestle him away from his treasure. As he sought purchase on the insurmountable physic , his long nails snagged onto his clinging costume, just in the same two places he had felt Browder snag the costume when he was helping him up.

As easy as wet tissue, the formerly indestructible material inexplicably tore a away in one wide strip, beginning at the apex of the pectoral curve, above the small but sharply prominent pink nipples, and ending around the hips, just low enough to expose the first tufts of dirty blonde hair at the end of the treasure trail,. And, in the back the very tip of the inviting crack, just where the shelf of buttocks began to curve away from the slender waist.

Both men paused briefly stunned by this unexpected development. Jake was shocked that his suit was, in fact vulnerable somehow, and worse was mortified by the fact that he was now clad in some sort of obscene two piece costume, even more humiliating than the original costume.

Dr. Nefario had seen Jake/Captain Invincible’s bare torso only in the many restless dreams that had left his sheets cold and stained each morning, what he now saw exceeded his overactive imagination.

It was the extreme definition he had under imagined. Every muscle so perfectly distinct, it was practically a textbook model for the design of the classical male torso. Since his teenage years Nick was always disappointed in the lack of body hair, but to Dr. Nefario it was just enough. Only noticeable up close, a darkly thin blonde underline running between the pectorals, and down to darken that same shadowy tunnel that separated the two rows of abdominals. He wanted nothing more than to nuzzle every hair that decorated the curves and valleys. He was immobilized, slack jawed for a moment by this super beauty, before the hero’s avenging fist melded him into the stone floor.

“Don’t mistake me for one of your victims” Shouts the enraged hero. “You are lucky I do not kill you”

Satisfied that the slime ball was out for the count, Captain Invincible turned from his defeated opponent once more not seeing one crafty eye still open and watching him.

He looked at the contested object.

“Now, trouble maker, it is time to put you where belong”

He grasped the object, his large hand not quite encompassing it’s exaggerated girth, and held it aloft in triumph. It did not feel quite like metal, what was in his hand was more somewhere between metal, actual flesh, and a cat’s tongue.

Impossibly, it began to pulse sickeningly in his hand, and he could swear he felt hot fluid running in the well crafted veins. With each pulse he felt it’s power, stronger than any he had ever encountered inch its way into his forearm causing it to ache, as if he had overworked the muscle. It grew heavier and unwieldy, he brought his other hand up to try to control the lengthening organ above him. The waves of power spread down into his other arm and down into his sweat-sheened torso, he spread his tree trunks wide to support the struggle to absorb this intense energy issuing from the object. His already superhuman abilities suddenly increased ten fold, every muscle turning from steel to obsidian strength. He now possessed, as his enemy had promised, power enough to control the entire world.

Or did he?

He sensed that the power vibrating through his body was more in control of him than he of it. He tried to drop it but his hands were fixed as conduits of this awesome force invading, now up into his brain. He fell to one knee, and then with immense effort fought his way back to a standing position.

His brain now throbbing with buzzing energy wringing in his ears, he stumbled blindly, finally falling forward, bending at the waist over the ceremonial slab in the centre of the room, his hand trapped by the phallus pulling heavily to the floor on the other side of the stone.

Like a cobra, Dr. Nefario rose behind him licking his lips, his eyes fixed on that full bubble butt bent toward him wrapped in those shimmering tights.

The long skilled fingers gingerly reached out to cup that luscious granite curve.

Barely able to speak, the hero whispered a protesting moan

“ Thank you Captain Invincible for falling so beautifully into my trap’

The ancient power had reached into the superhero’s cock, and he was now further disabled by the most unbearable hard on of his life, which he could not help grinding into the slap against which it was trapped.

The snickering villain rolled his new victim, face up onto the slab, the sexual power of the phallus now completely controlling his body. The Champion of virtue, in his compromised costume began to thrust his trapped cock slightly upward .

Dr. Nefario looked down at the ripe mounds of muscle undulating helplessly at before him. A slow drooling smile crawled across his face. This was going to be fun.

