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The Revenge of the Spellbinder
Chapter 6 - Part 6
By SHeroNY
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The Revenge of The Spellbinder

by SHeroNY

(inspired by "The Breaking Of Lightning Man" on

Part 6

"Now, wait here, Superslave! Your Master has another present just for you!" Spellbinder said, then he disappeared into the shadows once more. Superman just stood there, totally naked, his crotch now shaved clean as a sign of his servitude, his muscular body waiting for his Master to come back and do with it as he pleased. 

The villain returned shortly with his old black magician's bag. "Now place your hands behind your back, Superslave." said Spellbinder.

"Yes, Master." answered Superman and did as he was told. 

Spellbinder took a kryptonite rope out of the the bag and tied Superman's wrists together tightly. The villain took a moment to inspect The Man of Steel's nice round ass and then slowly kissed his way up from the middle of his broad back to the base of his neck.

"Now lay down on the floor for me, Superslave!!!" instructed the evil villain.

"Yes, Master .... " Superman laid down on his back. Spellbinder removed another rope and tied both of his new sex slave's ankles together. After he was restrained once again, the villain brushed his hand along the length of The Man of Steel's bound body. Over his legs, along the shaft of his cock, up his midsection. When he got to his head, Spellbinder then got on his knees, Superman's blank face directly below him.

Amused by his once-uncooperative nemesis's newfound obedience, The Spellbinder says with the fiendish grin, "You really like it when I tie you up, don't you, Superslave? Admit it, you love being my bondage boy!" 

"Yes, Master. .... I really like it when you tie me up ..... I love .... being your bondage boy ..... " As soon as Superman 'admitted' it, the ropes around his wrists and ankles made his cock twitch with excitement! .... The Spellbinder couldn't help but notice.

"In fact, you love being my bondage boy so much, you shall want me to keep you bound all of the time. It doesn't matter what bonds I choose .... Ropes, handcuffs, chains, manacles, leg irons, shackles, stocks .... because they all make you very horny .... but only when I put them on you! The tighter, the better .... Right, Superslave?" Spellbinder inquired, already knowing just what his answer would be.

The sexually aroused Superman unwittingly gives his captor his consent, "Right, Master. .... I love being your bondage boy so much, I want you to keep me bound all of the time. It doesn't matter what bonds you choose .... Ropes, handcuffs, chains, manacles, leg irons, shackles, stocks .... because they all make me very horny .... but only when you put them on me, Sir! The tighter, the better! .... " Thanks to the tightness of the ropes, the straight superhero's dick was now totally erect.

"Well, since your bonds are really turning you on, my bondage boy, I am sure that you would like to show your Master your appreciation for tying you up so well. After all, a slave should never experience more enjoyment than his Master, should he? Therefore, I now order you to suck my cock, Superslave." directed the Spellbinder as he unzipped his black pants, revealing his own sizable schlong. "Make my dick nice and hard, my sex slave, so I can fuck that virgin ass of yours!"

"Yes, Master. ... It would be my pleasure .... " Superman had no choice but to agree, for he could answer no other way. Spellbinder shoved his cock in The Man of Steel's mouth and the formally heterosexual superhero swallowed the whole thing. Although he was really straight, Superman gave this villain's cock the sucking of its life. After all, his new gay sex slave lived only to please his Master.

Before he could cum, the Spellbinder pulled his hard dick out of Superman's slobbering mouth and then aimed it toward his puckered asshole, leaving no doubt where was heading next. "Now you're going to take all of my big, long cock up your bubble butt, aren't you, Superslave?"

"Yes, Master. ...... For I hear ..... and I will obey! ..... " Superman obediently responded, not knowing any better.

Spellbinder then moved down to Superman's ass, lited his legs upon his shoulders and slid his monster cock in the straight superhero's tight hole. Superman just lied there flat on his back as the villain started pounding him with all his might, each thrust was more much forceful than the one before. After fucking him for only a short time, it didn't take long until the Spellbinder's satisfied cock was ready to explode. "I'm going to cum! .... Oh yeah, I'm going to cum. And I want you to take my whole load up your ass, Superslave! Well, come on, sex slave! ... Let me hear you beg for it!"

"Please shoot your whole load .... up my ass, Sir!"  Superman pleads, "I beg of you! .... Please cum inside me, .... Master!"

"Oh, oh ...... yes! .... AaaaHHHhh!!! ...... " The Spellbinder screams in escatsy as his relieved dick releases his wad right into his brand new bottom boy's butthole.

