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Rassadah’s Boy
Part 2 - Training
By Mark Sayrs
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When Josh woke up it was late in the afternoon of the following day. The ship rocked gently in a Caribbean calm. He had partly forgotten the traumas of the preceding day and had not expected to see that he was completely naked. The sensitivity he felt in his ass reminded him of the enormousness that he had experienced. As he started remembering how Rassadah had kissed him and the tremendous sensation he had felt when he had so brutally fucked him, he was just as embarrassed to realize that he was getting a hard on. He still could not accept what had happened to him, that he had so much enjoyed that wet mouth, the thrill of that hard body over his, that he had responded so actively to his brutal embrace and to the demanding cock deep inside him, that Rassadah had queered him so unexpectedly. Little did he know that he was in for new surprises.


As he was pondering all this the door opened and Rassadah stalked in with Nacho.  He looked hungrily at his new captive, took him in his arms and pressed his mouth on his in another long, wet kiss. Overcome by the renewed sensations of the preceding day Josh abandoned himself to Rassadah’s embrace and enjoyed what he was doing to his mouth and body. Rassadah’s fingers explored his ass and Josh couldn’t repress a grimace as he felt a stab of pain.

“It still hurts, eh?”, Rassadah smiled, showing his row of  white teeth.

“Never mind, we can do something else. Today you are going to suck me”Josh didn’t quite understand what Rassadah meant. The pirate put his large hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to his knees. He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers. His large cock sprung out and hung in front of Josh’s face. Rassadah pushed his hips forward, the head of his cock touched Josh on the lips, and as he turned his face away, on his cheeks and again, this time more demanding, pushed insistently on his lips. Rassadah’s crotch  wiry hair stabbing his cheeks, his cock and balls dropping pre-cum all over, pushing and rubbing against his chin, his lips, his eyes and his brow. Josh understood what was wanted of him. It shocked him. Did Rassadah expect him to lick that dirty tool? No way. Josh still had some resistence left in him. Rassadah slapped him hard and again with his back hand, so hard that Josh fell back, with a small trickle of blood on his lips.


. Rassadah knelt over him and offered his erection to Josh’s mouth again. He was hovering over his prone body. Josh couldn’t avoid having that large member, now oozing pre-cum, pushed all around his face. The balls banged against his chin as the thick hose rubbed over his cheek, past his eyes and deep into his hair. He could feel the sticky pre-cum and this augmented his resistance. He wouldn’t do it!Rassadah started to masturbate his organ just over Josh’s face. He couldn’t see anything beyond that magnificent tool being pumped in front of his very eyes. He saw it getting bigger and bigger as Rassadah pumped himself with both hands. Josh tried to get out of the way, but Rassadah’s strong thighs were pinning his arms down on either side of his head. Drops of cum started to spatter on Josh’s face. Rassadah was grunting with anticipated pleasure as he brought himself closer and closer to a climax. Josh was repelled by the musky smell of semen and sweat that came from Rassadah’s crotch, so close to his face. The big rod seemed  gorged in blood and thicker than Josh could imagine. Rassadah laboured, both his hands hardly able to hold the girth of the trembling member. Suddenly the cock’s eye opened and strong spurts of cum lunged out of it and spattered over Josh’s face. He felt the boiling hot sticky juice on his lips, large blobs blocking his nostrils, a burning sensation in his eyes, and as he laid his head back he could feel the trickles of cum down his cheeks, and dropping from his hair around his ears. This was worse than being fucked, much more humiliating.


“We’ll teach you to like it, we’ll still make you into a good sucker!” laughed Rassadah as he got up and wiped his fucker with Josh’s hair. Josh turned back and laid on the cabin’s bunk full of resentment.  How could he treat him like this after what he had yielded to him the day before. He was determined never to suck that repugnant organ.

He didn’t know it but his training had started.


He was awfully hungry and he watched as Rassadah and Nacho ate in front of him. He was also very thirsty. Rassadah asked him to come nearer. He did so eagerly thinking that he was going to be fed. “Kneel, right here by my side”, Rassadah ordered. Josh obeyed, he was really hungry and thirsty. “You want something to eat, boy?” Rassadah asked him, and he showed him what he had in his mouth, some half munched meat and potatoes. “Come and get it” he said, offering Josh what he was showing him between his teeth. Josh was horrified to realize that he had to take his food from Rassadah’s own mouth. He refused and stood up angrily. Rassadah just laughed.