He leaned over his captive, so close as to almost kiss the slightly parted lips, and gently stroked the dark blonde hair from the forehead.

Captain Invincible could smell the rotted breathe blowing into his own mouth.
The villain smiles into the hero’s blue eyes and whispers, running his fingers down the side of the rugged face.
“Poor super-hero, didn’t you understand. The power of the great phallus belongs to the one who possesses it. I hold it’s power, so now I possess you”

“nuh... no... nooo”

“Shhh shhh, it’s going to be all right” He laid his hand gently on the massive chest. “You cannot imagine the pleasure that you are about to feel… and the pain”

“You see, I had to have you for the research that I am doing on the control of men by sexual stimulation. I had to have you. You have defeated me more times than I can count. You have destroyed every one of my schemes. You have thwarted me at every turn, and cost me billions of dollars, and through it all in that skin tight costume, I have come to love you. All of the marines, athletes, cops, all of my victims, all of my slaves where only practice….. I have been working my way up to you.”

He leaned in an took his first kiss. It was tender, but filled with insistent longing. The hero felt Dr. Nefario’s thick tongue flood into his mouth, tickling and choking the back of his throat. He was at once sickened and stimulated.

The evil doctor pulled back, and ran his hand not on, but a his breathe above the writhing torso, so sensitized was his victim that he reacted as if he was actually being brutally fondled. Unable to resist, the doctor daintily flicked the pink erasure like left nipple, which crowned that high round man tit.

He was delighted to see his victim actually shudder deeply, and gasp for breathe in reaction,.

Now he allowed his hand to play freely along the defenceless mounds and curves of the heroic torso.

His victim found the words to protest.

“Unnnghg Unh Unhand me, y you wretch.. I I wowhuh will KILL you”

The doctor mused in response.

“Oh no, my beauty, it isn’t possible. You are quite in my power. See?”

He made quick dispatch of the remains of Captain Invincible’s costume. Leaving the hero helplessly naked before his gloating captor, Only his bracer armbands permitted to stay in place, because they seem to accentuate his nudity.

Laughing maniacally, The doctor holds his hand just above the meaty 14 inch cock, solid, thick and already dripping. He raises his hand up, back and forward again. Like a puppet on an invisible string, the hero’s member followed it’s new master’s every move, without even being touched. Up, down, back and forth, the hapless stud began to moan wildly with every manipulation, his head rolling back and forth articulating the “no” that his mouth could not.

“You see? Your body is now completely in my power, and it is time to begin my experiments”

“From the first time I saw you, all I have ever wanted was to rape you. To possess your unwilling perfection, and bend your superior manhood to my will”

He gently stroked the rugged face with the phallus. Lips slightly parted as the hunk struggled to control his breath.

“Such flawless beauty must be made to suffer”

He slapped the metallic member across the square jaw, knocking away the hero’s vision enhancing mask.

“Uunnghh” was the only response our hero could muster.

“ You won’t really be needing those anymore, will you?……. Lance Corporal Tyler hahahaha… You see I have known your identity for some time now. It occurs to me, at the moment that you don’t need to see at all”

He took a moment to blindfold the struggling hunk.

He traced the tip over the phallus over the rounded breast, touching the tip to the pert nipple. Jake seemed to feel a slight stinging bite.

The tip followed down the heaving abdominals, where it met what had become nearly it’s own fleshy twin. To his shame Captain Invincible’s member stood still . straight, grown in aching proportions.

The maniacal genius could not help but stroke it with slightest of pressure with the razor tip of his long finger nails, bending down to torture the pulsing tip with his tongue, smiling at the barely audible gasping moans of his victim.

“No not yet, I must prepare you for the experiments. You see I am gauging the response of virile young men to sexual stimulus. This way I will be able to control them completely. We have a lot of work ahead of us.”

He placed the shining member between the spread tree trunks that were the hero’s legs, it’s tip pointing menacingly at the stud’s undefended asshole. He turned his attention to the captive’s twitching cock.

