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Rassadah’s Boy
Part 5 - Revenge
By Mark Sayrs
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Then one night, as Josh was getting up from the floor and wiping his ass with his shirt, Darrell sat up and looked at him in a new way.

“The pirates have been tried and will hang in a fortnight. I can’t forgive them for what they did to our men. I have a special idea to punish them for all that. After being whipped, the hang man’s noose will be placed around their necks, but before they swing I will have them hanged by their balls until they beg to be released. They’ll swing free as we cut the ropes attached to their balls” explained Darrell with sadic satisfaction, so frequent in the Navy. “How do you like that?”. Josh felt numb. “Why don’t you take your own revenge on Rassadah?” he asked Josh. “I’ll let you have him in any way you like until the day of his execution. You can go to the brig and execute your own personal vengeance. I have given orders for no one to interfere with your pleasure”“Here, take this”, he said and handed Josh a long leather crop. “There are many things you can do with can even stick it up into his ass, ha. ha, ha”, laughed Darrell.

Josh got up and left. Yes, he would take his revenge on that despicable pirate that had queered him, ruined his naval career, made him a laughing stock with his men and colleagues, and had finally brought him to this incredible blackmail he had been suffering for the last weeks at the hands of his commanding officer.

Rassadah was bound to one of the large stone columns in the basement that withstood the weight of the building. Leather straps on his wrists and ankles were attached to chains to keep his arms and legs around the column, so that Rassadah, with his arms behind, could only stand up by flexing his legs well outstretched around the column, or kneel at its base. He was completely naked. Josh looked at these arrangement with satisfaction.  When Rassadah looked up and his eyes adjusted to the light,  he could not believe that he was seeing Josh, elegantly attired in his white uniform, and Nacho with his bulging loin cloth. He stood up and leered at Josh, he pushed his hips out while his cock began to respond to the attractive sight of his boys. His mind was full of fucking memories. He was waiting to be served.


Josh strode up to him and struck him in the face with his leather crop. Rassadah’s muscles bulged as his legs and arms fought against the chains that restrained him, as he reacted instinctively to Josh’s repeated strikes, but the lascivious smile was wiped away from his face. Josh hit him on the crotch with his knee and the pirate tried to double up in pain but to no avail. He recovered and leaned against the column, his arms and legs outstretched all around it.  As he looked at the chained body Josh had to admit that Rassadah was a handsome beast. But he couldn’t understand how he had seduced him to the point that he had enjoyed being possessed by him, and so completely. Shame colored his cheeks as flash backs of his memory reminded him of what the pirate had forced him to do. Yes, it couldn’t be explained in any other way: he had forced him. His shame turned into sudden anger and Josh started whipping the bound body of his enslaver. Rassadah’s took it defiantly and thrusting his hips forward mocked them“Come and suck me boys, my cock is waiting!” he said in a garbled voice, thrusting his hips forward as far as his outstretched legs would allow.

Nacho immediately fell to his knees between them and taking his cock started slurping noisily. Josh was surprised to see to what an extent Rassadah commanded his slave. He observed how Rassadah’s cock started to grow, it flexed forward, curving into Nacho’s mouth and under his expert ministrations it was soon thick and hard. Without a moment’s hesitation Josh pushed Nacho back and struck the huge cock with his leather crop. Rassadah shouted curses in utter frustration and tried to move his body to avoid the strikes which rapidly reversed his hard on, until only a flaccid member hung between his legs, still very long and thick.

 Josh had a brilliant idea. Rassadah was accustomed to fuck at his pleasure, many times during day and night, He was going to make him suffer for all the sex that he had imposed on him. He pushed Nacho again towards Rassadah’s crotch. The big Negro immediately took the cock in his eager mouth and began again to stimulate it, sucking, lapping, slightly biting, both cock and balls. Soon Rassadah was moaning and moving his hips to meet Nacho’s attacks. When Josh saw that he was about to come, he pushed Nacho away and struck the cock repeatedly. Rassadah was raging with pent up frustration, foaming at the mouth, saliva spattering on Josh’s uniform, his legs and arms straining at his bounds.

Josh repeated the operation until Rassadah was begging Nacho not to touch him, and when he nevertheless did, obeying Josh, he tried to prevent the humiliating and frustrating tease by avoiding the sucking’s irresistible effect. There was no way he could escape, and no way he could resist Nacho’s mouth. He wanted to will his cock not to respond, but his sexuality was so used to instant and plentiful gratification that his hard ons were well beyond his will. Slowly he sank to his knees in complete desperation and begged Josh not to torture him any longer, to let him come at least once.

