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Part 2 - Shame 2
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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By Jotto

Later that night…

Garrett remained unconscious as the two guards from earlier reentered the chamber with a bottle of wine and found him shackled to the table with his cock still standing hard and tall.  The two guards approached Garrett’s cock as they would a holy shrine.

Guard one awed, “Oh, look at the slut slayer on that one, it’s bigger than before.”

Guard two, “It ain’t human, I tell you.  Is he awake, he’s got to be with all that going on.”

The two guards walked over and shook him, then slapped his face.

“He’s dead to the world he is.  Good, he won’t make a fuss.  Release the wench to the shackles so we can turn him over and place him over the edge of the rack.”

The two guards leapt into action as they loosened the shackles, flipped Garrett over and dragged him down the length of the rack; his cock and balls strummed and flopped against the thick beams of wood.  Once at the foot of the rack, his cock and legs were dangling off the edge of the rack leaving his asshole exposed, defenseless, and at just the right height to be fucked.

Guard one whipped out his cock, “Oh, look at that ass of his, nicer than my shrew of a wife has.  While I get a start on him, you tighten up his wrists incase he wakes up.”

Not one for foreplay, guard one hawked up a loogie spat it right onto Garrett’s hole.  He worked the large slimy glob of tobacco stained spit around Garrett’s hole with his little cock and shoved it in to the unconscious lad.

As he ground away at the lad’s unresistant hole, the other guard ratcheted in the chains shackled to Garrett’s wrists until his arms were stretched out straight.  Then he tied off Garrett’s legs to the legs of the rack so that they’re spread apart.

Guard one took a swig of wine as he fucked Garrett, “Just like virgin cunt, he is.  Oh, I like this one just fine.”

Guard two pushed in, “All right now, let me have a crack at him.”

Guard one protested, “Back off, I haven’t cracked my marbles yet.”

Guard two insisted, “I just want in there for a minute before you make a mess in there.”

The second guard whipped out his little pecker, pushed the first guard out of the way and rushed his cock into Garrett’s ass and fucked him like a feral dog.  And as they took turns at Garrett’s ass, a third guard walked in on them.

“Hey, what the fuck are you two doing?”

Guard one, “What does it look like we’re doing, we’re fucking this sleeping cunt up the ass.”

“I can see that.  I meant you were supposed to take my watch now.”  Said the third as he walked over to get a better look at Garrett’s ass, “Hey, that’s a right fine looking piece of snatch.  Can I get in on that?”

The second guard shrugged, “Yeah, but you’ll have to wait your turn.”

The third guard brightened up, “Great, let me get some of the others, they’ll want in on him too.”

And within minutes, the chamber was filled with naked and drunken lecherous guards who were lined up for a chance to mount the sleeping beauty.  Soon, Garrett’s buttocks and thighs were awash in a froth of jizz as the sexual melee taking place around his once glorious hole grew out of control.  Fights broke out over who would be the next to pump a load into Garrett’s man-pussy that was already overfilled and seeping with the pearlescent milk of numerous men.  And the ruckus was so clamorous that no one notice the cries of the young man who had regained consciousness.  Garrett’s cries and challenges went unheard or just unheeded as the crowd of naked men took turns in rapid succession to fuck him up the ass.


The clamor of the massive gang-bang had finally gotten loud enough to echo down the corridors and attract the attention of the big man.  The big man rushed in and brought the party to an abrupt end.  After the big man had kicked out the calamitous hoard of men, he washed down Garrett’s soiled hind quarters while he was still tied over the edge of the rack.  Garrett was about to thank him for ending the rape of his ass until the big man pried open the lad’s asshole with his thick fingers.

Garrett exclaimed, “What?  No, not you too?”

The big man growled, “Washing you out, wench.”

Garrett grimaced and whimpered as the big man spread his anus wide open and pour water in.  Once it was full, the big man let Garrett’s hole flap shut and patted him on the ass.

The big man growled, “Now shit out water.”

Garrett was beyond humiliation and out of control of his faculties as the seemed to push itself out of ass and ran down his legs and persistently erect cock and dangling balls.  And the big man rinsed and repeated until the water ran clear.  With his soul crushed, his body tortured and violated countless times, and tormented by a chronically engorged cock, Garrett gave no resistance as the big man repositioned him spread-eagle on the rack and secured the shackles around his limbs.

And so it went on and on, that was basically the routine for the next two weeks as the prince would challenge Garrett’s erection with tortures that were tried and true or created just for Garrett’s persistently erect phallus.  Then after the prince was done with Garrett for the day, the night was filled with guards that would risk punishment just to fuck the hapless lad.  And then the big man would wash him down and wash him out.  And each day was basically the same with few variations, for two weeks.  And by the end of it all, Garrett’s spirit was broken and he had become completely repentant.

On the fifteenth day, a guard informed his father, Aldred, that a punishment had been decided upon and that he could visit Garrett in prison where they would both be told what form his penance would take.

Aldred was escorted to a cell where Garrett had been moved to.  As prison cells go, it was one of the nicer accommodations, it had a window that looked on to the beautiful world beyond the walls and the floor was free of shit and dried bodily fluids.  But what Aldred saw in there still left him shocked and appalled,  Garrett, his beautiful son, was naked and chained to the ceiling.  And though Garrett had been made presentable for his father; his flesh washed clean of all the sperm he was forced to discharge, and all the foul juices of lecherous men from the past two weeks had been wiped away; his soul was clearly sullied.


