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Mad Science 101
Part 2 - Mad Science 101 - Part 2
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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“Mad Science 101”

By Jotto

Part II


Sometime later, Anton fought his way back to consciousness. His vision was blurry, but he couldn’t rub his eyes. He couldn’t move his arms or legs. His neck was stiff as he tried to lift his head and figure out which way was up.He could feel all his weight was on the small of his back and it wasn’t very comfortable. The stress in his crotch and armpits testified to all four of his limbs being stretched and spread apart as far as they could go. The cool draft of air-conditioning blowing across is body confirmed that he was naked and that his sizable genitals were hanging freely between his legs. His vision cleared enough to see his wrists were strapped to poles of some sort and that he was elevated above a floor. The room seemed familiar; it was one of the surgical lecture halls at the college, and it was dark except for the surgical lights that were focused on him. His position only made it possible for him to see his toes, but he correctly assumed his ankles were strapped up the same way to poles of their own. He tried to call out for help, but his mouth was too dry. A few forced swallows brought saliva back to his mouth.

“Hey! Help!Somebody help! Hello? Is any body here?”

Anton was all-alone; he was a tree that fell in the woods with nobody around to hear. With jolts and jerks, he yanked at the restraints, but the straps were inflexible and the poles sturdy and bolted to the floor. Every sudden twist of his torso became a constant reminder of just how naked and helpless he was as his desperate motions caused his elephantine cock and oversized balls to jostle and swing against his crotch. One last test of his restraints as his muscles slowly flexed up to full power. He thought that surely muscles that could make him do the iron cross pose and send his body flying through the air should be able to break free of these leather straps.He fought harder and harder until he could feel his muscles about to pop. And even though he was obsessed with regaining his freedom, there was a part of him couldn’t help notice how great his arms looked as he struggled.And with a grunt, he surrendered to the leather straps that bound him. Then he tried the gentle method of trying to wiggle out off them but that didn’t work either.

Anton took a deep breath, “Fuck. I was in the shower with, Coach… I was in the shower with, Coach… and then what? I felt something on my neck and… The coach, he did something to me. He did this. Coach! Coach!Where the fuck are you? Show yourself! Coach! Coach!Damn you, Coach!”

There was no response from the man that had betrayed him; the room was empty. So, as Anton laid there, naked, spread-eagle and suspended in midair, he swore vengeance against the man he trusted, the first man he shared his body with, that backstabbing, son of a bitch coach. Anton watched the clock on the wall as minute after minute rolled by. Occasionally, he tested the restraints despite the certainty of their strength. After twenty minutes he wondered if this was some sort of joke or test to see if he cold escape. After forty minutes, he wondered if his captor or captors forgot about him.After ninety minutes, he wondered if he was going to die here of exposure and starvation. His death flashed before his eyes as he imagined his body being discovered by a janitor who cops a feel of his manly ornaments before calling the police. The crime scene photographer taking pictures of his naked body, those pictures will surely be passed around, Anton thought. And then his beautiful body being dissected by some lucky medical student.Anton could see it all as clear as day.

And just as tears were pooling in his eyes, Anton could hear the sound of footsteps beyond one of the doors. He wondered if it was friend or foe, should he call out to them or not. A door at the high end of the lecture hall opened up and a couple of men wondered in.They paused at the top of the stairs as they beheld the beautiful sight of brawny gymnast shackled spread-eagle center stage of the lecture hall. Anton tried to figure them out, but their smiles told him all he needed to know.

“I don’t suppose you could set me free?”

The men chuckled and whispered to each other as they took seats close to the immobilized gymnast. One man took out his cell phone and took dozens of pictures of the mortified gymnast.

Anton sighed out, “Fuck you.”

Then ‘Ansel Adams’ got up from his seat and moved in for a series of close-up shots, concentrating mostly on Anton’s prodigious manhood and his adorable ass. The best Anton could do to escape this humiliation was to turn his face away from the camera lens. Before the photographer walked away, he playfully poked at Anton’s dick and placed his hand beside it for scale reference as he took one last shot before heading back to his seat.

Anton scowled, “Oh, you filthy little faggot.”