Josh returned in the following days and repeated the delicious torture. As soon as Rassadah saw them come in, he started moaning and cursing while his cock swelled uncontrollably in blind anticipation. Josh was tiring of this tease, though, and used a new tactic. He would let Nacho bring Rassadah close to his climax, and then he would let him hang there, his hard on hungrily sticking out between his outstretched legs, his body twisting in a vain effort to fuck, to rub his hard on against anything that would make him come. He couldn’t stroke himself, his arms tied behind him and his legs  forced wide open by the chains around the column so that his thighs wouldn’t close around his cock. He tried to kneel and rub his cock against the floor, but couldn’t reach it.. Rassadah thought he was going mad with frustrated desire. His intense sexual drive coupled with the impotence of his muscles brought him almost to unconsciousness. Josh loved to see him on his knees, looking like a beaten animal, all of his body glistening with sweat, saliva dribbling from his mouth.

In one of these moments, as Rassadah leaned exhausted against the column, his swollen organ pointing out, fully erect,  pre-cum dripping uselessly from its head, Josh took off his tunic and pulled off  his trousers. Appreciating the arousal that the view of his naked bod stirred in the pirate, he brought his face close to his.

“I could fuck you, you know” he whispered, as he caressed and teased the tortured member.

“No man has ever fucked me!” Rassadah shouted as he straightened up defiantly, “and no one ever will!’“But if I fucked you I would make you come”, continued Josh, “isn’t that what you want?”Josh stepped behind Rassadah, placing himself between his open legs and arms. Hanging from Rassadah’s wide shoulders, and pinching and caressing his pecs, Josh moved his cock over Rassadah’s buttocks and rubbed it against his crack. Soon he had a really hard rod ready to penetrate the virgin ass. Rassadah was in a total rage but no matter how strongly he strained he couldn’t prevent Josh from playing with him in this way. Josh placed his hard member between the cheeks of Rassadah’s ass. No matter how hard he tried, though, he couldn’t get through the resistance of those two slabs of hard marble. Even guiding his hard rod with his hand against the pirate’s crack wouldn’t let him penetrate his ass and his efforts were blowing out his cock’s strength. He tried again and again, really hurting Rassadah, biting his back, slapping his sides, but in the end all he achieved was to cum all over Rassadah’s back. Trickling down between Rassadah’s cheeks, his cum was the only thing that reached the portentous hole.

Exhausted and ashamed, he left a furious Rassadah damning him, but still with a very angry and frustrated cock.

Josh came back every day and repeated the same fucking insinuation as he tortured Rassadah to new heights of impotent hard ons. He was slowly taming the handsome beast. He was determined to do to the pirate what he had forced on him. Rassadah no longer protested. He let Nacho and Josh suck and tease him into formidable and unfulfilled hard ons with growing resignation.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to fuck you?” asked Josh again one day with Rassadah’s cock in his hand. “I would make you really come and come as you did to me”Rassadah didn’t answer. His head hung low over his breast, his eyes wearily looking at his long cock, pointing out between Josh’s fingers. Josh placed himself behind Rassadah as he had done before and placed his cock on Rassadah’s buttocks. Rubbing it between his ass’s cheeks he worked a good and hot hard on. Rassadah was still; he was letting his body sway forward with Josh’s movements against his back. He was yielding. Josh thought he was seeing heaven! He turned the swollen head of his cock against Rassadah’s ass and pushed forward. Rassadah let him do. Josh felt his cock slip in and reach the virgin opening. He pushed hard and felt his cock’s head entering in. Rassadah strained his body forwards as far as he could to avoid the dreadful pressure and cried out loud as he felt the pain of Josh’s penetration. Josh was so excited that he couldn’t slow down. With rapid thrusts his cock inched forward in its conquest of Rassadah’s innards. His balls started banging against Rassadah’s cheeks. Clutching the pirates body as hard as he could, his legs flexed and pushed furiously. The tightness of Rassadah’s channel was an incredibly exciting challenge. His cock fought against the warm and humid resistance with blind determination. Rassadah felt Josh’s thrusts with growing anticipation. His body swayed, hanging form its bonds, as Josh pushed inside him.  He planted his legs firmly and moved his hips directing Josh’s stabs to the sensitive spots around his gland. He was getting there, he felt. The pain had subsided and had turned into a sexual arousal that Rassadah had only felt when he fucked Josh the first time. He shouted as he felt his balls finally coming to an orgasm. As Josh stabbed him faster and faster Rassadah felt the volcanic eruption coming to his cock. Thick blobs of cum streamed out of his tortured cock and flew outwards in white, steaming hot arches of sperm that Nacho, kneeling in front of him, was catching in his mouth and body. Josh was shaking as if an electric current were rushing through his nerves. He felt Rassadah’s climax as his ass muscles tightened around his cock and the sensation of his victory also made his balls explode and fill Rassadah’s ass with his abundant cum. Both men fell down to their knees completely overcome by their excitement. Josh’s cock was still firmly implanted in Rassadah’s ass, while the pirates cock still spurted the last drops of a long frustrated climax. Rassadah had come at last. He had also been fucked.