Aldred was so glad to see his son that he didn’t notice Garrett’s huge erection until he tried to hug him.

Aldred was dismayed, “My son, I began to fear I would never see you again.  I am so glad to see you, but why are you like this?  Where are your clothes?”

Garrett was distant and affectless at first but began to whimper as he realized the man standing before him was his father, “Oh father, it’s you. Have you come to take me home?”

“Not yet, I’m here to be told of your punishment.  But why are you aroused?”

Garrett whimpered, “They did things to me.  They made me this way.  I can’t get soft anymore.  I’ve been like this for…I don’t know how long now.  Since the first day I was imprisoned.”

Aldred gulped, “That was two weeks ago.  You’ve been hard for two weeks?”

Garrett whimpered, “I think I’m like this forever.  Not only does it really hurt, but it is so very sensitive.  The slightest touch causes me to let-go of my seed.”

Aldred pleaded, “Son, tell me what they did to you.”

Garrett sobbed, “Father, I can’t, just not now.  I didn’t know that men were capable of such things.”

Just then, Father Godric walked into the cell.  Aldred seemed as if were about to thrash the priest as he stomped towards him.

Aldred demanded, “What have you done to my boy?”

Godric defended, “I have done nothing to Garrett, nary a finger did I lay on him.”

Aldred demanded, “Then who?”

Garrett muttered, “It was the prince.”

Aldred was stunned, “The prince, Prince Harold?”

Father Godric warned, “And if either of you mention that to anyone, he will have your tongues cut out of your mouths.”

Aldred, “I will take it to the king, he is a better man than that evil prince.”

The priest shook his head, “No, he would not believe that of his son.  And besides, the prince would have you killed before you goy anywhere near the palace.”

Aldred was frustrated, “So where is the justice?  What are we to do?”

Father Godric laid it out, “Your son will take his punishment, after which, the two of you will be free to leave the kingdom and start a new life elsewhere.”

Aldred scoffed as he consoled his son, “So this is not punishment enough?  He is naked and his body damaged.  Just how much more is he to endure?”

The priest took a deep breath, “Well, he is to be taken in stocks to the steps of the church, where he will be stripped and presented to the congregation.”

Aldred exclaimed, “What?”

The priest continued, “He will then receive ten lashes across his back.  And then he will have to walk the walk of shame all the way to the main gates and then banished from the kingdom.”

Aldred was incredulous, “Now wait, my son’s punishment for being naked by himself in secluded cove is to be paraded naked through the streets of the kingdom?”

The priest countered, “He’s being punished for what he was doing while he was naked.”

Garrett sighed, “Father, it’s okay, I can do that.  If it means this part of my life can end and I can leave this place, I will gladly take this punishment.”

Aldred consoled his son, “Are you sure?”

“Yes, father.”

“Okay, my boy.”

The priest cleared his throat, “And there is one more thing, Aldred.”


The priest cleared his throat even harder, “Um, mind you, this… what fallows comes directly from…Prince Harold.  You will forge a ball and chain to be shackled around Garrett’s balls during his walk of shame.”

Garrett, “What?”

Aldred exclaimed, “What type of punishment is that?”

The priest was unequivocal, “It’s a punishment befitting of the crime, or at least befitting the prince’s nature.  And the sooner you make it, the sooner all this will be over and done with.  This is the only path open to your son.”

Before Aldred or Garrett could protest, Father Godric left the cell.

Garrett gave up, “Just do it father, we have no choice in the matter.”

Aldred, “I know, but it’s all so perverse.”

Aldred thought quickly, “But he didn’t say how heavy it had to be.  I know what to do, I shall make it as light as possible.  And if you act as if it’s heavy, no-one will be the wiser.”

“Thank you, father.”

Aldred timidly, “Now, I’m sorry my boy, but I will have to take a crude measurement.  Okay?”

Garrett smiled, “I understand, go ahead.”

Garrett took a deep breath as Aldred took a knee and placed his thumb and forefinger around the top of his son’s scrotum.  And though his fingers couldn’t fully reach around Garrett’s sack, Aldred got the information he needed.

Aldred stood up, “I should have known, you’re built just like your old man, sorry.”

Garrett asked, “Sorry for what?”

“For having to place my hands on you like that.  It was awkward.”

Garrett smiled, “No it wasn’t, for I trust you more than any one else I have ever known.  You could never be off-putting to me.”

Aldred and Garrett exchanged endearing kisses on each others cheeks.

“I love you, son.”

“I love you, father.”

And with that, Aldred spirited away as Garret smiled broadly knowing that everything would soon be okay.  But then, those two nasty guards that have constantly tormented Garrett entered the cell.

Guard one smiled, “Hello, how’s our favorite puppet?  Now that daddy’s gone, it’s time to go back to the chamber.”

Guard two chuckled, “Yeah, just the three of us.”

And just as quickly, Garrett’s hopeful smile disappeared from his face as he once again prepared himself for the worst.

Two days later…

Aldred reluctantly had the ball and chain ready for his son and wanted to get Garrett’s punishment over with as soon as possible, but Father Godric said he would have to wait another three days until it was Sunday, right after church services so that all the citizens would be there to witness Garrett’s atonement.

Come that Sunday, Aldred attended church as usual, but this time he dreaded the end of the services for that would be the appointed time of his son’s public humiliation.  After a stirring sermon about the evils of temptation, after hymns about casting out those who temp us were sung and put to rest, the congregation of a few hundred followers was informed that there was an egregious sinner amongst us and that he would be punished.  Aldred sat in the pew as he held onto the ball and chain while fuming over what he perceived as an overreaction to a victimless crime.