Then a group of three men walked in, and they as well took a moment to take in the sight of Anton before taking their seats and taking pictures with cell phones too. Other men trickled in over the next fifteen minutes and each repeated the same routine of pausing at the top of the stairs, taking the sight of the naked and shackled gymnast, then taking a seat and snapping a few photos for themselves.Anton looked to see if his treacherous, deceitful, backstabbing coach was amongst them, but he was nowhere to be seen. The dozen or so men grew so quiet that Anton could hear was the sound of their breathing. One audience member got out of his seat and made his way to the vulnerable gymnast.

One seated man warned the moving man, “You know the professor doesn’t like it when you fondle his guinea pigs.”

“Oh, fuck him. I’m just going to cop a feel. That’s all.”

Anton saw the strange man swoop in between his legs.Instinctively, Anton tried to close his legs to the intruder, but to no avail as the stranger’s hand reached out and grabbed onto his fifth appendage.

Anton growled, “Get your hands off of me, you bastard!”

The man snickered as he looked back at his friend, “Ho-ho, he’s a feisty one he is. And look at all that meat. I think he’s the biggest one we’ve ever had”

The stranger continued to roll Anton’s hefty member around his fingers as the captive gymnast struggled vain to maintain his dignity.

The man assured his friend, “Yeah, this one is going to be real fun.”

The man then placed the mighty phallus up onto Anton’s stomach and then grabbed his balls and gave them a few hard tugs.

Anton screamed, “Hey, that hurts!”

The man ignored him and kept tugging until the professor’s voice shouted out from behind his office door.

“Steven! You better not be molesting the subject before I get started, AGAIN !”

It was as if the professor had x-ray vision be cause it was indeed, Steven. The man, Steven, dropped Anton’s goods and made it back to his seat just as the professor walked out of his office door. A surgical mask and a reflective pair of goggles concealed the professor’s face.He was a delegate figure of a man that took tiny steps, steps that seemed to accent his swaying hips; he had a definite feminine swish to him. And the hiss in his speech just made him the perfect stereotype.

“Good evening classss, or since it’sss one a.m., I guessss I should say, good morning. Thisss isss the “Studiesss In The Resiliencess Of The Male Reproductive Systemsss - With Emphasisss On Adolescencess Men With Oversized Genitalia”, and tonight we will be exploring electro-stimulation.”

The select group of men break out in cheers and applause. Anton wasn’t sure what was about to happen, but he new it involved electricity. He feared they were going to electrocute him and he began to panic and fought even more feverously against the ties that bound him. His struggles excited the crowd even more. The professor walked over to Anton, pulled a syringe out of his pocket and injected the gymnast as he continued to address the class.

“I’m injecting him with my special blend of benzodiazepinesss, memory inhibitorssss that will cause him to forget anything that hasss happened here. So remember classss, if you should crossss pathsss with our subject in the future, he won’t remember any of usss, or any of the thingsss I am going to do to him.And sincess secrecy is vital to the successss of this classss, you have to pretend not to recognize him or cause him in any way to recall these eventsss.”

The drug was quick to take effect as Anton already couldn’t recall one minute from the next, leaving him in a perpetual state of bewilderment.

The professor continued, “Asss you can see, subject isss a Eastern-European white male, five foot and eight inchesss tall, weighing one hundred and seventy six poundsss and he is twenty yearsss old. Thanksss to gymnastic training he has developed remarkably above average musculature and stamina.

Anton interrupted, “Hey, why am I here?”

The professor continued to ignore Anton; “The improved stamina should prove to make thingsss especially interesting for classss tonight. And as you can see, subject has exceptionally oversized genitalia.”

Anton challenged, “Let me go and I’ll show you what my oversized cock can do to your ass, you pansy man. You would like that, huh? I know you would!”

The professor continued, “And as you can hear, the subject is somewhat spirited. Now let usss see if we can jolt some of that spirit out of him.Okay.”

The professor went over to a closet and pulled out a couple of rolling stands that had various medical devices attached to them.Casually, he rolled the stands around Anton and then up between his splayed legs. Anton realized there was only one reason to place that stuff so close to his privates, he was going to torture his manly parts.

Anton pleaded, “No, please, you can’t do this.I’ll do what ever you want.”