“I will be using small wires to monitor your delightful responses. You cannot see from your unfortunate position, but they transmit your responses to this computer here”

He had already begun to wrap an electrical wire tightly around the base of the bound hunk’s meat, trussing the heavy hanging balls to present them toward the frescoed ceiling of the chamber. The ache in the heroic loins nearly unbearable, the Captain’s lean hips thrust upward to meet the tiny wire which abruptly entered the piss slit.

He was rewarded with a strangled scream.

“Ssshhhh sshhhssh.. You will grow used to it, perhaps even find it oddly pleasant”

It was true, an invasive buzzing warmth spread into the canal, like a long but un-satisfying piss.

He used the wire to bind the marbled legs apart to the sides of the slab, and the hand above hero’s head

“Now, my helpless beauty, you will learn the magic of the great phallus, shall we begin?’

He began to chant, low and rumbling in the ancient tongue sacred to these stones. The sound seemed to reverberate against the chamber walls, until it became, a thousand deafening voices swirling into the bound super-hero’s ears. Sending his brain into a flying spiral around the ancient room.

He stroked the ancient phallus which began to throb, faster and faster until from it’s tip stepped a delicate metallic glob which formed into a gleaming scarab. The little robotic creature pulsed and spouted the long delicate legs of a mosquito, and advanced with eerie spindly movement away from it’s parent to make room for the next, and the next after that until hundreds of these tiny creatures, wriggled in between the muscled legs.

They seemed to understand the Doctor’s incantations as instructions, and the first pair danced , arachnid antelopes to the instep of the warrior’s feet. The tiny wired legs tickled maddeningly as they gained foothold on the arch, and stung into the flesh with minuscule pincers, sending tiny jolts of electricity into the exposed skin. Countless pairs followed suit in line up to the ankle, forming twin columns, along the interior of the legs, tanned and dusted with a downy blonde hair, working their way past the knees, biting into the sweat-shined interior thighs inevitable toward the defenceless he-man groin.

The sensation of a thousand tiny biting insects tracing the arterial path upwards within the spreading legs, and beginning to nibble, oh so lightly on the artistically tied ovular balls, induced violent shivering from the hunky test subject.

But there was so much more to bear. Hair thin legs tiptoed over the plateaus and crevices that made up the over defined abdominals, while their comrades chewed their way through the dense blonde forest to encircle the massive cock which grew at it’s centre, climbing boldly, up and down the shaft to leave stinging kisses around the impaled head, and along the engorged vein that ran under the stiffened pillar of manhood.

The march continued, until the tiny soldiers began to feast on the raw nipples, and pirouette , along the exposed ribcage, and within the hollow of the underarm.

Dr. Nefario smiled down at the twitching hero.

“I must leave you now in the capable pincers of our little friends here, in order to process the wealth of information you have provided so far. “

The thought of being left alone to these little creatures brought a tear to the masculine eye.

“Nooo noo”

“Awww, how sweet. You will miss me... I know it will be difficult, but try to get some rest. I have plans that will strain even your super strength..”

Once again the villains tongue ticked the back of the hero’s throat in a suffocating kiss.

’I will return tomorrow to see how you have survived…. Oh and one more thing. I understand this chamber is haunted”

While the bound and blindfolded stud was able to ass from consciousness briefly from time to time, the hours that followed were a waking nightmare, as the little metal creatures discovered every sensitive spot on the young succulent flesh, and subjecting it to merciless delicate torments of electric current, scalding heat, and icy cold, whispers of hairy insectoid leg brushed lightly on the back of his head, into his ears, along the sides of his rib cage, the underside of the classically formed arms, the back of the knees and up and down the shaking thighs, daring even to tickle at the entrance of the inviolate asshole.

Strong smells of his own sweat, and clogged precum, mingling with stale rush, and that of the ravaged manly assholes that had suffered in this room before him filled his nostrils and lungs.

Amid the hellish drone of the machines that recorded the very heartbeat of his humiliation, he began to discern voices filling the room, barely audible, whispering in tongues, ancient and sacred. His superhuman abilities sense that restless unseen beings circled the slab on which he was bound.

