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Teaching Big Bro a Lesson
Part 5 - Marines in Distress
By Randy Dragon

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Teaching Big Bro a Lesson

Part 5 – Marines in Distress

By Randy Dragon

Taylor grinned wickedly. "Well, I believe we owe you a little confession, Sarge. Ya know, my big brother helped us a bit to get you out here ..."

"Bloody hell, that all was a fuckin' setup!" Hank glared furiously at Kyle who cringed.

"Hank, I ... they ...Lanson made me do it ... he wanted a big …" Kyle stammered helpless.

"Oh shut up you treacherous wimp. You are a disgrace for the Corps!" Hank yelled.

"Wow, hold it, chill down man, we are cool here," Taylor laughed.

"But you are right. What Kyle did was not nice, he deserves to be punished" Taylor said in earnest.

"What?" Kyle asked startled.

"Sarge, you and my brother will fight it out. As you know we have some fine wrestling bouts going on and you and my bro will make a nice pair." Taylor said slyly, "and if you win, you may leave and we won't bother you again."

"… and if I ...?" Hank asked suspiciously.

"Well Baby, if you go down, you will bring us into the base and help us with your buddy Ben." Taylor grinned.

"Oh come on, Taylor!" Kyle protested, "That's not funny. Absolutely not ... I will not wrestle my Sarge!"

Taylor looked at his brother still smiling. "Of course you will and you will win for us. `cause, if you don't I swear, we'll flog you badly! And now strip!"

"Wha ...?," Kyle asked in shock.

"He's in the buff and so will you, hurry up now baby, loose your pants!" Taylor grunted impatiently.

"Ok, ok, I'll do it." Meekly, Kyle got out from his fatigues. Joey and Rafe grinned in amusement over how much Taylor was able to control his big brother. They still remembered the time when they had admired the well-built 230 lbs. Marine, when he drove on his heavy motorbike every weekend with another chick to screw. That all had come to an end, after Taylor had realized that there was a way to tame his wild brother by destroying his sexual prowess.

He had conquered his big brother in his own bed, where he had been mashing so many chicks to mattress. He had taken control over the oversexed macho Marine by trapping him in a sexual frenzy and finally he had fucked him senseless on the saddle of his very own motorbike. By now and after even losing a cockfight it had come quite naturally to Kyle to accept his brother as the alpha male. Although he was stronger, he had given up to resist and never challenged his brother ever again.

His sexual straight orientation had changed as well. Taylor's "training" had turned him into a willing bottom, who enjoyed being ridden by his younger brother and his gang.

Now the Lance Corporal was facing his Sergeant, who had slowly gotten back to his feet. Hank's body was still covered in sweat. His dick was dangling between his thighs, while he positioned himself.

"Ok, we have a deal then?" Taylor asked.

"You've got it, freak!" Hank spat on the floor, "I'll take your treacherous brother apart and leave - and you better get outta my way."

"Hank ... I ... come on man ..." Kyle tried to avoid the fight.

Hank gave him a hard look. He was the more experienced fighter and Kyle knew it. His only chance was the hope that the earlier ordeal had weakened the big Marine enough to make him vulnerable.

"Show me what you've got, treacherous maggot!" Hank gave Kyle the "come on" sign. They circled warily, each trying to guess the other's intentions. The two Marines started by locking hands in a contest of strength. Taylor and his friends watched in awe as biceps and shoulder muscles flexed and bulged.

Taylor praised himself while he watched the two powerful men collide. He had conquered two prime specimens of the Marine Corps. He had fucked them straight as they were and now he had them under his spell, buck-naked, huffing and grunting, offering a great show for a gang of gay teenagers.

With brutal force Hank bent Kyle's hands backwards at the wrists.

“Fuck, aawww!” Kyle was forced down to his knees wincing in excruciating pain.

"How you like that, boy?" Hank sneered, "Give, or I'll break your arms!"

"Never!" Kyle howled while gathering all his strength.

Hank laughed and released his grip. Now he would play with the younger guy. The big Marine embraced the Lance Corporal, lifted him up and locked him in a chest to chest bear hug, squeezing tight. Their nipples were rubbing against each other, while the powerful bodies flexed and twisted. Both men were sweating hard as they tried to break the other one's balance. Kyle felt his dick hardening from the close contact with Hank's body.

In a desperate attempt to catch Hank of guard Kyle locked his mouth over his opponent's and forced him into a kiss. The teenagers cheered by whistling and hooting.

“Fucker!” Furiously, Hank drove a knee up into the nuts of the young Lance Corporal.

"Aaaaaeiiiiii !!!" Kyle screamed in agony and was trapped by Hank in a headlock. Both Marines crashed cursing to the dusty floor of the barn. Hay was flying everywhere, when the two sweaty bodies were rolling over and over arms and legs entwined. The teens watched amazed the grinding mass of sweating tattooed flesh and flexing muscle.

"Shit!" Kyle gasped as Hank rolled on top of him. Kyle fought, trying to buck and roll but Hank forced Kyle's muscular biceps under his knees and grinded the hard muscles. Kyle bridged up and tried to heave the Sergeant off him. Hank held the younger man in a classic schoolboy pin. His still soft dick was dangling in front of Kyle's face.

"Suck me!" Hank hissed, expecting that Kyle would refuse such a humiliation. However Kyle caught the Sergeant's dick in his mouth. His tongue played with the mushroom head, while he applied as much suction as he could.

"Bitch!" Hank gasped as he felt the treacherous familiar tingling in his groin. For a moment he was distracted and with a desperate pelvic thrust Kyle managed to break free. He was hardly back on his feet when Hank charged at him again.

Kyle hunched and launched a surprise kick on Hank's knee knocking him off balance. The younger Marine slammed into the Sergeant with a desperate football tackle that dropped him to the floor.

“Uuumphhh!” Hank's back and head hit the floor hard, sending his senses reeling as he almost blacked out. Kyle grabbed Hank's ankles picked them up and spread them wide. He drove his toes into the undefended bulge.

"Aaaaarghhhh!" Hank screamed.

"What's the matter, Sarge? Your big bull balls hurting?" Kyle felt for the first time that he could beat the hunky Marine.

"Fuck you!" Hank hollered. He arched his back and tried to roll out of Kyle's hold, but to no avail. Kyle lifted the kicking legs even higher and rolled the cursing hunk over on his stomach. Kyle heard Taylor's snickering.

Hank felt dizzy and was unable to move fast. He was still on his knees when Kyle got behind him. The younger Marine pulled him up and brought him on his heels.