The professor ignored Anton, “Excuse me classss, I forgot my bag of goodies.”

The professor quickly scurried back to his office and just as quick returned with an old fashion doctor’s medical bag and placed it on a table near the unfortunate gymnast. The worn leather of the bag was stamped repeatedly with the international symbol for men. As with a lot of Eastern-Europeans, Anton was a World War II buff and recognized instantly what he was looking at. They were‘kill markings’, like the ones you would see on the side of an old fighter plane. There were dozens and dozens of those markings that almost filled up the side of the bag that was facing him.His heart filled with dread that he was going to be the next ‘kill marking’ on that bag.

Anton begged, “Please, sir, do not kill me.Whatever you want, I do it.Please just tell me. I don’t want to die.” Anton, convinced of his fate, started to cry.

Secretly, the professor loved the begging, it was half the reason he was in to this. As a child, his effeminate mannerisms had made him ground zero for a lot of bullying from high school jocks. And now the shoe was on the other foot. To see a strapping young figure of a man reduced to a pile of emotional jelly was the retribution he sought. And to see a naked athletic stud squirm around in pain and toss all of his man-milk, well, that was the titillating icing on the beefcake.

As Anton continued to beg for his life, the professor went blissfully about his business as he pulled a large and heavy steal butt plug out of the bag. Its tip was rounded and quickly flared out to the width of a man’s fist and bluntly choked back down to a narrow collar. The flange at its end had a wire dangling from it. Its chrome finish reflected the image of a sniveling jock back at Anton.Anton became silent at its sight, he had been to sex shops, he had seen certain videos, he even had a small soft-rubber version of his own and he knew exactly where that was going to go.

The professor dumped it onto Anton’s chiseled abs so that his subject could feel the weight of it. Anton’s eyes popped, as he looked at he shiny atrocity nesting on his stomach. His eyes swept over to the professor who was sneering at him. This one exchanged glance would be the only time the professor would personally acknowledge Anton in any way.

Anton was anxious, “You can’t be serious.There is no way that is going to fit.You are not shoving that up my ass!”

Professor Beans casually looked away as he pulled a bottle of “Gun Oil” sexual lubricant out of his bag. As Anton started to hyperventilate, the steel butt plug nearly rolled off his stomach. With one hand, the professor caught the heavy plug and held it in place on Anton’s abs while the other hand emptied half a bottle of lube onto the shiny anal intruder.The clear viscous fluid splashed about and meandered around Anton’s torso as the professor sloppily smeared the lubricant over the heavy steel butt plug. The professor scooped up the plug and carried around and up between Anton’s legs, legs who’s voluminous muscles bulged and flexed wildly as Anton tried in utter futility to close the gap leading up to his glorious hole. While the professor cradled the plug in one hand, he reached up with the other and scooped up some of the residual lubricant off of Anton’s stomach. Anton just about jumped out of his skin as the professor spread lubricant across his defenseless asshole. Anton puckered-up as he felt one of the professor’s fingers try to pry its way into the virgin territory of his anal sanctum.

The professor lectured his class; “Subject’s anus appears to be inexperienced in the way of anal play or intercourse as evident by its tightness. In short, he is homosexually a virgin. So let us see if we can pop his cherry.”

Anton defied, “Never! I’ll never let you in, you fucker!”

The professor calmly, “Subject is resistant.”

Anton screamed, “Fuck you!”

The professor continued, “I guess I’ll to put my weight into it.”

Anton screamed, “Fuck you asshole!”

The professor calmly, “A few more tries should do it.”

Anton could feel his sphincter starting to weaken against the professor’s constant barrage. Anton started to whimper as he saw the inevitable surrender of his ass to this callous man. Even a supreme specimen of athleticism such as Anton was still human and could only hold out for so long. And after ten minutes of Anton fighting the good fight, he surrendered with a rebel yell and the professor’s finger made its way into the Romanian gymnast’s body.

The professor proclaimed with glee, “There we go.”

Anton cursed, “Fuck you! Fuck you all to hell!”

The professor dispassionately, “Now I shall probe his rectum for any abnormalities.”

Anton wiggle about trying to expel the professor’s finger from his ass. But the professor’s long finger was determined and methodical as it explored every velvety square inch inside the gymnast’s ass.

