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Teaching Big Bro a Lesson
Part 3 - Kyle finds himself a Wingman
By Randy Dragon

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Teaching Big Bro a Lesson

Part 3 – Kyle finds himself a Wingman

By Randy Dragon

Carol Anderson, Professor in Biology at the local college and her lover Blake Denning the college star quarterback left the dance floor and returned to the bar. Blake's hand rested on the blonde women's sexy ass, his mind was already focusing on the hours of hot fucking ahead.

Carol, although 30-years-old, was a gorgeous woman. Her experience in love-making provided fascinating thrills for the 22-year-old college athlete which he never found among the cheerleaders of his age.

Carol's mind and eyes caught a good looking hunky guy, probably in his thirties, who was sipping his beer at the other end of the bar. The well-built stud stood 6.3 ft. tall and was apparently without company. The red brown hair, indicating his Irish heritage, was precisely cut as a flattop with a buzz crewcut at the sides. He was probably a Marine from the nearby base. The unbuttoned sleeveless jeans jacket could barely contain the broad shoulders and muscle-packed biceps encircled by tattoos. He was wearing an ass-hugging pair of faded jeans and combat boots.

"Hey babe, check that guy out," Carol whispered to Blake. The young man glanced over to the object of Carol's attention.

"So...?" he asked, obviously not very pleased.

"We didn't have a threesome for quite some time," Carol replied without taking her eyes from the stranger who grinned at her showing a set of perfect bright white teeth in his suntanned face.

"This old fart won't last long," Blake answered hoping to avoid any competition for the night.

"But he is cute, I want to have him. Why don't you invite him over, honey? I bet he is as much as fun as the last one." Carol insisted.

Blake chuckled. He remembered the last time they had taken a Marine for a three-some. The base was famous for the tough discipline and the merciless training the marines had to undergo. Only the best performing soldiers were eligible for weekend passes. As a result each weekend the barracks released a horde of well-trained extremely horny young men who were determined to release the hot steam that had built up in their nuts throughout the week.

The rugged built soldier had accepted the couple's invitation to join them at the table without hesitation. After a few joints and a generous amount of booze the dumb jarhead was high as a Georgia pine. He was still brawling about how tough he was and about his sexual prowess while they were walking over to the parking lot nearby.

The unsuspecting Marine was eagerly shedding his clothes in the back of Blake's van. Carol stuffed one of her tits in his mouth and he was eagerly sucking, while Blake drove away to a calm back alley. Soon, the testosterone-driven, thrashed stud was pounding Carol's pussy for all he was worth. The van was shaking with the thrusts of the soldier. Quickly the stuffy air made the windows mist up and nobody could witness what was going on inside the van. It didn’t take long and the sex-starved young soldier climaxed. Carol didn’t allow him to recover and goaded the grunt on to fuck her, making sure whenever they changed positions. When he lost steam she made him lie on his back and rode the deliriously moaning stud Amazon style. Again and again his balls were drained by Carol's experienced cunt until he collapsed thoroughly wasted in the arms of the blonde bombshell, his cock still inside of her.

Blake didn't meet a lot of resistance when he mounted the sweat-covered soldier boy. The bottle of poppers under his nose tamed him and made his asshole slack. Sandwiched between the hooting couple the callous macho man unceremoniously lost his cherry to the viciously humping college stud. His weak moans were muffled by a deep throat kiss and to add to his humiliation, he came again inside the Blonde’s cunt, when Blake hit his prostate. It took until the early morning to drain a week's storage of hot cum from the Marine's nuts. The couple virtually fucked his brains out. He even got spit-roasted sucking Blake’s dick while Carol was screwing his ass with a dildo, until finally his battered body slipped into merciful unconsciousness. The local newspaper reported about a stark naked Marine who had been found the next morning staggering around in the campus park ....

Sergeant Hank O'Dowerty relaxed his husky frame against the bar. As usual the 32-years-old Marine was horny. Fuck, he needed to get laid, but there was none of his usual chicks around. The brawny soldier eyed the crowd: a mix of college students, cowboys and marines from the nearby base populated the dance floor.

There was a couple that caught his attention. A buxom Blonde, whom he guessed about his age in the company of an athletic built college kid, about 6.2 ft. tall and definitely 10 years younger than her. His choppy medium long cut hair was spikey with shades of frosty red and gold. A silver ring pierced his earlobe. His light-grey eyes with spots of green shot daring glances at the Blonde. A 5 o'clock shadow shrouded his defined jaws.

Hank grinned when he realized that the youth's muscular biceps was displaying a USMC tattoo. It looks the boy intends to join the Marines after finishing college , Hank thought to himself.

The blonde bitch was looking appreciative back at him. She was talking to her boyfriend who looked over his broad shoulder, obviously skeptically. The Blonde talked now more intently and finally the boy shrugged. Grinning he walked over to the big Marine.

"Hi, I am Blake," he introduced himself, "you'd like to join us?"

"Sure," Hank replied and followed the kid back to the smiling Blonde.

"The name is O'Dowerty, my friends call me Hank," he introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you, Hank, my name is Carol," she gave him a winning smile.

Definitely a good lay , Hank thought. Just have to get rid of the boy.

The guy his hot , Carol thought. The half-open vest was short and revealed a happy trail of reddish hair ascending from the rim of the jeans to the belly button. Chiseled six pack abs and a set of sculpted pectorals, as well covered with red-brown fur, were peeking from the unbuttoned jacket. Carol registered the shape of a hefty dick extending alongside the fly almost up to the waistband of the trousers.

No underwear and the fucker is fucking horny, she thought. His baby-maker is at least 11 inches maybe 12... mhhh.

"A good looking man like you, does certainly know what he wants," Carol was openly flirting, causing Blake's immediate resentment.

"A good looking woman like you does certainly know what I need." Hank grinned back. Shit, he thought, this bride definitely wants it. The bulge at his crotch was growing.

