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Part 5 - Sin
By Wolfpek
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The kid's eyes widened as Nick instinctively swatted his hand away.

The things I have to do for my country don't includethis James Bond he thought.

"I'm a little tired right now, maybe later"

"I have to follow orders"

He grasped the kid's thick wrist. "Tell me, why do youfollow these orders? How did you come here? Why do youstay? You're not tied up."

Virgil's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"You faggots usually ain't so curious. Why you wannaknow about me?"

" turns me on to hear a story like yours. Itwill..pleasure me…so you are following orders. Do youchoose to be here?"

Virgil spit on the floor "FUCK no..I'd kill every oneof you faggots if I could"

He noticed, Nick's right eyebrow raise.

"They let us say whatever we want. They know it turnsmost of the masters on to know how much we hateem…they know we can't do nothin"

"What's stopping you? All those armed men are slavestoo. You could take over."

Virgil stared slack jawed again. "You don't know?You'll see tonight"

There was a knock at the door.

It was Streiger. "Mr. Gibral, I am so sorry tointerrupt your relaxation, however Mr. Sin invites youfor cocktails in his office before the festivities.

Virgil will accompany you. Nick caught a flicker ofdread in Virgil's downturned face.

And so, he followed that disturbingly attractivebubble butt, into the next circle of the compound,passing shackled, caged and likewise degraded primemanflesh at every turn, as the descended down a grandstaircase through another guarded portal a hellishchorus of moans, and screams assaulted his ears.

He passed men hanging by their heels, tied overbenches, in cages all naked, expect for a severalbound men in what seemed to be Australian RulesFootball uniforms.

Virgil noticed his stare. "The freaks have a fetishfor those uniforms, when they take those players, theyget to keep their clothes"

"Virgil, why are these men screaming?"

"They ain't been processed yet."

He stopped to face one of the hanging men. Even hungby his ankles, struggling upside down bound, he couldtell this guy was an efficient soldier, he developed aplan, as they approached a pair of huge carved oakdoors, like off of a cathedral.

The opened with an authoritative creek, Nick had tostop himself from gasping. He saw himself in stone inthe center of a large oval room.

It was a large classical statue, holding a brokensword in it's hand. But Nick recognized his own face,his build, his focus angry look reflected in thestone.

"Breathtaking isn't it?" the voice came from acrossthe wide room, and majestic antique desk, from theother side of a high backed leather arm chair.

"Spartacus, 19th century romanticism. This is my idealman, how I have longed for him to come to life. I keephim facing away from me of course. It's the best view.

They believe the original stands in the sculpturecourtyard of the Louvre, but that is a copy I hadplaced there. This is the original."

The chair swiveled around. A pair of beady Mongoloideyes met his.

"You see sahib, there is nothing that I desire that Icannot have"

Sin was, considering the enormous amount ofcompensation around him, not surprisingly, a small,soft, luxuriant man. He drew deeply on his filteredcigarillo, his Chinese-empress, long paintedfingernails glinting in the light of the chandelier, avaginal goatee encrusted with pomade surrounded hispainted mouth and was the only hair that adorned hishead. The white suit made Nick think of ColonelSanders, and the dangling earring a hooker he used toknow. The crab apple round face crinkled into a smilethat could freeze vodka. He extended a limp fish thatwas to be considered his hand.

"And as my esteemed client, there is nothing thatyou desire that you cannot have. Thank you for yourgenerous deposit." Nick politely shook the coldelegant claw. He saw no indication that this limpidsissy, noticed his resemblance to the statue. Hecarefully pretended to sip at the small glass of portoffered him.

" I notice that you did not desire our Virgil, and wethought he would be your type. He is one of ourfavorites. Come to me Virgil. You see there is verylittle we miss around here"

He laid the hunky redneck tough across the desk,hanging his head back over the side. Casually, hewhipped out a surprisingly long dick, and rammed itinto the unresisting jaw of the tattooed slave,casually toying with the defined torso, leaving longred wets with his obscenely long fingernails, as hecontinued the conversation.

"You seemed to pay attention to the navy seal, I havehanging outside my door. His name is Wronek, I canhave him assigned to you after he is processed. Youseem to enjoy the military types"He reaches under a drawer finds a large buzzing dildo,leans over the slave and with a cruel relish stabs itinto the youth's asshole.

Nick tries to maintain a casual tone in the face ofthis horror.