Soft, lascivious laughter, and approving mummers more than favourably appraised his supine muscles.

A ghostly hand, brushed his against his hard pectorals, tongues made of the dust of archaic tombs blew far into his eardrums, against is tonsils, and up in between the spread legs at the ring of his naked hole.

An ethereal mouth closed with the skill of centuries, around his raging, unsatisfied rod. He could not stop himself from thrusting upward.. into nothing. He ached for non-existing resistance to rub his manhood against, the lack of which caused his engorged cock to throb painfully.

Frustrated tears filled the macho eyes, as he fought, the battle of his life to prevent his sanity from shattering like crystal upon the craggy rocks of sensory overload. Only the knowledge that he, alone could bring this perverted madman to justice kept him focused as all seven senses, and every inch of his luscious naked skin tingled with erotic fever.

The morning sun dissolved the ghosts into wisps of chilly dew, and brought the return of the cheerful doctor from where he had been monitoring the hero’s progress.

He was delighted to find the slack jawed, and grunting hunk’s balls now a vivid cobalt

“I know you will miss your little friends, but as we move into our next phase, I have a little construction job for them to perform”

With a clap of his hands the long legged creatures skittered away. Captain Invincible’s relief was short lived, as the doctor, raising a cat o nine tails, took up the chant once more. The whipping began in gentle circles, each stroke increasing in intensity, as if he were dusting off his subject, focusing on the over stimulated nipples and cock. With his free hand he rubbed at the gleaming phallus bringing forth another silvery globule. Unlike it’s siblings, it morphed into a thin cylindrical shape and sprouted hundreds of tiny needle like legs, between a centipede and scorpion, it cleverly avoided the rhythm of the whip, and with the speed of erratic lightning climbed over the mountains of muscle it was born to torture. The super hero’s eyes widened as it crawled over his chin to explore the handsome face, darting in and out of his parted lips..

The whipping grew more intense.

“I wanted you to meet your new friend, before it scouts some unexplored territory. Where no bug has gone before.”

The little creature scrambled with vibrating haste, retracing it’s steps back between the musky thighs, and stopped at the clenched portal.

“NO! Noooo!”

“I AM sorry, but am afraid it’s unavoidable.. “

He uttered a sharp command, and the thousand twinkled toes tapped around the perineum, and slipped, like a shot of cold water into uncharted darkness.

Captain Invincible threw his head back and moaned as the wriggling legs tickled the clenching channel, and with deadly precision to the most secret of super hero weaknesses, the defenceless prostate, around which it formed a vice like circle. It’s curved tail raised briefly and stung the gland with it’s narcotic venom.

The protesting moan became a sharp scream and the rugged head lolled to one side. The drugs effect was instant and intense. An inexplicably pleasurable throbbing shot from his hole to his dick to his brain, so sharp it rendered him all but unconscious.

A valvoline smile spread across the villain’s rat like face, this was a moment he had waited for since he first heard the name Captain Invincible.

The wrists and ankles fell heavily aside as they were released from their bonds.

Wrapping a spindly talon around the thick forearm, he pulled the limp hero to a sitting position, the straight blond hairs, longer in front, shaded the square jawed face, which hung heavily down onto immense man-tits.

He leaned forward, and enjoyed a heroic sigh as the unresisting stud slid onto his shoulders.

It was always a surprise that he was able to lift these stronger, more powerful men onto his bony shoulders, but the power of the phallus, and his own constant lust made it almost easy. He straightened under his burden, enjoying the curve of the muscular torso, and raging cock resting against his back.

The muscleman’s groin resting painfully into a rickety clavicle.

He had placed a large mirror in the chamber for this exact purpose.

He knew this was a particularly odd fetish, but for him intensely erotic, a moment of complete domination over his victims.

He turned to the mirror and his dream was realized. This most perfect of heroes, hanging limp, naked, and conquered, the exposed ass high and firm, all completely within his malicious power. He froze, awed by the beauty of the rock hard ass helpless and bent to his perverted will. Dry mouthed, he raised his hand and smacked the granite curve with all his might enjoying the red hand print that formed in its wake.

