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Part 1 - Shame 1
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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By Jotto

Since the dawn of mankind, men have cast blame for their sinful desires and shortcomings on to the innocent and abused their power to punish the powerless.  That is why the young and virile Garrett’s strapping body was subjected to the perverse desires of a hedonistic prince, gang raped by those who were supposed to protect the public, and then was made to endure the walk of shame.

A thousand years and two hours ago, in the historically brief and forgettable kingdom of, Urethria, lived a young and strapping lad by the name of, Garrett.  Like his father Aldred, Garrett was a blacksmith who’s trade made his body big, strong and rippling with muscles.  And also like his father, he inherited a family trait passed down thru all the males in his family, an enormous set of genitals.  So large was his cock that some would consider it more of a birth defect.  So, his father knew well how this specific physicality could be a blessing and a curse.  Before the father found a woman that could at least partially receive him and give him a son, he saw how his cock could both generate adulation from those secure in their manhood and great fear and jealousy from those who were easily threatened or challenged by someone with a bigger cock than their’s.  And as it turns out, the ones with power usually seek that power because they had such a desperate need to compensate for their own shortcomings.

So at the behest of his father, Garrett always kept his penis strapped to his leg and wore his long leather apron too conceal the sizable bulge that would still have been noticeable thru his clothing.  But those parental cautions didn’t stop Garrett from his routine of going to some seclude area in the woods or along the river just outside the kingdom to rub out a load or two nearly every morning.  This wasn’t just because he had the libido of a teenager (which he did) but because his oversized balls were over productive and the pressure of all that sperm building up in his testicles could become uncomfortable.

But as often happens with the young who are new to adulthood, Garrett got careless one morning as he engaged in the pleasures of his own flesh.

Garrett was careful not to reveal his phallic prowess whenever he bathed in a secluded bend of the main river in a deep nook of the forest far outside of the protective walls of the kingdom.  There, he would bath and in the cool waters and then let the sun dry his body in the seclusion of a shallow cove of rock and grass.


To let his massive cock rest and swing freely without being tethered to his thigh was a freedom he could not openly enjoy very often.  Garrett often fantasized about living in a far off land where he could walk naked about the fields and forests while manipulating his cock with reckless abandon.  And as would quite often happen as he fantasized, his manhood swelled up and demand his attention.  And there on this fateful day, in his private little river cove on a beautiful summer morning, Garrett’s penis became engorged with his fantasies and worked its’ way up the young man’s torso as it had done many times before.  His cock was so massive that it could not stand tall on its own and came to rest on the new growth of chest hairs that were similar to the fuzz of a peach.  As Garrett woke from his daydream to face the ripe apple of his glorious manhood, he sat up and cradled his cock in his hands as he leaned in and licked up the first clear drop of his tea that sparkled on the tip of his throbbing cock.  His lips wrapped around the plump apple of his manhood and his tongue enjoyed the sweet juice of his loins.  Yes, he was into autofellatio before there was even a name for that.  Garrett was a youth that was truly ahead of his time.  And as he dined on his meat, the minutes rolled on and became an hour, and then some.  Time had gotten away from him as he enjoyed himself.  And as his milk was about to be purged from his loins, as his moans got loader and loader, a shout came from the rocky ledge above.  A man from the village had been watching Garrett. 


It was Wregan, one of the village elders!

Now, Wregan was not there by chance for Garrett’s good looks and beautifully disheveled blond hair had often caught the eye of Wregan, and Wregan had taken notice quite often of how Garrett would walk off into the forest and would return hours later cleaner than when he left and with a song in his heart.  And on this fateful day, Wregan was determined to follow Garret and find out what the lad was up too.  And Wregan did indeed find out what Garrett had been up too as he had been watching the whole time the young man had been pleasing himself.  At first, Wregan could not believe what he was seeing, a cock so monstrous that its owner could easily wrestle it into his own mouth.  And as he spied on Garrett, his decrepit body experienced lust once again and his little cock became hard for the first time in many years.  But as Wregan’s cock became engorged, so did his religious conditioning and the conflict was too much for him to withstand.  And the only way he could deal with these mix of emotions was to blame Garrett.  So, with condemnation…

Wregan shouted, “Sinner!  Sinner!”

Garrett was in the throws of an orgasm and fumbled his cock as he tried to cover himself with his clothing, but all he could do was drop to the ground as his cock gushed sperm all over him and the grasses and boulders he was lying on.

Wregan continued, “You are a naughty boy, Garrett!”

Garrett could barely speak as his orgasms were always intense, “Oh…just go away!”

Wregan was truly shocked, “And what manner of beast is that between your legs?  You are a monster!”

Garrett’s orgasm finally subsided, “My cock doesn’t concern you old man!”

Wregan shunned, “You shall be punished for what I’ve seen you doing to yourself!  I will see to it!”

And with that declaration, Wregan ran back to the kingdom, and since he was more than thirty feet above Garrett, he had something of a head start.

Garrett cussed, “Oh, fuck!”

Garrett hastily redressed in seconds and quickly climbed the walls of the cove and back in the woods.  He looked for the elder Wregan who had eyed him, but he was nowhere to be seen.  Garrett tried to catch up to Wregan, but as he neared the main gate to the kingdom, he could see Wregan was already scampering thru the gate.  Garrett wondered how that decrepit old man could be so fast and became desperately panic-stricken as he ran into the kingdom and straight to his father’s smithy.  In the smithy was his father, Aldred and their indentured apprentice, Obasi.  As the Garrett ran in, his father could see by the expression on his son’s face and his heavy breathing the something was wrong and stopped his hammering.  Obasi listened in while continuing his chores.

“What is it, my son?”

Garrett gasped, “Something…has happened.”

“What?” Aldred started to panic.

Garrett slammed his fist against his temple, “Something…stupid, oh I’m so stupid!  How could I be so stupid and careless!”

“Tell me, boy, what is it?”

Garrett couldn’t look his father in the face, “Well, I was bathing down by the river, in our secret cove, as usual, and after I was clean, I laid out to let the sun dry the water off my body.”


Garrett hemmed and hawed, “Well…I was…naked.”

“Yes, I understand that.  Oh…did someone see you?”

Garrett went flush, “Yes, but if it were only that.”


“Well, the sun was warm, and it felt so good to be unclothed, and…”

The father grabbed his son’s shoulders, “And you pleasured yourself again?”

Garrett closed his eyes and confirmed his father’s suspicion with a shameful nod.

“What have I told you a thousand times, you must be extremely careful with such practices.  The men of our bloodline have a gift that others don’t understand and will be threatened by.  Well, at least I hope you weren’t tasting your own seed again.”

Garrett tried to turn his back to his father as he sighed.  Aldred forced Garrett to look him in the eyes.