"Can you elaborate on this process?"

"Ahhhh.. he is so sweet. Mmmn. Oh yes of course. Howdo we keep this army of muscle men bent our puerilewhims without being slaughtered?Is this what you'd like to know?"

He removes a needle from the same drawer and skewersthe now writhing stud's nipple, and fucks into themouth. Virgil gags and moans.

"We have several operatives planted around the world,we call them raptors, when a request comes in, or theyspy a likely candidate, their taste as you have seenis impeccable they employ our chemical methods toincapacitate them and bring them here" He pierces thesecond nipple." We have a number of ingenious gases,creams, and injections. They all result in a numbing,but pleasurable experience upon the subject. They areusually out for 48 to 72 hours, just enough time tobring them here. The problem is keeping them untouchedfor the buyers, especially the requests. In fact oneof our best, and most sadistic raptors, who goes bythe name of Doc, has been having trouble keeping hisdick out of the merchandise just lately. Rather like ahunting dog that eats the kill instead of bringing itto his master.

He damn near ruined an Australian Rules Footballerjust last week.

I will hate to have to discipline him, but I do havea business to run." He inserts a third hair thinneedle into the enslaved piss slit. The hapless youthscreams around the cock fucking deep into his throat.

He has found a small thread and connects it to eachpin so that nipples and cock are bound together.

He reaches again into his desk, and removes a smallcomputer chip. Once the subjects arrive, we keep themhere in the innermost circles of our little paradise,and, if they are not special orders, enjoy them, untilthey are processed. Sometimes our guests enjoy theunprocessed random captures while considering apurchase. They enjoy the fight."

He pulls out of the slave's mouth, and handcuffs hismeaty wrists above his head, pulling him around thedesk so the he is now facing his groin instead of hismouth. In doing so he knocks a file off of the desktop. Nick helpfully picks it up. It is markedcelebrity, he notices a few names of well known actorsand rock musicians listed within.

"Thank you, as you see we get special orders all thetime. Our operation has grown to the extent that thereis really no one that we cannot obtain. Those namesyou have seen will be joining us here very soon.

I know it is not necessary to bind him, I just findthat men are so much more attractive when bound.

Wouldn't you agree?"

"Now, as to the processing. It is actually a surgicalprocedure, where in one of these little beauties isimplanted into the subject, thereby linking him, bothto me, and to their new owners. The owner chip is ofcourse taken orally, painlessly. The merchandise has amore, shall we say, entertaining experience. This chipgives us complete control over our property for life.

It inserts into the nerve system so completely thatthey are unable to act contrary to our will. Evenafter we retire them, and set them up in very nicelives, they are never able to speak on the subject.

They give the answers we have prepared for them toexplain their disappearance. Of course they still hateus, and have the ability to voice that… I do so enjoythat part.

This surgery is carried out as part of a ritualisticceremony on special occasions. It's quite beautifulreally. You are in luck, we are having one thisevening. Among others, a rather well known Americanfootballer, one of our most expensive items ever sold,is being linked with his buyer, before the auction. Infact this chip will be inserted into another, veryrare treasure, that I have been waiting for thisevening as well."

He lifts poor Virgil's legs up over each pudgyshoulder, and with a cruel smirk invades the youth'sunlubricated rectum.


Sin smiles at the threat. "Yes that's it, that's whatI like to hear"

He plays with the thread connecting dick to nippleswith his long fingernails, the hardening dick bouncesup along the flat stomach, small droplets of bloodstain the broad tattooed chest. Virgil's head andarms hang limp over the side of the desk.

"Do join me, there is a nice empty hole for you"

Nick begins to demure.

"I insist.. you would not disdain my hospitality"

Sorry Virgil he thinks as he takes out his own thickmember. Mr. Sin's eyes widen at the sight of Nick'scock but avert before he is noticed.

Nick spreads his legs in a wide stance, thinks ofEmma, and allows the young hoodlums mouth to envelopehim.

The kid was good, he'd been trained well, he thinksas the skilled tongue dances around the shaft, andbegins to suck. He hardens rapidly ..of Emma.. whycouldn't we have made it work?"

He tries not to watch as Sin ramrods into the badboyshitter. He throws his head back and feels the rhythm.

"So after the ceremony shall we loan you Wronek, untilof course, you have made all of your purchases?"

He looks back at Sin, as the ache swells his loins.

"No I want him unprocessed"

To be continued…………………..

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