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Angelo and the Brotherhood of Adam and Abel
Chapter 4 - The Tempering Begins
By Ferdy (Illustrated by Franco)

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He came-to with a start as he realised the activity had come to a stop and a lone figure stood in front of him. He attempted to speak but the finger on lips gesture was repeated and to his surprise and initial fear, the finger was then placed gently against his own lips and held there until he gave up his attempt at speech and exhaled. It seemed to Angelo for a moment that the figure before him shivered slightly at this, but it might have been his imagination.

Slowly and with infinite care and the lightest of touches against his skin, the finger travelled slowly across Angelo’s lips, down through his stubble and under his chin, then, pausing briefly it was drawn down his neck. The film of perspiration on his body providing a smooth lubricant as the finger continued to travel to the suprasternal notch below his Adam’s apple, where once again it paused. It performed a gentle swirling motion in this cup before continuing down his sternum gliding between his pectorals. He felt his breath growing shallow and he swallowed nervously, his eyes taking in the figure before him. All he could make out of the face was a narrow jaw below high cheekbones, and a dark beard shadow along the jaw-line that thickened into curling fuzz on the chin. As the finger continued its slow and gentle journey south down his vulnerable body, Angelo noticed at one point how one side of the lower lip, which appeared soft above the beard was gently taken into the keeping of the incisors of the upper jaw; an unconscious almost anxious gesture, he thought.


The slow journey of the finger and the anticipation of its ultimate destination sent a quiver through Angelo’s body and despite himself he felt again the throbbing surge in his exposed and helpless cock and balls. He stifled a groan as the finger, its pressure never more than a gliding whisper against his skin, paused briefly at the top of his abs, describing another small circle before descending the central crease of his six-pack and came to rest in his navel. He gulped and an involuntary clench of his inner rectal muscles made his engorged cock bob up and down just in front of the chest of his captor. A brief smile flickered across the shadowed face.

The finger continued its slow journey down his lower abdomen never leaving his flesh; adopting a gentle undulation like a trout meandering lazily upstream, it slid down through the silky trail of tawny pubic hair leading to the bushy fuzz above the leather strap encircling the base of his dick. Despite himself Angelo whimpered. The finger paused and then tapped gently a couple of times on the leather cock-ring sending vibrations running up the length of his sensitised organ. Once again it bobbed as the sensations caused another rush through his body and the rectal muscles clenched again. This time a glittering bead of precum appeared in the slit at the head of his dick, he could feel its journey up his urethra. When it appeared, there was an audible gasp from the figure before him, which was instantly stifled.

The same finger was brought gently to the base of the groove running down from the nub of his engorged glans and the clear resinous drop of fluid was expertly collected onto the pad of the monk’s finger and brought, almost reverently it appeared to Angelo, up towards his mouth. The intent was clear. Angelo was to lick the proffered dewdrop of his own juices from the extended finger before him. He turned his head away pulling back unwilling to take the offered libation. The figure before him nodded and from behind Angelo, a strong pair of hands grabbed his head and turned his face forwards, he struggled against it to no avail. The finger was brought to his lips and the cool fluid gently smeared upon them. In reflex his tongue slipped out to remove the sticky substance and for the first time he tasted his own precum. To his astonishment, the taste was pleasant, lightly salty and almost sweet; unable to resist his instinct, he licked his lips until the substance was removed.

The mouth below the hood smiled a gentle smile of approval, and Angelo shivered. With unhurried grace, the right hand with two fingers extended, gently stroked up the underside of his quivering cock, whilst the left hand gently cupped and caressed his bulging testicles. His vulnerability and the intensity of the sensation making him whimper once again. The clear juice that appeared was collected as before but on two fingers, though only one was offered to him, which he awkwardly supped at, his head still held from behind. The other was delicately sucked by the man before him with obvious relish and to the young labourers further surprise this brought an erotic rush to his already throbbing cock.

Slowly the hands holding his head released their powerful grip and instead began a slow lightly pressured sweep down his neck onto his shoulders, along his vein corded biceps then onto the triceps below. The firm hands maintained the same slow pace and gentle touch as the finger as they slid into the ticklish zone of his armpits making him yelp and jolt. Each jerking movement of his body sending pulses through his increasingly engorged genitalia.

The figure standing before him brought both hands onto his thighs and with gentle massaging sweeps explored the fibrous muscles under the light down of hair that covered them. As the hands from behind continued across his back and explored the lateral muscles, the hands in front softly explored the inner thighs, bringing waves of sensation that seemed to Angelo to have his whole body thrumming. Then pausing briefly to stroke over the joint between the thigh and torso, the hands came to rest, the palms and fingers cupping the hip bones either side, whilst with agonising slowness, the thumbs stroked over the front of the joint where the abdomen meets the thigh sending electric shocks of sensation into his groin. The erotic intensity of this was so great, that Angelo dropped his head back and he cried out, clenching his teeth down against the rising sense of arousal. Just as he thought the sensations could not increase in power, the hands that had gently been working his back and the sides of his torso swept forward around his body and up, the index fingers delicately circling the edges of his aureoles and after a few moments teasing, slid gently over the pucker of his nipples. The electric burst down his body to the thumbs stroking to either side of his crotch and by connective association, to his massively sensitised dick was so intense he felt dizzy and almost blacked out. The clenching muscles of his rectum forced another surge of precum to dribble from his now fiery tip. This time his juice, which came not as single beads but as a short steady flow, was collected in the palm of the hand of the man in front of him. When the flow ebbed and ceased the last drop was once again gathered on a finger and licked at delicately. The man then stepped up onto the platform so he was beside Angelo and he brought the small pool of fluid up to the young gardener’s mouth. Angelo looked up with a pleading expression and for the first time saw clearly the face of this tormentor. To his surprise, it was a young face, handsome, possibly not much older than his own. But the real surprise where the eyes; a surprising deep blue almost violet, in contrast to the dark stubble of the bearded chin. The hooded man said nothing, but gestured with a nod to the palm containing the cooling fluid with a gently encouraging expression on his face. Angelo looked down and gingerly brought his mouth to the hand and lapped at the small puddle lying there. As he finished and swallowed Angelo noticed with some satisfaction that the young man before him was clearly not unaffected by what was happening, as his robe stood proud from his groin and a darker stain against the cloth bore witness to his evident arousal. The young acolyte noticed the direction of his gaze and blushed, smiling slightly, before he withdrew.