Carol "accidentally" dropped her purse. When Hank bent down to pick it up, she looked interested at the appearing cleavage at the top of the buttocks when the jeans scooted down. Likewise the vest traveled up the Marine's back revealing an extensive set of Celtic tattoos.

Carol anticipated, how she would goad him to buck his muscle-packed body into exhaustion. She could almost smell the strong animal-like scent of his sweat. The sweat that would cover his tattooed back, his flexing buttocks and his flushed face. She felt her hands resting on his powerful biceps sensing the first signs of treacherous trembling. She saw his eyes losing focus in that moment of delicious weakness that preceded the male's climax. She imagined his desperate struggling to hold back as long as possible and finally his unconditional surrender, while her pussy was milking his male essence and his macho pride from his shrinking nuts. Despite his moans she would not allow him to withdraw his by then supersensitive cock from her pussy. It would be the moment to force him on his back to ride him until he would beg her to stop, unable to produce even a tiny dribble of his man's juice ...

Let's see how cool you are, macho , Carol thought. Hank felt her warm hand on his bare back. When he rose up and put the purse on the table the hand slipped casually inside his pants resting on his firm butt. He froze. His eyes met hers.

"Blake and I were about to leave to have some fun, I take it that you'd like to join in ..." Carol talked as if nothing special was happening. The Marine felt a finger digging between his damp butt cheeks and a sharp fingernail probed softly his asshole.

Hank gulped and felt his balls tingle. Fuck , he thought, this horny bitch is finger-fucking me right here in public . His pulse quickened and he looked at Blake.

The college jock reached inside Hank's jeans jacket and squeezed playfully the muscular pecs."Well, old man, if you've got what it takes..." Blake smirked while his thumbs circled around the hardening man tits.

"Fuck! Let's go," Hank croaked hoarsely.

They left the bar and headed to Carol's apartment. While Blake took a shower, Hank followed Carol straight into her bedroom. Both were naked when Blake entered, a towel around his narrow waist. He frowned seeing the crew cut head buried between Carol's thighs. Huge tattoos covered the Marine's back stretching even down to the dimpled melon-shaped muscle butt.

"Hey soldier, time to hit the shower!" he said.

Hank turned around and glowered coldly at the college athlete. Blake saw the boner throbbing between the brawny thighs, the mushroom head already glistening with pre-cum.

"Boy, a woman likes a true man's smell, why don't you get your nice clean baby body outta here," the Marine said in a drawling voice.

"Fuck you," Blake shouted enraged, "she is my girl and she doesn't get off from your stink, you get outta here now, wha.... hey oouuuw!"

He was cut off when Hank charged at him with lightning speed. Carol watched amused as the big Marine snatched the towel away from the surprised college student exposing a quite impressive set of balls.

"Not too bad for a nerd," commented Hank while he wrestled the jock down to the floor. Although the quarterback was well-built the Marine had no trouble in subduing the younger man. Within seconds he had Blake on his back and forced one hairy armpit over the coughing youth's nose.

"Here that's the smell of a true stallion," Hank teased. He made the prone college boy feel the full weight of his 200 lbs. beefy body. Still holding the desperately squirming victim down, he started to nibble at Blake's ear. His tongue traveled alongside the throat.

"Nooooo - get off me, motherfucker," Blake gasped.

He struggled vehemently but to no avail. The Marine covered the muscular shoulders with kisses and chuckled when an involuntary moan escaped from Blake's mouth.

"Nnnnnoooooo ... nnghhh, uuuhhhhh," Blake felt a series of soft bites in his neck, his shoulders and in his pecs.

"Mmmmmmh ... you smell sooo good," he heard Hank's mockery while being drenched in a tongue bath. Sharp teeth were teasing his sensitive nipples. Against his will Blake sensed a tingle of arousal rippling through his brawny body. He offered only meek resistance when Hank's powerful hands finally flipped him over on his belly.

"Uuuuuuhhh yeahhhhhh," he groaned as Hank's tongue dove between his ass cheeks expertly rimming his rosy sphincter.

When Hank felt that Blake's resistance was weakening he grabbed the young man's ankles and forced the heels up until they were pressed into the melon shaped butt cheeks rendering him totally defenseless. Returning Carol's daring glance his big hand pulled Blake's head back into his neck brutally pulling Blake's hair. Humiliatingly secured on the carpet the college stud was forced to look up to his girl who was watching the unequal fight from the bed.

"Mmmpffff...", Blake was writhing, desperately struggling to escape from the Marine's merciless grip. Blake felt utter embarrassment for being exposed in such a humiliating way in front of his girl. His dick was trapped between his defined abs and the structured fabric of the carpet. The Marine was now leaning on him with the full weight of his body, forcing his heels deep inside the dimpled buttocks.

"What the fuck...?" Blake groaned when Hank started to rock his body in rhythmical motions. Then he realized that his dick was responding to the stimulations. The sensitive glans was slowly rubbing over the rough surface of the carpet. By pushing and releasing his weight Hank simulated a bucking rhythm. The Marine wanted him to shoot a fuckin' load on the carpet!

"Oh no ... you can't do this to me, let me goooo!" Blake winced.

The college hunk realized in horror that he was about to be made cum watched by his girlfriend. He tried desperately to distract himself, to avoid any further arousal. Then a finger slipped between his quivering butt cheeks and penetrated his rear defenses.

"Uuuuurgh ... noooo ... please stop!" Blake was begging. He was losing the battle.

Hank continued to grin devilishly at Carol while he probed the ass of the feebly writhing muscle boy. When the sweaty body convulsed he knew that he had found the spot. Blake's whole body was flushed with a rosy pink.

"Shit please no, oh you make me ... aw fuuuuck!" Blake moaned in despair.

Carol chuckled when Blake's expression told her that her boyfriend was close to climax.