Father Godric took to the holy pulpit one more time, “Guards, bring in the sinner, Garrett, son of Aldred.”

Those who were sitting near Aldred looked at him with astonished curiosity.  And then, in walked Garrett escorted by two guards, yes, those two guards.  The crowed murmured at the sight of Garrett in a mobile stock, a slab of wood that was fitted around his neck and held his wrists up as high as his neck.  And the only thing he was wearing was a stained and ruined tunic that hung just as low as his crotch and was propped up in the front by his persistent and monstrous erection.  Members of the congregation couldn’t accept that that huge bulge was his genitalia and just thought it was tumor or just a wardrobe malfunction of some sort.  Garrett was placed center stage as the church goers watched and Father Godric spoke.

Father Godric was overly dramatic, “Behold, the sweet and innocent face of Garrett, who is known by us all as a nice and robust young man.  But what we didn’t know about him is that he was put here in our village us to tempt us towards evil.  Behold, the true snake in the grass!”

Father Godric clapped his hands at the guards who flanked Garrett.  The two guards turned to Garrett, reached up and in one yank, ripped the tattered tunic off of the sullied lad.  And there Garrett stood, naked and ashamed, while his  very proud cock reached out to the congregation.  Those that didn’t gasp with astonishment shrieked in horror.


Aldred stood up, “My son is not a snake!  He is a good boy!”

Father Godric scolded Aldred, “I m not talking about him, but rather that abomination between his legs!”

Aldred pleaded, “He was just born that way.”

The priest, “Yes, born and placed here to tempt us.” The priest addressed his flock, “Who amongst you feels lust or jealousy at the sight of Garrett’s young and muscular naked body?  Who amongst you is tempted by that enormous member hanging off of him?  I know of this temptation in the short time I spent with him.  Garrett himself could not resist the temptation of his own flesh and committed disgusting acts upon himself.  And all of you must recognize those sins in yourselves and purge those sins as we purge him from our midsts.”

Aldred was fuming.

The priest continued, “We must purge these temptations from our kingdom, starting with that!”

The priest pointed his crooked finger at Garrett’s cock.  Father Godric walked over and pushed Garrett, forcing him to stumble down the steps to the main floor of the gallery.  Shamed, Garrett tried to keep his eyes focused on the floor but his swaying cock kept his attention and he cursed himself for having such a huge cock.  As Garrett’s cock passed by, most of the people shied away in fear of such a massive phallus as it swayed sided to side.  As Garrett passed his father, Aldred stood up with the ball and chain in hand and walked closely behind him.

Aldred whispered, “Be brave and walk tall, my son, I am with you.  And know that the women want you and the man envy you.”

Soon, they were outside at the top of the church steps.  Father Godric, Garrett and Aldred stayed at the top of the stairs while the rest of the congregation filed out and down the steps.  As the crowd took their places to view Garrett, the priest summoned Aldred.  Aldred stepped forward with the ball and chain.

Father Godric waved a guard over as he told Aldred, “Hand over the ball and chain to the guard so he may attach it to your son’s testicles.”

Aldred clutched the device to his chest, “No, if any body is to put this on to my son, it will be me.  Besides, I’m the only one who knows how too use it.”

Aldred’s reason for this was unspoken, he didn’t want anyone to realized how much lighter it was than it looked.

Father Godric indulged the caring father, “Very well, Aldred, you may attach the ball and chain to your son now.”

Aldred faced his son and could see the fear in Garrett’s eyes at the sight of the large iron sphere attached to a chain and shackle.

Aldred whispered, “Don’t worry, my boy, I made the ball hallow and I lined the shackle with sheepskin.  It still will be painful, but nowhere as bad as it could have been.”

Garrett smiled, “Thank you, father.”

Aldred sighed, “Now, take a deep breath.”

Aldred took a knee in front of Garrett and leaned his head to one side to avoid his formidable cock, raised the shackle to his scrotum a gingerly folded his sack into the iron shackle and latched it shut.  Aldred slowly let the weight of the iron ball come to rest of his son’s nuts.  Garrett winced as the still considerable mass of the ball and chain stretched his scrotum down.  Aldred rose to face Garrett.

Garrett sputtered, “So, this is... not as… bad?”

The priest pushed Aldred away leaving Garrett exposed to the murmuring crowd and humiliated by the ironwork hanging from his balls.

The priest spoke, “Garrett, son of Aldred, has been found guilty of performing lewd acts upon himself…”

Aldred interrupted, “Guilty?  How?  There was no trial.”

Father Godric huffed, “Because of the extraordinarily obscene nature of his crimes, the trial was held in closed chambers.  And the first part of his punishment will be ten lashes.”

Father Godric signaled for the big man to step in.  In walked the big man who now wore a hood to conceal his identity, though every one there knew exactly who he was, he was the biggest man in the kingdom.  He carried a whip curled up in one hand that had a long history of leaving scars on other unfortunate souls.  Garrett braced himself as the crowd behind him made way for the big man to take his place.

Father Godric commanded, “Proceed with the lashings!”

