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Living Dolls
Chapter 1 - A chip off the old block
By Michael Randall

Living Dolls

Chapter 1 – A chip off the old block
By Michael Randall in collaboration with Wolfpek

“Manreplicas are each exclusively made by hand by our gifted team of artistic experts. You can be assured that all Manreplicas products are required to clear demanding quality control to meet our expectations. Manreplicas will never become an assembly line producer of dolls; in the event the demand becomes overwhelming we pledge to suspend sales until we are at levels that we are able to supply. If sales are suspended on one of our models or accessories it is done so that we can sustain our superiority and excellence rather than growing at a rate too fast to provide specific attention to detail.

When ordering one of our models you can be certain that you will be treated as a valuable customer. You will receive a custom-made and handsome silicone companion for your home. Our talented sculpting team always creates the product from a life reference including a digital scan.”

Armand Prescott paced the board room anxiously. He stopped suddenly and made eye contact with the staff members assembled around the table.

“Gentlemen” He began pointing to the statement projected on the screen

“This statement has been our pledge to our customers for the past twenty years. We have worked diligently to provide top shelf products to our customers; products that gave them hours of pleasure. They, in turn, willingly paid the top price to receive those products.”

The group nodded in agreement as Prescott continued.

“For years we manufactured our dolls without competition and enjoyed abundant profits, however, I am sorry to say that has changed abruptly and we have recently discovered an innovative company that is producing dolls that resemble our product with the bonus of movement. This remote controlled model has movement to make their doll seem more lifelike. Watch this demonstration.”

A short video showing a male doll that featured movement of arms and legs was played. Julian Colman, the head of Research and Development at Manreplicas scoffed as he watched the demo. Thinking to himself that the animation, the movement of arms and legs was indeed there but it was stiff and jerky, but it moved and that, in and of itself was more than Manreplicas did. Julian’s stomach was in knots considering that as director of R & D his ass was on the line here. Everything that he had worked for over the last eight years would be lost and forgotten because someone thought of a better idea…and it wasn’t him. He could not imagine having to give up the lifestyle he had come to know, the high end apartment, the designer fashions, the rent boys who occupied his bed, the drugs. All of that would be lost and Julian would be ruined at 30 years old. His secret was really not ready to be made public yet, it was only in the first stages of beta testing with probably another six months to perfect it. But if the company does nothing, they could be out of business within a year.

His thoughts were jerked back to the meeting. The demo video had ended and Prescott was speaking once again.

“… is a danger to our company and it will bite deeply into our profits, if not put us completely out of business. We cannot afford to fall behind these new developments. We must find a way to not only add movement to our dolls, but with added features that cannot be imitated; something that will put us back on top and keep us there.”

An ominous silence permeated the room until Russell Whitford, the director of marketing and Julian’s hated nemesis spoke.

“Mr. Prescott, I find all of this extremely disturbing. We should have anticipated that something like this might happen or at the very least our R & D area should have been on top of things developing cutting edge advances that would have preserved our standing in the marketplace. Unfortunately that has not occurred and instead we stand on a cliff ready to fall distributing the same old tired products. I think this issue falls completely at the feet of Julian Colman, the man responsible for keeping us out front.”

Prescott interrupted. “What is your point Whitford?”

“My point is that it appears we need to make some drastic changes around here to shake things up. And considering that we have no groundbreaking products to unveil, perhaps we need some new blood in R & D.”

Julian’s face burned as he listened to Russell’s accusation. Russell looked across the table his eyes filled with a smug look of victory thinking that perhaps he had finally found a way to destroy Julian’s career and maybe his life both of which would suit him just fine. He hated Colman who had always one upped him back in college, causing him to doubt his own worth, destroying the core of his self-esteem. He had waited, waited a long time for this golden moment. Even though it probably meant he would lose his job when the firm folded it was worth it as the moment finally arrived when he figuratively crushed Julian’s balls and now he was setting the stage to undermine the scientist.

“Possibly it is time for a shift in leadership in that department, you know, fresh blood, new and innovative ideas?”

A murmur floated through the staff members.

Prescott cleared his throat.