“Cum for me, bitch!” Hank hollered.

"Aaaarrghh ... n-nnooo ... unngg..." Blake's body jerked in uncontrolled spasms. His cock pulsed wildly and then he felt the embarrassing release of a sequence of jet streams of his hot white jism seeping into the carpet. Grinning like the devil himself Hank pushed his hand inside the young football player.

“Aaawww!” Blake’s eyes bulged while he was fisted into a sexual frenzy. The pain turned into incredible pleasure.

“Harder, harder, Please don’t stop!” he moaned. His ass was humping itself on Hank’s fingers that were playing with his prostate.

Hank released the exhausted quarterback only after the sculpted six-pack abs up to the huge heaving pectorals where thoroughly coated by a mixture of sweat and cum from a gooey pool that had been accumulated under the college athlete's jerking body. Blake's legs slumped with a thud to the ground.

"Drained so quickly," Hank scoffed at the whimpering sweaty body. But he was not yet through with the hapless muscle boy. Blake was grabbed by the shoulders and forced on his knees. The Marine put the sweat and cum soaked body on display to Carol. With a powerful thrust from his pelvis he drove his steel hard rod up to the hilt inside Blake's shit chute.

"Aaaaarghhhh ... fuckkkk!" the young man gasped. Carol saw as Blake's dick rose again to a half hard state.

"Jerk your prick, boy, don't let me do all the work for ya' ", Blake heard Hank's hoarse voice panting in his ear while the soldier was thrusting inside his burning ass. Mechanically he started to pump his own dick to another swollen erection.

"Yeah man, give it to me, uh yesss .... Fuck that feels ssssoooo hottt," Blake moaned. He felt the Marine's dick swell even more and then a wad of hot jizz was coating him from the inside. At the same moment a gooey stream of cum was painfully squeezed from his own tortured dick.

"Huh, huh ... huuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh!", he croaked while he collapsed thoroughly satisfied in the Marine's arms.

"You made quite a mess here, boy. Clean it up!" Hank forced the now unresisting college stud face down on the carpet making him lick his own man's juice.

Again Blake was forced on his knees. He was sobbing in utter humiliation but a merciless Hank made sure that Carol got a good view of her friend's cum smeared face.

Only then he released the younger man from his iron grip.

Neglecting the softly sobbing college jock Hank turned to Carol:

"Time for you to meet a real man, babe ..." he grinned.

"You bloody horny bastard!", the Blonde mocked in faked disgust. Her true feelings became obvious when she spread her legs invitingly. Hank spat in his palm and lubricated his boner with his own saliva. The pulsing shaft penetrated effortless the cunt lips. Hank felt Carol's boobs pressing against his own pecs. He hugged the blonde head and darted with his tongue deep into the woman's throat. Sharp fingernails were digging into his back while Carol's pussy closed around Sergeant Hank O'Dowerty's dick like a steel vise.

“Ooorah!” The Marine knew, he was engaging into a battle of sexes.

It was a bruised but satisfied Marine who gathered his scattered clothes in the next morning. He smirked down at the limp body of Professor Carol Anderson. She was thoroughly exhausted. Her glassy eyes had trouble to focus. Carol's ass and pussy were sore from Hank's pounding. Her breasts were coated with Marine cum. Hank's man's juice was even drooling from the corner of her mouth.

"Thanks for the work-out baby," Hank said and pulled his jeans on," whenever you need it, you know, where to find me ..."

He was happily whistling while he descended the stairs leaving the apartment.

There was nothing romantic about Hank's sex. Love-making was just satisfying his sexual urges. Hank had the reputation to take what he wanted and whenever he needed it. He was definitely into threesomes and nobody dared to call him a faggot, when he fucked the boyfriend together with the girlfriend.

It was during a tough outdoor training session when Kyle and Hank were standing side by side the camo pants down around their knees releasing two gushing streams of piss. Kyle asked the burly Sergeant for help. He told him about his predicament and the dominating effect his younger brother Taylor had on him.

"This brat drugged me and had his way with me," Kyle blushed when he told the embarrassing story. "I tried to get even with him, but he tricked me again and now he threatens to tell my folks all about it, pretending that I was so horny that I raped him! My old man would kill me. He'd never believe my teen bro is taking me down."

“What the fuck are you tellin’ me?” Hank could hardly believe this story as well, but as a Marine brother's honor was at stake he agreed to help. Kyle was relieved and the two marines developed a plan whereby Hank would show up unexpectedly at one of the evenings Kyle was forced to spend with Taylor's gang. Then they would team up and teach the brats a lesson they would never forget.

"Don't worry mate," Hank laughed, "We’ll wipe the floor with your baby brother."

It was again a hot Friday afternoon in August and Kyle was once again mowing the lawn in his parents' garden. The athletic-built, dark tanned Marine was clad only in his dog tags and a pair of skimpy navy-blue bikini briefs. It had actually been his teen brother Taylor's turn to do the mowing, but Taylor had made it clear that he was not going to do the lawn because of the burning heat outside. Kyle knew better than to object, when his brother ordered him to do the job.

Kyle was frustrated. His parents always took the side of his younger brother. And the brat played his cards too well. Their parents didn't know that he was gay. They had no idea that he was hanging around with a gang of street trash, dealing drugs, stealing cars and extorting money from smaller high school teens.

But Taylor kept this second identity well hidden. He was bright and produced continuously A-grades. Their parents were proud of the "little one", who would make it through college and graduate as a genius, may be a future lawyer or an MD.

Kyle had disappointed his parents by quitting college. He had always despised studying and preferred sports and the outdoors. It had been only little consolation to his old man that he did well in the military academy and his mother had never understood nor accepted his decision at all.

When his brother was younger he had handled their parents' obvious preference for Taylor with ease. He didn't care too much about his old folks’ opinion. His former college friends envied him when he rode on his bike clad in full uniform scoring well with the girls because the training of the corps provided him with a gorgeous body. Keeping his room at home saved him a lot of money to spend for leisure, booze and chicks.

