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Mad Science 101
Part 1 - Mad Science 101 - Part 1
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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“Mad Science 101”

By Jotto

Part I


The class secretly offered at the college was called, "Studies In The Resilience Of The Male Reproductive Systems - With Emphasis On Adolescence Men With Oversized Genitalia". But the students who actually took the class simply called it, "Mad Science 101". Professor Frank N. Beans, the master of this class, is always looking for more brawny young athletes with huge cocks. To this end, he had a number of ‘talent scouts’ that would help him procure fresh stock for his experiments. The professor had convinced himself that his research was a valuable exploration of the male reproductive system and its ability to perform while under various forms of duress. But in truth, he sought revenge against the few jocks that tormented him as a child by making all other jocks suffer, regardless of their guilt or innocence.And his victims would never remember the sexual atrocities that took place on their bodies thanks to an injected cocktail of memory inhibiting benzodiazepines. Crimes made possible by the miracle of modern pharmaceuticals.

One little side note before we continue; the word ‘gymnasium’ comes from the Greek word “gymnazein”, which literally means, “to exercise naked.”

Enter, Anton Draganu, the youngest branch of a family tree deeply rooted in Romania and with some low hanging fruit of his own.His gymnastic skills earned him an exchange student scholarship to a prestigious Nebraskan college. His exotic surname and his prodigious manhood earned him the nickname, “The Wag’n-Dragon” from teammates that couldn’t help noticing his penile attributes as they hit the showers. Anton also caught the eye of his coach who did his best to maintain his composure as he spied on the young man’s dragon wagging between his thunderous thighs, a gymnastic phallus that performed its own routine on the muscular parallel beams of his perfect legs.

Unbeknownst to any one of his boys, the coach was also a talent scout of sorts for the unscrupulous, Professor Beans. After the coach showed a few surreptitiously taken photos of a naked Anton to the professor, the professor knew he would be the ideal subject for his experiments and paid the coach a handsome sum to have the young Romanian gymnast abducted and put in his clutches. All that was needed now was the right opportunity for the duplicitous coach to kidnap Anton for the professor.

And that opportunity came one night after the coach convinced Anton that he needed some private one-on-one practice after normal school hours. All through their private practice there were many opportunities for the coach to inject Anton with the sedative from the tiny hypodermic needle hidden in his ring, but since all Anton was wearing was a skimpy pair of gymnastic shorts, it was hard not to be mesmerized by the very young figure of the blonde Romanian. So he decided to enjoy their private time together. The coach savored his hands sliding across and holding onto Anton’s smooth pixyish body as he guided the nimble creature through various routines. The coach considered the allure of smooth young flesh wrapped around rock-hard muscle. What a beautiful contradiction he thought as he placed his hands around Anton’s tiny waist and lifted him up to the gymnastic rings. With Anton’s perfect bubble of a butt pushing through his shorts and staring the coach in the face, the coach couldn’t resist placing his cheek on the side of the young man’s buttocks and inhaling his scent. He quickly pulled back before Anton would suspect anything and passed it off as an accident.

“Sorry, I slipped.”

Anton had noticed that the coach was a little more hands-on than usual, that his hands would occasionally glance his nether regions and that his fingers seemed to linger on his flesh even after the palm of his hand had lifted away. But that face-plant on his butt definitely activated his gaydar. Nevertheless, Anton hoped that the coach was just being extra helpful, or as he said, just a little clumsy. But even if there was more than that, even if the coach had some homosexual tendencies, Anton actually didn’t mind the extra attention from a man he admired so much. And if need be, Anton had some experience in politely turning down proposals from gay men; usually judges at competitions over the past few years. Then as he twirled away on the rings, Anton casually wondered what it would be like to lay with his coach. But when imagined them kissing, it caused him to dismount and land prematurely.

Anton was uncomfortable with his thoughts, “Well, I’m getting tired. Time to call it a night I think.”

Anton’s Romanian accent always made the coach take a deep breath, “Okay, you can hit the showers. I have some paperwork to do.”

Back in the locker room, Anton headed for his locker as the coach went into his office. The coach’s office window had a view of the lockers and the showers, but as the coach took his seat, he pretended to study some papers as he slyly kept an eye on Anton. He still had every intention of kidnapping Anton, but first wanted the pleasure of watching him shower.