“You mustn’t consider this spanking as a punishment, rather a reward for the work you have done to create such a flawless body. If anything, I punish you for your beauty”

The thickly defined arms, legs and head swung like palm branches in reaction to the onslaught of open handed blows reigning upon the irresistible mounds, blushing red like the hard round flesh of a Macintosh apple.

He cupped and rubbed the ass vigorously, teased the hole with his long index finger, and smirked as felt the cock twinge into his back.

“Come, my succulent super-hero, let us see what is prepared for you”

Droplets of sweat fell from the swinging, upside down blond hair leaving a damp trail on the floor., as the hero was carried away to an unspeakable fate.

The little minions had constructed an intricate scaffold of hinges, and the wires which monitored his bodies fevered reactions.

The heavy breathing villain was loathe to release his humpy victim from this degrading position, but was now anxious to claim his prize.

The dangling limbs were, once again bound into the wires by the industrious, long-legged scarabs, happy to receive him once again,

The groggy hero found himself hanging in an X shape. The robotic creatures, once again, ministering to his overwrought nerve endings. This arch nemesis pulled the hanging head up by the soft blond hairs, looked deep into the steely blue eyes, and kissed him deeply, squeezing the abused cock with his free hand.

“I have another surprise for you, now that I will be enjoying another part of your body, I don’t wish to leave anything neglected, surely you remember our Lieutenant Browder?…..Lieutenant”

The stocky muscleman, walked, dead eyed, into the room, and stood at attention. He was naked.

“You see, the good lieutenant has been completely under my control the whole time, as you will be soon. He has no choice but to do exactly as I command. In fact it was he who cut your uniform so that it would rip away exactly as I desired .Isn’t that so Lieutenant?

“I’m sorry sir, my body does everything the sick freak wants. I wanted to warn you but I have no choice. Forgive me for what I am about to do”

“How touching, but I’ve had enough. You may begin by kissing him”

As sleepwalking Browder walked toward the hanging hunk , he cupped the stubbly cheek in his meaty hand.

“Please forgive me… Jake”

Jake had kissed his Peggy Sue many times, and was considered by many to be a masterful kisser, but he had never experienced anything so gentle and rough at the same time. Browder began with the softest most tentative of kisses, followed by a tender insistent passion. Powerful arms encircled powerful torso, and Jake could not help but moan as the hard hair covered pecs which rivalled his own smooth muscles pressing firmly against his body. The moaning became a shudder has the rough stubble of Browder’s square jaw tenderly sent shivers to the base of the hero’s spine as he lovingly kissed behind the ear, and down the gasping throat, as another, less friendly mouth worked on that same coveted neck from behind kissing slowly and deliberately down the spine, mirroring Browder’s downward path over the hard mounded pecs, tenderly stimulating the raw nipples, massaging the breasts with loving concentration. Two mouth explored every inch of the exposed flesh front and back, with lingering kisses.

As the bulldog lieutenant followed the blonde treasure trail to ladder of abs, The hyper ventilating he man felt the wires around his lean hips and the base of his cock stiffen and pull his ass to a humiliating raised position, while forcing his broad shoulders and head down toward the floor.

Dr. Nefario paused, wishing to freeze this moment as he gloated over the upraised ass of his of his studly arch rival. Defeat after defeat he had seen it straining against those mouthwatering tights, now that it was naked, it exceeded his wildest hopes. Round, dimpled Carrara muscles, his for the taking.

Browder had found his way down to the bound, sky blue balls and was holding them gingerly in his mouth his tongue bathing them and nibbling ever so slightly at the dimples flesh. The venomous little creature which held his prostate like a clenched fist, it’s poison buzzing at his most tender spot began to writhe around the infected gland even more tightly.

The little long legged creatures still pinching away at his nipples and underarm hair.

The fiend grasped each steely glute covetously, leaning into kiss firmly every inch of the long desired muscles, moving, inevitably toward the crack.