All that had changed since Taylor had taken charge. He had never expected what had happened and still had to come to terms with the situation that muscle and sexual prowess could not succeed against his "little" brother's plot.

Finally his job was done. He pushed the mower into the garage and went to the kitchen, red faced, soaked in sweat and bloody thirsty. Taylor was reading a comics book and from the living room he heard his mother and Aunt Margie laughing. Friday was the traditional coffee/gossiping time for the two women.

Having learned his lesson, however, Kyle suspiciously rejected the opened beer can Taylor was offering him.

"Nah relax, it's not spiked Bro," Taylor smirked while his hand wiped across his brother's sweaty abs. Kyle writhed back to avoid his brother's touch.

"Better safe than sorry," he muttered while fetching a new beer from the fridge. One hand resting on his hip he took a big sip of the ice cold drink.

"No need to trick you big Bro, I can have you any time," Taylor reached playfully for his brother's crotch and squeezed the hefty bulge, barely contained by the navy-blue fabric.

"Fuck! Stop that shit!" Kyle jumped and brushed Taylor's hand away. But his younger brother continued to charge at him, trying to pull his briefs down. Kyle grabbed Taylor's wrists, turned him around and forced the teen’s arms across his chest.

"Stop it!" he hissed angrily into Taylor's ears.

"Why? Are you suddenly shy?" Taylor laughed while he struggled to get free. He pushed his butt backwards bumping his brother's groin until he felt the close contact with the meaty prick. He knew his brother all too well. After one week at the base the stud was horny as hell. Returning home he would straight hit the shower to wash off the sweat and to enjoy a lengthy jack off session under the streams of hot water.

But on that day Kyle had started to work on the lawn first and hadn't had his jack off time yet. Taylor started to grind his brother's rod and balls with his buttocks. A surprised grunt and the swelling of the bulge told him that he was achieving the desired effects.

Kyle knew what his brother was up to and moved backwards, but Taylor suddenly losing interest to get free followed him promptly. Kyle wanted to tighten his grip further when he felt the fridge door in his back. He was trapped and the brat continued to wriggle his butt. Kyle's dick responded fast.

"Hey leave the little one alone will you?" their mother had entered the kitchen.

"He started it," Kyle protested while nervously trying to squirm his pelvis away from the bucking hips of his teen brother.

"No he's bullying me again," Taylor was suddenly sobbing but did not back away from his brother.

"That's not a fair, a big strong Marine like you should not treat his little brother like that."

"The little one is nineteen now", Kyle said with a sullen voice.

"Leave him ... it's enough!" their mother's voice went stern.

With a sigh of resignation Kyle released his brother.

"OK now give your brother a hug," their mother commanded.

Taylor turned around and faced him. Quickly and unnoticed by his mother he reached behind his brother's back and pulled the briefs down exposing Kyle's dimpled butt. He hugged Kyle digging his hands painfully into the hefty butt cheeks. His own groin was rubbing his brother's inflicting even more "damage".

Kyle had just managed to pull his briefs up again when to his utter embarrassment his dick betrayed him again and rose to an impressive erection. The cockhead pushed past the waistband when the skimpy briefs were unable to tame their content anymore.

Kyle blushed and froze in shame. He was throwing a fucking boner in front of his mother! And now his brother turned back to their mother and began stepping aside exposing his predicament.

Carefully but firm he stopped Taylor and kept him between himself and their mother. Embracing his brother seemingly playfully from behind, he whispered into Taylor's ear:

"You move ... I swear you die!"

"Now you two boys behave, will you?" their mother returned to the living room.

"Yes Mom," the brothers replied.

Their mother had hardly left when Kyle hissed enraged: "You are such a mean cowardly bastard, you know? You've got a big mouth only when Mom or Dad is around. Just be warned one day I'll get you alone and then I'll teach ya' some respect!"

"Oh really?" Taylor grinned. "You are the one coming every weekend home andthrowing a fuckin' boner! Why do you blame me if you can't control your dirty prick?"

"You faggot! You don’t dig it," Kyle replied with a red face, "it's the normal thing for a healthy strong man. Normal! Not fuckin' queer..."

"Hehe, and that normal strong buck seemed to like it pretty much, when I was screwing him, huh?" Taylor interrupted his brother.

"That was just … just `cause you were lucky! If it would be a fair fight, you wouldn't last a minute," Kyle grabbed Taylor's shoulders, furiously shaking his brother.

"Is that so?" Taylor pushed his brother away. "I don't think so. I am the better one because my brain doesn’t dangle between my legs, jarhead!"

"Sucker!" Kyle snorted

"Oaf!" Taylor retorted.

"Mama's boy!" Kyle smirked.

"Well if you have the guts, why don't we decide it here and now who's the boss, huh?" Taylor challenged.

"What do you mean?" Kyle frowned suspiciously.

"Exactly what I said dumbo! Show me what you've got!" Taylor said.

"But Mom ... you’ll cry for her. It’s not fair." Kyle didn't get it.

"The one who cries for help, looses!" Taylor said.

"I won't ever cry for Mom to help me!" Kyle blurted.

"So, then you are in?" Taylor asked slyly.

"Yeah!" Kyle replied still not too sure about into what he was putting himself now.

"OK, then..." Taylor unzipped his baggy cargo pants. Kyle watched in disbelieve as his brother pulled his dick out and started to stroke.

"Wh-hat?" the startled Marine stammered.

"It's a cockfight, jarhead - loser cums first and will be the winner's slave until the end of the year," Taylor said without interrupting his stroking.

"What the fuck? You are really crazy! Mom could come in here any moment, we'll get caught for sure and you'll talk yourself out of it ...," Kyle objected.