Kyle locked his arms on Hank's muscular neck and started choking him.

“Shit, uurgh,” Hank fought to wriggle free from the sleeper hold, but Kyle started shaking his head and body from side-to-side, making his cock and balls swinging wildly, until Hank's resistance was fading.

He pushed the coughing hunk forward, making him stand on all fours.

Kyle reached down to probe the Sergeant's sweaty hole. The intruding finger made Hank yelp in helpless shock.

"Well done Bro! Nail `em!", Kyle heard his brother.

The Lance Corporal - pumped with a rush of adrenaline - hugged the kneeling Sergeant. His hefty boner pushed against the wrinkled entrance to the older soldier's ass-hole. Both his arms encircled the heaving chest as he mounted his Sergeant.

“Fuck!” Hank realized that further struggle was futile.

"Open up!" Kyle commanded through clenched teeth while forcing his man tool inside the hot resisting hole.

“I kill ya, awwww!” A brutal thrust forward and Kyle penetrated his Sergeant's tight muscled rear defenses.

"Aaarggghh!!" Hank's furious cry pierced the air as Kyle's 8 incher was sinking inside of him tearing at his sphincter.

The younger Marine's cock was buried up to the hilt in the Sergeant's wrecked guts. Each thrust slammed Kyle's balls hard against the groaning Marine's tight buttocks. Blood was raging in the Sergeant's dropped head. He had trouble to hold his ass up in the air. His knees were trembling and he felt like being about to collapse. Hank's now tiny pink balls were swinging back and forth with the rhythm of the Lance Corporals fuck ride.

Taylor knew from his brother's flushed expression that Kyle was approaching his climax. Kyle bit hard into Hank's neck taking all the remaining fight out of the gasping soldier.

Some more savage thrusts and it was over. Hank's knees gave way as Kyle was ramming him in the dust of the barn floor. Short, sharp convulsions wracked Kyle's body as his balls contracted. Hot cum erupted from his swollen shaft, flooding the defeated Sergeant's conquered ass.

At the same moment Hank's muscle-packed body went into uncontrollable spasms. He felt his balls ready to burst. But strangely his once proud fuck pole remained limp and deflated. His bodily instincts ordered him to shoot his load, however, his nuts were depleted. Hank's back arched as he tried desperately to find relief in an impossible climax.

Still impaling his defeated opponent, Kyle reached under the Sergeant's arms and pulled them up until they were helpless trapped over his thighs. Then he locked his hands under Hank's chin and forced his head up holding him in a cruel camel clutch forced to face the laughing teens.

"You give?" he asked panting.

"Nnnnn...oooooo...!" Hank moaned stubbornly.

Kyle started to hump the helpless man again. Kyle didn't know but from his hunched position almost every thrust was hammering in Hank's prostrate. Hank's macho pride was crumbling away. Electric currents seemed to run through all parts of his body as his package was grinded into the floor.

"Aaahhhhhhhhhh ... uuuuhh ...uuuuh nggggg -- ahhhhh!" Hank was forced into a final orgasm but without any cum erupting from his sperm drenched cock. His eyes bulged in their sockets.

Reduced to a whimpering moaning heap of man's ecstasy he screamed his defeat: "I give, I give, I giiiiiivvve .. awww pleeeezee stop. I can't take it anymore ..!"

Kyle looked at his brother and after Taylor gave him a thumbs up, he released the shivering hunk from his grip. Hank slumped to the ground, half passed out with an unfocussed gaze.

"No more ... no more ... no more " he repeated mechanically.

The hooting teens rushed to the young Marine clapped him on the shoulders, and slapped playfully his round ass cheeks.

"Good job Bro, really nice work!" Taylor's praise made Kyle immensely proud. "Now you are truly one of us."

Taylor looked down at Hank. "A deal is a deal. Guys, let's pay Captain Ben a courtesy visit!"

A bucket of ice-cold water brought Hank back to consciousness. The battered Marine was hosed down and thoroughly cleaned from the remains of cum sweat and camouflage. In the meantime, Joey had brought the Humvee. As it seemed to be suspicious that a punk would enter a military base, they decided to leave Rafe out of the game for this time. Rafe did not seem to be too disappointed, as he had already plans for his brother Blake. Taylor wanted to pick up Blake's girl Carol and in the end, it was Hank driving the Jeep with Taylor riding shotgun and Kyle between Rafe and Joey on the backseat.

Taylor grinned at Hank, who was staring at the road with a grim face. The Sergeant was still in his camos and wearing now an unbuttoned camo jacket over the naked frame of his muscled torso.

"Come on man, take it easy," Taylor said, "it was not that bad. You lasted actually quite long."

"Shut the fuck up!" Hank growled. The burly Marine was still pondering how the whipping by the old farmer had gotten him turned on. Did he truly have a submissive desire? He should visit the ranch again and try the flogger …

And there was the humiliating defeat in the hands of the teen. Taylor had sexually conquered the callous top with ease. Before Hank had realized how he was manipulated, his body had been taken over and he found himself reduced to a whimpering sex toy of the scrawny teenager.

Now -- too late -- he understood how Taylor had managed to best his older brother, who as well was a brawny Marine in his prime. Hank was no stranger to sexual encounters with men although his preference was clearly straight. Taylor's brother Kyle had been totally straight with an expressive disgust towards "fags". A glance in the rear mirror told Hank that the younger Marine's orientation had been changed. His arms were hugging Joey, while exchanging feverish kisses with the butch blonde ranch-hand.

Hank was confused, wondering whether his macho ego would be turned into a willing bottom boy attitude as well. May be the old fart had a point. An involuntary shiver ran down his spine.

Taylor's hand disappeared inside Hank's jacket. Hank felt his pecs being caressed softly. Shit he thought, when his man tits responded to Taylor's touch. Taylor had learnt from Blake's girlfriend Carol how much Hank loved his nipples played with. He had used this knowledge again and again to weaken the hulky Marine, opening him to further advances.

Taylor's hand left the hardened nipples and traveled down across the sculpted wash-board abs and after playfully entering the bellybutton he rested his palm in Hank's lap. His firm grip made Hank sharply draw in his breath. Despite his recent discharge Taylor felt the big dick twitching under the fabric. He continued his slow massage keeping Hank hard and weak all along the way back to town. In his horny state he was unable to focus on any plan or resistance and Taylor knew it.

"Good boy," Taylor whispered, when Hank slumped in the driver seat while his thighs spread, instinctively opening to the younger guy’s skilled manipulations.