“Garrett, please, tell me you weren’t…that you didn’t…”

Garrett was on the verge of tears, “Well, I’ve never known the touch of another and I don’t know if I ever will.  And I do so want to be touched by and to touch another.  What else am I to do?  I even had to stop tousling with Obasi, for even his playful touch would aroused me.”

Obasi froze in his tracks realizing the effect he had on Garrett and only then at that moment understanding why Garrett cut back on their interactions.  He thought Garrett had grown weary of him, but saw quite the opposite was true, and his heart filled with hope of a more intimate relationship that he had thought was a farfetched fantasy.

When Aldred looked at Obasi as if he were guilty of something, Obasi feigned nonchalance and went back to his chores.  Aldred knew he would have to deal with him later and turned his attention back to the more immediate issue.

Aldred scolded, “I told you that you should only do that in the privacy of our house or in the back of our shop by the foundry.”

Garrett sighed, “But I make such a mess every time I churn my butter.  There’s just so much to clean up, it’s easier to la petite mort into the river and let the water carry it away.”

Aldred hugged his son, “Oh, you reckless fool.  This is one of the times I’m glad your mother is no longer with us.  I don’t know how she would be able to handle this.  But I’m sure she would tell you that your time will come, the time when someone will love you as you are.”

Garrett doubted it. “Really?”

“Yes, of course.  But first, tell me who saw you?”

“It was, Wregan.”

Aldred pushed Garrett away, “No, not him!  Oh shit, he undoubtedly is already at the church reporting you to the Father Godric.”

Garrett’s angst grew, “Yeah, I know, that nasty old fuck thrives on getting people into trouble.”

The father leaped into action, “Quickly, get some of your belongings together while I get my horse.  You will ride to the caves at the far side of the forest and wait for me there until I can join you.”

“And then what?”

“And then a new life somewhere else, oh, I knew as soon as you were borne that cock of yours was going to be trouble for us all.  Now, get your things and some food, hurry.”

Obasi was in turmoil; one minute thinking Garrett was obtainable, and the next minute, Garrett was making plans to disappear and never to be seen again.

As father and son turned to leave the smithy, barging in thru the barn door was Wregan, followed by the priest, Father Godric, along with four palace guards.  Aldred and Garrett froze in their tracks.

Wregan pointed, “There he is!  There’s the sinner.”

Aldred shielded his son, “My boy is not a sinner, you old fool.”

Wregan was vehement, “I saw him do unholy things to himself with that abomination between his legs.”

Aldred spat out, “There is nothing wrong with my boy, he is just a normal young man.  But I say there must be something wrong with you for you just admitted to spying on a naked boy.  Did you enjoy yourself?”

Wregan yelled, “This is not about me!  Your son is the sinner!”

Aldred, “How dare you.”

Father Godric raised his hand to silence them, “Shush, there is an easy way to verify or discredit Wregan’s claims.  Garrett, would you please shed your apron and drop your pants.”

Aldred protested, “What?  You barge in here and ask me son to bare himself in front of all of you?”

Father Godric was cool headed, “What is wrong, Aldred?  We are all men here, we have all seen each other at the baths.  Oh…wait a minute…no we haven’t come to think of it, you and Garrett have never been to the baths, have you?  Do the two of you have something to hide?”

Aldred, “No, we are just very modest.”

Father Godric became increasingly suspicious, “Garrett, my son, I’m afraid I do need you to drop your pants.  Then if there is nothing to see, you will have my apologies as well as Wregan’s.”

Wregan scoffed at the notion of that.

Garrett looked like a cornered dog trying to find a way out and tried to walk past the priest and his guards. “I will not.  You have no right…”

The guards stopped Garrett and restrained him by holding his arms behind him.  Father Godric walked up to Garrett.

Father Godric, “To the contrary, my boy, I do have the right as I am the true authority of this kingdom, royalty aside of course.  God save the King.”

And as Garrett struggled, Father Godric lifted the apron off the young man and to everyone’s dismay, it was clear that Garrett had something significantly extra packed inside his pants.  The clergyman stepped back as he was intimidated by the sight.  Wregan’s claim didn’t need further verification but curiosity got the best of Father Godric and he signaled with his finger for the guards to pull down Garrett’s pants.  Two of the other guards flanked Garrett and pulled his pants half the way down his thighs.  They thought that would have been enough to expose him, but were very surprised when that only revealed half of his manly appendage.  The two guards looked at each other in disbelief and then continued to slowly pull Garrett’s pants down the rest of the way as inch after inch was unveiled to all.  And there it was lashed to his leg and almost down to his knee, all ten inches of it, and while still flaccid.  Wregan lunged at Garrett with his righteous finger pointing out what was shockingly obvious to those who had never witnessed the majesty of Garrett’s elephantine appendage.


Wregan gloated, “See, just as I told you.”

The men who were just newly aquatinted with Garrett’s cock had to deal with their male egos that had become deeply wounded and wrestled with the new found notion of inadequacy and penis envy.  It was a lot to take in.  Even Obasi who was familiar with Garrett’s anatomy swooned as he sneaked in too get a better look.

Father Godric was gobsmacked, “Surely, this must be the serpent of temptation as told of in the good book.”

Aldred stepped in, “That is no serpent.  The only thing he is guilty of is being my son.  All the men in my family have had to deal with this, it is just the way we’re designed by the all mighty himself.  And if you are going to blame my son for simply being born this way, then you will have to find me guilty as well.”

Father Godric scans Aldred’s body as, “How you and your son are built is not my concern, it is his behavior that I take issue with.”  The priest turns to the guards, “Men, pull his pants back up, bind his wrists and take him to the prison.”

Aldred pleaded, “Please, I beg you not too take him away from me.  He is all that matters to me.”

As the guards redressed and tied up Garrett, the priest assured Aldred.

“Don’t worry, Aldred, he will be returned to you…eventually, and only after he has been punished.”

Garrett pleaded, “Father, help me.”

Aldred, “And what is his punishment to be?  Please, remember, he is just a young man, a boy, and boys do stupid things.  It’s just in their nature.”

Father Godric was curt, “I have to give it some serious consideration first.  He has to be made an example of in front of the whole kingdom, something for God and all to see.  And he will have scars so that he never forgets what his sins have cost him.” 

Aldred pleaded, “But he is only guilty of being a boy, and boys are naive and impetuous.”

“Your son is as tall and big as you are, and his body has the hairs of manhood.  And it would also seem that he is over qualified for the task of procreation.  So, in my estimation, that makes him a man.  And he shall be punished like a man.  That is how it’s to be.”

They didn’t call them catch phrases back then, but Aldred knew that once Father Godric has said, “That is how it’s to be.”, that there was no hope of changing his mind.

Aldred nodded with reluctant compliance, “Okay, you’re right, my boy is a man and he will pay his penance.”