After the Spellbinder plants his evil seed inside his newest sex slave's sore ass, he noticed Superman's drizzling cock couldn't wait to give him yet another load. "You loved feeling your Master's cock filling up your lowly slave ass with your reward, didn't you, boy? So now you want to return the favor, don't you, Superslave."

"Yes, Master. .... " Superman respectfully replied, making sure not to cum unless his new owner said he could.

"Well then, shower me with your gratitude, slave!", Spellbinder said as he grabbed a hold of Superman's throbbing cock and milked it until his slave shot one more load. But this was the superhero's biggest ejaculation so far as The Man of Steel's Kryptonian cum kept flowing out of his pissslit for at least for a minute or two before it finally stopped. 

After he licked Superman's splooge off his fingers, the Spellbinder went back into his little black bag and removed from it a kryptonite cock cage which he then secured around Superman's receding dick.

"There, now your cock is locked up and only I can release it from its cage. ... That's the way it should be, right, Superslave?" asked Spellbinder.

"Yes, Master .... That's the way it should be, oh my magnificent Spellbinder! ..... " the hypnotized hero conceded.

After removing the ropes from his ankles and wrists, Spellbinder instructed Superman to get down on his knees. Then the villain took a leather leash out of his bag and latched it on to the kryptonite collar around Superman's neck. It was merely symbolic but it said so much more. The Man of Steel was now the sinister Spellbinder's pet ..... for life.

Keeping a tight reign on his lease, Spellbinder patted Superman on the head in a condescending manner and then grabbed a hold of his thick black mane. He pulled Superman's head straight back, stuck his tongue down his throat, then let go of his hair. 

Standing above the fallen hero, who was now on all fours like a well-trained puppy dog, Spellbinder stared down upon his former foe and said, "Good boy! If only the good citizens of Metropolis could see you now, Stuper-Fool! .... Their once-mighty hero has just been reduced to a mere mutt! I can't wait to teach you all sorts of new tricks, my new Super-Pup!"

Alas, Superman was no more ... for the World's greatest superhero has now become the obedient boy toy of this ruthless and cruel criminal. His arch-enemy had stolen his mind, enslaved his body, robbed him of his identity, and raped him of his very will. Never before has there been such complete and utter domination of one man over another.

The triumphant villain pulled on Superman's leash and led his prized pet, crawling on his hands and knees, over to a large animal's cage. The big yellow and red S from the front of his discarded costume was placed across the door, leaving no doubt who would be residing there. "This will be your new home, Superslave. I hope you like the accommodations. After all, it's not much different than the dinky little cell I had when I was in jail!"

Spellbinder opened the door, unhook his leash and Superman agreeably entered the cage. Then the villain slammed the door behind him. Inside was his old torn cape in place of a blanket,  a rusty bedpan to be used as a toilet and a dog bowl with his new name printed on it. "Make yourself comfortable, Superslave. Because this is where you'll be spending most of your time. ..... Oh I almost forgot to fill your water bowl!" Spellbinder then whipped out his cock and whizzed into it through the bars. "There you go, Superslave! I'm sure you must be thirsty! So go on .... drink up! Because that's all you'll be getting for your dinner for tonight."

"Yes, Master. .... " his Superslave replies as he lowered his head and started licking up his Master's piss.

"The only other thing I have on the menu for you is another load of my cum. And I was saving that for dessert. Now, doesn't that sound like a real treat, my pet?"

"Yes, Master. ..... a real treat." Superman says as his tongue laps up more of the villain's foul-tasting urine.

"Then finish your meal, slave .... or you'll never get to savor the main course!" The sadistic sorcerer told him as the sight of his mortal enemy gulping down his own discharge brought a smile to the Spellbinder's face. Apparently, there was no limit to the lengths this heartless criminal would go to have his revenge on this disgraced superhero.

As he looked down at the humbled hero humiliated and defeated in the worst way imaginable, the boastful villain couldn't help but gloat about his victory, even if his spellbound slave, unable to remember anything about his superhero past, couldn't possibly understand what he was talking about, "Oh yes, I warned you that someday I would be getting even with you, Superboy. And now that day has finally come. I may have spent ten long years in the slammer but that was nothing compared to the punishment I have in store for you, superhero. You have just been sentenced to a life of eternal servitude as my mindless sex slave! Believe me, there is no escape. Nor is there any chance of parole. For you shall spend the rest of your days serving my every need and all of your nights satisfying my insatiable lust. And you, Superman, shall stay locked up here as my prisoner of love until the day you die!!! ..... At last, vengeance is mine!!!!!", said the smug Spellbinder as he let out a sinister laugh.