"Look who's here!" Rafe laughed when they arrived at dawn at Carol Anderson's house. His brother's bike was parked in front of the garden fence.

They rang the doorbell. After a while Carol opened, dressed in a silk negligee rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"What are you doing that early? Are you mad?" she asked Taylor and Rafe, who had left Joey and Hank in the Humvee.

"Your special talents are required", Taylor grinned. He explained Carol what he had planned while Rafe went to the bedroom. His exhausted brother Blake slept naked under the blanket.

Rafe undressed and joined his brother's husky frame. Judging from the smell of his body the college athlete had been subjected to another sex marathon by the 30-years-old college professor, who loved to drain her young lover.

"Wakey, wakey, Mr. Quarterback," Rafe whispered into his brother's ear. "Time for a home run."

"Wh-hat?" Blake blinked still half asleep. He felt a kiss on his lips. A tongue demanded entrance.

"Ummmh... mhh, again?" he groaned drowsily, Carol's appetite for sex was insatiable. To tired and week to resist he allowed the tongue inside his mouth. The feeling was pleasant, however the smell somehow strange. He shook his head to clear his sleepy mind and was turned onto his stomach. How could Carol handle his 180 lbs. muscle body so easily? He felt being straddled. The weight of a body -- too heavy for Carol -- pushed his body down to the mattress.

"Ouwww!" he yelled when his head was pulled back by his hair.

"Oh that's gone be fun!" he recognized his brother's voice.

"Fuck! Get off me bloody punk!" Blake roared. His heavy muscled arms flexed while he tried to get up, but Rafe was well-prepared. A nice mound of coke was ready in the palm of his hand and he shoved it into his brother's face before Blake had a chance to throw him off.

Blake recognized too late what was done to him and was inhaling the powder with his angry breathing. A flush of exhilaration swept through his mind.

"Uuuurghhhhh ..rghh ..rghh" he panted and coughed while the drug burned inside his nose.

His arms went limp and his head sank down into the pillow giving in to the rush.

"That's why Mom told ya to stay away from drugs," Rafe mocked, while all resistance from his coked brother subsided.

During the hours to come Rafe made his Quarterback-Brother pay dearly for all the humiliations he had suffered in the past. The punk fucked the muscular college stud raw and Blake in his coked state begged his brother to fuck him again and again, while howling in unbridled lust like a cheap alley whore.

Taylor heard the sounds from the bedroom and grinned knowingly. Another downfall of the star athlete. Carol entered, clad in a tight blouse and an ass-hugging pair of jeans-shorts. She had taken a quick shower.

"Okay, ready to go. What was that shouting all about?" she asked.

"Oh nothing, just some brotherly incest," Taylor laughed. Carols eyes widened but she said nothing.

"Hi Baby!" she greeted Hank when they had walked to the Jeep. Carol sat down in the back between Joey and Kyle.

"Now let's pay a visit to Captain Ben", Taylor said.

They arrived at the broad gate of the base in bright daylight. They were stopped by a well-built, young guard whose name tag was reading Dwight Collins. He stood 6 ft. tall. His blonde hair was buzz cut. He had an open friendly face and a set of striking blue eyes. With him, kept on a leather leash, was a German shepherd. Taylor knew from Kyle that Captain O'Rourke the commanding officer of the Military Police had brought in a special trained dog unit from Europe to detect any drug trafficking at the entrance of the base already.

This move had cost the gang a lot of "business" and Taylor wanted to change this by weeding out the root of the problem: the tough MP Officer.

Joey did not hide his interest in the young Corporal. He licked his lips, while scanning the guy's firm buttocks, which were outlined under the fabric of his tight camos.

"Hi Sarge, how's it hanging?" Dwight welcomed Hank with a grin.

"Shut up Corporal!" Hank barked. "We're going to see Captain O'Rourke."

"OK, OK, chill down Sarge," Dwight answered in surprise, "and who are these people?"

"They are friends, no prob, now move your ass soldier and open the gate!" Hank ordered.

"Yes Sir!" The Corporal salutet and signaled to the guard house to open the gate.

"Uhm, wait," Joey said from behind, "I need to check something out." Hank brought the car to a halt and the cowboy jumped out.

"Can I have a look at the dogs?" He asked the Corporal. Dwight looked questioningly at Hank who nodded.

"Sure! Come on in." He said and walked Joey to the guard house. The others drove off to Captain O'Rourke's house.

"I guess the gates are already ours," Taylor laughed. He hadn't missed the cowboy's interest in the young Marine guard.

Joey and Dwight entered the guard house. A Private was sitting at a control desk watching a number of monitors displaying images from surveillance cameras from all parts of the base. Here were as well the controls to open and close the big gates.

"Howdie!" he greeted the cowboy.

"Hi, the name's Joey," Joey introduced himself.

"Clive," the Private answered," that was quite a bombshell out there with you and the Sarge! You guys are screwing her, huh?"

"Oh yeah, she's a hot fuck," Joey laughed.

"You workin' at a ranch?" Clive asked

"Yeah -- at Lanson's."

"Lanson? Oh man, I'd like to fuck his daughter, she's a hot chick too," Clive said.

“If you like, I can take you there,” Joey suggested slyly. Lanson would love to break that Marine …

"Don't turn me on, it's still a long time to go `til next Friday." Dwight had secured the dog in a corner and joined them.

"I didn't know that you are into that chick!" Clive replied, a dirty grin on his face.

"I'm afraid I'm turned on already." Joey seized the Corporal's well-built sexy body with a hungry look.

Dwight returned the look. "You wonna' see the dog house?"

"Yeah, I wonna' see it," Joey replied.

"No problem, come on." Dwight turned towards the stairs and lead Joey down to a locker room in the lower basement. Clive looked after them, still wearing his grin.

The room smelled of leather and dogs and man's sweat. Dog leashes and collars were hanging from the walls and in a corner was a bunk bed.

Dwight hung his holster on a hook at the wall and took of his jacket. Joey admired the defined pecs under the tight army tank top and the proud MC tattoo on the right biceps. The two young men were almost the same size and equally husky built. Dwight leaned against the wall and gazed through half-shut eyes at the cowboy.

"So you're turned on, huh?" he asked hoarsely. Joey couldn't believe his luck. This gorgeous Marine wasn't a straight one.

"Oh yeah, man," now Joey did not need any further invitation. He stripped his T-shirt over his head and discarded it to the floor. When he looked back at the soldier his eyes opened wide. Dwight had unzipped his camos and was presenting a true monster tool.