Garrett was dismayed by his father’s compliance, “Father, no.”

Aldred cradled his son’s face in his hands, “Listen my boy, Garrett, I love you, but you have been reckless with your cock as of late.  You are a man now and you will take your punishment like a man, like the strong man I know you are.  You will survive this, with my help, you will survive this.”

Garrett whimpered, “But I’m frightened.”

“Don’t be, I’m always with you.”

Father Godric interrupted, “Guards, take him away.”

Garrett cried out one last time, “Father!”

Aldred could only watch as Father Godric held him back while his son was escorted away with Wregan following close behind him loudly casting aspersions.  Father Godric started to leave but stopped for one last query.

“Aldred, is your family…Jewish?”

Aldred was confused, “What?  No, we are Christians.  You know that.  We attend church every Sunday.”

Father Godric cleared his throat, “Well… it’s just that I noticed your son had no foreskin.”

Aldred scowled, “No, he does have his foreskin.  It’s just stretched out tight because of his…because of how we are built.”

Father Godric was suspicious, “I will have to verify this.”

Aldred raised an eyebrow, “And how will you do that?”

Father Godric knew an inappropriate implication was at hand, “Good day, Aldred.  I will inform you when I have decided on the exact form of Garrett’s punishment.”

Father Godric walked away without a further word on the subject leaving Aldred alone in his smithy to fear for his son’s well being.  Obasi leaned in and placed a hand on Aldred’s shoulder, but the concerned father was to angry to be consoled and gently moved away from Obasi’s touch.

Aldred grew distant, “Obasi, I just need you to do your chores while I take care of this.”

Obasi was supportive, “Yes, sir, you know you and your son can count on me to help out in any way I can.”

Aldred patted Obasi on the shoulder and wondered off own a daze.

For the next two weeks… 

Aldred had made daily attempts to see his son in prison but had been constantly denied any visitation.  And when he was able to corner Father Godric on Sundays and pleaded to see him, the father would just tell him that he had many other matters to attend too, to be patient and that he would send for him when it was time.  But if Aldred had only known what atrocities were taking place within those prison walls to his son for those two weeks, no law of man or force of nature would have been able to stop him from storming that prison and rescuing his dear boy.

Back on day one of Garrett’s incarceration…

Garrett was taken to a prison that was more like a dungeon.  He was escorted down a confusing labyrinth of corridors and barred cells, and each cell containing some wretched soul that had had pissed off the church, the king, or the kings contemptible son, Prince Harold.

As Garrett and the guards approached an open cell, a messenger ran up from behind and stopped them from entering.

The messenger said, “Father Godric has decided that this one is to be sent to… the chamber.”

One of the guards that had seen Garrett’s special limb seemed to light up with glee and grabbed Garrett by the jaw.

Guard one delighted in telling Garrett, “All right, it’s been a while since we’ve used the chamber.  And I can’t think of any one more deserving than a freak like you.”

Garrett feared to ask, “The chamber?  What’s that?”

The guard smiled, “Oh, you will find out soon enough, you will.”

The guards laughed as they shoved a trembling Garrett down deeper into the prison where the walls got darker and darker.  Then finally at the darkest and dankest end of the corridor, they stopped at a big wooden door that whined mournfully as one of the guards labored to push it open.

Inside, the room was dimly lit with torches and a ghostly haze hung motionless in the air.  And the smell of mold, mildew and dried bodily fluids landed hard on the nose.  As Garrett’s eyes adjusted to the dark, he could start to make out all sorts of devices and odd tables that he was completely unfamiliar with.  A guard turned a handle on the wall that lowered a pair of shackles in the middle of the room.  The guards shoved Garrett under the shackles and raised his wrists into them.  Garrett instinctively resisted raising his arms, but a swift punch to his kidney from the guard made him compliant.  Once the poor boy was secured, the shackles were raised back up until he was stretched out and dancing on his toes.

Garrett whimpered, “Hey, you raised it to high it, it hurts.  Please, lower it.”

One guard looked to the other and mocked, “Well, he did say please.”

Guard two joined in, “Yes, what a polite boy he is.  His father taught him well.”

Guard one, “I tell you what, let us help him out.”

Guard two, “Yeah, we can lighten the load a little by removing the weight of his clothes.”

Garrett was alarmed, “What?”

The guards surrounded Garrett and yanked on his clothing ripping it to shreds.  Garrett screamed and twisted to and fro trying to protect his clothing, but despite his efforts, his body was completely exposed in seconds.  Garrett would have demanded to have his clothes put back on to him, but one look at the shreds of fabric told him that there was salvaging his attire, or his dignity. 

Guard one growled, “You wont need that anymore.”

And the guard tore off the band of cloth holding the Garrett’s monstrous cock to his leg allowing it to sway freely as his young body struggled with the chains that suspended him.  The guards stepped back to stare at the naked lad and his huge cock.

Guard one, “Good lord, he is a sight.”

Guard two reached in and grabbed Garrett’s cock and shook it around.  Garrett never had been handled like this and was to afraid that any protest would be met with even worse treatment and just grimaced as his meat was manhandled.

Guard two scoffed, “I ain’t never seen a sausage that big, not even in market.”

Guard one, “Who could you fuck with something that big?”

Guard two, “I don’t know, none of the twats I’ve ever fucked could take that.”

Guard one laughed out, “I know, maybe he could fuck a cow.”

Garrett winced as the guard twisted his cock harder.

Guard two sneered at Garrett, “Is that right boy, do you fuck cows?”

The guard walked back while holding onto Garrett’s cock, swinging him off his feet.  Garrett’s legs flailed about as the pain of his weight on the shackles and on his cock in the guards grip became unbearable.  Then the guard released Garrett allowing him to swing back onto his feet.  Garrett knew well enough to keep his mouth shut from now on, especially after their last response to his protest left him naked.  He kept any cries of pain to himself.

Guard one just stared at Garrett’s cock, “Oof, I would love to see what the big man will put that thru.  Do you think that cock of his will put up a good fight?”

Guard two scoffed, “Na, ya know what they say, they bigger they the harder they fall.  You know how sensitive it is down there.  And him being as big as he is just means he’s gonna feel that much more pain.  He’ll be right quick to cry for his daddy.”  The guard smacked Garrett across the face.  “Won’t ya?”

Garrett just stared at the ground hoping his silence would stop the humiliation as a guard walked around to look at Garrett’s ass.

Guard one grabbed Garrett’s ass, “Hey, he’s got a right fine ass on him.  Fancy a poke at him?”

With no prior sexual interaction to speak of, Garrett was truly puzzled as to what that meant.  He wondered what they were going to poke him with.  

The second guard, “Na, wouldn’t risk it at this time of the day, the big man could walk in on us.  We’ll come back tonight for a crack at him.”

