Since starting the site I have had many emails from visitors with lots of great feedback, thanks guys!

This page is an attempt to provide some background information which I hope you will find interesting


My real name is Dave, I use the pseudonym of Telemachus as I am a great fan of the Greek Myths. The original Telemachus was the son and heir of Odysseus, King of Ithaca and inventor of the Trojan Horse. Although there are references in classical texts to the many myths concerning the life and adventures of Telemachus, only the account of his childhood in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey survives. That makes him a seriously mysterious person.

I was born in the city of Leeds in the north of England, graduated from the University of Sheffield then moved to London where I have lived ever since apart from a year living in Germany, first in Frankfurt then in Dusseldorf. I have visited the United States and other foreign parts several times, but my home is here in the UK.


The website here is all my own work, just your standard HTML/Javascript stuff so far. I shall be adding extras like PHP and MySQL stuff later when the site has grown large enough to warrant it. I use Namo Webeditor 2006 at present.

I originally used the Curious Labs product 'Poser 4' to create the CGI pictures. I have since upgraded to Poser '6.0' and I may even upgrade to a higher version when I can afford it.

For those of you familiar with Poser, I mostly use the Michael 2.0, Michael 3.0 and David models from DAZ. The vast majority of clothing, hair, textures and props are a mixture of freebies and commercially bought items from the many Poser sites around, although a great many of the textures are of my own creation.

The stories are a mixture of my own work, stuff that friends have supplied and other stuff I have stumbled across on the web. If you have written or found a story which you think I might like, please, please let me know.


There is nothing that brightens up my day more than receiving an email from a visitor to my site. Especially if you have some specific comments - tell me about a story you especially liked or a picture that 'hit the spot'. And I am also very happy to forward your comments on to any of the other contributors.