After so much stimulation without any release, the helpless stud began to moan loudly, and growl.

Dr. Nefario entered the valley that separated the ass, moving into the hole, teasing at the first ring. Jake felt the rat like nose and tongue, both cool and wet enter the dark channel. The long trembling hands wildly exploring the mounds, the skinny arms encircled the ass like a beautiful face

He found himself, Captain Invincible, defender of all that is right, and true, howling, with his naked ass in the air, like a cat in heat, bucking upward into the invading mouth of his conqueror, and down toward the soft tongue now licking at the swollen vein on the shaft of his cock, a salty ice cream cone. Dr. Nefario’s knowledge had made him brilliant at this, Browder kept him near the brink, but never to exploding. The pain was unbearable..

For no reason the mouth inside his hole disappeared. A calm before the storm? The he new. The familiar feel of the mystic phallus traced it’s way up from his neck, along his sharply tapered back.

Browder, removed the wire from inside his needy cock, and took him fully into his mouth. Even under Nefarios’ control, he was still unused to this and choked and sputtered as he bobbed fully up and down. On the heroic member, expertly tormenting tip and shaft with his tongue After over 24 hours of unrelieved sexual torment his swollen member finally found a hole, hot and wet, to enter, and found the bliss of friction.

He thrust with all the intensity of longing forward into the moist paradise,

Nefario, dropped the kilt of his Egyptian costume, and touched the tip of his own cock to the base of the ancient rod. The two became one. Nefario’s skin took on a sickly golden sheen and he began to laugh, his own high tinkly voice dropped to a booming hollow base.


Cold metallic hands reached around and grasped the muscled tits the gilded nails cutting into the skin, and the unforgiving rod poked at the helpless clenched ring of muscle. It teased an inch or two into the canal.

The villain had mercilessly played his magnificent body as a maestro would a finely tuned instrument, and now every nerve, muscle, corpuscle, and brain cell, sang resoundingly to the evil tune.

He tried to protest the mouth on his aching cock, and the unspeakable column that threatened his hole, but could barely breathe…. Until he screamed

The ancient member could be denied no longer, and with preternatural strength it tore through the super muscles of the sphincter until the bony hips slammed against the heroic ass.

With demonic skill, combined with the villain’s lust for revenge it savagely fucked into the spasming chute, and the brave Captain fucked with the same intensity into Browder’s expanded throat.

Nefario took the reigns and slowed the pace, rotating his hips, like the king of rock and roll, before resuming to an insane pace, He felt his vengeful seed boiled in his groin, and pass through the punishing cock toward the deep center of his beautiful enemy.

He had him, the shining hero who had destroyed all of his villainous schemes. This annoyingly good defender of the weak. The manly muscle man who had bested all of the forces of evil, was grunting, and jolting with every hurtful thrust of his merciless raping rod.

A straight line of white fire was born somewhere in the hero’s solar plexus and shot like an aching lightning rod into the base of this groin filling his balls, blue as the wide churning sea, and rising steely hot and wet into the soldier’s throat.

Both men growled as pulsing rivers of cum exploded from them simultaneously, one overflowing from the soldier’s mouth, the other collecting into the defeated super hero’s bowls. Captain Invincible felt this viscous ooze begin to fizzle deep within him, and spread throughout his entire body, soaking into his brain where it began to absorb his free will.

Nefario pulled out, and watched globs of golden cum oozed from the gaping hole. He cut the wires that held his puppet and watched him fall into a mass of muscle onto the floor, and kicked him face up

Browder moved to cradle him in his arms.

“Jake… Jake.. are you all right?”

The victorious doctor pushed the soldier away, and slapped the hero’s face:

“Oooh noo my beauty. We are not done yet. We can’t let our faithful Browder go unsatisfied, after all the pleasure he has given us... Browder. I will see you take our handsome stud here. You may begin"

He felt the full weight of the powerful fighting man lie face down on his naked body. The thick biceps bulging as the massive arms enfolded his torso and cradled his head soothingly. Both warrior cocks stiffened as they crushed together. Browder thrust gently into the hero's hips. Caramel eyes looked longingly into steely blue.