Guard one smirked, “Tell you what though, we’d better soften him up a bit, you know, let em know who’s really in charge here.”

The guard retrieved a rope that was hanging on the wall and then as routinely as he would have handled a barnyard animal, the guard grabbed Garrett’s balls and started to tie the rope around them.

Garrett was stunned by the brutish handling of his family jewels, “What are you doing?”

The guard kept his focus on the task in hand, “Oh, you are more than a handful you are, you freak.  I bet those huge ballocks of yours are extra sensitive.  Are you a sensitive boy?”

Garrett knew the question was rhetorical and winced as silently as he could as the rope was tightly knotted around his scrotum.  Garrett’s heartbeat quickened even more as he watched the guard led the other end of the rope to a pulley mounted on the farthest wall.  As the guard fed the rope through the pulley, the wheel squeaked, the rope tightened, and Garrett’s balls were pulled away from his groin.  Garrett whined as he tried to keep up with the decreasing slack in the rope by walking in the direction he was being pulled, but he was already on the tips of his toes and screamed as the guard continued to pull.

Garrett cried out, “STOP!  I can’t go any farther!  STOP!”

The guard kept pulling, and kept pulling, and Garrett screamed as his feet became airborne and hovered just inches above the stoney floor of the dungeon.

Garrett scream with agonizing rage, “Oh, God!  Put me down!”

The guard did stop, “There, that should do you right.”

Garrett screamed as the guard tied off the rope, “N…n…no, you can’t live me like this!  P…please, I beg you!”

Garrett’s balls felt as though they were about to be ripped off his body.  Every struggle to stretch his legs just to place even just a toe on the floor was met with severe agony.  And when the second guard walked up and tested the knot around Garrett’s sack by grabbing his aching balls and giving them a vigorous shake, Garrett screamed even louder.

The second guard coldly wondered, “Do you think this will rip of his nuts?”

The first guard scoffed, “Na, the leather of his pouch is tuff enough, especially if he don’t move around too much.  Besides, the good father and his righteous bunch won’t be leaving this cutie alone for long.  They’ll be here soon enough.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”  The guard patted Garrett on his buttocks. “See you later, my fare madden.”

The two guards laughed as they left the room and slammed the door shut behind them leaving Garrett suspended by his wrists and his nuts.  Reality faded away as Garrett’s universe was now centered on his balls and the pained that consumed them.


Soon enough, Garrett realized that if he stopped struggling, the pain was ever so slightly less severe.  But as time marched on, his dread grew larger as the cuffs dug deeper into his wrists and the rope seemed to pull even harder at his sack.  Through the door seeped the mournful cries of other men who had lost all hope.  Then as the minutes became hours, time lost its meaning and Garrett started to fade in to the fog of exhaustion and hopelessness.  As he passed out and his bladder lost its struggle to hold back his urine and a puddle his piss formed under his feet.

An uncertain amount of time later…

Garrett felt the harsh splash of a cold water hit him in the face and cascade down his naked body.  His eyes opened and were slow to focus.  But then he could see the imposing figure of a man as big as bear crowding his view.  This was the “Big Man” the guards had referred too.  He stood taller and much broader than Garret.

The big man grumbled, “He’s awake.”

Garrett gasped out a plea, “Please, I beg you, release the rope.”

The big man looked over to someone for permission, waited, and then slowly walked over to the wall and with one simple jerk of his hand, the rope unraveled and slipped out of the pulley.  Garrett cried out a sigh of relief as he swung back and was able to place some of his weight back on his toes.

Garrett gasped, “Bless you.”

As the big man untied the rope from his scrotum, Garrett was surprised to see Father Godric and Prince Harold, eager heir to the thrown.  Garrett moaned as the rope was pealed away from the stressed skin around his nuts.  The prince was not in his usual gaudy and intricate attire, instead, he was cloaked in a dark black robe and a hood partially concealed his face.  But Garrett recognized his eyes, those eyes that had eyed him with intense scrutiny as Garrett and his father had installed various ironworks around the castle.  Not only did Garrett know that the prince’s gaze usually was fixed on men, but the whole kingdom pretty much knew it which is why many referred to him as the princess.  The cloak the prince was wearing told Garrett that his highness was trying not to be recognized so he wisely thought it best not acknowledge him.

Garrett turned his eyes to Father Godric, “Father Godric, please, no more.  Please forgive me, I won't sin anymore.  I’ll never touch myself again.”

Father Godric ignored Garrett’s plea as he turned to the prince, “Do you still doubt me?  Is he not as I told you?”

The prince was astonished, “I thought you the jester for telling me such a fables, but there it is.  It really does exist.  It’s as long as my forearm.”

The prince’s somewhat effeminate mannerisms and elegant speech stood in sharp contrast to the ominous decor of the dungeon.

The prince walked up beside Garrett and leaned to one side to compare the length of his arm to Garrett’s cock.  Garrett averted his gaze in an attempt to ward off the shame of these men making a spectacle of his cock.

The prince remarked, “My God, it reaches from my elbow down past my finger tips.  Astonishing, it is absolutely astonishing.  And to think of all the times he was up at the castle and I was so close to this magnificent beast and didn’t even know it.  Truly, a dragon to be slayed be a daring knight.”  

The prince quickly touched his finger to Garrett’s cock like someone testing a hot stove and just as quick pulled his hand away.

The prince laughed, “I don’t know what I was afraid of.  It’s not like it has teeth.  Does it?”

Father Godric smiled, “I don’t believe so.”

The prince then laid his hand on Garrett’s cock without permission as if it belonged to him.  The prince glided his fingers down the length of the lad’s fleshy member tracing the veins along the way.

The prince remarked “I can feel his heart beating through his member.”

His hand gently flew up to the lad’s torso and his fingers traced the contours of his muscles.

The Prince was mesmerized, “He is a work of art, as if sculpted by the masters themselves.”

The prince noticed the abrasions from the cuffs around Garrett’s wrists and the permanent  grimace on his face.

The prince pouted, “It would seem he is under some distress.  Lower the chains, just a bit, just enough to put his feet firmly on the floor.”

The big man turned the wheel that lowered the chain just enough to put Garrett back completely on his feet and give his body a little slack.  The pain of release was severe but welcomed by the robust son of a blacksmith.  The prince continued to walk around Garrett as his fingers inspected every part of his brawny body.  But no matter where the prince stood around Garrett, his hands always seemed to find their way back to that immense cock.


While homosexuality was well known of and practiced thru all times, Garrett was unfamiliar with the various ways of men.  And though he was religiously and instinctively put off by the intimate touches from another man, there was a part of him that found the sensation pleasing as he had never been touched like that by neither man nor woman.  And the fact that the man displaying such an interest in him was the prince was somewhat overwhelming even though Garrett stood taller and broader than the twinkly prince and easily had thirty to forty more pounds of muscle.