The professor proclaimed, “Subject feelsss to be perfectly healthy. But let usss see if I can loosen him up a bit more.”

With one finger already in place, it was much easier for the professor to shove in a second finger.

Anton screamed in horror and agony, “Oh, God, this can’t be happening!”

Then a third finger was inserted, causing Anton scream even loader.

Anton pleaded, “No, no, no, please stop!”

The professor’s hand jabbed, twisted, rammed, turned and slammed into Anton’s ass, distorting both his hole and his soul.Anton pleaded and cried for mercy every step of the way. After a few more wiggles of his fist, the professor slipped his fingers out of Anton’s ass. The gymnast’s muscle went flaccid and his lungs gasped for air.

Anton exasperated, “Please, no more. Please, please, please.”

The professor coolly, “Now the subject seemsss to be ready to receive the butt plug.”

Anton begged desperately, “No, please, I beg of you, don’t put that in me.”

The professor was deaf to Anton’s pleas as he placed the tip of the steel but plug against the gymnast’s crotch and let the weight of it rest on his anus. Even when flaccid, Anton’s meat was long enough to dangle near his manhole, and he could feel his junk being pushed aside by that foreboding mass of steel. Anton shuddered at the inevitable.

Anton stuttered, “P-p-please, n-n-no, I beg y-you not…”

Before Anton could finish his plea, the professor started to shove the steel butt plug in to him. Anton squealed at first as he tried to resist one last time but was already over taxed from the fingering. The metal beastie was already half way in before the gymnast’s squeals turned to screams. The professor pressed onward, rolling, pitching and yawing the plug as Anton started to choke on his screams. And just as the professor was starting to doubt whether or not he could get the plug into his subject’s ass, Anton accidently curled his hips in a way that allowed the plug to plunk into his rectum without warning.

The professor cheered in Latin, “Magna rebus!”

The professor was pleasantly surprised as Anton’s anus snapped tight around the collar of the butt plug.

Exasperated, Anton yelled out, “Oh God, it’s killing me!Take it out! Take it out! Please, take it out!”

The plug was so big for Anton’s tight medium sized frame, that a slight deformation could be seen on the front of his pelvis between the base of his penis and the bottom set of abs. The professor massaged the pump until it went away along with Anton’s sounds of agony. The professor had a fleeting moment of compassion as he realized his rubbing soothed his aching subject. But then the professor pulled his hand away as he remembered this was partly about making jocks like him suffer. Anton caught his breath as he remembered the pain endurance part of his training. He tried to push out the butt plug, but that was just as painful.

Anton gasped, “Oh God damn it. Oh God.”

The professor turned to his class, “Well, that was a challenge. And now, I’ll apply pressure to his dorsal arteriesss and dorsal vein with my thumb, which should cause his blood to backup and fill hisss corpora cavernosa.”

Anton didn’t understand what the professor said, but he soon would. The professor placed his thumb firmly at the base of Anton’s dick, right on the main vein.Anton was bewildered by the familiar sensation of his cock becoming engorged. He stared in disbelief and betrayal as he watched his cock seemingly obey the professor’s command to ‘rise’. But when the crowd of men applauded his fully erect cock, Anton was distracted from the pain in his ass by a moment of pride. And then he wondered if these men just wanted to see his cock in action.

Anton offered himself to the room, “Hey, if you guys just want to see me cum, you don’t have to put me through all of this.I’d be willing to jack-off for you or something like that. You know, I can give myself a blowjob. How about that? I’ll let you watch me go down on myself.”

One man in the crowd shouted, “Hell Yeah!” but was quickly stared down by the professor and the other men around him.Anton’s offer of himself was unequivocally rejected.

The professor continued, “Now that the subject’s cock is fully engorged, inserting the sounding rod should be easy. And looking at how large it is, I hope I don’t loose the rod in his abnormally large phallus. As a matter of fact, let me get some dimensions before we continue.”