“If you don’t like mine, why don’t you take Nacho’s?” he mocked Josh, and sure enough, the black slave was offering him between his teeth what he was munching with Rassadah. Josh retreated to the cabin’s bunk, trying to hide his frustration. They went on eating, offering him their munched food from time to time and drinking wine from their bottles. Josh didn’t eat or drink that day. He had to sleep with Rassadah’s in the cabin’s only bunk. Nacho slept on a pallet at his feet. But at least he let him alone and didn’t try to force himself on him. He now felt different. He was ashamed of what had happened. He determined to resist, never again to let himself be reduced by such an enslavement of his senses. Another day passed by in the same way. Josh had forgotten his hunger, but his thirst had increased as much as his resentment. His throat felt so dry that he had difficult swallowing. “Don’t you want some water?”asked Rassadah holding a jar full of the precious liquid.

“Come here and kneel in front of me”. Josh weakly obeyed, He had to.

“Open your mouth” ordered Rassadah. As Josh thought that the pirate was going to pour water in his gullet, he saw him instead pulling out his cock and offering it to Josh..

“Don’t worry, boy, I wont fuck your face today. You want water? Just take my cock in your pretty little mouth and I will pour it down my rod into your gullet” he explained mockingly. He did just that: Nacho held Josh’s head from behind as Rassadah forced his mouth open to receive the big cock’s head.  Josh saw how he poured water from the jar on his body and how the water trickled down to his crotch and found its way down his long cock. The precious liquid started to drop down on the floor. Josh didn’t hesitate this time. He took Rassadah cock strongly with his tongue and started sucking and sucking all he could. He was drinking at last! He kept on until the water in the jar ended and still he kept sucking the bulbous head of Rassadah’s cock trying to get some last drops.

“All right!” said Rassadah, “now come and have something to eat”.

Chastised, now that he had gone through the sucking of his cock, Josh knelt at Rassadah’s side and looked up as the pirate started to eat. Although it was the coarsest bull’s meat it smelled delicious to the hungriest Josh. Rassadah leant over him and offered him a half munched bite between his teeth. Josh took it, and looked up for more. After two or three more bites, Rassadah started to take some potatoes and motioned to Josh to seat on his lap. Josh stood up and sat on Rassadah’s thighs facing him. Rassadah pushed his head against his and pressed Josh’s mouth against his. Josh was able to extract with his tongue a good deal of potato mush, the gravy dripping down his chin. After a while, Rassadah shoved him down to the floor.

“That’s enough! If you want more, take Nacho’s”. Josh felt awful but after what he had already done it seemed all right. He sat on Nacho’s legs and performed the same nutritious kiss on the black slave. He at least was more tender than Rassadah and tried to be less humiliating.

After eating, the drinking from Rassadah’s cock was resumed. And as a treat for the success of his first training lesson, he was allowed to suck some wine from Rassadah’s mouth.


The next day, however, Rassadah was not satisfied with forcing him to drink water from his fucking hose. When he saw that Josh was sucking thirstily on his knees, Rassadah suddenly pushed his cock inside Josh’s mouth. He took his head between his hands and let Josh get accustomed to the unusual volume of meat inside his gullet. Josh kept still, wondering what Rassadah was doing. Then he understood: the pirate started moving his rod inside his mouth, he pulled it out a bit and pushed back in, lightly at first, more forcefully then, reaching back into Josh’s mouth, making him gag uncontrollably, but still keeping it in. His pumping was pushing Josh down until Rassadah was lying on his prone body and fucking his face with abandon. Suddenly he got up with a start.

“He bit me! Damn him!” he shouted and pumped the whole load of cum into Josh’s face. “I’ll teach you how to use your teeth!” he cried as he slapped Josh’s sticky face, the cum spattering all around Josh. Josh cried in humiliation and pain at Rassadah’s feet.

“Nacho will teach you how to suck” he declared leaving the cabin.