"Forgive me sir, I am completely under his control"

He tilted his head slightly, and oh so gently, brushed against the victim’s full lips, and descended with insistent heaviness, forcing the super stud lips apart, unable to stop his tongue hungrily exploring every tooth and tonsil.

Brooder sighed into the kiss sorrowful and strong, undulating against the solid muscles which writhed upward to meet the onslaught, suddenly just as hungry.

He became lost in Brooder’s kisses, as if he were swimming in a deep and healing night sea, sinking down into the cool velvet waves. He knew that his mind was now under control of the evil genius, and he was actually responding to perverted desire, but he began to kiss back, arching his chest upward to meet the soldier’s equal hardness.

Keeping the mouths locked Brooder shifted his body away, sliding, around so that he kissed his fellow slave upside down, eyes to chin. He hissed over the sandpaper ridge of the square jaw, and met with a shudder as he kissed down the column of the neck nuzzling into the hollow under the bobbing apple. Beefy hands s roamed ahead to scout prime locations of beefy torso for the slow lingering mouth. Gently flocking the nipples, and stroking quivering ribcage as he followed the path of the deep valley that separated the pectoral mountain range, making soft love to every abdominal tile rising and falling, a stormy sea of golden skin., until nestling again into the pale forest of thick hair, The mouth again sought out a second helping of the generous cock before it.

This time, however, Captain Invincible found a thick and foaming beer can of a cock pointing down at his own hetero mouth, and he pursed his lips, trying to turn away violently, to no avail the reedy voice of his new master screeched from his own brain.

“Resistance is futile!”

Without his permission his mouth open wide, and wider still as he struggled to take in the impossibly wide meat that lengthened into his violent gag reflex. His throat tried to retch, but was too full of cock to complete the task. He tasted salt, musk, and his own tears as his jaw expanded to encompass un-denied manhood.

He felt Dr. Nefario inside his heed teaching him to suck, lick and pleasure,. Pulling out long enough to suckle the low hanging balls and back to work on the shaft, while Browder, in turn, matched the rhythm on his own, again raging member.

He felt Browder’s sure strong arms pull his legs up, so that only his shoulders rested on the ground, his legs hanging as if he were sitting upside down, his ass again raised to center stage, he felt the lieutenant’s thick finger tickle into his hole, patting the buzzing little centipede on the head, finger fucking him twisting in and out, and again, until the hungry mouth, as starving dove in after, lovingly kissing away the ache of the raped hole, as if to heal the wounds of the golden phallus.

Captain Invincible moaned, like a whore, onto the dick pistoning into his mouth.

He gasped for air as Browder pulled out of his mouth and somersaulted him back onto his stomach. Lying flat again on top of him, kissing, always kissing at the ticklish base of his neck, causing violent shaking in the face down hunk, whose legs, as of their own will spread wide, pushing his bubble butt, up toward the nuzzling soldier, again he felt firm hands grasp tight hold of his wide chest as the stocky cock slid, into his aching hole..

It hurt less this time, in fact was pleasant as the velvet walls of his sphincter embraced the new thrusting guest.

Driven by unfamiliar lust Browder pulled the writhing hunk up into a standing position still impaled on his uncontrolled dick. Captain Invincible’s head fell backward onto sturdy soldier, as his feet were lifted off the ground by strong arms and stronger thrusts up, up into his violated asshole. He grunted piglike with every thrust. Turning his head to meet the eternally kissing mouth of his young comrade. Descending again onto his knees his head and chest resting on the stone floor, with ass raised shamelessly high, bucking back onto his meaty invader.

The two muscle men grunted in unison, as Browder came in steaming pulses into his bowels, and he came, in equally warm ropes onto the ground, more come landed on his upturned cheek, as the masturbating mastermind also shot onto the hero’s helpless head.

The two captives collapsed, exhausted onto the floor, Captain Invincible turning onto his back, as Browder, like a sleepy child, rested his head onto the massive chest of the man he had just fucked.