The professor reached into his bag and pulled out a soft vinyl tape measure and a note pad with pen. Anton watched with pride and curiosity, as he had never thought to measure it himself, he was happy enough just knowing he had the biggest gun in the locker room. The professor stretched the tape measure from the tip to the base of Anton’s cock. The professor’s stony demeanor crack for a moment as he leaned in and huffed in disbelief at the number he was reading.He repositioned the tape measure to make sure he was doing correctly. Anton could see his eyebrows twitch as the professor jotted down the number.The professor then wrapped the tape around Anton’s cock and then jotted that number down. Then he held the tape across the breadth of the gymnast’s beam of pulsating meat and made note of that. Next, the professor cradled Anton’s nut-bag in his hand and tested their weight by jostling them up and down and rolling then about his fingers. He tried as best he could to wrap the tape measure around one of Anton’s nuts, and then jotted that number down. The professor dropped the tape back into his bag and announced the numbers to the class.

“Length, fifteen and seven-eighths inches, width, approximately three and one-quarter inches, and the circumference is ten and one-eighth inches. Each of his testicles has a circumference of approximately six to seven inches; I believe that’s about the size of a tennis ball. Gentlemen, we have a new record holder.”

As the men applauded, Anton brimmed with pride, even in the face of such dire circumstances.

“This cock is officially the largest cock I’ve ever worked on. So, let’s make this my opus maximum. Now, for the sounding, I prefer to use a subject’s natural lubricant, so let’s see I can coax some out of him.”

The professor placed his hands on Anton’s cock and started a vigorous massaging routine. The professor hands kneaded Anton’s cock like a hard lump of clay, starting at the bottom and working his way up the monumental column of living marble.Though the manipulation of his cock was a little too aggressive for his tastes, Anton couldn’t help enjoying it a little. And then he thought if he helped the professor to coax an orgasm out of him, they might call it a night a send him on his way. So Anton started to undulate his hips and pantomiming intercourse as the professor rubbed away at his throbbing cock. The gymnast showed just how flexible he could be even with his arms and legs spread apart and bound tight as he arched his body into the air.The professor ignored Anton’s shenanigans and continued unabated in milking the young gymnast. Anton was surprise at how soon an orgasm started to build up inside of him. Maybe it was the steel butt plug pressing against his prostate or the assist he was getting from the professor, but this was much faster than he was use too and totally caught him off guard as hiss body to convulse. A fountain of jizm abruptly exploded up from his loins and shot out of his mighty cock and ricocheted off the surgical lights above.The professor released Anton’s gushing schlong and stepped back in shock and awe as a second volley of semen blasted the overhead lighting. Sperm soaked one of the bulbs causing it to explode. Sparks showered down onto Anton’s naked body as he shot out a third and final jet of his white hot spunk. As Anton settled back into the saddle holding up his back, the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Anton nodded to the crowd, “Okay, is that what you wanted? Does that satisfy you bastards?”

As his sperm continued to ooze out of his pulsating cock and drip from the surgical lights, the professor stepped back in and gestured for the class to sit down. It took all of his discipline not to show or comment on how impressed he was at that Vegas-like fountain show of cum. He swept away the semen that had splashed down onto Anton’s body.

“Well, that wasss a little more of his fluid than I wasss hoping for. Anyway, time for the sounding rod.”

Anton protested, “Ah, come on! After all that sperm, you are still going to do these things to me?”

What Anton didn’t realize is that it wasn’t his seed the professor wanted, the professor just wanted to inflict great agonies on the genitals of a stud like him.

The professor pulled out of his bag a ribbed sounding rod. Its shiny chrome finish momentarily mesmerized Anton until he saw the professor position it above the gaping maw of his urethra. In his young inexperienced life, Anton had never heard of this being done and braced himself for what he thought would be the worst pain he ever felt.He started screaming even before the rod touched him. Professor Beans pause impatiently waiting for the screaming to stop. Anton finally ran out of breath and just stared at the rod poised over the helmet of his phallic soldier. After a moment, the professor lubricated the rod by sliding across a trickle of semen that was oozing out of his cock. Anton gasped at the feel of the cold, hard rod. With small circular motions, the professor lowered the tip of the rod into the open tunnel of his cock.

Anton pleaded desperately, “No, please don’t!”