The big man elegantly unfurled the whip and waved it circles above his head.  The whir of the tightly bound leather sung an ominous tune that got louder and louder that sent shivers down Garrett’s spine.  And then, with the sonic boom caused by the end of the whip breaking the sound barrier, a gash of blood seemed to magically appear across Garrett’s back as his pristine flesh was opened up by the braided leather.  Garrett screamed as the crowd cheered.  Aldred shut his eyes and turned his head away in sympathetic agony over his son’s pain.  Then the whip whirred again and snapped leaving a second gash across Garrett’s back.  Garrett screamed and stumbled as he tried to turn his back away from the big man.  The iron ball tugging at his nuts and banged against his knees.  A guard grabbed Garrett by the shoulder and turned his back towards the big man.  Aldred started to cry as a third lash struck Garrett.  Then a fourth and a fifth lashing as the crowd cheered. The priest walked over to the big man and whispered into his ear, and the big man nodded.  The whip took flight and hovered a bit longer as the big man seemed to be taking his time to aim more carefully and snap, the whip struck deep across Garrett’s buttocks. Garrett’s back arched as he screamed and the crowd went wild.  The seventh lashing landed across his ass again, but this time Garrett didn’t scream as he was surprised an all to familiar contraction taking place in his loins.  This was how he came to respond to pain thanks to two weeks in the dungeon with the prince and his needles.  He knew this would be a bad time to show off how much of a load he could dump at one time and turned to the big man and pleaded for him to stop.

“Please, stop! I beg you!”  Garrett cried, “You don’t know what you’re doing.”

The guards turned Garrett back to take the next of his lashings.  Then as the whip started to whir up again, Garrett summoned all his will to suppress the orgasm swirling through his compromised reproductive system, and then crack, a sharp pain across his ass again.  Garrett tried so hard to hold it back, but no, with a scream of ecstasy and an arched back, his cock reared up and sprayed down the portion of the crowd nearest to him with a deluge of his cum.  Women fainted and men swooned as a second stream of Garrett’s sperm shot into the crowd that was still trying to scatter.


Aldred was delighted, “You all deserve that for reveling in my son’s pain!”  He turned to his son, “You show them, Garrett, you show them what men like us are capable of.”

As Garrett recovered from his orgasm, he urged his father, “Father, please don’t taunt them, you’re just making it worse for both of us.”

And sure enough, the crowd shouted at Garrett…




And so the crowd carried on while the priest yelled out to the big man…

“Concentrate on his back again!  No more on his ass!”

The big man was equally flummoxed by the young man’s orgasmic reaction to being whipped and was slow to get the whip airborne again.  In his frustration, the priest ran over and took the whip away from the big man and dealt out the last two lashings himself.

The priest yelled, “I will not have you mack a mockery of me !”

Whir, whir, whir and crack, the ninth lashing left its mark across Garrett’s back.

The priest angrily commanded, “Repent!”

And then the tenth lash came quickly and was the deepest of all as it tore into the young man’s flesh.  Garrett screamed one last time as the self-righteous crowd cheered.  A sobbing Garrett fell to his knees in painful exhaustion and the iron ball hanging from his sack chimed deeply as it hit the marble steps.  The priest signaled the guards to put Garrett back up on his feet,  As the unfortunate lad was set back upright, the iron ball once again tugged heavily on his nuts.  Garrett teetered as the crowd jeered him.

The priest tossed the whip aside as he addressed the crowd again, “And now the second part of Garrett’s punishment will be carried out.  From here to the main gate, Garrett will walk the walk of shame.  Once at the gate, he will be banished from our fair kingdom and continue his walk of shame to the land beyond until some unknown passerby takes mercy on this corrupted soul.”

Aldred was defiant, “Banished?  You don’t have to banish him, we will be more than glad to leave this hateful place.  But you said nothing about forced to walk like this beyond the gates.”

Father Godric was curt, “I have come to realize that Garrett and his member are such an abomination that his humiliation should go far beyond our walls.  You, Aldred, should be grateful that I have not sentenced him to death.”

Aldred was indignant, “You are the abomination.”

Father Godric was incensed, “Mind your tongue, Aldred!  Be grateful that I am sworn to be a forgiving man.”

“The only thing I am grateful is that my son and I will be gone from here.”

The priest realized, “Of course, you would be dedicated to walking with him.  I can’t have that.”  The priest turned to the guards, “Lock up Aldred.”

The guards swooped in and apprehended Aldred.

Aldred protested, “You can’t do this, this is not right.”

The priest yelled back, “Garrett must face this punishment alone and you would interfere and set him free as soon as you were clear of the gate!”

Aldred screamed, “I have done nothing wrong!”

The priest was dismissive, “Aldred, you shall only be detained for a few days, I think that is enough time for your son to walk the countryside like this.”

Aldred pleaded, “But he is unable to use his arms, how will he be able to defend himself against the creatures of the woods or gather food to eat?”

The priest was tired of explaining himself and signaled the guards to take Aldred away.  As Aldred was dragged off, Father and son exchanged mournful gazes.

Garrett cried out, “I’m so sorry father!”

Aldred shouted back, “It will be all right, my boy, we’ll get through this.  I swear it.”

As Aldred is dragged off to prison, Father Godric turned his attention to Garrett.

“As for you, your life will now be nothing but shame and humiliation.”

Just then, Father Godric is joined by another man in priestly garb.  But this other priest is no man of the cloth, he is Prince Harold in disguise.  The temptation of seeing such a handsome and well endowed creature as Garrett paraded thru the streets naked was a perverted pleasure the prince could not resist.  Father Godric recognized him immediately and knew why he was there but instantly decided that it was for the best for the kingdom not to make a fuss and allowed the prince to maintain his anonymity before the congregation.  But then the prince took a step further as he pulled out from his robe one of the devices he had tortured Garrett with, a cat o’nine tails with knobbed handle.  The prince and the priest exchanged glances; the priest silently urging the prince to step back, but the prince hated being told what to do and became even more determined make Garrett’s humiliation even greater.