“That will be enough, Whitford. We are not here to lay blame on anyone. Dr. Colman has always done great work here as director of research and development and has moved us forward in the market with the changes and improvements he and his staff have accomplished.”

Russell decided to throw some gasoline on the fire he had built. “But, are improvements enough to protect this company? Is it sufficient to keep all of us and our staffs employed? I’m not sure that is the case, Mr. Prescott. I am troubled that it is not.”

A smirk crossed his face as he looked once again at Julian. He felt his cock harden as he watched Colman struggle to keep his composure.

Julian couldn’t take anymore. Without thinking, he stood and looked around the long table.

“Mr. Prescott, my department has been working on a secret plan for some time now that will allow our company to continue to dominate this market. In fact the plan we have developed will revolutionize the doll industry and the breakthroughs that we have made will even surpass this upstart company with their amateurish doll movement. I am totally confident that my newest development will save our company!”

An energized, euphoric feeling ran through the staff as they broke out in applause and cheers of congratulations.

Russell’s face darkened with disappointment and he couldn’t resist one more challenge as he spoke.

“Excuse me, Dr. Colman, but I am wondering why this is the first that we are hearing about such a grand plan and when can we expect to see this so-called savior prototype? I find it very hard to believe that we will be able to respond to this new threat in time.”

Agitated, Colman replied through gritted teeth “I understand your skepticism, Russell , but I assure you that we will have the prototype ready for demo for the staff and the board within three months. That should give us ample time to respond to the competition and we will trample them soundly.” Julian’s voice was raised as he made the last statement.

Russell held up his palms facing Julian, with a sardonic smile on his face.

“Ok, no need to go on the defensive, Julian, it’s just an observation.”

“Go to hell, Russell, you’re nothing but a…”

Interrupting the heated exchange Prescott cleared his voice and exclaimed loudly “Excellent Dr. Colman” and beaming said “We will look for the unveiling in three months. And on that note we are adjourned, gentlemen, thank you for your thoughts.”

Julian wasted no time in exiting the boardroom ahead of everyone else, his clothing soaked with sweat. He had no idea why he revealed the secret he was working on; he hated Russell for forcing him to reveal his plans prematurely. It was very foolish to do that as it had not been tested, was far from ready and no one in R & D even knew what it was that he was working on. But in his haste to shut up that fucker Russell, he backed himself into a very tight corner by saying it aloud and in front of the entire management staff and now Mr. Prescott and the rest of the firm was aware he had some secret plan ready for testing.

What was he going to do? How could he deliver a prototype within three months? The stress of the situation caused something evil to snap in his mind and he decided that he had to start the testing now before too much time elapsed. He needed to find a test specimen as soon as possible; there was no time to waste as an wicked plan began to form in his mind.

He headed to the elevator and pressed the button for underground floor 4 where the R & D laboratory was located deep in the bowels of the building away from prying eyes and corporate spies. Julian exited the elevator and using the retinal scanner to unlock the door he entered the lab. “Whoosh.” The door slid open and Julian walked inside.

No sooner had the door slid shut and locked itself, but Julian heard another “Whoosh” as the door slid open once again.

A voice behind him shrieked “Have you lost your fucking mind, Julian?”

Julian’s head snapped around to see the head of artistic development, Seth Fowler, looking at him as if he had two heads.

“What the fuck were you thinking in there? ‘We will have the prototype ready for demo for the staff and the board within three months’ really Julian? What are you gonna do pull some ‘magic’ plan out of your ass?”

Anger surged through the scientist. First Whitford and now even a man he considered to be a friend was riding him.

“And what exactly did you expect me to do, Seth cower in front of that piece of shit allowing him to think he’s bested me? Whitford has gone too far this time. It’s one thing to hear his constant snide remarks to me in passing, but now he’s made it clear that he is out to get me fired.”

Seth chuckled dryly “Well, I don’t think you have to worry about Whitford, you’ve sealed your fate, buddy, and I might add the destiny of me and the rest of your staff.”

Julian stepped in front of Seth his anger seething inside.

Gripping the artist’s shoulders, he shook him and asked “Seth, do you trust me?”