"Bullshit, Mom is busy chatting with Aunt Margie. You know, that takes at least two hours. But if you are afraid ... I wouldn't be surprised to see Mr. Big Marine back off." Taylor grinned.

Kyle frowned. He looked to the living room door. His mother's and his aunt's voices could be heard. Was he falling into one of the brat's cunning traps again?

"Now listen, I'll cover you and she will never realize..." Taylor said while he lubed his hand from a pack of shortening from the kitchen table," ... honestly!"

"I don't get it." Kyle said, still hesitating.

"Sit down, jerk!" Taylor pushed his brother to a chair behind the door. He pulled Kyle's briefs down, revealing the hunk's impressive package. Then, still fully dressed, he straddled his brother's lap. For an unsuspecting observer it looked as if the two brothers were holding a playful chat. Only someone very close would see that Taylor was holding now both dicks in his slippery hand.

Kyle watched amused. His 11'' cock easily dwarfed his brother's 6''er.

"Oh come on, look at you! That's crap! I'll crush your tiny prick in no time," the Marine smirked, "and then I'll make you suck me off - just for a beginning."

Although Kyle was in top condition, mowing the lawn under the hot summer sun had worked quite a sweat out of his Marine body. Taylor felt the heat emanating from his brother and enjoyed the musky odor of male sweat that filled his nostrils. The younger brother lined up their cocks in his greased hands. Holding them tightly, he gave them a good squeeze and started to pump them rhythmically.

Kyle felt his semi-hard dick already twitching in his brother's hands. He could not allow that his treacherous baby-maker gave him away so easy.

"Oh no, not like that bro," Kyle pushed Taylor's hands away and closed his own big hands around the two hardening cocks.

Taylor leaned forward until their crotches made contact. Grinding his groin into Kyle's, he started to rock back and forth sliding on Kyle's sweaty thighs.

Kyle released the entwined dicks and grabbed instinctively his brother's hips.

"Yeah," Taylor whispered, "you like that, don't you? I am riding you raw, my big horny stallion."

"Fuck you! I don't like it, I ain't no fucking queer," Kyle hissed angrily.

'Not yet bro, but soon...' Taylor thought while his greasy hands cupped over his brother's sculpted chest and squeezed deftly the layers of hard pectoral muscles.

"But you liked it when I busted your cherry for the first time," Taylor said aloud," actually you were moanin' like a cheap whore ... couldn't get enough ... beggin' for more ..."

Taylor rested his head on one of Kyle's sweaty shoulders. Kyle felt Taylor's breath on his neck. His brother's nose was now nuzzling into his neck. Soft bites ignited little burning spots at his earlobes, around his throat and under his chin. They were sending thrilling sensations into his system. The damned brat knew all too well how to make him hot.

"Shut the fuck up and stop it!" Kyle was trying to squirm away while Taylor started to massage his nipples, knowing that this would turn on his brother even more. Indeed it wasn't before long when Taylor felt the two meaty knobs of purple flesh rising from the broad orbs in the center of the defined pecs.

"Ahh ...," against his will a satisfied moan escaped from Kyle's lips, while his brother squeezed his nipples between his index and ring fingers and wiggled the sensitive buttons back and forth between them.

"... and you liked it, when I fucked the cum out of you, while I had you bent over your precious bike ..." Taylor continued to torture his brother's with embarrassing but exciting memories from the past.

Kyle could almost feel again the delicious pain radiating through his buttocks remembering his first spanking since his childhood. This time it had not been his Dad but his little brother, but he had instinctively surrendered and accepted his brother's superiority as he had accepted his father's authority.

His brawny man's body had been squirming like a little boy's, bent over the leather seat of his bike. Involuntarily his muscular legs had fanned helpless while blow after blow from his brother's hands smacked his quivering buttocks.

He had wondered whether his chicks were getting the same mixed sensation of helplessness and lustful submission, while he was screwing them, trapped immobilized in the powerful embrace of his muscle-packed arms.

Same as he was barely capable to escape now from his brother's embracing. When the pictures from the past faded away, giving way to reality he realized his mistake. The memories had triggered a full erection and now his throbbing rod was pulsing between their bodies. Taylor pressed his entire front pecs, stomach, and groin tightly against his brother's. Kyle could feel his brother's nipples protruding from under his T-Shirt. He gathered a little hope that he could get to his bro as well, but realized that the brat had outwitted him again by leaving his clothes on.

He was practically naked offering the whole of his body to sexual invasion. And that was exactly was happening. Taylor knew all too well how to turn a man on. His skilled fingers were traveling up and down Kyle's spine. When Kyle leaned back trying to trap the hands between the back of the chair and his broad tattooed back, Taylor's hands escaped and instead started kneading his shoulders tempting him to relax, to give in to the soothing sensations.

But the true battle was raging further down between the grinding crotches.

Relentless Taylor was driving his smaller cock into his brother's bigger fleshy tower. The huge Marine cock was made to drill pussy. He easily could fill cunts and drive chicks over the edge into an endless sequence of climaxes. But now the smaller flexible attacker could not be subdued that quickly. The hard dickhead was rippling up and down the 11'' shaft, who was unable to escape. Like a battering ram the teen cock hit the sensitive glans, right were the frenulum separated the mushroom head below the piss hole.

With each hit sparks and fiery circles where exploding in Kyle's mind blinding his inner eye. Taylor's weight was sufficient to press the upper side of Kyle's dick against his stomach, where it ended trapped inside the crevice of the six-pack. Pushing and grinding rhythmically Taylor sensed his brother's meat swelling more and more. Desperately Kyle slid his hands under his brother's T-Shirt, which was already damp from his own sweat, and tried to reach Taylor's nipples.

"Oh yeah dude," Taylor laughed, "don't let me do all the work. But at least do it properly!" He raised the T-Shirt up and pulled Kyle's head to his chest. The jock's head disappeared under the fabric and before he could react, a teen tit was pushed between his lips.