Garrett saw it and dared to protest, “But I have already been whipped.  You’re not going to whip me again?”

Prince Harold whispered into Garrett’s ear, “No, dear boy, I just thought that since you’re hung like a horse, you should look like one.”

The disguised prince turned Garrett’s back to the crowd and had the big man force him to bend over, revealing the lad’s vulnerable asshole to the crowd.  Then without warning or ceremony, the prince himself rammed the handled of the whip into Garrett’s ass.  Garrett screamed as he stood up recoiling from the cruel intrusion into his hole.

The prince took Garrett by his ear and gleefully whispered, “Now, if you push that out or let it drop out during your walk, we will make you start this all over again, you naughty boy.”

Many in the crowd would have found this bizarre, but so worked up into a frenzy were they that they all just cheered at the escalation of Garrett’s humiliation.

The prince risked facing the crowd, “Let this be a lesson to all who would sin as he has, you will have such humiliation put upon you as well, and your name will be synonymous with disgrace.”

Everyone was so focused on Garrett that no one recognized the prince’s face.  Father Godric turned Garrett so that he and his gigantic swaying cock faced the crowd again.

Father Godric announced, “Good people of Urethria, this is Garrett, son of Aldred, he is guilty of committing unholy acts upon his own flesh and being an agent of temptation!  He will now walk the walk of shame from here to the main gate!  Along the way, let him know the wrath of God thru you.  And let him know the full extent of his shame.”

The priest stood behind Garrett and gave him a swift kick in the ass,  Garrett stumbled down the first few steps, the iron ball tugged at his testicles causing his mighty cock to bob around flinging the last few drops of his orgasm down to the uneven cobblestone road.

The priests, both real and phony, started ringing their bells loudly as they shouted, “Shame!  Shame!  Shame!”


As Garrett negotiated the steps of the church down to the jeering masses, his walk was awkward as he tried to keep the iron ball from banging into his knees, but each award step caused the iron ball to tug harder on his less resilient nuts.  Men, women and children berated him with insults and accusations of blasphemy as others looked away in disgust.  Some mocked his huge phallus while a few looked upon Garrett’s cock with silent awe.  Some of the more jealous men thru rocks at Garrett with some aiming for his most pronounced manhood.  The pitiful lad tried to shield his cock from the projectiles with a simple twist of his body, but is cock was just too big to shield from the crowd. 

And the priests yelled, “Shame!  Shame!  Shame!” 

Along the long way to the gate, Garrett noticed his childhood friend and coworker, Obasi.  Obasi was keeping to the walls that defined the street and was pacing along with Garrett, but averting his gaze whenever their eyes met so that no-one would recognize their affiliation.  But in their brief and silent exchanges, Garrett could see the sorrow and sympathy Obasi had in his eyes and found some strength to carry on knowing he still had one friend in this fuck up world who was there to support him.  And Garrett knew that Obasi would help him out of this hell at the first opportunity.  Contrarily, it was painful for Obasi to lay eyes on a tormented friend who he had a great deal of affection for, an affection that was deep enough to be called love. 

And the priests yelled, “Shame!  Shame!  Shame!” 

As children, they use to bathe and swim in the river together, so Obasi was always aware of the phallic gift that Garrett possessed.  And as they grew, their friendship grew stronger and meaningful, even more so for Obasi.  Even if Garrett had not possessed such a great phallus, Obasi, who had a hardy build and alluring looks, cherished Garrett for his warmth, simple ways, and that Garrett made him feel as his equal in every way, regardless of the fact that Obasi was an indentured apprentice to Garrett’s father, Aldred.  Also, Obasi felt so good whenever he basked in the glow of Garrett’s burly good looks and his flexing muscles as the young blacksmith hammered away at a red-hot piece of iron.  And as the two boys entered puberty, Obasi had an increasing curiosity of seeing and experiencing Garrett’s manhood in action and longed to be embraced by his big arms and pressed against his brawny body.  In fact, the playful touch from Obasi the Garrett had mentioned to his father was not as playful as Garrett had thought.  During their last round of playful wrestling, Obasi couldn’t resist the temptation any more and indeed made a move on Garrett.  Garrett, just wanting to preserve their friendship as it was, persuaded himself to dismiss it as an accident.  And being raised as god fearing folk, neither boy could truly entertained the notion of a sexual relationship and so Obasi backed off.  But now, to see Garrett shamed, humiliated, deeply in need of consoling, and to see him so vulnerable and naked and in need of help just made Obasi desire him all the more.  And let’s not fail to mention Garrett’s fucking huge cock again, a cock that was severely in need of therapeutic massage and affection.  God, Obasi wanted to be in every way with Garrett’s and his cock.

And the priests yelled, “Shame!  Shame!  Shame!”

Along the way, as they traveled into the seedier part of the kingdom, where the stables and pubs are located closer to the gate, and the men were more unruly and even little drunk even on a Sunday morning, men would run up and spit horrid gobs of spit onto Garrett’s face and cock.  The guards would try to keep them away but there was just too many of them.  One of the kingdom’s better known drunkards managed to run up and straddle Garrett’s cock between his legs and mockingly road it like it was a bucking bronco.

The drunkard slobbered, “Hey look at me, I’m Garrett and I’m a naughty boy!”