“Yeah, you know I do, but this, Julian, this claim is untrue. It would be one thing if we had actually been working on something because we could have stepped up production, but this fantasy you’ve created is impossible. I’m worried about you…and about me and the rest of the R & D staff. This stunt will make us the laughing stock of not only the firm but also the industry.”

Julian placed his finger over Seth’s lips “Shh, just humor me Seth, come, I have something to show you.”

He took Seth’s arm and tugged him into his private office.

“Close the blinds and lock the door.”

Seth looked at Julian suspiciously but did as he was asked.

Julian walked to the wall behind his desk and sliding his framed diploma aside revealed a small, cylindrical safe embedded in the wall.

Again using retinal scan technology, Julian looked into the small screen and the door popped open. From the interior, he retrieved a small box and a thick notebook.

Turning to Seth he held out the box and explained “This is something I have been working on for two and a half years. Go ahead and open the box…carefully.”

Seth lifted the lid of the box and peered inside. He looked quizzically at Julian. “Poppy seeds???”

Julian laughed. “Not exactly; they’re micro-chips.”

“Micro-chips; Like the ones they use for ID?”

“Kind of.”

“What do you mean ‘kind of’?”

Well, my original plan was to develop an extremely flexible and resilient doll with a developed skeletal system and advanced skin texture and tone. Then, once the host was ready, the chip would be embedded and the doll would be more lifelike than ever before, moving and even talking like a real human. The initial plan was to develop the mannequin over the next three years.

“Julian, you just told the CEO and staff that you would be ready in three months.”

Julian replied quietly “And I will. It just will be a little different than I had originally planned.”

“What do you plan to do, Julian?”

“Well these chips will animate a mannequin, but they will also alter personality, behavior and will. But they’ve not been tested on humans.”

As the meaning of Julian’s last statement registered in Seth’s mind he looked at Julian horrified. “Humans!?!? Julian what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about taking Manreplicas to the top, Seth. No, make that over the top into dimensions never thought possible transforming humans into dolls, living, breathing dolls that could be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

“Julian, this is crazy talk if you’re suggesting inserting one of these into a human being…why that’s like…that’s like MURDER!”

“No it’s not, that is the beauty of this, the person would still be alive, their will is just altered and their personality and actions are controlled. You know, it’s sort of like that movie ‘The Stepford Wives’.“

Stepping closer to his friend Seth says “Julian, look, I want to see Manreplicas continue to dominate the marketplace as much as you do, but, this, this is immoral, think about what you’re saying. God, I wish you hadn’t told me about this Julian” he said shaking his head.

“Why?” Julian asked.

“Why? Why? He screamed WHY? Because, you can’t do this, Julian; it’s not right!”

Julian covered Seth’s mouth with his hand. “Quiet down Seth, I don’t want the staff overhearing this. But you’re as wrong as wrong as could be. I admit that I hadn’t thought of this solution until Russell pushed me too far, but it will work. I am sure of that and I will test the chip in a human and you will help me.”

Seth’s face contorted and he began to back away from Julian holding up his hands, palms outward. “I don’t want anything to do with this gruesome plan Julian and if you intend to pursue this, I swear I will blow the whistle; I will report you to the authorities.”

Julian took the box from Seth and set it on the desk carefully and moved closer to the artist holding his face in both hands.

“Seth, Seth, Seth, I thought we were friends. Would you really turn against me, just like that, huh? Just as I am on the cusp of a great discovery you want to take it all away from me just like Whitford? Yeah, I thought we were friends, but it appears I was wrong.”

Seth looked into Julian’s eyes noticing something different, something sinister and it frightened him. He jerked away from his grasp continuing to back up toward the door. “I think you’re ill, Julian; I think with all the stress, you’ve gone off the deep end. Listen, let me get you some help, you need some professional help and I can assist you with that. I, I want to help you with that. Let me help you.”

“Ok Seth, you can help me, I do need your help, I really do.” Julian moved closer and then lifted his knee jamming it hard into Seth’s balls.

“OOF!” Seth doubled over as the pain from the attack shot through his body. Before he could recover, Julian spun him around and grabbed him around the neck in a tight sleeper hold.