Garrett took a deep breath, “Please, your highness, don’t…”

The prince pulled back his hand, “So you do recognize me.”

Garrett’s heart started beating up in his throat fearing that he had just made a deadly mistake.

The prince continued as he pulled back his hood, “So much for this apparently useless disguise.  And I recognize you, you’re the son of that blacksmith.  I have certainly noticed you when your duties brought you up to the palace.”  The prince caressed Garrett’s cock, “If I had known you were so talented, I would have imprisoned you much sooner.”

The prince chuckled as Garrett became dismayed at his joke.  

The prince became coquettish, “So, I am told that someone saw you practicing a special talent that most men wish they had.  That you could place your own cock in your mouth.”

Garrett was mortified that he knew this, “I…um…don’t think…no.”

“No?  Well, from what I see, that would be quite easy for you.  So your saying that I am wrong or that my most trusted people lied to me?”

Garrett was shaking, “Well…I…”

The prince’s demeanor darkened, “Well, blacksmith, you should know I am never wrong.”

The prince turned to the big man and snapped his fingers at him.  The big man stomped over to Garrett and rammed his rocklike fist into his stomach.  Garrett wailed as the punch sent him swinging as far as the chains would let him.  The prince watched with delight as Garrett’s cock flopped about as his body as he recoiled from the mighty blow.  As Garrett regained his footing, the big man stepped back as the prince sauntered over and looked him in the eye.

“Let me rephrase my question, can you suck your cock?”

Garrett cough out, “Yes, your highness.” 

Prince Harold smiled, “I thought so.”  The prince turned to the big man, “Release him.”

The guard walked over and unlocked the shackles from the lad’s wrists.  Garrett had spent so much time with his arms held above him that it hurt his joints as his hands were allowed to fall by his side.  Garrett coddled his raw and slightly bloody wrists.

The prince commanded, “Now blacksmith, suck on your cock.”

Garrett looked at the prince with confused distain, “What?”

The prince looked over to the big man, “I don’t like the way he’s looking at me.  Slap that expression off his face.”

As the big man stomped over to Garrett, the lad raised up his hands to defend himself from the charging bear of a man.

A nearly tearful Garrett pleaded, “No, no, no.”

The big man cocked his massive arm all the way back and swung his open hand into Garrett’s face with a bitch slap to end all bitch slaps.  The slap launched Garrett off his feet and falling to the floor.  The lad partially curled up and started crying with one hand over his face.

The prince leaned back on a large table-like rack, “Now, this will be the last time I will have to repeat any of my orders to you, right?  Because the next time you delay on following my demands, I will just cut off your dick myself and have it mounted on the wall of my trophy room besides the heads of other beasts I have killed.  And then, I will have my guards kill your father.  Now for the last time, put your cock in your mouth and suck on it.”

Garrett asked with trepidation, “But isn’t that a sin?  Isn’t that why I’m here?”

The prince sighed impatiently, “Not as long as you do it in front of a priest, the good father here will instantly absolve you of your sins.  Now proceed.”

A sniffling Garrett muttered, “Yes, your highness.”

Garrett set on his knees and with tremulous hands picked his cock off the floor and brushed away the dirt and debris picked up by its plump head.  With tears rolling down his face, his sobs were muted as he placed the huge end of his cock on his lips and then slowly into his mouth.  The big man, the priest and the prince watched with amazement as the junior blacksmith shed his dignity and performed autofellatio for this wicked audience.  

The prince stepped in closer and crouched down for a much closer look.  Garrett flinched as the prince raised his hand to his face, but the prince just wanted to push back Garrett’s hair behind his ear to get a better view of the lad sucking on himself.

The prince beamed, “Amazing, you are absolutely amazing, and beautiful too.  See, it’s not so bad doing what your prince commands of you.”

The prince placed a finger on Garrett’s cock and slid his finger up the extraordinary shaft of meat until his finger was touching Garrett’s lips.

The prince whispered, “Let my finger into your mouth along side your cock.  I want to feel what it’s like in there.”

Garrett complied and loosened his lips just enough to let the prince’s finger in.  Garrett was lost in a flood of emotions and new sensations as this little man’s finger interfered with his sex act.  After a moment or more, the prince withdrew his finger and stood back as he wiped his finger off on Garrett’s shoulder.

Father Godric sighed, “It is a shame that such a fascinating and beautiful creature as he has to be branded a sinner.”

The prince pondered, “Maybe I can talk my father into granting him a pardon whenever he returns from whatever crusade he’s on.”

The big man rumbled, “I wish I could do that.”

The priest shoots him a disapproving glare.

The big man capitulates, “But I can’t… so I won’t.”

As the three men watching the show continued to comment on Garrett’s beauty and prowess, his ego spiked and his flaccid dick started to engorge.  And the harder Garrett got, the more he liked it.  And the more he liked it, the more he enjoyed being watched.  He didn’t know what to call himself but he was an exhibitionist.

The prince was further amazed, “Has his cock become even bigger?”

The priest was equally amazed, “Yes, as amazing as it already was, it has indeed gotten even bigger.”

Through his disheveled locks of hair, Garrett watched the men that were watching him and listen to their comments and realized that he was not being punished for being a sinner, but instead he was being humiliated and wounded because they were jealous.  This is when Garrett realized what many men before him had realized which is that these men that call themselves virtuous, divine and elite are really contemptuous and corrupted things.  This is when he lost respect for the men who stood over him, who delighted in his humiliation and where titillated at the sight of him sucking on his own cock.  Garrett went on to realize that there was no reason to be humiliated or embarrassed while sucking on his cock in front of these pitiful creatures and so decided to enjoy the moment while he could and reveled in the one thing he actually loved doing anyway, sucking on his saintly peter.  And as Garrett suckled on his proud member, he leered at those men with angry eyes, but his audience was to transfixed on his cock to notice his angry eyes.  

Then as so often happens in a young man’s brain, a revolt formed in Garrett’s head without fully considering the consequences.  He figured that the prince would probably like a closer look, and a closer look he would give him.  Garrett rose to his feet while masticating his cock and while gyrating his hips, sashayed his way closer to the perverted prince.

The unsuspecting prince smiled, “Oh my, he is making a good show of it.”

The priest agreed, “Yes your highness, a very good show.”

Garrett had to time it just right, he felt an orgasm building up in his loins, but had to hold it back just long enough to get within shooting distance to of the prince.  And he slinked closer still until the prince raised his hand to halt Garrett’s advance.

The big man spoke for the prince, “That’s close enough peasant.”