As humiliated as Garrett was, he found that foul smelling creatures behavior deeply offensive and beneath him.  The unsympathetic guards were slightly amused and were slow in forcing the drunkard off of Garrett’s cock.

And the priests yelled, “Shame!  Shame!  Shame!” 

Thankfully, this kingdom was not very large and the walk of shame from the church to the gate took only twenty minutes.

And the priests yelled, “Shame!  Shame!  Shame!” 

Once at the open gate, Father Godric halted the procession and the crowd became quiet as he raised the holy book above his head.

Father Godric spoke, “Garrett, you are banished from this kingdom and you are never to return here again.  Do you understand?”

Quivering with pain, blood trickling from his wounds and spit from the self-righteous running down his body, Garrett stuttered out, “Yes…I will never be back…this way…again…so God help me.”

With a shove from Father Godric, a naked and shackled Garrett continued his shamed and painful walk into the wilds beyond the kingdom’s walls.

The priest ordered, “Shut the gate!”

And many craned their necks to get one last look at the forsaken lad as the gates slammed shut with a thunderous boom.  Many, including Obasi, scurried to the top of the ramparts protecting the kingdom and pushed aside the guards too get one last look at Garrett as he continued his walk of shame down a lonely and tormented path until he disappeared into the heavy concentration trees that surrounded the kingdom.

Later that night… 

Obasi used a meat pie to bribe the guard of the gate to let him out.  Obasi was on a mission to help his deer friend Garrett.  No matter how many days or how many knights, no river would be too deep, nor any mountain to high to keep Obasi from his quest to find and help Garrett escape the cruel punishment and contraptions that bound him.  With a backpack full of supplies and the resolve of King Arthur’s knights, Obasi began his long and arduous journey running through the forest …oh wait, there he is.  Garrett had stopped just a few steps beyond where the trees obscured the kingdom’s view of him, he had collapsed to his knees in a pool of his own tears.  Behind a tree he hid were he had crapped out the whip that had been shoved up his ass.  Though the weight of the iron ball attached to his nuts was resting on the ground, it still held him in place as his wrists were still held through the slab of wood around his neck.  And Garrett’s resilient cock was still erect and bobbed to the beat of a heavy heart. In the light of a full moon, Obasi crept up to a sobbing and forlorn Garrett.

Obasi whispered, “Garrett.”

Expecting the worse, Garrett jolted and tried to cower away, but the iron ball shackled to his nuts kept him in place.  Obasi rushed over to Garrett’s and set to his knees beside his friend as he laid a soft hand on his shoulder.

Obasi whispered, “Easy Garrett, it’s me, Obasi.  I’m here to help you.”

Frightened and beleaguered, Garrett collapsed into Obasi.

Garrett sobbed, “Oh, it’s you, Obasi, it’s really you, my deer friend.”

Obasi loved hearing that as he consoled Garrett who’s tears were soaked up by Obasi’s shirt.  How Obasi did cherished so much taking the weight of his beloved friend into him.  After a few minutes, Obasi kissed Garrett on the forehead and gently leaned him against the tree.  With a simple release of a wooden pin, Obasi had the stock open.  Garrett moaned as his limp arms fell out and down to his sides.  Obasi had seen those big strong arms in action as they hammered out pieces of iron and steel on so many occasions that it was disheartening to see them fall like hewed trees.  Obasi raised the dehumanizing piece of wood over Garrett’s head and cast it far aside into the bushes.  Obasi untied a blanket from his backpack and laid it out on the ground and then carefully laid Garrett down on his back.  Garrett was so physically and emotionally exhausted after he had been put through such a humiliating and painful ordeal that he paid no mind to his cock that stood tall for Obasi to see.  Garrett laid motionless as Obasi placed is hand on the iron sphere shackled to his nuts.

Obasi asked gingerly, “Do you need me to remove this from you?”

Garrett tried to raise his arms to remove it himself, but completely spent of energy, his arms just laid there. 

Garrett barely even had the energy to speak, “Would you… please?”

Obasi instantly felt exhilarated and honored that Garrett would entrust him with the handling of his scrotum.  Obasi carefully cupped Garrett’s balls in his hands and with a simple flick of a latch, the shackle was opened and pealed away from the lad’s marred family jewels.  Garrett let out a subtle roar as the pain of relief set into his scrotum.

Obasi shushed him, “Quiet, we’re still too close to the kingdom walls, the guards could hear you.”

Obasi winced at the sight of the open wounds to Garrett’s neck, wrists and scrotum and went into full nurse mode.  Obasi emptied his costrel as he used his drinking water to wash down Garrett’s entire body; paying careful attention to his wounds.  The semiconscious Garrett was so comforted by his friends soothing touch, which was the first kind touch he experienced in over two weeks, that he even welcomed Obasi’s hands across his wounded seminal purse.  And then Obasi rolled Garrett on to his side to tend to the lashings on his back.  Obasi pulled a jar of a creamy anointment from his pack.  These anointments typically consisted of vinegar, egg, rose oil, opium, and a multitude of different herbs that were meant to heal wounds, but the vinegar could give quite a sting before the opium would take effect.

Obasi gave a preemptive apology, “Sorry, Garrett, this will sting.”

Garrett silently moaned, “Em hm.”