"Yeah brother, suck my tit," Taylor commanded. "That's how I like it ...""Mmmmppfhhh," Kyle replied meekly.

Grinning Taylor slipped one hand down Kyle's back to his flexing muscle-butt. In panic Kyle felt fingers gliding down his ass crack and begin to wriggle his way to the asshole. That's it, he thought, even if it meant shameful surrender he would get out now before he made a fool of himself by cuming in his Mom's kitchen. He spat the nipple from his mouth.

"Stop, that's enuff! I quit that bullshit," Kyle started to push his brother away and to wriggle out from under the T-Shirt. But when he tried to get up, the whole weight of his brother's body was resting on his groin. At this moment it was not just Taylor's cock but the teen's abs sliding up and down his shaft and squeezing even his churning balls. It felt as if his jizz was squeezed by force from his swollen nuts.

"Aaaaauuuuuuuughhhhhhhhh ... shiiiiittt," a guttural moan left his throat. Barely able to stop the imminent climax he collapsed back on the chair.

Taylor recognized from the startled look in his brother's eyes, what had just happened. His mouth closed over his brother's and his tongue butterflied and wrestled inside the squirming jock's mouth. Simultaneously his fingers were playfully tickling the sweaty arm pits and the sensitive spots alongside his trunk.

Kyle knew he was going down. He had been too close to the edge for a safe return. The brat was all over him, kissing, biting, squeezing and tickling. His body wanted relief and he was unable to put up any substantial resistance. "Fuck, yeah ..." he moaned in resignation.

Finally it was too much. An intensive shockwave of pleasure erupted from somewhere deep inside his body. Lust surged through his veins while his racing heartbeats sounded in his ears like a giant drum. The sexual impulse traveled alongside his nerves to every edge of his convulsing body. Goosebumps were forming on his skin from head to toe and whole groups of muscles started to twitch in uncontrollable spasms. Just when he felt his skin was getting to tight and he had the urge to jump out of it, the boiling flood retreated back, gathering even more momentum and intensity until it concentrated in his taut nut sac.

"Yeah Bro that's it, now you're ready. Cocked and loaded." He heard Taylor's hoarse voice whispering into his ear," shoot your fuckin' load of hot Marine jism." Kyle's ass was now involuntarily humping up and down. The sweaty buttocks made a squeaking noise on the plastic cover of the kitchen chair.

Taylor knew he had his brother again.

Kyle's eyes opened wide.

"Shiiiiit ...." he groaned in desperation. His head lolled back while he gasped for air.

At this moment he surrendered all control of his hunky body to the imminent climax. Taylor sensed the opportunity when he felt the muscles slumping under him.

He grabbed his helpless brother's head and forced him to look down right at his erupting man- tool. Taylor seized the throbbing dick aiming it straight up.

"Uuuuuuhh ...... uuurghh ......ahhhhhh," a grunting and hollering Kyle shot his first huge load right in his face, his own white gush covered his nose his lips and dipped from his chin. The second shot hit his chest and the third splashed over his rock-hard abs.

"Nice Baby, you've been a good boy," Taylor smirked while he pumped the remaining jizz from Kyle's still hard cock.

"Fuck ... uhhhhhhh," Taylor's squeezing of the super-sensitive dick was driving his Marine brother nuts.

Without allowing him to recover Taylor pulled his brother's head back into his neck. In an instant he was up, towering over his brother standing on the chair's seat. He looked down in Kyle's eyes who still struggled to focus. His brother's sweaty face had changed to a crimson color that stretched over the heaving chest down to the sweat and cum covered abs. The hunky body was still shaking from orgasmic after-shocks.

Before Kyle realized what was going on, Taylor pushed his groins against his face, forcing his dick all the way down his brother's throat.

"Yeah, soldier boy, suck it!" Taylor commanded. He was close as well.

"Mmmmphhhhh ..rrgh ..rrgh," Kyle gargled when his mouth and throat where coated by hot teen cum. Taylor forced his brother to swallow his entire load. Ironically there was a roar of laughter coming from the living room. His mother and aunt were definitely enjoying their chat.

Kyle was still breathless when Taylor zipped his pants.

"I guess that settles it, who's the boss," Taylor said," now I need to take a leak and you'll take a shower and get yourself ready for the evening. We'll meet the guys at the “Cock” and later we'll have a bout or two at the ranch."

A meek Kyle went upstairs to his room. Carefully he closed the door and picked up the phone.

"Hank tonight is the night, it starts at the "Pink Cock" and later they'll take me to Lanson's ranch." he told the Sergeant. His superior was now his last hope to escape from his brother's dominating grip.

Hank knew the "Pink Cock", a gay bar, where he had already picked up some guys in the past.

"Stay cool, buddy, I'll be there. These brats are already dead meat," Hank replied. "Leave it all to Uncle Hank ..."

When Kyle hang up he hadn't realized the tiny click indicating that his brother had intercepted the call. Taylor made sure his parents were not listening and dialed a number.

"Rafe we are going to have some company tonight. You better make sure that everything is prepared, this buddy of Kyle is a tough guy, you know?" Taylor said.

Rafe Denning was Blake's brother; however, he was totally different than the college quarterback. Rafe was lanky and stood about 6.3 ft tall. He had a colorful Mohawk haircut. His jaws were unshaven and a goatee was spreading from his chin. His eyebrows, earlobes, nose and nipples were heavily pierced with silver jewelry. A number of silver rings decorated his fingers. He usually wore a black T-Shirt, camouflage pants and biker boots. The punk provided weed and other drugs to the teen gang.

"Ssstay cool m-man, " Taylor heard Rafe's drawling voice and knew he was high again, "I'mmm in control, perfectly in c-controoll. Now let me alone will ya?"

"Rafe! You fuckin weed-head will you listen ... you ..." Taylor heard a click when the line went dead. Sonofabitch, he thought, that better be good or we are in deep shit.