Garrett agreed and readied himself to fire his first shot.  Garrett’s fingers went to his trigger spots, the spots that would always bring his masturbatory efforts to an end and release his voluminous flow of his sperm.  Garrett moaned louder and louder as the his hands frantically pumped his cock building up the pressure in his loins.  And when Garrett felt the joyous pain of his sperm gushing through his loins, he whipped his cock out of his mouth and pointed it straight at his highness.  Only then did the prince realize Garrett’s intent and tried to dodge the incoming volley, but it was too late as the first geyser of the blacksmith’s spunk hit him sure in the face.  The prince fell as he tried to run away.  Garrett aimed his second shot at the priest and left a sash of his seed across his righteous garb.  The big man rushed in to stop this impromptu revolt as Garrett hit him with a third stream of his seed, but his did not deter the big man who rushed in against Garrett’s flow and wrestled his arms behind his back, allowing his cock to flail about washing down the floor with the ample remainder of his orgasm.

As the prince whipped Garrett’s sperm from his face, “Oh, that impudent bastard, put him back in the shackles!”

On many other occasions, the prince has enjoyed a sip of teenage tea, pearlescent wine, boy sap.  But, not only was this deluge unexpected, but that it was such a clear and bold act of defiance is what made it so unacceptable to his highness.  Garrett’s sperm clashed with Price Harold’s blue blood.

As the prince washed off his face in a nearby trough of water, Father Godric used a rag to wipe away the stain of defiance from his clothing.  Meanwhile, the big man wrestled with Garrett to get him back in to the shackles and the junior blacksmith did the best he could to avoid that.  But the big man was to powerful and knocked Garrett around until he was in a daze and found himself chained up again.  The prince stormed over to Garrett and spat in his face, and with all his might, kneed him right in his huge balls.  So forceful was the hit that it sent Garrett in to a spin that caused the chains of his shackles to tangle as he seemed to dance a jig trying too use his thighs to cradle his aching balls.  Although the prince was outraged, he still delighted in the sight of the strapping lad flex and contort his muscles as his pendulum of meat swung about sending that last few drops of seminal spew flinging off its drooling maw.  Garrett nearly threw up from the pain but was just able to keep it down as he steadied himself back on to his feet. 

The prince grabbed Garrett by the hair and forced his gaze into his, “You think yourself clever, or that that gigantic cock of yours makes you invincible?  Well, I say that you’re an idiot and that your cock is your weak point and its size makes you all the more vulnerable.”

The prince commanded the big man, “Bring that table over here, up to his crotch.”

It was actually torture rack and the big man easily dragged it over without correcting the prince.  The heavy wooden structure thundered as it was forced across the cobbled floor.  Garrett twisted his torso too turn his cock away from the pending ram of wood, and its considerable mass was indeed confirmed when it was shoved into his hip.  When the rack was in place, the prince pointed at Garrett’s enormous cock.

The prince commanded, “Now, place his cock atop the table here and strap him to the edge so he can’t move away.”

The big man didn’t need both hands to lift up Garrett’s cock but did so anyway, and not just so he could cop a feel of the mighty shaft of meat, but because he truly respected such a majestic phallus and reverently laid it down on the rack.  The huge brute, realizing he was under the scrutiny of his masters, went back to the business of torture and grabbed a whipping strap off the wall, and with a couple of found spikes, secured one end to the rack by pounding into the wood with his bare fist.  As the big man tightly wrapped the strap around behind Garrett’s waist and pulled him hard into the wood, the helpless lad winced as his balls were pressed into the rough hewn finish of the rack’s edge.  Garrett felt trapped and in great  peril as he looked down at his cock and realized how vulnerable his precious member was and dreaded what they where going to do to it.

The prince went to a shelf and retrieved a slender wooden box and pulled up a chair to the rack and sat down like a child about to enjoy a sumptuous meal.  The prince placed the box next to Garretts cock.  The nobleman walked his fingers up and down Garrett’s defenseless manhood.

Prince Harold spoke more for the pleasure of listening to his own voice, “You know, at first glance, your cock seems so powerful, but when you think about it, it really is so helpless.  Look at all that meat just lying there unable to fight off any threat.  If it were a muscle, especially yours, I’m sure it could overpower us all, but it’s not and it cant.  It couldn’t defend itself against all the nasty things in this room.  All it can do is just lay there and throb.  Why, it couldn’t even defend itself against something as innocuous as my mother’s knitting needles.”


The prince opened the box and inside were a pair of sterling silver knitting needles.  Each was about fourteen inches long, half of which was smooth and came to a point while the back half was a highly ornate lattice of sliver and studded with diamonds that glistened like the stars at night.  Also in the box were a bunch of smaller acupuncture pins.  The prince picked up one of the knitting needles and rubbed the smooth side of it against Garrett’s cock.  Garrett started to sweat as he tried to pull away from the table, but the strap was strong and was sure to keep him in place.

Prince Harold slid the needle across Garrett’s phallus as, “My mother, God save the queen, had these knitting needles custom made for her, and let me tell you, she has done some amazing work with these needles.  My queen mum  blamed one of her chambermaids for their disappearance and had here imprisoned for the crime, and I just didn’t have the heart to tell my beloved mother that I, her dear son, was the one who took them.  It’s amusing how one thing to create beauty could also be used to bring pain, and I mean, severe pain.  In the wrong hands, these beautiful needles aren’t so innocuous after all.”

Garrett gulped as the prince held the plump head of Garrett’s cock in one hand and aimed the tip of the needle straight at the wide open maw of his pisser that was still slick with his cum.  Garrett tried desperately to wiggle out of the restraints.


Garrett begged, “No!  Please no.  I’m sorry!”

The prince said with authority, “Stop fidgeting, you could cause me to make you bleed out.  Besides, this is not the painful part.  As a matter of fact, you should even find it quite stimulating, I know I do.”

Garrett was horrified as he realized is was in a realm of bizarreness that he never knew existed.  And as Prince Harold moved the needle in, Garrett screamed in anticipation of pain as the tip of the needle entered his cock.  But as the needle slid in, Garrett felt a sensation that was surprisingly intriguing.  His body shuddered with an ecstasy that he knew must be forbidden.  The prince stopped the insertion when the smooth part of the needle was all the way in, leaving the ornate handle protruding out from his phallus.  The prince tapped and twisted the needle causing Garrett to quake with as his cock was titillated from the inside.  Garrett buried his face in his arm trying to hide his pleasure from the prince.

The prince was beguiling, “Yes, you like that, don’t you?  I could drive you crazy with pleasure with a simple twist of this needle.”

The prince oscillated the knitting needle churning Garretts milk into butter sending the sexual neophyte down a rabbit hole of venereal euphoria.  Garrett surrendered completely to the prince.

Garrett gasped, “Yes, my prince, I do like that.”

The prince smiled, “I knew you would.  The huge meat hanging off of you has so many more nerve endings, doesn’t it?”

The prince twisted the needle even more aggressively and Garrett moaned even louder.