Josh wanted to do this again next day. He wanted to do it for ever. But Rassadah wouldn’t let him. In spite of the torture of being sucked and teased, but prevented from cumming, he still refused to be fucked and even less by one of his boys.

“Go to hell! Damn you bitch! You coward! You wouldn’t be doing all this if I had at least my arms or my legs free!”This gave Josh another bright idea. He opened the lock that kept Rassadah’s legs chained around the base of the column, but as the pirate reacted, clutching his big cock with his thighs and trying to come that way, Josh quickly stepped in between his legs. Rassadah kicked furiously but Josh was fast and prevented the enraged pirate from bringing his legs together. He teased his cock with his hands still further, taking his pre-cum with his fingers and offering them to Rassadah’s foaming mouth. Suddenly, however, Josh kind of lost his balance and one of Rassadah’s legs caught him powerfully from behind. In an instant his other leg kicked Josh on the crotch, and as he tried to regain his breath, brought it around his waist. Both powerful legs pulled Josh against his body. Josh tried hard to push himself away from the perspiring muscles, but Rassadah was too big and too strong. Josh found himself crushed against Rassadah’s breast, the pirate’s huge rod in between. With his strong legs firmly planted on Josh back and buttocks Rassadah desperately rubbed his cock against Josh’s abdomen. Josh’s efforts to free himself from the brutal embrace only enhanced the rub. Rassadah’s cock suddenly spurted swollen blobs of cum, the cum that had accumulated during all those painful days of teasing. His hot sperm rushed over Josh’s pecs, spattered his throat and chin, he felt some blobs on his mouth and cheek.

Josh fell back fully dazed, while Rassadah fell to his knees, his cum now fully released, and laughed loudly, his cock dangling victorious, still connected with Josh’s body by large, thick strands of cum. Josh was furious. He stood up and forced Rassadah’s legs open over his shoulders. Taking advantage of Rassadah’s momentary weakness after his cock’s dazing explosion, Josh pushed his angry hard cock into Rassadah’s ass and penetrated him in one furious thrust. When the big pirate realized what was happening it was too late to prevent it. Josh was pushing his legs far back with his arms and shoulders and his cock had Rassadah firmly planted where he was. Every move to dislodge the penetrating member was matched by the cunning counter movement of Josh’s cock. He could only take it, and take it he did. Josh pushed hard, pumping his cock deep inside Rassadah, looking at him straight in the eye excited by his victory no less than by the beastly beauty of the body he was conquering. His thrusts grew in strength, Rassadah’s body swayed under the impact, and with a big Indian whoop Josh let go his cum. It flowed deep in Rassadah’s ass, and as Josh went on madly pumping his spent cock, as if he were trying to fuck a second time, it churned loudly and trickled down Josh’s muscled thighs. As, his cock plopped out of Rassadah’s ass and Josh pulled back almost unconscious, Rassadah fell to his knees. Josh’s cock dangled in front of him, the last strand of his cum spattered his lips and chin. Rassadah couldn’t tell why, but he instinctively took Josh’s cock in his mouth and licked him clean. He was sucking him, realized Josh with sudden wonder and his cock started to harden and thicken.