Nacho looked at him doubtfully. He lifted Josh from the floor and kissed him with tenderness. Then he pushed him down to his knees and showed him his black cock. It danced in front of Josh’s face. Nacho took his head and gently pushed him against his crotch. With his hand he slowly introduced his rod into Josh’s mouth and pumped with care. Josh was taking it. Little by little he went farther in and Josh began to learn how not to gag, and how to breath when the rod went out. He was beginning to notice the velvety texture of the cock’s head, and his tongue started exploring its possibilities. With his hands he held Nacho’s ass cheeks, the black man’s skin was so smooth. Nacho no longer had to keep his head in place. Josh was taking it in stride. After a while, when Nacho began to have a hard on, when his organ started getting longer, thicker and warmer, he took it out of Josh’s mouth, glistening with abundant saliva, and took Josh to the cabin’s bunk. He laid him down on his back and climbing on top of his legs, offered his rear view to Josh and lowered his pendulous cocks to Josh’s face. He could feel Nacho’s breath on his crotch, and then how his thick lips started kissing his cock, licking it and finally taking it into his mouth. “You do all same” he advised and started to initiate Josh into the pleasures of sucking. Josh imitated every move, every position and learned how not to use his teeth. At the end of the long session, Nacho started biting him ever so lightly and then began to move his head up and down Josh’s cock with tremendous energy until Josh could not resist it any more and let go all the cum that had accumulated in his balls. Still Nacho held his cock in his mouth. Josh understood and started sucking furiously as Nacho pumped and finally he was rewarded with Nacho’s sweet tasting cum, so abundant that in spite of Josh’s efforts to swallow it overflowed out of his mouth in long trickles of sticky fluid down his chin and throat.


Josh had been trained. That night he ate and drank in the same manner, kneeling at Rassadah’s and Nacho’s feet. Then Rassadah took him to his bunk, lied on top of him and offered him his cock. Josh opened his mouth and took it. He sucked the big head and let the rod slowly move deeper and deeper into his throat. Rassadah fucked him in the mouth a long time, to test his newly acquired abilities. Satisfied, he let his cum go, rewarding Josh with a pint of his favorite liquor and watched severely to make sure that Josh swallowed it all. Then he kissed Nacho to thank him for his efforts, and as Josh watched with wonder, he fucked him on the cabin’s floor. Nacho’s long legs quivered in the air as both men took their pleasure with stertorous shouts and grunts. Josh would be next.


Some times Rassadah would storm into the cabin and stripping down his trousers would offer his cock to Josh. The long pendulous hose hung in front of his face and the swollen head tilted like a red tulip. It was no longer repugnant to Josh; on the contrary, the smooth, velvety texture of that bulbous head and the strangely coarse feeling of the pirate’s cock had become an irresistible temptation. Kneeling between Rassadah’s hairy legs, Josh took his cock eagerly in his mouth. As he sucked, licked and teased it in the expert manner to which he had been trained, he wrapped his thighs around one of the pirate’s legs and tried to hump him like that. His own cock responded with the same eagerness as Rassadah’s. As Josh renewed his oral efforts he felt it flinching inside his mouth and he received  the gaggling stream of cum that was his measure. Just when Josh was about to cum on Rassadah’s leg, the pirate pushed him down on his back. Josh laid there with a huge hard on, his unsatisfied member swaying in demanding desperation. Josh was absolutely dazed with passion. He could hardly believe that he was hoarsely shouting:

“Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME, you bastard, son of a bitch!”  Rassadah knelt between Josh’s legs and obligingly slipped his cock into Josh’s receiving hole. Josh clawed at his back and shoulders, his legs clamped around Rassadah’s body, pushing himself as strongly as he could trying to get those magic stabs in his gut that his cock was passionately demanding. The pirate, however, was giving him a slow and deliberate fuck, enjoying the pleasurable sensation more than pumping Josh as hard and as fast as he wanted. When he at last felt Josh shouting and grunting as he ejaculated all he could, Rassadah took his cock out of Josh’s spent body and turned him around on the floor. Josh laid there almost unconscious after such strong emotions. Rassadah then leaned against his back, slipped his cock back into Josh’s well greased channel and this time started pumping with as much force and eagerness as he could muster.  He loved to arouse a spent body, to awaken a passion in an unwilling body. As Rassadah ploughed his ass, Josh started to wake up. He couldn’t believe it but he was getting aroused. Little by little Rassadah got what he wanted: Josh was demanding another brutal fuck and was offering his prone body to the pirate’s assault. Rassadah was so excited with his success that his passion mounted to a point he had not expected. He lost all consciousness, his cock tried to enter deeper and deeper into Josh as if he needed to possess his slave’s body completely. Josh’s body was slipping on the floor under the tremendous lungs of his fucking master. Soon he was pushed against the bulwark as Rassadah pushed his body against his back. Josh was being driven to a new and incredibly wild orgasm, but just before he came he was conscious enough to reflect on whether he was being fucked, whether he was the passive, bottom, half of this embrace, or whether he was actually forcing Rassadah to exert his passion, whether he was the active half and Rassadah was his fucker slave, forced against his will to offer his cock to Josh.


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