The prince continued, “But unfortunately for you, you rebellious peon, I want you to suffer.”

Garrett’s experience took a dreadful turn for the worse as the prince pushed the knitting needle even deeper in to his cock, the beautiful diamond encrusted twisted handle entered the helpless lad’s pisser.


Garrett screamed like never before as the first of many tiny diamonds scratched their way into his urethra.  The shackles dug deeper into the Garrett’s wrists as he tried to pull his body away from the evil prince, but the strap the held him to the heavy wooden structure was stronger than he.  The stout young blacksmith thrashed about wildly as his corpulent manhood was compromised by a sadistic prince with knitting needle.

Garrett desperately pleaded as he hyperventilated, “Please…stop!  Oh…God…please…STOP!”

The prince chortled as he pushed the needle in deeper still, “Stop?  No, we’re just getting started, you piece of shit.  Where’s that brazen attitude now?  Hmm?”

And the prince pushed the needle in deeper and deeper as Garrett screamed louder and louder, frequently losing his breath along the way.  Then after a virtual eternity of hell, the prince stopped when just the very last bit of the needles handle was left protruding out of Garrett’s cock.  His highness reclined in his chair and caressed Garrett’s tortured cock with his middle finger as the compromised lad sobbed hysterically.

The prince looked up at Garrett, “Well, would you look at that, it’s all the way in there.  I’ve never been able to do that to anyone else before.  And you didn’t pass out like all the others have.  I guess you could be proud of that.  Though, I bet you’ll faint when I pull it out, from what I’ve seen, that part is far more painful, especially if I leave it in there too long.”

The prince twisted the needle around and Garrett screamed until he could barely breath.

Garrett turned his head to the priest, “How could you?”

Father Godric stepped in and a his boner was clearly pushing thru through his clerical robe, “How could I what, my son?”

Garrett sobbed, “How could you, a man of the cloth, just stand there and let him do this evil thing to me?”

Father Godric coldly, “But Garrett, you are the evil one, sucking on your cock, pleasing yourself like that by the river where anyone could see you, and again in front of us too.  Have you no shame?”

Garrett was desperate as, “But… The prince told me too!  He said he would kill my… This is not fair!”

Father Godric shushed Garrett, “Did it not occur to you that that was test to see if you would choose your loyalty to God over all else?”

The prince jumped in, “And you failed, Garrett, you failed beautifully.  Why, that was the most spectacular failure I have ever seen.”

Father Godric sneered, “That cock of yours is an abomination to man and God and should be castigated.  I should have the butcher cleave it off of you and feed it to the dogs!”

The glib prince added, “At the very least, you should be castrated to be sure you don’t create any more like you.  But we’ll deal with your balls later on when I geld you.  Hmm, how would you like that, to become a eunuch and devote your misplaced passions to God?”

With all of the attention being focused on his cock, Garrett forgot to worry about his balls and feared fro the worst.  Then Garrett panicked at the sight of a single small drop of blood seeping the violated maw of his urethra.  The droplet of blood crept down the head of the needle and dripped onto the rough wood of the rack.  This single tiny drop of blood was too much for Garrett and he passed out.  In the dark of unconsciousness, Garrett could feel water being pushed around his face and woke to the sight of the prince patting water with a rag around his head.

The prince sounded almost nurturing, “There, there, no sleepy time yet.  I want you awake for what’s next.”

When Garrett regained consciousness, the prince sat back down in his chair beside Garrett’s menaced phallus.

The prince pulled out of the box some delicate and very fine pins.  Garrett trembled at the sight of them.  

Prince Harold examined one of the pins as, “My father recently returned from the far East with tales of a practice called, Zhen Ci.  They somehow crafted these things from bone and metal and use them for healing by sticking them into the body at specific locations.  There’s a chart that shows where to place them, but it’s all the way back up in the palace.  But, since I feel like being creative anyway, there’s no need for that.  I’ve always wondered how else I could use them.  I feel like a whaler about to harpoon a leviathan.  I guess I could stab your cock with them…like this.”

The prince thrusts the pin in the middle of Garrett’s cock, it goes in one side and comes out the other.  Garrett jolted sharply from the sight was much as the pain.  As bad as it hurt, it still paled in comparison to the knitting needle.  Garrett screams pierced the ears of the men in that room and beyond.  

The prince mocked, “Oh dear, I think I wasn’t supposed to go that deep, certainly not all the way through like that.  Let me try it again.”

Garrett whimpered as the prince pulled out another pin.  The prince pretended to take careful aim but then just ran the second pin all the way through closer to the head of the lad’s cock.  And again, Garrett jolted and screamed, but a little less this time.  Then a third pin went in, then a fourth, a fifth, and so on.  And with each pin Garrett scream less and less each time.  Then with the twelfth pin, Garrett would just wince, doing his best to deny the prince the pleasure he seemed to get from his torment.

The priest commented, “He seems to be getting use to it.”

The prince sighed, “Yes, I think it’s time to go to the one spot that even I was shying away from.”

The prince placed a pin right over the plump head of Garrett’s cock and hovered for a moment.

The prince sneered at Garrett, “I want you to sing for me again.”

Garrett pleadingly shook his head no and braced for the worst as the prince looked at him and just smiled and then jabbed the pin right into the head of the helpless lad’s cock.  Garrett needed to scream, but not as much as he wanted to deny the prince the satisfaction of hearing his agony, so he held it in as his face turned red and his mouth sputtered, almost choking on his tongue.  

The prince was incredulous, “Oh come now, scream, I know you want too!  Maybe if I put the next one in real slow.”

The prince grabbed another pin slowly inserted it right at the very tip of Garrett’s dick.  Garrett’s body shook violently as the pin slowly went in.  The young man choked on his spit as he held back his scream.  Then something that qualifies as miraculous happened, Garrett’s penis was starting to get hard again, whether it was the prince not knowing what he was doing with the pins, or a result of the blood pressure in Garrett finally reaching a boiling point, or just an act of defiance from a strong and virile boy, whatever the case, Garrett’s penis was getting harder and growing.

The priest was confused, “What’s happening?  How can he be doing that?”

The prince was baffled, “I don’t know, I’ve never had anyone respond to having their cock tortured like this.  Maybe this shit kicker likes it?” The prince was instantly intrigued and looked up at Garrett with a growing amount of reverence, “Is that it boy, do you like the pain?”

Garrett just looked back at him like you’ve got to be crazy, “No.”

Garrett’s cock grew and reached further down the table.  The knitting needle that was still inside Garrett’s cock caused him severe pain as his member continued to swell up around it and the hapless lad finally screamed in excruciating agony.

The prince challenged Garrett, “Then if you’re not enjoying the pain, how can you be getting harder?”

Garrett was hysterical, “I… don’t… know!”