As Anton stood in front of his locker, he could feel his coach’s eyes resting on him. The coach normally respected the privacy of his team by closing the blinds, but the blinds were open and there was the coach, just sitting there. Anton debated getting undressed in view of him but was suddenly hit with a wave of impishness and wanted to test the level of his coach’s gay tendencies. With his back to the coach, Anton slowly pushed down his shorts to his ankles, giving the coach a wink of his brown eye. He could hear the coach clear his throat. Anton turned while avoiding the coach’s gaze and slowly removed his jockstrap.The naughty Romanian stretched his torso in all directions intentionally causing his substantial meat to sway from side to side. Taking a wide stance, he aired out his scrotum by flicking his balls with his fingers.He could hear the coach clear his throat again. Then Anton decided to push it even further by weighing his naked self on the scale just outside the coach’s office door. Anton walked the soft walk you do when walking across a cold tile floor. The clapping of his bare feet on ceramic accentuated the motion of his manhood as it rolled over one thigh and then the other.The coach did his best to maintain his composer as he watched Anton step onto the scale. The coach tried really, really hard not to look at Anton’s cock as he casually addressed the nude gymnast.

The coached feigning nonchalance, “Weighing in?”

Anton coyly fiddled with the scale, “Yup.”

After an exaggerated stay on the scale, Anton walked over and leaned on the doorframe of the coach’s office, shifting one leg to keep his dong in motion.

“So coach, why is the scale in kilograms again?”

There was that Romanian accent again that drove him crazy, “Well Anton, gymnastics is an international competition.”

“So how many pounds are eighty kilograms?”

The coach takes a deep breath, “There’s a conversion chart above my desk.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot. Silly me.”

Anton sashayed on over to the coach and leaned over his desk in a way that placed his ass almost in the coach’s face. Anton pretended to scrutinize the chart.

“Okay, a hundred and seventy-six pounds, and I’m five foot, eight inches tall. Those are good figures for me. Wouldn’t you say so, Coach?”

The coach sighs, “I’d say you have an excellent figure. I mean figures.”

Like it was out his control, the coach saw his hand raise up towards Anton’s perfect bubble butt but pulled his hand back just as the naked gymnast turned away.

As Anton scampered away, “Thanks, Coach.”

As Anton headed for the shower, the coach stared at him openly. He figured after that little tease that Anton threw at him, there’s no way he could blame him for watching now. But just to be safe, the coach turned off the lights in his office and waited for the inevitable to happen. The inevitable in this case was a sexually mature and flirty twenty-year-old left alone in a unique location like a locker room is bound to make a masturbatory exploration of his surroundings. And from his office, the coach spied on the perfectly fit gymnast.

Anton was careful to select the showerhead that was in complete view of the office and did his best not to look back over his shoulder. He thought for a moment about how far he wanted to tease his coach. He figured he’d start with a simple shower and suds display and then see where it goes from there.

The coach watched as the young Romanian turned on the shower and bowed his head into the stream of water, his resilient wavy blond hair remained fluffy under the deluge of water. The coach watched intently from his boy blind as Anton polished his body with liquid soap. The coach’s fingers synchronized with Anton’s as his fingers fluttered about his muscles and guided suds into every crevice. The coach thought he would pass out as Anton effortlessly lifted a leg and coaxed a handful of soap across his tight and glorious hole as the gymnast stood perfectly balanced on one foot. Then Anton planted his foot back on the ground, he started to rinse off.The coached dreaded that this show had no climax as Anton reached for the handle and turned it off. The gymnast leaned against the wall to let the water finish draining off his body.

Anton pondered his next move, whether or not to give him the full Monty. And then remembered all the support and assistance the coach has given him, so if he were gay, he would give him the gift of performing a sex act for him, truly an award for a very helpful gay man.

The coach held his breath hoping this show had an encore. And some hope did return for the coach, as Anton seemed to hold that pose for too long.Even from behind, the coach could see Anton’s ample member become slightly more ample, filling the gap between his legs. As the gymnast turned, the coach could see Anton’s cock was starting to lift away from his legs.

Anton looked in the direction of the coach’s office but he could not see into the dark. Anton assumed he was still in there as his hand blindly reached back for the handle and turned the shower back on.