The "Pink Cock" was the favorite meeting place for the kinky ones among the local gay community.

Taylor, Kyle, Rafe and Joey were having beers and watched the raving crowd.

Joey Hanley was working as ranch hand at the Lanson Ranch. The 19-year-old was only 5.8 ft. tall, but had a butch body that could easily compete with Michelangelo's David. His wavy blond hair was successfully resisting any attempt to be tamed by brush and comb. His face with the light blue eyes was usually showing a winning smile. Joey was wearing a white T-Shirt, a pair of ass hugging tight blue jeans and heavy working boots.

"Hey mate, whazz up?" from out of nowhere Hank's bulky figure had appeared. He gave Kyle a high five. Dressed for place and occasion, he had donned a black leather harness and matching bracelets around his biceps, wore low hanging cut-off jeans shorts and Timberwolf boots. A black leather Muir cap completed the Dom outfit.

"You're takin' da kids out?" He drawled at Kyle. Taylor and his friends were drooling

"You know Taylor already and these are his buddies. Meet Rafe and Joey," Kyle introduced the teens to the Sergeant. "Folks, that's my mate Hank ..."

"Hi guys, you don't mind me joining you, huh?" Hank took his shades off and grinned seductively.

“Absolutely!” Joey blurted, “Some badass Daddy is always welcome …”

Hank chuckled and ordered a round of beer.

They openly admired the Sergeant's muscular frame and listened to his stories about what was going on at the Base and his scoring among the girls and their boyfriends. Hank downed another beer, belched and continued:

"Ya know, there was that hot chick I met. I was horny as hell and so was she. Actually that whore would have done me right there in public on the dance floor. But there was this college boy, her wonna-be-lover. Nice clothes, trendy looks, a truly neat little gentleman, so clean so ... well uptown-boy, ya know what I mean, huh? Well, they wanted a threesome and I said let's go for it. I guess they were up to somethin’ kinky, but that's fine with Uncle Hank."

Rafe, Taylor and Joey exchanged knowing glances.

The brawny Marine laughed: "College boy wasn't that cocky anymore when I had him skewered on my Johnson. Then I showed that pussy what a real man is made of. She was good, I'll give her that, but no one can last against my 11'' fuck stick ..."

He raised his glass: "Toast to the corps and our whores!"

"Yeah man!" Kyle laughed. He didn't know, that the story involved Rafe's brother.

"Ah shit, I've gotta piss," Hank got up.

"Me too," Rafe got up as well. He grinned slyly at his friends.

The bar was heavily crowded. Leather clad bikers and hunks posing as cops were dancing to heavy metal music. Others had joined special groups in the private rooms. Rafe and Hank were passing a wall of glory-holes, where some elder men were eagerly sucking protruding dicks.

"You into this, Daddy?" Rafe asked.

"Naah, I don't let these old buggers near to me. They are craving for young meat, but there ain't one of these guys who can stand them," Hank denied, while gazing interested inside another room where a small crowd of hairy bears had gathered around a smooth well-built hunk swinging in a sling.

“Fuck, no!” the young stud tried to get out from the sling, but the bears controlled him easily. His wrists and ankles were secured by cuffs to the chains holding the sling and his protests were silenced by a meaty dick in his mouth.

"Hm, I guess this young wannabe top gets a lesson how to bottom ..." Hank chuckled.

They finally entered the men's rooms. Hank realized as well some glory-holes in the walls of the stalls on the other side of the room. Both relieved streams of piss into the bowls at the wall. The door creaked and another person entered.

"Wow that's really big!" Rafe said while Hank was squeezing the last drops from his hefty tool. The punk looked pleadingly and went down on his knees, licking his lips in obvious anticipation.

"I told ya so, son!" Hank grinned, while offering his rod.

Rafe pulled the shorts down to the ankles and swallowed the shaft. He was obviously used to deep-throating and Hank’s head lolled back, enjoying the sensations his hardening dick was experiencing inside the eagerly sucking mouth.

“Oh yeah, suck it boy!” Hank moaned thrusting his hips into Rafe’s face.

Suddenly a strong arm closed around his throat from behind yanking him back. His hands went up to grab the attacker, when Rafe punched his fist right into his heavy balls. The searing pain made the Marine's body convulse.

"Aaaaaaarghhhhh," he roared despite the arm cutting into his wind-pipe. Hank tried to deliver a kick to the laughing punk, but Rafe quickly pulled his ankles up by the shorts.

“Gotcha, Daddy!” Rafe scoffed. “That Tom of Finland outfit doesn’t make you a Dom. I have mixed some good stuff for ‘ya that will turn you from stallion to mare in no time.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Get off, I kill you!” Despite his cursing and struggling Hank’s legs were lifted up and he was carried inside one of the stalls.

"Hurry up, before anybody enters," he heard a familiar voice from behind.

"So we meet again." Blake Dennings said, holding the Sergeant in an iron grip. "Not so badass anymore Mister Marine, are we, huh?"

The quarterback usually despised his punk brother, but when he learned about the meeting between the Marines and the gang, the two had joined and developed a plan. They knew that Hank was the muscle and that they had to take him out before dealing with Kyle and Blake intended to have his revenge.

Rafe dragged the heavily struggling legs over the men's room bowl and pulled the shorts over the tap of the flush fixing the ankles tightly.

“Daddy is going to be tamed now.” Hank’s eyes widened when the giggling punk produced a syringe from his pocket.

Blake freed one hand and pulled his sweat pants down. Then he pushed the Marine down and trapped the crew-cut head between his legs. He reached back and forced Hank's nose between his flexing buttocks.

“Eat my ass!” Blake gloated.

“Motherf …. Mmmphhh,”Hank tried to shout for help but his mouth was blocked by Blake's heavy ball sac. His hips were jerking feverishly up and down, trying to get free, but he found no leverage. His left arm was stretched and he felt a finger probing for the vein in his elbow-crook.