As Seth’s head began to spin, Julian whispered into his ear “I can’t let you spoil my plans, Seth. I wanted you to be a partner with me in this, but you’re proving to be uncooperative, but no worries, you’ll still assist me, but in a much different, but still helpful way.”

Seth struggled to escape the hold, but Julian’s muscular arm was too powerful. He began to succumb to the pressure on his jugular that was slowing the blood flow to his brain.

“Shh, Seth stop struggling, just go to sleep it will be much easier if you do. I will use you for the final test of the chip and if everything goes as planned, the only thing you’ll be blowing is my dick. You will have become the first Colman Doll.”

Julian jerked his arm tighter around Seth’s neck and let out a sigh of relief as he felt his body go limp.

Propping Seth in a chair, Julian went to a cabinet and selected a hypodermic syringe. He filled the barrel with a strong sedative and injected it into Seth’s jugular. Julian watched as Seth’s body sagged into the chair as he fell into a state of total relaxation.

“There, see Seth? Now you’re nice and docile and if everything works out the way I’m hoping, you’ll remain that way for the rest of your life, agreeing with me, assisting me and serving me with whatever I need.” He looked down at the handsome artist and chuckled “Now you stay right there, OK? I’ll be right back and then we can get down to business.”

Julian left his office carefully closing and locking the door to prevent any discovery of the unconscious Seth.

He walked into the main lab where his all male staff was busily working on other projects. He clapped his hands to draw everyone’s attention. The staff looked up at him.

“Everyone” he said “I’m closing the lab early today so you can all leave now and enjoy some extra leisure time at home. So, go on, scoot out of here, he smiled as he sent them on their way. They wasted no time in gathering their belongings and heading for the door.

When the last staff member had left he overrode the lock on the main door making sure no one could enter.

He unlocked his office door and grabbing Seth under the arms dragged him into the main lab. He hoisted the attractive artist onto an examination table.

“Well Seth, since we’re about to become intimately involved with each other I think it’s only fair to let you know that I’ve always had this thing for you and wanted you, but knowing you’re straight and a colleague I never acted upon it, but now, well, let’s just say everything is changing now, you will soon belong to me exclusively. You won’t want women anymore, you’ll only want me.”

He chuckled and began to strip the comatose Seth. First he removed his lab coat followed by his tie and shirt.

Julian let out a low whistle “Whew! Seth, I didn’t realize you have such a muscular body, I guess you work out a lot, eh?” He chuckled.

Julian pulled off Seth’s shoes and socks, unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and slid them down revealing muscled thighs and well developed lower legs.

Seth lay on the table now clad only in a pair of tight green boxer briefs. “Hmm, a pretty impressive bulge here, my friend.” Julian said as he squeezed Seth’s cock through the fabric. Then sliding his thumbs behind the elastic, he stripped off the last piece of clothing admiring the gorgeous body lying before him.

He lifted the tube of meat lying across Seth’s lower abs. “Geez, what are you about nine inches? And look at the size of these balls, excellent!”

Seth certainly was in great shape. The man was about 6’1” and probably about 190 pounds of pure muscle. Massive arms, sculpted chest and abs, muscled thighs and a cock that looked like it could choke you. Add to all of this two egg size balls and you had one fine looking man.

Julian flipped Seth over onto his belly running his hand over his fine looking ass. Then, just in case anything went wrong, he tightened restraining straps across Seth’s naked body to keep it in place.

Then using an instrument of his own design, Julian loaded it with one of the chips and inserted the needle under the skin at the base of Seth’s skull implanting the chip. The artist moaned softly as Julian cauterized the area sealing the chip inside.

Picking up another instrument that looked like a remote for a television, Julian began inputting information to alter Seth’s personality increasing his submissiveness, remapping his sexual orientation, regulating his thinking, bending his will and finally elevating his loyalty. When all of the settings were complete, Julian pressed the activation key. Seth’s body jerked slightly then went slack. Based upon his design, Julian was aware that the entire process would take about 30 minutes to complete.

He walked back into his office and poured himself a glass of water and waited anxiously for the process to finish. The light on the monitor flashed green indicating the programming had finished.

