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The Deal
Chapter 7 - Grappling
By Ferdy (Illustrated by Franco)

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Shaun headed into the bathroom turning on the lights as he did. The small room flared into light as he closed the door. White surfaces reflected everywhere. He shucked off the shorts and pulled the tank over his head. After using the toilet he reached into the wall to wall shower cabinet and turned on the jet, after letting it run for a moment he slipped into the stall. He immediately yelped and flinched back and adjusted the temperature as freezing water drenched him for the second time that day.

‘Oh! Sorry!’ he heard Kenn shout, ‘I forgot to say, I like it cold’

‘Thanks!’ he yelled back wryly. After showering thoroughly and drying himself off with one of the towels rolled up in a similar rack to the one in the garage, he re-dressed in the shorts and vest, and returned to the sitting room, only mildly disappointed he hadn’t been joined in the shower-room.

‘Eat up’ said Kenn and headed past, nodding to the shower. ‘Bit grimy myself’.

A while later, both showered and fed; hunger satisfied with a turkey, mayo and tomato sandwich on toasted rye bread, they settled back with a couple of beers onto the comfortable seats. Shaun had been surprised at how hungry he was. It had been a long time since breakfast he realised, which had only consisted of a glass of juice and some toast.

As they sat shooting the breeze a little, talking about movies and sports, the conversation had come around to the subject of kayaking, an activity Kenn was passionate about and which Shaun had only tried a couple of times at High School.

‘Ah! But to get out into the hills amongst the lakes, or to cruise down a river up country. It’s a totally different experience.’ Kenn enthused, ‘Plus a great workout for the chest, back and abs’

‘Not your arms?’ puzzled Shaun.

‘Not if you’re engaging properly’ Kenn said. ‘Oh sure, the arms and shoulders get a workout too, but if you leave all the work to them you won’t last a half hour!’ he continued ‘Yeah you have to engage the whole system, abs, lungs, diaphragm... even your legs to some extent... share out the load’

‘That explains it’ said Shaun.

‘Explains what?’

‘Why you look so good for an old guy’ Shaun quipped nodding to Kenn’s exposed chest with a cheeky grin.

‘Why, you Brat!’ Kenn growled, good-humouredly, and hurled a cushion at him. Shaun dodged and, catching it, sent the cushion barrelling back. Kenn feinted to one side then made a lunge for the kid who slipped off the couch and ran behind it. Kenn made to grab Shaun and nearly toppled the sofa backwards. Shaun danced teasingly away towards the screen-doors to the Deck, intending to make his getaway that way, only to find them locked and no obvious key.

‘Ha! Not that easy’ triumphed Kenn and staggering off the sofa nearly crashed into the coffee table. Shaun saw his chance and dodged past him only to be professionally tap tackled from behind by the older man, and he crashed down alongside the couch. Kenn grabbed for him but couldn’t get a hold as Shaun flailed his legs and feet against his face and chest, so he stretched and managed to get a handful of the cut-off navy sweats. As Kenn tugged and Shaun struggled and squirmed, the top of Shaun’s butt crack appeared between the tank and the shorts, then suddenly his round ass popped jauntily out from the elastic and he wriggled to freedom around the side of the sofa, his cock bouncing merrily below the yellow tank as he skipped away, leaving the jersey shorts clutched in Kenn’s fist.

Kenn’s blood was up now and he hurled himself across the sofa taking the whole thing with him so it crashed on its back to the floor. Shaun tried to jump back as Kenn scrambled forward, but missed his footing, and Kenn was on him.

They tussled back and forth across the parquet and onto the rug and back again; each man trying to gain the advantage, a hold, a grip that would give him leverage. The tank was ripped from Shaun’s back in the process. In revenge Shaun tore at Kenn’s loose grey sweat pants, until the two of them were stripped, still wrestling in a no holds barred fight for domination.

Eventually despite Shaun’s moderate height advantage, the combination of stamina, experience and superior weight, won out. Kenn held Shaun in a punishing scissor hold between his thighs, and with one arm across the kid’s shoulders and neck, trapping one of the boy’s arms; pulled his head back, and with the other hand grasped Shaun’s left ankle arching his whole body backwards. Shaun tried to heave and buck his way out of it but knew he was beaten.

‘You submit?’ grunted Kenn, his breath labouring. Shaun bucked again but Kenn tightened the grip of his thighs around the younger man’s waist and Shaun groaned and slapped his free hand on the polished wooden flooring. With one final squeeze for good measure, Kenn released the boy and rolled off him. ‘Now!’ he wheezed, ‘you gonna take your punishment like a man?’

Shaun groaned, from the floor beside him, ‘Haven’t we been here before?’ he gasped, trying to get his breathing under control. Kenn grunted and shuffled his bare ass onto the back of the prone sofa and leaned against the upstanding seat cushions, ‘C’mere’ he rasped and reached for Shaun, who groaned again, exhausted. On all-fours, he crawled over to the heavier man and laid himself across his lap face downwards, so the mounds of his butt rose up above Kenn’s crotch.

For a moment Kenn just sat there admiring the boy’s sculpted behind. The arrow created by the crease below the cheeks and the deep crack pointing towards... Kenn gulped, and swallowed and felt a twinge in his cock. This was answered by a ‘stiffening’ against his thigh from the boy’s dick, trapped beneath him.

Kenn raised his right hand and Shaun murmured, ‘Here we go again’ but instead of cracking it down onto the vulnerable ass, which had been his first instinct, he brought his hand down onto the kid’s right ankle, and slowly but firmly, enjoying the resistance of the muscles beneath his palm, slid his hand, once again aided by a sheen of sweat, up over the calf, down into the knee-well and then up the lightly hairy thigh, until his thumb, travelling in the valley between the legs, encountered the ravine between his ass-cheeks. Kenn paused and gently kneaded the muscles on the back of the thigh, gently pressing and massaging with his thumb, the area of sensitive skin behind the ball-sac. Shaun let out an appreciative moan. In response to this, Kenn massaged the right butt-cheek. Then, wriggling out from under the younger man he straddled his lower legs and feet and started a sensual massage up the boy’s calves and thighs. When he reached his buttocks he took them in his strong hands, again admiring and enjoying the feel of the firm crescents on either side, he worked his thumbs gently down the crack as Shaun groaned again.

Shaun, twisted to look back, and grinned ‘I’ll give you an hour to stop doing that!’ he quipped, then grabbed a spilled throw cushion and placed it under his chest, with his arms spread and his hands tucked beneath it and allowed his head to loll forward onto the soft back of the couch on which he lay.

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