"Come here, cowboy!" Dwight ordered. The mesmerized half naked ranch hand stumbled towards him. He was wearing only his worn-out skin-tight jeans and work boots. Joey sank to his knees and locked his mouth around the turgid uncut shaft.

"Oh yeah, blow me," Dwight grunted while he guided Joey's bobbing head alongside his throbbing cock. His hips started to buck.

"Oh yeah man eat my fuckin' meat, take it all the way," he panted.

The Corporal peeled the tank top from his muscular body and opened his camos. Joey yanked them deftly down to the Marine's ankles.

Joey closed his fist around the pulsing shaft, which was slippery already from his own saliva. Without stopping his sucking he started to pump Dwight's rock-hard man-tool.

"Oh fuck, that feels great... uhmmmmmm," Dwight groaned. Joey released the swollen dickhead from his mouth. He pulled the foreskin tightly towards the base of the cock and tightened his grip until the dark-red cockhead ballooned furiously and the piss slit widened to emit a few drops of goo.

"Arrgh!" Dwight groaned through clenched teeth. He arched his spine while his knees buckled and moaned when the cowboy licked his heavy balls. Joey didn't give the shaking Marine a moment to gather his senses. His hand cupped the balls and simultaneously he jerked the oozing cock with sharp and short strokes.

"Nnnooo! Not... uhhhhhh," Dwight felt his nuts contract, when he was pushed over the point of no return.

"Shiiiittt! You bastard!" The pleasure of the unavoidable climax was tainted by the frustration of cuming too early. His muscular legs turned rigid and his head lolled back. At this moment Joey, who was carefully monitoring the reactions of the hunky soldier, squeezed the monstrous dickhead with an agonizing grip between thumb and index finger.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ffffffuuuuckkkk!" Dwight's eyes bulged from their sockets when he was snatched from the height of his climax. Unable to support his body any longer he collapsed over the shoulder of the cowboy. Joey heaved the heavy trembling body and pushed the dazed Corporal face down on the bunk bed.

Meanwhile at Captain O’Rourke’s residence …

The MP Captain was not at home, but Hank knew where the keys where hidden. So they went inside his living room and waited. Hank popped a can of beer and Carol nestled close to him on the couch.

When Ben came home from his regular 10-mile run, he couldn't believe his eyes, when he found his home invaded by a crowd. He recognized Hank in the arms of a buxom petite blonde and Kyle. There was also a nerdy looking, skinny teenager browsing his video collection.

The Marine MP Officer was drenched in sweat from his brisk run. A mat of curly blond hair stuck to his shapely pecs and over his defined washboard stomach from the sweat. He wore a tight pair of running shorts and sneakers. His sweaty Army T-shirt was draped over one of his broad shoulders. The MP Captain in his early thirties was 6.2 ft. tall. At 254 pounds, he was a prime example of Marine power, built like a brick shithouse. He had blond hair cut short and bright green eyes. His torso was V-shaped, ending in a narrow waist. His muscular arms were covered with tattoos.

Being in charge of security at the base, he was respected for his integrity and feared for his roughness when it came to uphold discipline. Even the most notorious ruffians among the Marines avoided messing with the stud, who was a mountain of iron-hard muscle and had an unbreakable will.

Like Hank Ben had a reputation for his stamina and endurance in bed. His job hadn't allowed him so far to have a family and in the absence of a steady girlfriend his consumption of chicks to satisfy his sexual needs was legendary.

"What the hell is going on here? Who are you bringing into my house?" he barked at Hank, who struggled to free himself from Carol's embrace.

"Hey relax man, just some friends. Here meet Carol. She's a Professor at the college." Hank tried to appease his friend.

"You look like shit!" snorted Ben looking disapprovingly at Hank's messed up camos and his unbuttoned army jacket, "...and you need a shower and a shave!"

"Well …," Hank stroke his unshaved chin.

"Captain, I am really sorry, if we are causing any inconvenience," Carol purred.

Ben purposely ignored the gorgeous looking blonde.

"Lance Corporal, what are you doing here?" he barked at Kyle.

"Yes, Sir, uhm... I... I... my, my brother, Sir," Kyle stammered.

"What is it soldier? Are you nuts? What's with your brother?" Ben got really annoyed.

"Sir, I am his brother," replied Taylor in a friendly way, apparently unimpressed by the Captain's grumpy mood. "We were on our way home and wanted to drop Hank and Kyle at the base..."

"...and I needed to pee." Carol cooed with a pleading look,"... so Hank helped me and let us in. It was an emergency, really."

Carol's hands were resting against the Captain's sculpted pectorals. Her fingers casually caressing his nipples. He couldn't ignore her any longer. He usually respected Hank's hunting grounds, but Hank had brought her into his house.

"Uh... hm .." he cleared his throat, "it's against procedure, but... uhm... I guess no harm is done, huh?"

"Oh, thank you, thank you so much," before he knew it, Carol was giving him a big hug. The hug turned into a hot French kiss and Taylor watched grinning, the huge bulge developing in the lap of the Captain's shorts. Carol was amazing. Even the strongest machos melted away, when she caught them in her female web.

Ben was intrigued. His anger was washed away by the tingling sensations the blonde was providing him. Visibly reluctant he broke the kiss.

"Uhm ... I'll take a shower, I'm messed up from working out. Have a drink and make yourself comfortable," he turned around and went to his bedroom exchanging a long look with Carol.

"He's already taken the bait," Taylor chuckled, "go get 'em, girl!"

Carol grinned mischievously and walked to the bedroom door, swinging her hips. Ben was sitting on his bed, when Carol entered the room. He had just taken off the sneakers from his bare feet.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he drawled.

“Hey, soldier,” she purred. ”It’s so hot, I am wondering, may I use your shower, too?”

“U-uhm …” he gulped hard. He couldn't believe it. That chick wanted it bad. Obviously Hank couldn't give her what she needed.

“Do you like what you see?” she opened her blouse and let it fall from her shoulders.

“Hell, yeah!” he was staring at her buxom boobs.

“So? Don’t you want to start a … recon mission?” she gave him a seductive smile.

“Uhm … it’s just that Hank is outside …” he croaked hoarsely.

“Screw Hank!” she replied dismissively. ”Do you need his permission, or are you a pussy?”

“Fuck, no!” he barked indignantly, “it’s just, all this feels weird …”

“Don’t you wonna know, how I feel?” Carol unbuttoned her shorts, swung her hips and let them slip to the floor. Ben’s jaw dropped. She was stark naked.