Anton could hear the coach whispered, “Yes.”

Anton leaned into the spray as he reached out to the soap dispenser and reloaded his hands with the slippery liquid. His hands slid across his chest with the new purpose of finding various pleasure points. His cock was quick to join the party, engorging and raising itself to greet helpful hands half way up his stomach. The gymnast hugged his cock tight against his stomach like two friends that hadn’t seen each other for a while. The head of his cock just about reach the bottom of his chest. The coached watched in disbelief and with bated breath at what must be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The coach whispered speculations, “Easily twelve inches. Fourteen?Dear, God, could it be sixteen inches?No, that’s impossible, but there it is.”

The coach lost control for a moment as he leaned into his desk causing it to scrape across the floor. He froze and closed his eyes waiting for Anton to notice, but when he looked up, relief, Anton was too self-absorbed to notice. Or maybe Anton didn’t even care as his cock was now completely lathered up and manipulated back and forth across his stomach.His hands meticulously massaging that rock-hard appendage up one side and then down the other. His hand brushed away the suds from the plump head of his cock as his nimble body curled in so his lips could welcome the shimmering maw of his manhood.

The coach remembered and quickly reached for his binoculars, “I don’t believe it. I am the luckiest coach in the world right now.”

The coach’s hand reached through his pants and grabbed onto his own throbbing self. Anton pulled back just enough to reveal he was French-kissing himself, his tongue tunneling its way into that mountain of meat. His lips came back down and shrouded the tender act of autofellatio from the coach’s view. One of the Romanian’s hands slip away and found it’s way to his rippling buttocks.Anton’s cheeks were tight at first but soon relaxed and allowed his fingers to continue on to his still virgin glory. First to enter was his index finger, just the tip at first making lazy circles like a boat caught in a whirlpool, just a tickle here and there. And then his longer middle finger had its turn, whirlpool, tickle, tickle and more tickle. And then Anton surprised himself as his middle finger took the plunge and went in for the kill. One finger up his ass, one hand on his cock and his lips securely suctioned around his cock’s head, Anton held on as he muffled a scream and fell to his knees and then onto his back. Being the only shower running, it had the pressure to send every little micro-jet of water shooting into his skin, it felt like a thousand electrified needles poking at him. Anton’s alabaster skin turned pinker with the heat of the water and from the fire within.

By this point, the coach had whipped out his own fatty and was beating it against his desk.His fogged over binoculars were abandoned and his breathing was deep and very bothered.

“Oh, God, I can’t take it anymore. Before I take him to the professor, I’m making him mine.”

And with that declaration, the coach kicked off his shoes, ripped off his clothing and like a tiger in the grass, made his way to his unsuspecting prey.

Anton had closed his eyes to the spray of the shower and his moaning had become carelessly loud, so he didn’t notice his naked coach walk up and take a powerful stance over him. The coach just stood there as he stroked himself, waiting for Anton to notice him.The coach was an Olympic gymnast himself, and though he never won a medal, he certainly did well holding onto his gymnast form over the years.

Anton wreathed around on the floor; he slithered around under the spray still firmly holding onto himself; still completely consumed in his passion to notice his coach.

Wanting to move this along, the coach let out a little moan of his own. Like a cat hitting the ground, all for of Anton’s limbs slapped through the water as they firmly planted on the tile. A completely shocked Anton looked up into his coach’s eyes and sprang to his feet. Anton didn’t think that his coach would approach him like this, and in the nude.Anton whipped around only now realizing the consequences of his actions and coward in a far corner of the stall and refused to look at his coach.

Anton shuddered, “Oh, God. Forgive me. I just wanted to tease you a little and put on a show for you in appreciation for all your help. Forgive me. Please.”

The coach moved in, “Well thank you for that.What a thoughtful gift. You’re a very gracious young man doing that. For letting me watch you explore your fit body and demonstrate your sexuality.”

Anton conceded, “I know, it’s just that… Well…”

The coach consoled, “And even though I’m twice your age, I still my body too.”

Anton struggled, “Well, I just want you to know that I never showed myself like that to anyone.”

The coach reassured him, “I know, and again, thank you.”

Anton flinched as the coach placed a hand on his shoulder, and his other hand gently landed on his back. The young Romanian’s skin felt as smooth and strong like marble as he tensed up, Anton wasn’t sure what to make of this gesture as he slowly looked back over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

The coach spoke softly, “I’m thanking you.”