But then as Obasi dabbed the cream into the lashing wounds on Garrett’s back, the brawny young man curled up into a fetal position and gritted his teeth to muffle his cries.  As Obasi applied the cream, he couldn’t help appreciating how broad Garrett’s back was and how beautifully his muscles rippled to his touch in the cool moonlight.  Obasi blissfully slid the cream across the wounds on Garrett’s buttocks, silently noting how firm his muscles were.  Then Obasi saw Garrett’s balls were poking through his thighs and noticed the sores on the back of his sack.  Obasi placed a dab of cream on those beautiful jewels which caused Garrett to cringe and roll onto his back.  Obasi couldn’t help noticing Garrett’s fantastic cock swaying back up into his view.

Garrett moaned, “What are you doing?”

Obasi tried to look away from that incredible phallus as he explained his actions, “I’m just tending to your wounds.  It has to be done, my friend.”

Even in the pale moonlight, Garrett could see the deep affection in Obasi’s eyes, an affection he had previously denied and was now concerned about.  But Garrett also saw a friend, and now his only friend, that truly wanted to help him.  And all within an instant, Garrett set aside any biblical homophobia and rewarded his rescuer by indulging his gentle touch across his body. 

Garrett nodded, “Yes, of course, it has to be.  Thank you, Obasi.”

It was like music to Obasi’s ears to hear Garrett say his name.

Obasi smiled, “There is no need for thanks.  Now, just relax and let me take care of you.”

Now free on any anxieties, Garrett acquiesced to the moment and relaxed flat on his back as Obasi placed his hands on him once more.  Garrett winced as Obasi applied the stinging anointment to his wrists and neck, but was instantly soothed by the opium and his friend’s tender touch.

Obasi paused as he noticed the abrasions to Garrett’s massive cock.  Though battle-worn from shackles and hurtling rocks, there was still a majesty and beauty to Garrett’s reproductive appendage.  Garrett’s balls nested comfortably in the valley of his huge thighs and his cock stood as firm testimony to the virility of this strong young man.

Obasi apologized, “Sorry, but you should brace yourself, I imagine this will sting a lot.”

Garrett looked up at Obasi’s anointment covered hands poised around his cock and knew if he let Obasi proceed that this would be some sort of consummation of their friendship.  Garrett was very grateful to Obasi and was to drained of energy to tend to his own injuries.

Garrett sighed, “I can take it, especially with you at my side.”

Obasi whispered, “Yes, I am here to take care of you.”

Garrett nodded yes and grabbed onto the blanket under him bracing himself for the pending sting of the anointment.

Obasi took a deep breath, “Okay, now…do you want me to do just a little bit at a time or all at once.”

Garrett muttered, “All…at once…just get it over with.  I’m ready.”

Obasi spread the anointment between his hands and placed his hands above Garrett’s cock.

Obasi whispered, “On the count of three, one…two…three.”

And in one swift embracing swoop of his hands, Obasi spread the cream over every engorged inch of Garrett’s cock and balls.  Instantly, every sore, cut and abrasion across Garrett’s genitals was filled with the stinging anointment.  Garrett ground his teeth trying to choke back his screams as Obasi continued to spread the cream thoroughly around his manhood.  Obasi couldn’t believe that he was actually touching and caressing Garrett’s cock.  So long had he desired this that Obasi took total advantage of the situation kept spreading the cream longer than was needed.

Garrett pleaded, “Stop, I think that’s enough.”

Obasi was mesmerized, “I’m almost done, almost.”

Obasi’s rubdown was on the verge of molestation, a near fatal compromise of their friendship just to see and feel his friend’s massive cock in his hands.  But as titillated as Obasi was, he was equally in love with Garrett and wanted to make their relationship…complete.  Obasi was so transfixed on the column of meat that he failed to notice Garrett’s gyrations or his groans of ecstasy. 

Garrett pleaded, “Please, no more, I’m about to…”

And then it was if rigor mortis had instantly swept over Garrett as his cock swelled and a geyser of his sperm gushed out.  Foolishly, Obasi was not expecting this, at least not in that quantity and instinctively pointed Garrett’s cock away.  Garrett’s sperm landed six feet away and quickly formed into a little stream of white water that meandered down the shallow terrain.  Garrett couldn’t hold it back any more and let out a mighty roar.


Back at the kingdom…

Two guards pacing up and down the ramparts froze in their steps as they heard the roar.

Guard one, “What was that?”

Guard two, “It sounds like a bear.”

Guard one, “It must be mating season.”

Back in the woods…

Garrett collapsed into unconsciousness as what little energy he had left was used to purge his seed.  As Obasi stared in awe at Garrett’s cock, for the first time in over two weeks, the mighty phallus was finally allowed to rest as it went limp in Obasi’s hands.  It was an act of love that allowed Garrett to return to normal and allowed his cock to finally relax.  The pain of sustaining such an erection for that long was purged from Garrett’s body, a purge that left Garrett completely exhausted.  Obasi laid down Garrett’s boner-weary penis between his huge thighs as gently as a mother laying down her sleeping infant.

Obasi turned to Garrett to say, “Sorry, I had no idea that…”

And that’s when Obasi notice that Garrett had passed out.  Obasi’s hands dripped with essence of Garrett, and as he was about to fling the viscus flow from his hands, his sexual curiosity took over and he wondered how its taste would compare to his own seed which to had tasted on numerous occasions.  Obasi raised his hand to his lips and he licked the side of his finger clean.

Obasi smile as he looked down at Garrett, “You truly are a sweet man.”