“Shit!” the big Marine got up,” Are ya sure, you can handle a hormone aggressive man?”

“You bet, I can,” Carol let him pull her in another French kiss. At 30 years she knew how to handle a man. Her preferred lovers were college athletes and as a professor in biology she had a vast selection of virile young men more than eager to satisfy her sexual appetite. This specimen, however, was in a completely different league. A full-grown man, bursting with testosterone and certainly a worthy challenge. She didn't care what Taylor and his gang were up to. She was attracted by the risk of getting caught and, of course, the battle with the stronger sex. She wondered what he was into and how she could get him to let his guard down so Taylor could have his way with him.

Her fingers tugged at the waistband of his shorts and slid them down his round ass cheeks to his ankles, revealing a bulge barely contained by a sweat-soaked, army-green jockstrap.

"Forget the shower. I like your manly smell, baby!" She got down on her knees and pulled the jockstrap down to his knees. His circumcised cock was not very long, but with a hefty girth and already hard. Without hesitation, the blonde swallowed the cock to the hilt.

“Oh fuck!” Ben closed his hands behind her head and face-fucked her with strong thrusts.

Soon his cock was slippery and he effortlessly lifted the woman onto his throbbing shaft. Ben felt the already wet pussy grip his tool with an iron grip. Her ankles also closed around his slender waist as her petite figure merged with his huge body.

A torrent of hot lust flooded his mind. Ben hugged her wildly, squeezing the air out of her lungs as he started to fuck her with slow but powerful strokes.

"Oh yeah, baby, you are tight!" the burly man was huffing, his face buried between her buxom boobs. His hands seized the woman's buttocks and pulled them against his lap, driving his swollen cock even deeper in the blonde's vibrating cunt. Carol was riding on his cock with his rhythm, even accelerating his speed. Soon Carol had her first climax and seemed to go mad.

"Oh my God! You are amazing! .... You fucker … Oooooohhhhh," she was emitting high-pitched short cries.

“Hell yes! But that was just the beginning, I am gonna fuck ya silly!” the Marine laughed self-assured. Carol decided to play overwhelmed and let herself slump in his embrace.

As Ben felt the body getting limb, he decided to make it very clear from the beginning that he was the alpha male. Her moans and whimpers turned him on already.

"Come on, babe, I want you to come a second time," he grunted through clenched teeth. He removed his hands from her buttocks and for a moment his dick was carrying the full weight of the woman. Then he seized Carol's shoulders and drove her in another pounding fuck-ride making Carol's body jumping up and down like a yo-yo between his hands and his humping lap. Carol's eye's opened wide as she was thrown up and pushed down impaling herself powerful on the Marine's hefty cock. After a short time she allowed herself a second climax and her rhythm got so wild and out of control, that Ben was struggling to hold her. Then the moment came he had waited for. She lost her grip behind his neck and was gyrating like a puppet at his will.

"Now you're mine, chick", the man carried her to the bed without breaking his rhythm. He almost tripped when his legs got caught in the jockstrap.

"Fuck!" he shook off the jock, threw Carol onto the bed and rolled her onto her stomach.

"I want to fuck you from behind", the Marine was huffing and slid into position. He spat on his dick and shocked Carol by forcing his shaft right up her ass.

"Nnoooo-oooo not my ass, you animal. Uuuuuh ! Uuuuh..", the blonde moaned, "you are killing me!" Carol was surprised that the man chose to go anal so early. May be wanted to express domination by taking her from behind and this could be a hint, how to mellow him as well.

"Shut up bitch, you are goin’ to like that", Ben panted through clenched teeth. His hips started to rock forward and backward. His heavy balls were swinging under his cock that was pistoning the blonde's ass. His fingers dug inside her pussy and vibrated across her clit.

"Ourrrrghh !!", Carol was shouting her next climax into the pillows. She tried to get up, to throw the gasping hunk from her back. But Ben did not loosen his grip. Without taking his cock out of her ass he lifted her, he was on one knee and his feet were fixed to the mattress. He held her tight around her waist and her tits. His chin was pressed on her right shoulder as he fucked her while her legs were jerking wildly. She seemed to be helpless like a puppet in his muscle-packed arms.

"Now I'll give you a taste of Marine free style fucking!" Ben bragged confident. Sweat collected on the Marine's sun-tanned back. After Carol collapsed in his arms, the panting man fell back. His chest was heaving. Carol used the opportunity to switch his cock from her ass to pussy. Sweat was dropping from his reddened face on her boobs.

Carol allowed the hunk to manhandle her. He humped her doggie-style, slapped her ass, took her missionary, cinching his jaw over her shoulder, hammering his dick like a piston into her pussy.

“Shit, your cunt is so fuckin’ tight!” he moaned. When his flushed expression told her he was close, she discreetly reached down and closed a thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock to delay his approaching orgasm. She didn't want him to cum several times and have time to recover in between. Kept on the edge, however, he would fuck himself senseless. Eventually she would decide, when he would cum, and then it would be a mind-blowing climax. For now, she made the panting man work himself to exhaustion. When he slowed down, she would drive him on, enticing him to fuck her in ever new exotic positions.

All the while she wove in a deep throat kiss, twisted his nipples, licked his armpits, choked him, chewed his toes, fondled his balls and raked her sharp nails across his back and clawed them in his firm buttocks. Although he uttered approving grunts, none of her stimulations seemed to make him surrender control to her and to indulge in lustful agony.

Ben was blown away. Never before had he had such an inventive partner in bed. Enthusiastically he let her lead him through the most acrobatic positions and was proud of her praise of his performance. His cock was so hard by now that it almost hurt. His plum-sized balls had firmly attached themselves to the base of his cock. He gyrated his hips and drilled into her tight, warm cunt in circular motions. As he did so, she whispered dirty words in his ear, driving him wild

Again and again the Marine reached the threshold of a relieving climax, but every time his body stiffened, just before he could release the pressure from his bulging balls, the petite woman did something to his cock that caught him short of the finish line. The frustration at being denied the satisfaction he craved finally turned into rage that spurred him on again.

Finally, however, Ben reached a point where he needed a break. His thrusting came to a halt. Carol smiled knowingly and wrapped herself around him. He writhed his sweat-glistening body and followed her until they ended up in an awkward position with only the head of his dick still stuck in her ass. Somehow he couldn't thrust in that position, but suddenly his cock was trapped by her contracting sphincter. Then she began a slow, incredible massage of his cock with her ass muscles alternately tensing and relaxing.