The professor continued without hesitation as the ribbed sounding rod continued to disappear into his cock. Anton was waiting for the sting that would cause him to scream again, and he waited, and then he realized it wasn’t hurting at all.In fact, it felt good. Then there was a tingle like he had never felt before, was it pain? No, it still felt good. Anton knew at that moment that if he ever got out of there, he would have to buy one of those rods for himself. Then as the ribbed section of the rod entered his cock, Anton felt the tingle turn to a tickle. Much to his surprise, he had to suppress a giggle. As more of the rod entered his cock, the tickle became stronger and stronger still. Then Anton couldn’t hold it back any more and he started to giggle. This surprised the professor causing him to pause for a moment. When Anton stopped giggling, the professor resumed the insertion, and the tickling returned to the gymnast. Anton shook his head trying to shake away the laughter but it didn’t work and soon broke out in hysterical laughter.

Anton laughed out, “Stop! It tickles too much!” He laughed again, “Stop it!”

The professor accepted Anton’s laughter with bemused resignation. But then he recalled that he always wanted to try some tickle torture on a subject, maybe this was the time. He began to twist the rod around in Anton’s cock. Anton’s muscles rippled and flexed fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way as his laughter became frantic as he pleaded.

Anton tried to speak between the laughs, “P-p-please…no…no…no more… I… I can’t take… stop!”

His laughs were morphing into hyperventilation as the professor continued to twist the rod into his cock. Anton started to buck around like a wild stallion as the room filled with the roars and cheers of onlookers that were quickly becoming devoted fans of the naked gymnast. Even the professor let out an uncharacteristic chuckle as the red-faced gymnast lost control and urinated all over himself. The professor lost is grip on the rod and it disappeared into Anton’s massive membrane.

“Oh shit!” Exclaimed the professor.

With the rod out of the Professor’s control, Anton was able to simmer down a little, but the tickling was still strong.

Anton laughed, “Oh God, please take it out, I can’t take it anymore.”

Anton didn’t realize how dangerous that was as the professor frantically probed his fingers about the underside of his meat.After all, the professor didn’t want to kill him, just almost kill him. Finally the professor felt through Anton’s thick member what he was searching for, the bottom end of the sounding rod. Using his fingers like rollers, the professor coaxed the rod back up, a task made all the more difficult by Anton’s laughing spasms. At last, the top end of the sounding rod emerged from the top of his cock. The professor took a firm hold of the rod and held in place in Anton’s cock as he clamped the rod to one of the rolling stands, and then secured another clamp around is cock. His work was quick to prevent losing the rod again. Even though the sounding rod was motionless, Anton kept on giggling as any slight movement on his part stimulated him. Yes, he liked it and now he was doing it to himself with subtle hip thrusts.

Anton giggled, “Hey, don’t rush on my count, I’m in a good place for now. I think I’m even starting to enjoy that steel beast up my ass. Can I take it with me when I get the fuck out of here?”

His enjoyment mocked the professor and angrily put an end to his enjoyment by grabbing his balls giving them a hard twist.Anton screamed and spat at the professor. The professor then clamped Aton’s balls to the stand as well. Next, the professor reached into his satchel and pulled out a saline bag with two lines coiled up against it.

The professor commanded, “Attention classss, what I have here is no ordinary bag of saline but a special blend of proteins that increasesss the electro-conductivity of human flesh. This will make the subject even more sensitive to electrical currentsss passing through hisss body. And to make sure thisss fluid goes exactly to where I want it to, I’ll be injecting it directly into his testiclesss.”

Anton panicked, “What? No fucking way! Oh you fucking bastard!”

The professor calmly hooked the clear bag to the top of the other stand and unrolled the two lines. At the end of each line was a needle. Anton grew terrified at the sight of the needles.

Anton pleaded, “Ah dude, please, you have to see how inhumane this is.”

The professor ignored him as he reached into his doctor’s satchel and pulled out a roll of surgical tape, tore off two pieces loosely placed them on Anton’s thigh. Anton’s muscles bulged as he tensed up. The professor gently grabbed one of the needles in one hand; his other hand took a firm squeeze of Anton’s left testicle. Anton held his breath as the professor positioned the needle and without care, jammed the needle into Anton’s left nut. Anton screamed the most unholy yell that these men ever heard.Some of the crowd winced. Anton’s yell became unbridled sobbing as the professor prepared to do the same to his right nut.