“What a beautiful picture” sneered the doctor wiping away a feigned, sentimental tear. “But now it is time for our Captain to meet his new home”

Browder stood obediently aside, as The chuckling doctor once again pulled the conquered hero up by the arm and ass high over his shoulders.

“Well done Lieutenant, I shall put him in the pod next to yours said the leering head next to the beautiful violated ass.

He turned away from the soldier, and Browder watched has the limp swaying limbs of the hero were carried away from him toward the opening door of the pod.

Captain Invincible somehow found the strength to raise his head, and look Browder in the eye.

Maybe it was because the mingling of their own manly juices had weakened that of the controlling phallus, or maybe because their combined strengths had found one last scrap of personal will, but at that moment both men realized they had the ability to fight back!

Captain Invincible moved first, with every once of his remaining strength, he elbowed his captor in the ribs, and Nefario fell under his burden.

The hero staggered to a standing position.


Whined the villain has be grabbed at his magical phallus, still rooted to his own groin.

Browder knew what would happen if he managed to stroke the hideous cudgel, and rushed him knocking him backward.

The hero continued the momentum slamming into the hated face with his powerful fist.

The villain flew backward and fell back against the far wall of the life support pod he had intended for Captain Invincible, before the hero could stop it the door slammed shut with a wheeze of compressed air, and Dr. Nefario was trapped within a prison of his own making.

He screamed as the fluid filled the tank.

“You’ve won this time, but we will meet again…. .. and remember, even if for one day I had you……. I HAADDYOOUUU!!!!

And then silence.

Both men felt the villainous power draining from them. The little insect gnawing at his prostate seemed to vanish

The Super-hero turned toward the soldier, and placed a consoling hand on the beefy shoulder.

“All you all right son?”

“Captain I..I “

Browder feel against him, into the protection of the strong heroic arms. He looked up into the rugged face, and leaned in the two lips met as passionately as before, in a long lingering kiss,


“NO!” Captain Invincible pushed the lieutenant away from him. “Get a hold of yourself soldier! Some of Nefario’s power still must be inside you. Look at me! We are not perverts... we are soldiers”

Just for the briefest moment, a millisecond, something undefined passed across Browder’s eyes, and he nodded, manly.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry sir I..”

“Don’t worry about it soldier. It wasn’t your fault, here put this on”

He gave BrowderNefario’s discarded kilt, he had to admit, it flattered his muscular frame.

He looked around and found his visor, and a bit of his costume. It was all that was needed. He placed the torn fragment against his chest, and the suit regenerated, as pure white, and embarrassingly snug as before.

“Come on Browder, let’s get you to sick bay. I will send a detail back to bring this freak to justice”

He turned toward the passage out of the chamber, and Browder turned to follow, his hand briefly trailing along the control panel of the doctor’s pod, and swiftly followed the hero out.

Outside the pyramid, the two hunks stood together in the bright Egyptian sun. Captain Invincible put a protective arm around Browder’s waist. “It’ll be OK son, and they were sky bound, back toward the safety of the camp.

In the chamber, the machines buzzed and whirred. The pulsing computer light pierced the gloom with an eerie green light. The Golden Phallus gleamed maliciously from the pod.

Suddenly a chamber wall slid back to reveal row after row of life pods, containing an army of hot men from all corners of the world. One of these opened, and like a zombie emerged a raven haired stud the doctor had purchased from a withdoctor friend in the jungles of Africa.

The jungle hunk knelt before the pod containing his master, and with a compressed sigh, the pod door slowly opened. Dr. Nefario stepped out holding the Golden Phallus of Ramses the second, now separated from his body, in one hand.

He motioned toward the naked slave who obediently began to suckle his captors cock.

The arch villain raised the Golden Phallus to his nose, and inhaled as one would a fine cigar. It still smelled of his Super hero victim.

“Well” he smiled stroking the tapered back bobbing beneath him, and beginning to chuckle in a way that only comic book villains can “That couldn’t have gone better”



The End