"Fuck! You're making me cum!" he gasped in frustration.

"Relax, baby," she cooed. Her hand gripped his balls just before he reached the point of no return.

His mouth opened in a surprised, "O" The next thing he knew, a tit was shoved into his mouth. Mechanically he began to suck.

His large body was incredibly immobilized by her petite figure. She smiled at him while her sphincter held him on the verge of cuming and made him tremble. He didn't dare move for fear that he would embarrassingly shoot his load like an inexperienced boy. Unable to speak with the boob in his face, all he could do was to suck her tit.

She held him until his breath ran out and his eyes twisted. She smiled at him, grabbed his boner deftly and his dick deflated like a punctured balloon. He stared at her with wide eyes in disbelief. When she felt no more resistance, she released the Marine from her grip and allowed him to sink back onto the bed. His limp cock slid out of her ass with a soft plop.

"Now you may eat me out," Carol demanded of the heavily panting man. She squatted down on his flushed face and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. His nose was buried in her cleft. She smiled at his flaccid cock lying like a wet noodle in his groin.

“Men, oh my, so sweet and so useful,” she cooed, enjoying his skilled tongue. He was an excellent lover with amazing stamina. May be she would keep him …

In the living room Taylor, Hank and Kyle listened to the sounds of the fucking couple.

"Now what?" Hank asked.

"The usual procedure. We'll tape him while I fuck him and he will do anything to avoid that tape to go on the internet." Taylor fetched his bag.

"He'll never let you top him, he will rather kill you!" Hank said.

"So you said as well, Babe," Taylor smirked," and so said my dear brother. In the end you'll see he will like it as you do already. May be later we can have a foursome, huh?" Both Hank and Kyle blushed in silence.

In the bedroom Carol swallowed the Marine’s dick again. This chick is a true firecracker he thought, while the tongue was dancing across his sensitive cock-head like a butterfly. He was getting hard again. Lying on his back he drew up his knees, spreading his thighs even wider, to give Carol full access to his cock and balls.

“Suck it!” he closed his eyes and relaxed.

He was lost in the pleasure of a superb blow-job when his melon-shaped buttocks were spread apart. Fingers were rubbing alongside the sweaty cleft and then he felt her soft tongue licking his puckered hole.

His eyes shot open in alarm and he rose up on his elbows. Sometimes, when jerking off, he played with his ass and enjoyed it. But once his finger had accidentally slipped inside. It had been like being hit with a stun gun, and his brain had not been able to process the overwhelming sensations at all. That's why he rarely allowed his girls to eat his ass, but this time he was ready to make an exception because he was curious to see what this hot chick would do.

“Nothing goes in there!” he warned, however.

“Just relax. I’ve got you,” Carol purred and licked softly across the sensitive skin between his balls and his ass.

“Uuhhh … fuck …” he was on top of the world. This bride was definitely a keeper. He couldn’t believe how Hank could give her up. He would make her a regular.

“Ohhh … yeah baby, don’t stop!” he moaned arching his back and Carol knew she had found his weakness. She fondled his balls, licked them and ate his ass.

“Honey, shall we spice this up a little?” Carol asked innocently, while she was slowly milking him to keep him hard and turned on.

“Huh? What are you up to, sugar pie?” Ben croaked hoarsely from arousal. He looked a bit dizzy.

“Just relax,” She got up from the bed and took two pairs of hand cuffs from his utility belt that was draped over the back of a chair.

"What the fuck are you doin'?" he asked, struggling to focus, what was happening..

“Are you scared, Marine?” Carol challenged, breathing a soft kiss on the steel cuffs.

“I ain’t scared of anything,” Ben boasted.

“Alright then! Down on your belly, soldier!” Carol ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am!” The brawny MP Captain completely left the lead to the woman. The big body relaxed flat on the bed. Arms were stretched over his head.

Carol climbed on his back and let her boobs rub across his broad shoulders.

She hooked the handcuffs into the bed frame and then struggled in vain to get them around his strong wrists. He grinned as she had difficulty closing the cuffs.

"Here babe, that's how it's done," he chuckled. "You cock the wrist, then apply the double strand and let the single strand click in place. Then you close the ratchet tight and the wrist is fixed."

He had cuffed one arm firmly to the bed frame. Carol took the other arm, slipped the handcuff over the wrist and let it snap in place. The ratchet snapped tight.

"Well, now this Marine is at your mercy, Ma’am, what are you going to do to him?" Ben grinned over his shoulder.

“Oh, I will give this Marine just what this Marine needs,” she cooed into his ears. The big man definitely had a kinky side hidden under his macho personality. Carol fetched his T-shirt and wrapped it around his head. Blindfolded he smelled his own sweat.

“Spread ‘em!” Carol playfully slapped his ass and made him spread his thighs. She parted his ass cheeks wide and started to devour his muscle butt, making him howl in ecstasy.

Slurping sounds and male groans filled the bed room as the door was slowly opened. The air was heavy with the scent of male sweat and sex. Taylor's head appeared and Carol gave him a thumb up without interrupting her rim job. The teen entered and closed the door, again avoiding any noise. Unnoticed by the blindfolded hunk who was ecstatically enjoying his rimming, Taylor set up the camera.

He pulled a bottle of poppers from his pocket. After a moment of hesitation he fetched Ben’s discarded jockstrap from the floor and poured the entire content of the bottle into the fabric.

Then he climbed on to the bed and switched with Carol. The mattress did hardly move under the light weight of the scrawny teenager. Slowly he crawled between the wide-spread brawny thighs. His thumb caressed the puckered hole making the big Marine tremble.

“Oh yes, Babe, that feels sooo good, but can you give me your tongue again?” he groaned.

“If you beg me, soldier,” Carol replied.

“Oh please Ma’am, eat this Marine’s ass” Ben pleaded.

Taylor grabbed his hips and guided him carefully on his fours. The teen closed his fist around the throbbing dick and licked the shaft, the balls and finally the exposed rosebud. Unbridled lust made Ben’s brain churn. He was sweating. When Taylor probed against the puckered hole with the tip of his rosy tongue, Ben let out a deep guttural groan. Taylor grinned and blew softly over the wrinkled hole. The big frame shuddered. Then primal instincts took over. The sphincter gave way and the tongue darted inside.

"No ... gggahhh!" he only managed to utter a stifled protest. Then the man lost control. His brain shorted out and he let the petite (supposed) woman take the lead.