“Um, you’re welcome, but I don’t think that… I’m not gay.”

“Neither am I.”

The coach’s hands slid down the young Romanian’s body and hovered around his waist. Equal parts of fear and curiosity kept Anton from moving away.

Anton puzzled, “But you are touching me in that way, like a gay man would”

“How about that. Doesn’t feel good?”


The coached whispered into Anton’s ear, “Then that’s all that matters. We’re just two men being very grateful to each other.”

The coach grabbed Anton’s shoulder and tried to turn him around, Anton resisted, the coach persisted, until the current and former gymnasts faced each other. Their erect cocks mingled, Anton tried to sway it away, but he was cornered and his cock was too big to hide. The coach gently placed his hand under Anton’s chin and guided his lips to his.Anton tried to turn away but the coach’s hand had a firm but gentle hold of his chin.

Anton meekly protested, “No.”

Coach challenged, “You’re a young man, surely you’ve been curious what it be like to be with another man?”


“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Their lips met. Anton tried to push away at his coach’s hairy chest, but the older man was stronger and persistent. Anton was tired from working out, and more so, tired from being a lonely foreigner in a strange land and soon surrendered to his own curiosity, to his coach’s power, and to their passions. Anton’s hands went from pushing away at his coach’s chest to holding onto his back.Their bodies firmly pressed together, their hands clasped tightly as their tongues united.

Anton couldn’t deny it anymore, his love of how gymnastics made his body and the body of his teammates look. Ever since he could remember, he would watch male gymnasts with admiration, not so much for their skill, but for how they looked.And now he looked like them, was one of them and now was with one of them. Fulfillment of all the desires he had denied and fought off was now sweeping over his soul like the warm water that was rinsing his body.

The coach’s lips fell from Anton’s lips down onto his hairless Romanian chest. Anton’s man cleavage channeled the coach’s lips right to a set of abs that were neatly framed by external obliques and serratus anteriors, all of which seemed to be pointed down to the promised land of his groin. Once there, the coach showed Anton how a man knows best how to please a man. With one hand around his jewels and the other around his major pride, the coach guided Anton’s member neatly over his eager lips. For the young gymnast, the feeling was absolutely electric as the coach’s tongue took its first taste of Romanian cock. Anton held onto the pluming fixtures, took a deep breath and braced himself for what was his first dip into the colorful waters of homosexuality.Anton winced and moaned as his coach’s tongue licked down one side of his throbbing shaft and then up the other.His young body vibrated as if being electrocuted.

The coach smiled as he looked up, “Are you okay?”

Anton gasped out, “I did not know I could feel like this.”

The coach chuckled, “Well hang on to something, I’m just getting started.”

With a smile, the coach placed his lips around the end of Anton’s pulsating appendage. A tease at first as his experienced lips suckled on the plump head of a seldom tested but talented cock. Anton moaned with every undulation of his coach’s lips. Then the coach revealed his other talent as he started to swallow Anton’s massive cock, slowly, methodically, inch after glorious inch.The experienced older man easily suppressed his gag reflex as he started down the second half of the young cock.Committed, persistent, the coach continued swallowing Anton’s shaft. And with every advance, Anton moaned louder and louder until finally he placed his placed his own hand over his mouth out of fear his cries might attract the attention of a security guard or wayward student that might happen by. Anton looked down to confirm what he was felt, his coach’s lips had made it all the way down his cock and were now nestled firmly in the still soft hairs of the bush that adorned the base of his sturdy timber.

The coach knew he had him and that this young buck’s will belong to him. But just to make sure, the coach hit him with his best trick yet. He started to swallow. The undulation of his esophagus around Anton’s cock was more that the young gymnast could resist and the hair-trigger of his young virility was pulled.With gush after gush, Romanian semen filled the coach’s gullet. Anton clawed at the walls as he screamed with an ecstasy that he had never experienced before. Anton didn’t care if any body heard him now, it was worth being caught to feel this good.As the coach stood up, he surrendered Anton’s cock back to him. The young Romanian’s cock remained firm and apparently ready for more. Dizzy with ecstasy, Anton steadied himself by embracing his coach. Anton looked up into his coach’s eye and leaned in for a kiss. He recognized the taste of his seed on his coach’s lips but it was even sweeter this time.