Anton slobbered and sobbed, “Oh please dear God, have mercy.”

And without care or hesitation, the professor harpooned Anton’s right nut. The gymnast’s screams filled the hall for a minute or so.

Then the Romanian screamed in his native tongue, “Tu nenorocitule porc!”

The professor serenely secured the needles with the two pieces of tape. As the professor took some electric cables out of his bag, a sobbing Anton finally accepted the fact that begging for mercy doesn’t work on a man who is this cruel.

Anton wept freely, “Why do you do this? I do nothing to you. I’m a good guy. I never hurt you or anybody. Not even a fly.”

But the professor had a prejudice against jocks that caused him to believe that they were all guilty of cruelty to their fellow man or at least suffered from elitism and had superiority complex. Professor Beans calmly plugged one cable to the ribbed sounding rod.

Anton continued, “You, you are a heartless man, and one day, you will come across an even darker soul.”

Then the professor plugged a cable heavy steel butt plug in Anton’s ass.

Anton continued, “And on that day, you will beg for mercy and it will not be given to you. That is the fate of people like you.”

The professor then plugged both cables into a radio-controlled transformer at the top of the stand. Then the professor pulled a remote control out of his pocket and tested it by giving it a quick swiping tap across the buttons with his thumb.Though the jolt of electricity was brief, it was strong enough to cause every muscle in Anton’s body to explode with trembling flexes. And then just as quick, his body collapsed back into its relaxed state. Anton’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he shook his head.

Anton coughed out, “Tu nenorocitule! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck!”

The professor handed the remote control to the nearest student.

Professor Beans announced, “Okay everyone, it’s classss participation time. The device I just handed out is a remote control for the transformer at the top of the pole here. Asss you can see, the subject is wired to that transformer by way of the sounding rod in his erect penisss, the steel butt plug planted in hisss rectum and the clamp around hisss scrotum. Now depending on which two buttonsss you push, electricity will flow between any two of those three body partsss I mentioned, but you have to pressss at least two buttonsss to make it work. Or you can pressss all three if you like, electrocuting his penisss, testiclesss and rectum all at the same time. The dial in the middle setsss the power level with ten being the highest. Not to worry, the highest setting isss just within the range of human tolerancesss, and our subject here would appear to have above average tolerancesss anyway. Each of you will get fifteen minutesss to play with it or until the subject passesss out, whichever comes first. And if the subject does pass out, you can wait until he regain'sss consciousnessss or you can continue to shock him while he isss passed out, but then there won’t any screaming and wheresss the fun in that. Okay, have fun, you can begin any time you like.”

Anton couldn’t see through his tears who had the remote control, so he pleaded to the whole room.

Anton sobbed out, “Please, I can’t believe all of you are as cruel and sadistic as him. If there are any decent men amongst you, stop this and I will give you my body.I will…”

Anton’s plea was cut off by a massive jolt passing from his cock to his balls to his ass. The first person at the control did indeed hit all three buttons at once, and at the maximum setting. Anton instantly lost the ability to speak as the pain jumbled his thoughts. His face turned beet-red as the veins in his neck seemed as if the were about to pop through his skin. Every muscle in his body seemed to separate itself from every other muscle. Muscles bulging and rippling so much that his body looked like a charactercher of itself.He showed more definition than an anatomy textbook. His body flinched, shuddered, trembled, quivered, vibrated, jerked, lurched and thrash about as much as his restraints would allow. If the butt plug hadn’t been corking his ass, he would have shat himself. And on it went through the night, each man getting his fifteen minutes with Anton, the Romanian gymnast.

A person at he controls could play with the power level settings, turning the dial down and up again, and the intensity of Anton’s flexing and convulsions would match accordingly. The magnitude of his screams were so synchronized with the power levels, some could actually make his screams seem like singing.

Anton only passed out twice during that night.And even when he was unconscious, his flexing flesh was a sight to see as the cruel men continued to electrically puppeteer the wretched gymnast’s body. And on it went through the night until the batteries in the remote control died.