“I’ll show you who is boss around here” he shouted as he plucked his cock out of Rassadah’ mouth. He moved behind him and inserted his cock between his buttocks. “I am going to fuck you again whether you want it or not!”                  To his surprise Rassadah seemed to yield. Josh’s cock slipped easily in and started the fateful penetration. He stuck his cock as deep inside Rassadah’s  ass as he could and pumped with joyful abandon. In spite of the pleasure he was experiencing, a corner of his mind still was wondering why Rassadah had yielded. Josh’s hands were all over Rassadah magnificent torso, cupping his splendid pecs, pinching his tits and then falling down over his abdomen, admiring the sculpted muscles and descending to his crotch. Then he realized why Rassadah had yielded. He was touching Nacho’s curly hair, his head was bobbing in and out of Rassadah’s crotch. He was sucking the big pirate and the pleasure he was inflicting on him had caused him to relax his buttocks and allowed Josh’s invasion.

“Get out of there! How dare you disobey!” shouted Josh, his cock slipping out of Rassadah’s ass. He kicked Nacho away from Rassadah’s crotch and crawling  between his legs jumped over Nacho.

“I am going to fuck the daylights out of you, you heated bitch!” he shouted as he pushed his legs open and his hard cock thrust its way into Nacho’s ass. Of course this was just what Nacho wanted. His white teeth beamed between his thick red lips in a wide smile. He loved to see the white lieutenant mad and he loved to be fucked by him, as he had every night since they had been freed. Josh was pumping furiously and his anger was turning into pleasure. He really loved this big Negro who had treated so kindly during his initiation. He loved the way he gave himself to his every whim and the joy he seemed to derive from giving pleasure. Being sucked by him, with his unequaled expertise, fucking him in every conceivable position, and feeling that it was just what he wanted lit up in Josh an irresistible desire. But this time Josh felt that he was experiencing more than his usual pleasure. Something was different. He felt invaded by a most intense and nerve wracking sexual excitement. He actually felt as if Rassadah were fucking him. And he was.

Rassadah had seen how Josh jumped over Nacho. He saw him plug the big Negro with all his strength. His buttocks were raised and lowered, opened and tightened as he pushed his way into Nacho pumping him with his cock and bending him over with his straining legs. This splendidly moving white ass was just in front of him. He leaned forward and laid his large cock, still gleaming with Nacho’s spit,  on top of Josh’s ass. His strenuous movements rubbed Rassadah’a cock into to a strong hard on. He placed his cock’s head between Josh’s cheeks, and saw it slip in with Josh’s own movements. He pushed forward eagerly and penetrated his ass. Rassadah couldn’t believe how deeply he was sinking and how Josh was unknowingly being fucked by the thrusts of his hips against Nacho’s ass, and by the incredible sensations he was giving Rassadah’s cock with the alternating tightening and loosening of his buttocks. He started to pump in a desperate effort to get all the way into Josh. He succeeded in spite of the chains that restrained his arms and legs around the column to which he was held, and was now pushing in and out his long stiff rod, turning his hips so as to hit Josh in those spots he knew so well. Josh stopped pumping. Yes, Rassadah was fucking him. How did he do it? He thought for a moment but then the pirate’s thrusts were so strong and so well directed that he just stayed there, on all fours. His cock was well inside Nacho, but it was Rassadah that was actually fucking him. His thrusts in and out of Josh’s ass, moved his cock in and out of Nacho’s. Josh fell into synch and let his body enjoy this double pleasure, his cock tweaking, deeply embedded in Nacho’s warm insides, and his own being hit again and again by the pirate’s thrusting cock. Rassadah sensed his victory. Josh’s enslavement was being revived. He was again feeling those incredibly intense sensations he had experienced when Rassadah fucked him first. His body searched Rassadah’s. He leaned back against his sweating strong torso. He wanted to feel his well defined abdominal muscles on his back, the steely thighs spreading out his legs more and more. He missed the strong biceps around him and the large calloused hands on his breast and crotch. Moving back against Rassadah he slowly  pushed back against him. He was trying to match Rasssadah’s thrusts with his own hips. He felt reclaimed by the huge cock jabbing inside his inner self. He was giving himself completely, he wanted this brutal possession. Rassadah was pumping so hard that Josh was lifted from the ground, suspended over his thighs and pinned high by his huge and domineering prick. He pulled his arms back around Rassadah’s neck and offered his mouth. Rassadah kissed him as hard as his bonds would allow. Josh lost all consciousness, his identity had disappeared. Yeah!, he thought as Rassadah lunged forward and released pints of cum inside him, lifting his legs high upon the air and triggering his own uncontainable climax, HE WAS RASSADAH’S BOY.