"You'll feel fine in a second, Daddy," he heard Rafe's gloating voice. “We will put you in a sling and auction your fat ass to the crowd.”

In an act of sheer desperation, gathering all his remaining power, he flexed his muscular body. His teeth closed around the college hunk's balls, while he pushed Rafe back against the wall of the stall.

"Aaaaaaaauuurghhhh ..." now it was Blake's turn to howl. He jumped back to save his precious crown jewels. Hank slumped back down to the floor. Now he had the leverage he needed. The combat trained burly soldier wasted no time. Placing his hands on the tiled floor he lifted his body and flung his legs over his head until his booted feet hit the ground. In the narrow stall Blake was pushed against the door. Still dazzled from the bite he offered no resistance.

“Fucker!” Hank smashed Blake’s head against the door, rendering him semi-conscious.

“Get off him!” Furiously, Rafe charged at Hank, but the punk was no match for the now fully prepared Marine. A blow on his nose sent him back sprawling. Another hook exploded in his stomach and nailed him to the tiled wall, driving the air from his lungs.

Slowly he slumped down the wall to the floor, fearfully looking up to the towering Marine.

"Hey what's going on in there?" a voice asked from the outside.

"Everything is fine here," Hank replied, "would you help me out pal?"

Hank pushed the dizzy Blake up, face towards the wall and pushed his dangling cock through one of the glory holes. From the outside it looked as if he himself was offering to be served.

"Wow, that's a nice young one," came the reply from the stranger, "I am happy to oblige. Sucking sounds proved that Hank's "offer" was accepted. Indeed, the stranger was pulling even the nut sac through the hole.

Still supporting the drowsy college hunk with one hand to the broad back Hank reached with his other hand down to the punk.

"Your belt, now" he hissed.

Rafe didn't dare to object and pulled the belt from his camos. With skilled moves Hank tied the other brother's wrists behind his back. Slowly Blake awoke from his stupor, only to realize that he was sucked off. He tried to pull back but the stranger would not release and his balls were already swollen to an extent that he was not able to withdraw from the narrow hole.

"Nnnnoooo..., he moaned when he realized his predicament.

"You have some nose candy, boy?" Hank asked Rafe.

Fearfully Rafe produced a small folded paper from his pocket. Hank took it and forced his big hand over the quarterback's mouth.

“Uuummmphh …” The college jock was desperately struggling, a fact that was honored by the stranger outside.

"Yeah - I see you like it!" the voice was heard. Hank's shorts were still down around his ankles and he noticed satisfied that his Marine's cock stood dutifully at attention.

"Yes buddy, I know what you want," he talked to himself, although Blake didn't know whether he was addressed. It didn't help him anyway. A moment later his buttocks were spread and something hot and big penetrated his man-hole.

"Remember me? I am baaack!" Hank was mocking.

Rafe watched in awe while his older brother was fucked in front of him.

Blake was heavily breathing through his nose now and had no chance but to inhale the whole content of a white powder from the unfolded paper bag that was forced under his nostrils.

"Ohhhhh," he moaned when the drug hit his brain. All resistance vanished and he slumped against the wall. His hips started to buck mechanically, meeting the Sergeant's powerful thrusts. Grunting Hank planted another load of his hot Marine seed inside the groaning college hunk.

"I might 've made you a baby, boy", Hank joked. He playfully slapped Blake's naked butt," it was nice to meet you again. I hope you enjoy the rest of the evening and give my regards to the lady, will ya?"

"And now we have a little fun," he forced Rafe up and pulled him after him while he left the stall. He chuckled when he saw the old guy aged about 68 to 70, who was crouching in front of the stall.

"Enjoy that young meat, bugger, I bet he'll last for a couple of hours and all for free," Hank laughed to the surprised man.

Pulling the scared punk behind him, he left the men's room.

"W-what do you want from me?" Rafe asked frightened." Hey, I'm sorry man, it was just a joke ..."

Hank did not reply. Checking the rooms out, he finally pushed the teen punk inside an empty one. The walls and floor were painted black. A sling was hanging from the ceiling.

"Strip!" he ordered in an icy voice.

Rafe knew that the Marine would not take a no for an answer and discarded trembling his clothes. Moments later his body was swinging in the sling. Hank grinned while checking out the punk's body piercings and tattoos. There were nipple rings and even the nut sac was pierced by a steel bar bell.

"O. K. Daddy, you'll get it, I'm all yours," Rafe said," You want some poppers? They are in my pocket, just please yourself."

Rafe accepted his fate and decided to make the best out of it. In fact it could be fun to be handled by this huge Marine, but he had to get the hunk in a friendly mood.

"Yes I think I will," Hank replied," and yes you are truly mine boy and I will do with you as it pleases me."

"But I won't touch you, punk!" Hank reached inside his pocket, "Look what we have here!"

Rafe looked up in surprise and then in panic.

"I don't know what kind of shit this is, but if this all was meant to be a joke, you'll for sure enjoy it!" Hank held the syringe up.

"No, no, no, no man, please don't!" Rafe yelled. His lean body was wriggling in the sling. He had mixed the drug cocktail to take down a bull like the muscle-packed Marine and he could only imagine, what it would do to him.

“Awww!” Then he felt the sting in his buttock

"Fuck, I said I am sorry, I said I give … don't do dissss to meeee, fuuuck … nooooooo ..." His words changed to slurs when the drug hit him. Soon his eyes turned glassy and his head slumped back. His body was swinging limply in the sling.

"Wow, strong stuff," Hank said.

He went to the door and shouted: "Hey guys, my slave boy is for free tonight ..."

He left the door open and left heading back to the bar. Looking back over his shoulder he saw two husky bikers entering the room.

"Have fun punk," he snickered to himself.

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