Walking to the table he removed the straps from Seth’s body and spoke softly in his ear.

“Seth, can you hear me?”

There was no answer from Seth’s lifeless body. Julian bit down on his bottom lip and whispered once again as he shook his shoulder.

“Seth, it’s Julian, can you hear me?”

This time Seth’s body shuddered and he responded “Yes, Julian, I. can. hear. you.”

Julian became excited although he thought that Seth’s voice sounded too robotic, so he asked another question.

“How are you feeling Seth?”

“I. am. feeling. well. Seth answered robotically.

“Hmm, this will not do” he thought to himself. Then grabbing the remote and punched in some adjustments to the voice response settings. When he had completed the adjustments he asked:

“How are you feeling now, Seth?”

Much to Julian’s relief Seth said “I feel great, Julian, are you ok?” Julian was delighted and practically jumped for joy as Seth’s language inflection and cadence began to sound human.

Meanwhile Seth’s inner mind woke up. He saw Julian standing there and could hear him talking, asking questions and he could hear the replies he was giving. But the replies were not what he wanted to say; he was not fine, he was not feeling OK, he felt as if he was being controlled. “Oh my god”, he thought to himself, “Julian has implanted me with one of his chips.”

Though he tried mightily to regain control over his movements and responses, he failed. He was trapped inside his own body aware of everything going on around him, but unable to do anything about it.

Julian continued his testing turning to the suggestion sequence.

“Why don’t you sit up, Seth?”

Seth turned over and sat upright on the table. Then testing visual responses, Julian smiled at him and he smiled back. Julian could smell success.

Looking at Seth’s impressive body, Julian’s cock began to harden as thoughts of what he wanted to do filled his maniacal mind. Looking at Seth’s flaccid cock lying between his thighs, Julian threw out another suggestion. “Hmm, looks like your cock might be getting hard, Seth.”

Seth immediately looked down at his lap staring as his big dick began to rise. Somewhat bewildered, he looked at Julian and spoke:

“You’re right, Julian, my cock is getting hard. It seems the more I look at you the harder it gets.”

“Maybe you want to do something about that hard dick, huh? What would you like to do, Seth? Would you like me to fuck you?”

Seth nodded his head “Yes, Julian I would like that very much.”

Julian’s cock became rigid instantaneously as he grabbed Seth’s huge member and began to stroke it. Leaning in, he pressed his lips to Seth’s and the man responded sliding his tongue in between Julian’s lips.

Seth’s mid screamed “NO! NO! NO! but his body continued to follow Julian’s “suggestions”. Pre come leaked from the slit and dripped down the thick shaft as Julian ran his hands all over his body.

“OK, get off the table” Seth followed the directions and slid off the table to stand on the floor looking at Julian with a sly smile. “OK, now turn around and bend over.” Seth obediently bent over the table and presented his ass to Julian. “Now spread those plump cheeks of yours.” Seth grabbed his two globes and pulled them apart revealing his rosebud target.

Julian unzipped his pants and dragged out his 8 inches of man meat stroking it as it grew harder and harder. Then spreading lube around Seth’s hole, he savagely plunged his rigid pole inside his ass; a small grunt came from Seth, but that didn’t satisfy Julian. He wanted Seth to pay for his betrayal. He didn’t want him to enjoy this fuck; he wanted it to be a punishment, a well-deserved punishment; retribution for his disloyalty.

He grabbed the remote and pressed the button marked “BDSM” to modify Seth’s behavior in reaction to the pain he was about to inflict. Then he smacked the round ass hard.

“That hurts doesn’t it Seth?” Julian was implanting a suggestion which Seth immediately acknowledged.

“Yes, it hurts Julian. Why are you hurting me?”

“Because you’ve been a bad boy, Seth.”

He slapped the firm ass cheeks a few more times and then thrust into the hole again harder.

“AIIIIEEEEEEEEEWWWW” Seth screamed out. Julian smiled sardonically “That’s it my beautiful Seth, scream, scream, scream.

Seth continued to scream and wriggled his ass in an attempt to get away from his tormentor. Julian reached between his legs and grabbed his balls, crushing them in his fist.

“ARRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FUCK!” Seth screamed as real pain flashed through his body. This only incensed Julian more and he began fucking Seth’s ass harder. Seth continued in the BDSM mode:

“No, no, please stop, it hurts, it hurts, get your cock out of my ass. I’m not gay, I’m straight.” Seth screamed angrily as the chip controlled his responses.

Julian felt his cock swell inside the hot tunnel “Sorry Seth, you’re gonna continue to get fucked by my big dick even though you are not gay; even though you don’t share my feelings for you. You are mine.” He thrust deep inside Seth’s burning ass.

“NO! NO! Stop you’re hurting me.”

Julian fucked his firm ass harder, going deeper and faster. He continued slapping Seth’s cheeks and they turned a dark red color, heat radiating from them.

“OW, OW, OW” Seth screamed “STOP! STOP!” Julian continued to pound Seth’s ass, his big dick sliding in and out of the tight hole.

Seth’s ass was fiery red, as Julian reached between his legs and grabbed his balls and, gripping them in his fist began crushing them once again.

“OH, NO, NO, NO!” Seth shrieked “STOP IT NOW!!! I can’t take this, please let me go! I’ll do anything you want! Please stop.”

“What?” Julian asked playing his role as master “I can’t hear you.”

Seth’s pleading only drove Julian to become more sadistic. He pulled down on Seth’s sac savagely causing shooting pain to course through Seth’s body as he continued to plunge in and out of his ass. Julian felt his orgasm building and pulled out.

He grabbed a handful of Seth’s black hair pulling his head back. “You still gonna turn me in, eh, Seth? You gonna call the cops and tell them what I’m doin’?”

Seth sobbed his reply “No, Julian, I wouldn’t do that to you. You’re my friend, I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt you.”

Julian was enraged now beyond any sensibility. “Well guess what Seth, I don’t mind hurting you at all and I rather enjoy watching you suffer.” Julian sank a fist into Seth’s abs knocking the breath from him. Seth looked at him pitifully as Julian continued working the hunk over.

“On your knees” he barked. Seth slowly sank to his knees as Julian painfully yanked on his hair.

“Open your mouth” he snarled jerking Seth’s head back and forth. Seth screamed in agony as he submissively opened his mouth. Julian filled the opening with his cock shoving it forcefully down his gullet causing the man to gag. Julian continued to thrust his cock in and out of Seth’s mouth until he reached his climax shooting a huge load of cum inside the artist’s mouth.

“Swallow it, Seth” he seethed and slapped the man across the face again and again. Seth swallowed the gob of cum and then cleaned off his dick to avoid any more punishment.

“Get dressed asshole and wait for me, I’ll be right back.” Seth sobbed as he reached for his clothes. Julian grabbed the remote and pressed the “normal” key to pull Seth out of the BDSM mode.

Immediately Seth stopped crying and though his body bore the evidence of his brutal rape, his emotional state reverted to a normal relationship with Julian. He dressed himself and waited.

Julian ran his hand down the side of the straight hunk. “So tell, me Seth, you’re not gonna rat on me, are you? Naw, you’re gonna help me get this company to the top taking whatever steps are necessary, right?”

Seth smiled “You got it Julian! I am yours to command.”

Triumphantly, Julian went to his office and placed the box of chips back in his safe along with the binder filled with his notes, then returned to his “doll”.

Julian pressed a button and a hidden wall slid back to reveal a room housing several glass booths. He lead the docile artist to the first compartment and said “Get in, Seth, this is your new home for the time being.”

Seth didn’t question him but obediently entered the compartment.

Julian pressed the “off” button and Seth became rigid like a statue.

“Ahhhh” Julian murmured “The artist becomes the work of art. G’night Seth.”

The master mind began making plans for his next steps. Rifling through Seth’s pocket he found his keys that he needed to gain entry to Seth’s apartment to bring his clothes and other personal belongings to his house. If Seth wasn’t in different clothes each day it would raise suspicions.

The next day he would begin the conversion of his staff giving him the small army he would need to complete his plan. He closed the glass door on Seth’s booth and turned off the light. The wall slid back into place as Julian left the lab.


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