The priest realized, “I know, you said it yourself, your highness, those needles or pins from the far East are meant for healing.  You accidentally healed him.”

A befuddled prince, “You may be right.  I’ve never used them before.  It would seem I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Garrett’s cock was now bigger and stronger than ever before.

Garrett panicked, “What have… you …done to… me?”

The prince had no idea and simply shrugged.  Garrett went into convulsions, his body flexed and contorted against the restraints that held him in place.  And for the first time in his life, his grossly oversized cock lifted its head up on its own.  As astonished as his captors were, Garrett was even more so as he felt an orgasm building up in his loins, and not just any orgasm, he could tell this one would be an orgasm like never before.  And as his reproductive system kicked into action and empty his huge balls of everything they had to offer, a torrent of sperm surged through his cock and was temporarily halted by the blockage of the knitting needle wedged into his urethra.


The flood of sperm was momentarily dammed up behind the knitting needle which caused the urethra to balloon out which in turn allowed the ornate knitting needle to come loose, and with all that pressure built up behind it, the knitting needle shot out of Garrett’s cock, cleared the far end of the rack and chimed as it bounced to the far side of the room.  The prince jumped out of his seat as the rack became awash with Garrett’s cum.  Between the pain of the torture, the pain of the knitting needle coming loose, the intense cramping pain of a mega-orgasm, and all the blood draining from his head needed to fulfill that huge erection, well, it was all too much for the young blacksmith and he passed out in mid-orgasm.  Garrett’s body went limp while his mighty phallus remained erect and his groin kept spewing his baby batter.  Millions upon millions of sperm cells looking for an egg to impregnate were instead sprayed across the well-worn wood of a torture rack and dripped down to a cold stone floor stained with the piss, blood and orgasms of many previous perverted tortures.  The three high and mighty men stood in awe of the overwhelmed lad who hung from the shackles like a damaged marionette as his cock continue to drain his nuts dry.  And when his nuts were drained of all the sperm they had produced up to that point, his loins still persisted in their convulsions, trying to purge sperm that was no longer there.  Then after a few more minutes of dry-ejaculating, Garrett’s reproductive system finally went dormant.

Prince Harold was awestruck, “Father Godric, I do believe your lord and savior has lost his job for I believe I have found a new god to worship.”

Father Godric was equally stunned, “I would normally accuse you of blasphemy, but there is nothing normal about this.”

The prince tried to revive Garrett by patting his face, but to no avail, the wretched lad was effectively comatose.  Then the prince took out one of the small pins from Garrett’s cock and harpooned the lad in his balls just to make sure that he wasn’t faking it.  Garrett remained motionless.  The prince ran his fingers across his cock.

The prince whispered to Garrett’s cock, “You are amazing, but I’m not done with you yet.  Oh, the things I will do to you.”  The prince turned to Garrett’s face and grabbed him by the jaw, “As for you, I will break you, you young buck and teach you to have respect for me.”

The prince turned to the big man, “Clean up this mess and pull those pins out of him, and so help me God, if you lose any one of those pins I will have your head put on a pike.  Inform me when he regains consciousness.”

The prince started to leave the chamber and signaled for the priest to follow him, but the priest just sat down in the open chair.

“If you don’t mind your highness, I am just going to sit here and study him while I consider what form his public punishment he deserves.”

The prince knew that the priest just wanted to ogle the young man, “Sure, of course.  Do as you please with him.”

The prince left the priest behind to gaze upon Garrett as the big man went about the chore of cleaning up the mess, pulling the pins out of that enormous cock and washing down the unconscious lad’s body by hitting him with a bucket of water that did little to wash away all that spent sperm and sweat.  And when the big man pulled the rack away leaving the unconscious Garrett to hang freely in the middle of that cold and poorly lit room, the priest stopped him.

“Just a moment, bring back the rack and put him on it.”

The big man complied and placed the rack back in the center of the room.  He then released a latch on the hoist holding Garrett up and his limp body crumpled to the floor.  


The big man was so use to setting up unfortunate souls for torture that it wasn’t even a minute before the benumbed Garrett was scooped off the floor and tightly spread-eagled on the rack.

The priest arrogantly dismissed the big man, “You may take your leave now.”

The big man left the chamber with Garrett under the scrutiny of the priest’s lecherous eyes.  And there Garrett laid, unconscious and spread-eagle with his limbs shackled off to the four corners of the rack while his cock stood hard and tall, towering over the rugged landscape of his young body.  The priest rose from the chair and walked over to the rack.  His hand reached out and gently laid across Garrett’s cheek as the priest felt safe to confess to the sleeping beauty.

“You poor misguided creature.”  The priest’s hand found its way to Garrett’s torso, “If I wasn’t such a god fearing man… I would lay with you.” 

His hand slid down past that towering phallus and between Garrett’s legs and into to his crotch, just under his balls.  His middle finger reached in between Garrett’s buttocks and found the rim to his glorious hole.

“Tell me, my son, are you a virgin?”

With a series of circular motions, the priest’s finger forced its way into Garrett’s hole and probed his inner sanctum.  The priest’s roaming finger felt the warmth and silky smoothness of rectal tissue that had never know the touch of another before.  And when his finger became still, he could feel the pulse of a young heart beating strong.  Father Godric looked at the peaceful expression on Garrett’s face felt enough shame for violating the young man’s ass and pulled his finger out of his hole.  His hand slid up and cradled his voluminous balls and assessed their hefty weight.

Then both of the priest’s hands wrapped around Garrett’s magnificent manhood and examined ever inch of the unceasingly engorged flesh.

Father Godric pondered aloud, “Are you a god sent down from the heavens, a demigod to walk amongst us?  Are you a divine instrument of pleasure?”

The priest leaned in as he drew in the manhood of the senseless lad to his face and rubbed it against his cheek.  He turned his head so his lips could grace the plump head of the immense phallus, and just as he opened his mouth wide and was about to sample the boy’s tempting apple…


“Or are you an agent of the devil meant to trip us whilst on our journey to righteousness?”

Father Godric realized the sin of his pending transgressions and pulled away from Garrett’s manhood.  The phallus and the priest parted company.

Father Godric became morose, “Either way, I fear I have failed my lord and savior.  Chapter 18 verse 22 of Leviticus, ”You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.”  But… I so want to commit that abomination.”

Father Godric shook his head and regained his composer and addressed Garrett’s cock, “You have corrupted me as you have corrupted the prince.  Lord knows how many more will be corrupted just by the sight of you.  You have to be purged from this kingdom before you make it wholly impure.”

Renewed with righteousness but still in fear of his own desires, Father Godric went off to flagellate himself and would have nothing further to do with the prince’s ongoing exploration or torture of this young man’s body.  And though Garrett was unconscious, his dread and his pain still overwhelmed him and caused and single tear to emerge from his closed eyes.



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