At the end of this ordeal, Anton’s traumatized body just laid there, restrained by leather straps that weren’t needed any more, he was a ragdoll of a man now, his soul and his body spent, sweat dripping off his flesh and his body still occupied by odd pieces of metal. His eyes were fixed on the wall clock to his left, four thirty in the morning. And as the professor approached him with a syringe in hand, Anton wondered if he would live to see the clock strike five. He saw the needle go into his arm but his nerves and muscles had become so numb that he couldn’t feel it. As his vision started to lose its color, the dozen or so students of pain gathered around him and placed their hands all over his worn out body, they seemed to be giving him a congratulatory pats, like football players do to each other at the end of a touchdown. And then all of his senses faded to black.

Thanks to memory canceling drugs and awfully misplaced trust in his coach, Anton would unknowingly relive these events twenty-six more times during the rest of his stay in Nebraska.

Anton woke up in his coach’s arms. As he looked around the unfamiliar setting, he noticed a hard pain in his groin. His stirrings woke his coach (who was only pretending to be sleeping). The coach smiled at him.

“Good morning.”

Anton was confused, “Where am I?”

“You’re in my bed, in my house. Why, don’t you remember?”

Anton struggled, “I was in the shower with you, in your arms, and then…I am here. What happened? What am I forgetting? And why does my groin hurt?”

“Well, after our shower together, I thought it would be fun to have a training session in the nude.” The coach lied. “And while on the parallel bars, you messed up and caught a bar right between the legs and then you landed on your head. You said you were fine at the time but I guess that head landing was harder than we thought. Probably just a minor concussion, nothing to worry about, I’ve seen it many time before.Do you feel okay?”

Anton was unsure, “ Well, I guess so. But I’m worried that I don’t remember.”

The coach assured him, “Don’t worry, it’ll come back to you.”

“I hope so.”

The coach asked, “So you don’t remember coming back to my place?”

“Sorry, no.”

“You don’t remember skinny dipping in my pool?”


“Having sex in my backyard and then in my bed?”

“I wish I could remember that, but I can’t.”

The coach smiled, “Well it’s Sunday, which means we have the whole day to reenact everything we did last night. And if that doesn’t jog your memory, it will at least create some new ones. And since you don’t remember last night, that means you get to be a gay virgin all over again.”

Anton was startled, “You mean I’m not. You mean that you…fucked… Did you fuck me?”

The coach lied, “Oh yes, you totally surrendered yourself to me. Once you let go of your inhibitions, you were amazing. You know you have a beautiful butt.”

Anton was incredulous, “Yes, I know I have a beautiful ass. Thank you.But you're saying I liked getting…fucked?”

The lies continued, “Well, you resisted at first, but once you relaxed…”

“Maybe that’s why my ass hurts. Did I fuck you?”

The coach chuckled, “Well, not with that king dong of yours, but I’d be willing to give a try again.”

Anton had to make sure, “But you fucked me…and I liked it?”

The coach squeezed his hand through between Anton’s muscular thighs and started to tickle away at his boi pussy, “Yes…you…did.Would you like me to show you?”

Anton smiled, “Hmm, that does feel good. Well, okay, but be real gentile, apparently you were to hard last time.”

“Of course, you can trust me.”

And with a kiss began a dysfunctional codependent and intemperate romance that was fueled by drugs, debauchery, techno and the occasional Adele album. The coach lead Anton down a dark road that repeatedly explored every manor of sexual perversion and that ultimately caused the gymnast to lose sight of his athletic goals. With most of his energy spent on sex, he would constantly place last in gymnastic competitions, but he was the best looking loser anybody had ever seen. And he had become something of a crowd favorite, as the exhibitionist that his coach and lover awakened in him would constantly feign clothing malfunctions and flash his hefty junk for all to see. Their flamboyantly trashy affair lasted until Anton went back to Romania after he barely graduated with degrees in tourism and physical therapy. And by the way, Anton did totally love getting fucked up the ass, and still does to this day. So if you ever use a pubic bathroom in the city of Timișoara, you might be one of the many to pump into the Romanian gymnast and satyriasis sufferer, Anton Draganu. And by pump, I mean like wrangle his rump into a comfort station and bend him over a toilet while you totally rail him up his loose bubble butt asshole with your fat donkey cock custard chucker as he eats his own bologna like the sex-craved alley cat that he’s become, yeah.