"Oh shit, oh shit, shit, shit," he buried his face in the mattress. His fists dug into the rumpled sheets while his asshole opened and closed twitching around Taylor's teasing tongue. The brat knew he had him and didn’t stop until the big Marine was a moaning wreck.

“Oh fuck! You put me through the wringer,” he was panting, slumped as a heap of sweaty muscle with his ass high in the air. His dick was pulsing in the teen’s hand in rhythm with his heartbeat, a glistening string of pre-cum oozing from the piss slit and all was kept on camera

Taylor quickly straddled his loins, pulled his head up and stuffed the jock-strap into the surprised opened mouth.

“Oh I will give you so much more, Babe” Taylor sneered and tore the T-shirt away. Ben turned his head and froze. He recognized Kyle’s fully clothed teenage brother straddling him. Before he could do anything Taylor forced the Marine’s face into the cushion leaning with the full weight of his body on the back of the head.

Still caught in the thrills of arousal, the Marine tried to rear up. His biceps bulged as he struggled against the cuffs holding his wrists. It was in vain. The cuffs were too tight. The 10-mile run and the intense love-making had zapped his power. The bitch had played him well. With his nose buried in the cushion he was forced to inhale the vapors from the fabric stuffed inside his mouth. He smelled his own crotch and the effects of the poppers were quickly absorbed by the mucous membrane of his mouth.

“MMmmpffff!” Coughing and retching sounds came from the wriggling man. His legs were kicking in desperation.

Taylor pulled a small baggie out of his pocket and tossed it to Carol. It contained a few pills of Rafe's specially made drugs. The German shepherd trained to detect drugs had not noticed the little soft pills made of Cocain, Viagra and some of Rafe’s secret ingredients, just as Taylor had hoped. The teenager lifted Ben's head back up and pulled the jock out of his mouth. The exhausted Captain gasped deeply, barely noticing as Carol force-fed him the pills. Taylor covered his mouth and nose with the jockstrap, which was wet with saliva and reeked of poppers.

“Swallow if you want to breathe!” Taylor barked.

“Mmmmm” The Marine shook his head and tried desperately to avoid to swallow. Soon, however, he was again succumbing to the poppers and the need to breathe became unbearable. He had no choice but to gulp the pills down his throat.

“Atta boy!” Carol laughed and Taylor let the head slump down on the pillow.

While the kicking of the legs slowly subsided, the Marine’s still rock-hard cock was resting between the thighs. Carol spat on the bloated mushroom head and teased the highly sensitive frenulum with the nail of her finger. Drops of pre-cum leaked from the slit and the dick began to twitch.

“Uuhhh .. fuck, whad waath that shiiiit,” Ben’s eyes glassed over. The drugs kicked in fast.

Without interrupting the caressing of the frenulum, Carol fixed the throbbing dick with the other hand and applied soft pressure on the hunky Marine’s balls. The effect was instant. The huge body went rigid and a shot of white gooey cum was sprayed onto the mattress.

“Aaaahhhrgh!” the big soldier was gasping while the woman was expertly unloading him.

“May be you should have been scared, baby.” Carol chuckled. ” But you were fun.”

Taylor quickly undressed and returned to the bed with a tube of K-Y jelly. While the officer was still struggling to understand what was happening, Taylor fed the nozzle of the K-Y tube into Ben's quivering hole, and pressed a good load of goo inside the Marine's ass.

Taylor drove his teen cock between the hairy butt cheeks and pushed his dickhead against the puckered pink hole.

“No! Fuck off!” Despite the drug-induced stupor the Marine put up resistance. He tried to clench his firm butt-cheeks, but it was too late. His body betrayed him utterly. The tongue-fuck had introduced him to new unexpected and highly arousing sensations. His body sensed that there was even more to be discovered deep inside the rectum, which was so far unchartered territory. While the brain cried No, the well-primed and slippery sphincter opened up greedily and a teenager’s dick conquered badass Captain O'Rourke's virgin back entrance with his first thrust.

“Aaahhhh!” the Marine howled, while Taylor hooted.

“You primed him well!” he high-fived with Carol.

Meanwhile at the dog house

Joey kicked off his boots. In no time he had stripped his jeans. He was about to turn back to top the Corporal, when he felt two strong hands on his shoulders.

"That was a nasty move baby," he heard Dwight's dark voice in his ear. He was firmly kept in place while Dwight started to nibble his earlobes. Joey gave in to the sensation and slumped with his back against the soldier's broad chest. Dwight lapped Joey's neck and throat. His strong hands massaged the cowboys rounded pectorals and caressed the smooth body.

Joey was dragged into a state of sheer erotic delirium and when Dwight started to jack the drooling boner, Joey offered no resistance when he was pulled back against the hard muscled Marine body. Dwight continued licking Joey's earlobes and applied soft strokes to the twitching dick, just enough to keep the Cowboy hard without driving him over the edge. When Dwight's brawny arms locked behind Joey's neck trapping the surprised Cowboy in a full nelson it was too late.

"And now you're going to tell me what ya are up to," Dwight applied pressure. Joey arched his back desperately trying to break free, only to find Dwight's dickhead slipping between his butt cheeks and pushing against his sphincter.

"No you are too big!" Joey howled in panic. He was about to get far more then he had bargained for. By no means would he be able to take Dwight's monster cock up his ass.

"Let me go, I don't know what you are talking about, oh no please don't do that", despite Joey's pleas Dwight drilled his rock-hard pole upwards, deeper and deeper.

"Come Baby, take it," Dwight grunted. He let himself fall back on the bed and pulled the ranch hand on top of him. A final thrust while Joey's screams where muffled by his strong hand and his shaft impaled the howling Cowboy. The blonde Marine started to hump his prey and soon, Joey's wailing turned into moans of pleasure.

"What... are... you... up... to?" Dwight panted.

"Uhh... oh yeah. No-th-ing I .. I dunno," Joey groaned.

"You'll .. tell... me... baby," Dwight hollered while he increased his humping." I'll fuck .. it outta ya, ohh .. uhh.."

The two heavily sweating men were panting and moaning and finally Joey came without his dick being touched.

" Aaaaaaaaarghh....aahhhh... !!!" A long white squirt of hot cum was shooting high in the air and splashed down on his belly. Then he felt Dwight's body convulse under him.

"Uuuuuuhhh... uhhhhh... uuurghh! Shit!" a hot load of Corporal cum filled Joey's guts. In rising horror he sensed that Dwight had not gone soft.

