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Agent Tony Valor
Chapter 9 - Finale
By Rough Stud
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Tony woke up, trussed up, huge arms held to the ceiling while his legs were shackled and tied to the floor. Steve, Clay, John and a couple of brutes were around him.

Steve slapped him hard – was he working with Matters? Tony said nothing as the other men took turns with him, beating his abs and chest and ass as he repeatedly passed out. Finally, he was awaken and Steve grabbed his face and said – tell me the truth? Who are you?

And Tony mind shattered – was it drugs? – the way he had been used by Matters? - by Steve and his men? - the Commander? Or the fact he would never be an alpha stud again but craved something else? He didn’t know but when he spoke he didn’t say a word about Matters or the mission or anything but of the one urgent, huge need that seemed to push out all other thoughts.

“I just a muscle whore who wants to be fucked – be used and humiliated! You turned me into that – I’m back for more!”

Steve didn’t believe it – they had the damn flash drive. But damn the oversexed beast was hot! But he got behind the hot muscle captive and fucked him senseless – to hurt him, abuse him. The others did the same – he was whipped and bleeding and utterly destroyed until he finally passed out a final time and they couldn’t wake him. Steve took a syringe and injected it into his ass.

“This will make him horny as fuck beyond anything he’s experienced – not that he’ll ever really get the benefit of it. His last thoughts will be of getting nailed instead of saving himself. Head back for home. In a few hours, we’ll dump him overboard.” Steve took at last look at the unconscious tied beast in front of him – much as he’d like to keep him, it was too risky. He spit on Tony’s handsome face and he and the others left the room.

Tony was out of it when a hand gently slapped his face. Tony opened his eyes, but couldn’t really see. All he knew was the bastards were back for more and he struggled.

“Shh – it’s me.”

Was it Matters? Tony couldn’t tell – he was high and beaten while he did make out the outline a knock-out guard nearby, nothing made sense. He continued to struggle despite his beating and bondage.

Matters looked at the hot, out-of-it stud. There was only one thing to do to keep him quiet. Frankly, he didn’t mind. He slugged Tony hard in the jaw and Tony passed out. Matters freed him and slung him over his shoulder as he had several times before. But as he made his way out, this time was different. Tony was out, but he was hardly the piece of unconscious ass he always had been. The boy was hard and involuntarily, unconsicously rubbing his body against Matters. Matters pulled him closer to stop the movements, and then he lowered himself from the ship to a waiting boat and laid the huge knocked-out muscle boy on the floor as they silently took off. In a few moments they were spotted and the other agent revved the engines and took off. Shots were fired even as Valor awoke.

“What – what the hell?’

He tried to get up, but Matters pushed him back down out of the line of fire as they sped away. His body was on Tony’s naked, battered one as Tony finally realized who it was.

“Stay down, kid!”

But Tony was so drugged and so aroused by Matters that he couldn’t help but try to kiss him. “Fuck me, sir – fuck, me please!”

The man steering the vessel announced they were out of range even as they saw a Coast Boat approach the boat.

Matters told Tony to clam down, but Tony could not help but continue.

“You were right – they caught me – I’m nothing but a dumb piece of ass you were right to seduce and tie up – I need you – please fuck me…”

“Damn it, boy – I need to shut you up!”

Tony put a cloth over Tony’s face and the naked buck went out, his dick practically shooting his load, his body just there for the taking.

A WEEK LATER. Tony was getting out of bed at the hospital – his amazing physical condition had allowed him to heal well and he was being discharged today. The Commander had been in to tell how Steve Gray was caught and the mission was a success but the way Tony had been captured on the boat and then brought back naked and out it to the mainland was clearly out there. Matters hadn’t been by. Tony knew today he had to go back to Price – but to what?

He pulled on his boxer briefs and was about to head to the shower when the door opened – it was Matters. Tony was – as always it seemed – almost naked in front of the man. He just accepted it for the moment. Yeah, he was hot and he knew Matters undoubtedly still found him so – but he had screwed up so much, did any of that matter?

“How you doing, kid?”

Tony shrugged – “I’m better.”

“Ready to go back to Price?”

Tony just couldn’t help but be honest. “ I don’t know. I thought I was hot shit when I arrived – you…and this mission…have made me see things differently. Sure, I’m a hot piece of ass as you and everyone who has had me knows – but you must think I’m too dumb to ever learn – and maybe I am. What I know is you used me to get that guy – and I never saw it coming. I’ve turned into a bottom muscle toy and been drugged so I’m always horny as fuck. And you look at me with contempt – and I can’t go back to a place where the one man I need thinks nothing of me.”

To his shock, Matters moved closer – “what makes you think I think nothing of you.”

“Everything – the way you’ve repeatedly brought me down, tricked me with sex – the way you refused to fuck me the last time – “

“That was a combat situation. I don’t hold it against you, you were out of your head – but I did what I had to do.”

Valor just turned away until Matters spoke again.

“Kid, you ARE dumb – right now you’re fucking stupid.. You were right from the beginning – I wanted you. But the mission came first and in it you’ve discovered some things about yourself, some that I had to teach you, some that came from…others. If you think I am disgusted because Steve and his men raped you, that you were gangbanged, that Commander had you ass – you’re wrong. I’m not – not at all.”

Tony turned in surprised and Jeff gently kissed him. And yeah – just fucked the hell out of this prime specimen who couldn’t get enough right on the hospital bed. Finally, they took a break as Matter affectionately told Valor they’d figure out Price Academy later but for now this was right – Valor wasn’t going back today. Jeff had plans for the weekend and they included keeping this hot stud in bed and fucked the whole time. Hell, they could have a quick one again right here before Tony checked out. As Matters started roaming the kid’s body, just doing what wanted, knowing they both loved Valor being owned. Tony, gasped in ecstasy. Thrilled, he whispered one thing –

“I want you to have what the others had.”


“Sir – knock me out – gently – and then just use me while I’m out, and fuck me again.”

And that’s exactly what Matters did.