Obasi laid beside Garrett and placed his face over his slumbering friend’s face and pressed their lips together and gave him a Prince Charming-like kiss.  As Obasi pulled away, he saw Garrett was looking at him.  Obasi didn’t know what to expect as Garrett’s arm raised up, he thought for sure that he was going to get punched for such a transgression, no matter how pure his intent.  But instead, Garrett’s hand went to the back of Obasi’s neck and pulled him in for another kiss.  And while Obasi’s half of the kiss was passionate, Garrett’s half of the kiss was gratitude for his rescue and accepted his friend’s passion because of their long standing friendship.  And somewhere in the middle of their kiss, Garrett passed out again.  Obasi sensed it and pulled away, but quickly gave him another quick kiss to see if Garrett would revive once again, he did not.

Obasi whispered, “Can you hear me?  I hope so.  I love you.”

As Garrett slept, Obasi took friendly advantage of his friend’s deep slumber to quietly shed his clothing and pressed their bare-skinned bodies together.  Obasi brushed Garrett’s hair from his eyes as he cuddled in tightly to his friend while wondering about a romance between the two of them and slipped into a dream about the house and home they would build together.  And as Obasi bonded with Garrett, his manhood engorged and his passions engaged as he pressed his cock into the thigh of his sleeping beauty.  Obasi’s gentle gyrations were subtle as his cock smoothly slid through the shallow valley that marked the boundary between the muscles that formed Garrett’s voluminous thigh.  And as Obasi breathed deeply into Garrett’s hair and neck, his virgin juices gave his friend’s leg a glossy sheen.  Obasi placed his hand on the young blacksmith’s chest and compared his heartbeat to Garrett’s.  And that was all it took for Obasi for the first time in his life to have an orgasm in the presence of another.  With a simple twist of his hip, Obasi’s cock peered up from behind his Garrett’s leg and rolled over his body as a burst of his seed left a stripe of white across the slumbering lad’s torso.  And then a second streak of white raced across Garrett’s body.  As Obasi regained his composure, he carefully wiped and licked away the evidence of his spontaneous passion from Garrett’s body, letting his fingers and tongue linger on every valley and hilltop of the masculine terrain that lay dormant beside him; all the while, keeping his eyes on Garrett’s face to spot if his actions would cause him to awake.  And as Garrett continued to sleep, Obasi swiped up the last drop of his seed with his finger and gently placed it on Garrett’s lips.  Purely as a reflex, Garrett’s unconscious body reacted to the sensation of something on his lip and the tip of his tongue emerged just far enough to wipe his lips clean.

Obasi gasped a little and whispered, “Now we have tasted each other’s seed.  Do you know what that means?  It means we are now betrothed.  How I wish that could be.”

Obasi rested his head together with Garrett’s.  And there in the glow of gentile moonlight, the two young men spent the night in a tender embrace.

The next morning…

Garrett awoke to the sensation of his lips once again being grace by the lips of his dear friend.  Obasi pulled away when he notice Garrett starting to stir.  Their eyes locked and Obasi waited for Garrett to make the next move.  Was Garrett going to push him away or pull him in like he did last night?  You know how different men can be the morning after.  But Garrett just stared at him.

Garrett wondered what to do as the golden light of the rising sun reflected in Obasi’s eyes, eyes that beamed with hope and longing.  Garrett wasn’t attracted to men, but it felt so natural and so right to be in Obasi’s embrace.  Garrett had gone through his adolescence without experiencing the touch of another out of fear of scaring off any potential mates.  A fear that was instilled into him by his father.  But then all of a sudden,  over the past two weeks, Garrett’s virginity had been stolen and his body repeatedly violated by a degenerate men.  But now, all of that violence seemed not too matter as he looked into the eyes of someone who clearly was in love with him, someone who knew his body for what it was and what it had to offer and embraced it wholeheartedly.  Garrett’s hand rose once again to the back of Obasi’s head and slowly pulled him in.


And there, just outside the walls of a kingdom ruled by primitive dogmas and within a stones throw of a well traveled road, the two young men consummated their relationship as much as Garrett’s unique biology would allow.  And they rejoiced as they seeded the fields of their young flesh and the soil beneath them in the cool shade of an old oak tree.


Garrett knew that once his father was released, they would find each other at the caves at the far side of the forest.  Along with Obasi, Garrett and his father, Aldred, set up shop in a distant township where no-one ever heard the name of the kingdom they fled from.  And there in their new home, Garrett came to be comfortable and open with Obasi’s tender affections.

At first, Aldred shunned Garrett’s and Obasi’s affection for each other, but eventually came to accept their relationship, taking solace in the fact that both were good men that made each other and the world around them…joyful.  Plus the fact that both young men were amazing blacksmiths that did absolutely stunning work while in the presence of each other and their skills became renowned far and wide.  So much so, that they were on occasion invited back to the kingdom that had cast Garrett out, and each time, Garrett would respectfully decline.

But since Garrett was not truly gay, he still had the need to take a wife and did eventually find a good woman by the name of Berta.  She was a brawny and stout woman with a strong back and who could receive him well and would bring on to him four sons, two sets of twins actually, and all four of them inherited their father’s  ample fifth appendage.  And since compensations for Garrett’s smithing skills were quite considerable, he could afford all the comforts that that time had to offer and gave her the lifestyle of a queen.  So, she too came to accept Garrett’s need for Obasi’s presence.

And now for today…

All the characters in this drama are dust now, but Garrett’s legacy lives on in his descendants who walk amongst us and fully realize just how crazy people can get when they reveal their massive heritage.  And so they do the best they can to keep it a secret and only reveal themselves to a fortunate few that they deemed worthy.