"Ya thought, it is over, huh?" he heard Dwight's voice. "Wrong Baby, I am not through with you," and Dwight started to thrust again.

Joey begged Dwight to stop and the Marine stopped -- only to put the exhausted cowboy on his back in order to plow him now in missionary position. Dwight primed him with another load of his cum. The soldier's sex drive was unbelievable and then Joey couldn't take it any longer. The agony of lust proved to be too much. Dwight held him in a seemingly endless delirious climax and Joey started to spill his guts; telling the Corporal the whole story of Taylor and their gang and the plan to take the MP Captain.

Back at Captain O’Rourke’s residence …

"Oh shit!" The MP Captain gasped, when the teen cock hit a highly sensitive spot inside of him. A never experienced, highly stimulating sensation took possession of him, making it hard to think. All remaining fight was taken out of him in an instant as he felt the control over his powerful body slipping away.

"Ohh noooo..." Ben moaned in an overwhelming agony of lust.

"Oh yes Baby!" Taylor was now leaning onto the shaking man with all the weight his body could muster, pushing his cock as deep inside as it would go.

"Cum for me Marine, give me your stud juice!" Taylor laughed.

"Oh shit ya make me cummmmm, uuhhh ..uuhh," Ben's face contorted. Taylor's fist slippery from K-Y jelly and Marine sweat was working up and down Ben's rod. The double sensation of both being fucked and being jacked drove the drugged man into a state of highest sexual intensity, where only primal instinct ruled.

"Fuck!" Ben's muscled body was sweating all over and burned from both lust and humiliation. He hated the teen for what he was doing to him and at the same time he wanted it to go on forever.

"You want it soldier, isn't it?" he heard Taylor's voice.

"Nno, yes. Shit! Yeah, fuck me!" he hollered, "fuck me harder! Give it to me!"

"Yes, Sir!" Taylor increased the speed of his fucking knowing he had the bigger man exactly where he wanted him.

Uncontrollable horny, Ben tossed his head right and left in sheer ecstasy and then he came. Powerful arms strained the cuffs to a maximum, almost bending the bed frame. Spasms were rippling through the entire body that flushed from head to the curling toes. The writhing muscle hunk pushed his ass up against Taylor's groins in order to take as much dick as possible.

"Nnghhh... Uuuhhhh... Fuck! Aaahrghhhhhh! Huh! Huh! Huuuuh!" Ben's eyes bulged as Taylor was milking his macho seed from his throbbing man-tool. Never before did the hunk experience a climax like that and never before did he cum in such huge quantities. Still impaling the groaning Marine, Taylor squeezed the churning balls and pumped the pulsing shaft. Ben's strong back arched while his nuts were emptied.

Taylor felt the dick shrinking in his fist. He had drained the macho. Knowing how sensitive the cock was, he continued his strokes making Ben wail and beg him to stop. Being once again in charge over a stronger straight male pushed the teen as well towards the edge.

Taylor felt his balls tingle and contract around the base of his cock. His head fell back when he thrust his hips forward ramming his rod again and again deep inside the groaning man, who was totally submissive by now.

Suddenly he was embraced by some powerful arms. Before he had a chance to realize what was going on a strong hand closed over his mouth and nose and he recognized in shock the smell of coke. The white powder went all over his sweaty face, burning in his eyes and penetrating his nostrils.

"Nnoooo! Oooh, uuhm... uuh .. uh-hh!" he huffed and coughed while he inhaled the drug he was selling so successfully.

He was pulled back and his dick flopped out of Ben's ass. When he was tossed on the bed aside of the still dazed Officer Taylor was already caught in the effects of the drug.

"You ok Sir?" Dwight uncuffed the Captain who came slowly back to his senses.

"Fuck yeah, I think so," Ben muttered. Dwight tied Taylor's hands behind his back with a dog leash and with a devilish grin he put a collar around the teen's neck.

Dwight was wearing again his combat boots, camos and his tank top, putting his tattoo and his muscles on display. A number of guards were in the room and Ben saw that Carol, Hank and Kyle were already cuffed. There was as well the cowboy; meekly buck-naked with a dog-collar around his neck, his hands in cuffs.

The Corporal ordered the guards to take Carol and Joey outside. Then he closed the door and removed the cuffs from Hank and Kyle.

"Sir, there is a score to settle," Dwight said with a crooked smile," these two are actually goofs rather than crooks. They should be given the chance to redeem themselves."

"You have something in mind, Corporal?" Ben asked already suspecting what Dwight was up to. Dwight was openly gay but straight acting and as such he was respected at the base. After Joey had confessed what they were planning, the Corporal had acted swiftly. He had called in the guards and, as he felt it somehow appropriate, with a pack of confiscated coke he had given Taylor a piece of his own medicine.

"Yes Sir, indeed Sir!" Dwight replied to his Captain. He unzipped his camos and produced his seemingly always hard dick.

"Before we hand the gang over to the authorities, Marine Corps honor needs to be restored," Dwight kneeled behind Taylor and forced him onto his knees. Hank was already at his side and offered his boner. Taylor coughed when the mighty shaft was force-fed down his throat. He winced when Dwight entered him from behind, but was quickly silenced, when Hank held his head firmly in place.

Hyper sensitized by the drug, Taylor experienced the first gang bang of his life as a bottom. Dwight fucked him until the teen shot his load on the mattress. Then it was upon Kyle to restore the family hierarchy and he did not stop until Taylor submitted and begged his brother to forgive him. Ben remaining as straight as he was just watched without interfering as Hank taught the teen a fuck lesson he would never forget in his life.

It was the Hank as well, who convinced Ben to drop all charges if any. This was quite an accomplishment given Ben's uncompromising attitude when it came to enforcing discipline and order.

Technically he had clearly been raped. A scrawny teen had topped him in his own bed and he had to admit to himself that he had enjoyed it and finally Hank had a point suggesting that Carol deserved a chance for redemption and that this could be fun, too.

An official investigation would reveal everything to the public. This was absolutely not acceptable. Hank, Kyle and Dwight and the guards were ordered to absolute silence on pain of court martial and immediate execution. Taylor and his gang were threatened with castration and banishment if they breathed a word about the embarrassing events.

Dwight somehow liked Joey and became a regular visitor at the ranch, where Joey introduced him to Lanson. Kyle -- for the sake of his unsuspecting parents -- felt it was best to take the education of his teen brother in his own hands, assisted by Hank, whenever it would be necessary.



An unconfirmed rumor had it that Carol was a regular guest at the MP Captain's house.

THE VERY END ,,, or may be not???