As the two gymnasts embraced, the coach flicked open a lid on his ring, revealing a compartment with a short spring-loaded needle that extended outward. The coach pondered for a moment if he wanted to share this treasure with the professor, but then remembered he had already been paid to bring Anton to him. And the coach knew from past experiences that it is best not to piss off that mad man. So, the coach pressed the needle into the spine of Anton’s neck.

Anton recoiled, “Ouch, what was…”

His question went unfinished, as the tranquilizer was fast and quickly turned the young buck into a rag doll. The coach swooped up the limp sack of muscles before he could hit the ground and laid him out on one of the benches. The young Romanian’s overly muscular arms and legs were flaccid as they draped down to the floor while his cock remained firm and tall, a phallic sentry standing watch over his body. And as undignified as this pose may have been, the coach took a moment to gaze upon Anton’s form as he would gaze upon the Grand Canyon or some other natural wonder. And there Anton laid, a masculine sleeping beauty with a rock-hard cock still standing tall, while the coach shut off the shower and got dressed. And there Anton laid, erect, naked and motionless, as the coach alerted the professor with a text. And there Anton laid, engorged cock and limp body, until the coach returned with his car. The coach sat on the bench between the unconscious Anton’s splayed legs and reached out to run his fingers down the young gymnast’s consistently firm cock.

The coach sighed, “How beautiful and majestic you are.”

And as the coach ran his fingers back up, the unconscious Anton’s cock reacted to his touch with a flinch. The coach wondered if he could rub a load out of the unconscious stud. And since he had swallowed Anton’s first load, he didn’t actually get to see it erupt.He looked at his watch knowing he had to meet the professor shortly.

The coach pondered, “Well, he’s still very young so this should go quickly, especially if I tap his prostate.”

The coach reached over to a soap dispenser and pumped several globs of the thick liquid into his hands. He repositioned himself to sit facing Anton’s majesty and after placing both his hands on it, he sat in admiration at how there was still room for at least another two hands. One hand started soaping up the large stack of meat while the other spread the slimy cleanser over his glory hole. The coach’s callused finger slipped easily Anton’s supple hole and quickly found its way to his prostate. The coach jabbed and poked frantically at the gland buried deep within his student while his other hand recklessly rubbed, stroked, and polished Anton’s cock. The unconscious gymnast’s body shifted around the bench as his coach pounded and pummeled away at his organs. After about ten minutes of this abuse, Anton’s groin constricted and his abs tightened up, his arms and legs shook intensely as a geyser of sperm erupted.The coach pushed Anton’s cock away from him to keep his man-muck from landing on his clothes. Sperm rained down all over Anton’s face, another surge of his seed drench his chest and neck. And then a third gush of his sperm hit him in the face again. Anton started to drown in his own cum, as his nose and mouth were completely drenched with his liquid seed. The coach reacted quick, pulling his finger out of Anton’s asshole and scooping most of the sperm out of his mouth and swiping some of the jizm off of his nose. And as the unconscious Anton started to breath freely once more, the coach shook off most of the young man’s muck from his hands and wiped the rest off on his washboard of a stomach. The coach took a moment to reflect.

“I bet even Simon Cowell would be gobsmacked over that.”

The coach knelt down to Anton like Prince Charming to Sleeping Beauty and kissed his cum soaked face. Anton laid their expressionless as his coach continued to kiss and lick his face clean of his seed. The coach leaned back and licked his own lips clean.

“My oh my, your man-butter is sweet.”

Then the coach ran his fingers through Anton’s hair.

“Don’t worry my Romanian prince, if all goes as planned, you won’t remember a thing and you can still be all mine.”

With that wish, the coach easily cradled Anton’s nude body in his arms, carried him out of the locker room and gently folded him into the trunk of his car. The coach gazed one last time at the site Anton’s cock bobbing to the beat of a young heart and drooling the last few drops of his unconscious orgasm. The coach swiped up the lingering drop of Anton’s seed and placed it on his tongue.

“Mm, till we meet again.”

And with that, the coach gently pressed down and closed the trunk of his car. Under the cover of night, he sped off with his human bounty to the far end of the campus were the nefarious Professor Beans awaited them.



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