By now, although the adrenaline rush that had produced the resinous flow had subsided; the raging hard on and the ache in his bulging nuts, had not. The gently tantalising ministrations began anew, with implacable slowness and maddeningly erotic precision, and Angelo began to understand the true agony of this exquisite torture. Time and time again he was brought to a moment where he thought he must climax but at just the right tipping point, the gentle stroking, or soft scratching, ceased and the resultant precum, never more than that, was collected and he supped.

After the fourth or fifth time, he lost count, of agonising near orgasm, he cried out and begged for release, for them to let him come; each time he spoke, the finger to lips silencing gesture was repeated and he almost wept in an agony of desire and frustration. On this last occasion, however, instead of more stroking or teasing the action changed; there was the clunk of mechanical gears, the wooden frame shook and he felt himself tipped gently backwards, the frame pivoting at about waist height until he was resting face upwards, almost flat but with his head and chest slightly raised, his head resting on another solid cushioned surface, similar to that now supporting his lower back. The man with the violet eyes ducked under the edge of the frame and stood between Angelo’s outstretched legs and with deft efficiency removed the leather straps just below his knees. This allowed a small amount of flexing for a few moments, as the straps above his elbows were also released by the principal’s colleague. After a brief respite, the restraints securing his wrists were slid up the frame and he was once more stretched, this time in a classic spread-eagled ‘star-jump’ pose with, once again, insufficient ‘give’ for him to squirm.

A stone jar was produced and after the thick cork stopper was removed, an aromatic viscous green fluid was tipped into an earthenware bowl held by the monk that had previously been behind him. Angelo watched as the bearded man dipped his hands into the bowl, with a washing motion. Then the bowl was gently tipped above Angelo’s bare chest and a long stream of the contents, twisting syrup-like where it touched his skin, was trickled onto his torso down the groove previously traced by the solo finger.

The fluid was cool and smelled of tee-tree and eucalyptus, perhaps mint also. Angelo shivered at the coolness. The bearded figure proceeded to spread the substance with soft sweeping motions across his chest, shoulders and arms. The electric thrill passed through him again as the slicked hands crossed over his sensitised nipples producing a moan of desire from the bound gardener. The hands continued down his abdomen and onto his hips and groin. The monk re dipped his hands into the silently held bowl and then gently enclosed Angelo’s throbbing nuts. The slippery softness as they were gently kneaded made the pain/pleasure paradigm almost impossible to bear. The agony of his still trapped balls being even gently squeezed, when he could feel the build up of unspent ejaculate almost made him scream. He gritted his teeth and groaned his agony through them. Apparently unmoved by this obvious torment the treatment continued unabated as the hands slid up and down his cut dick, gliding over the flared cockhead with maddening slowness. Angelo almost choked on his own tongue as his in-taken gasps of breath, battled with his urge to cry out; to beg for a mercy he knew would not be forthcoming.

Once his legs had likewise been softly coated with the aromatic gunk, the administering monk swept his hand newly dipped, onto the area of skin behind his bound genitalia and Angelo tensed as a finger strayed into the crack of his defenceless ass. He tightened his sphincter blocking the probing digit. Unwilling to submit to this exploration, he clenched his ‘glutes’ and tried to tighten his sphincter even tighter against this invasion. The finger persisted, gently waggling and wormed its way between his clenched cheeks, slicking the skin as it did so. Gasping, Angelo clenched harder, the finger stopped and the violet eyes looked into his, and with what looked like an apologetic smile, his nuts were given a sharp cracking squeeze! The reaction was instant, the young gardener gasped at the intensity of the sensation and as his sphincter unclenched in shock, the finger was gently inserted into his rectum; tears welled in his eyes and he almost wept.

The bearded man proceeded to gently explore Angelo’s cavity with his finger, eliciting soft moans, as he gently rubbed against the already excited prostate. A second finger was inserted, all attempts at fighting having been driven from the prostrate figure in the frame. Once again, Angelo’s mind reeled at the revelation of what his body could feel. None of his previous encounters of a sexual nature had prepared him; none had come even close to the level of physical sensation his quivering body now experienced. The gentle excavation of his most intimate parts was producing a strobing, throbbing, pulsing level of arousal that would have been excruciating where it not just so damn horny. Again the urge to come was edging him to cry out; but nothing if not a good learner, he held his tongue. All the while, Angelo had become aware of a tingling cool/warmth penetrating his skin from the sticky substance covering his body, including in his violated anus but this all just added to the brimming level of erotic sensation and he took slow deep breaths as he tried to bring himself under control.

The young monk finished his application of the unguent and washed his hands in another bowl that appeared to contain water and dried them on a coarse towel, proffered by his assistant. He then produced from the table, now visible to the right of Angelo’s head, a steel razor with an oddly curved blade, and with infinite care, preceded to scrape and shave the gel and with it the hair from Angelo’s prone body. He started with the arms shoulders and chest, carefully negotiating the aroused nipples, gently clearing out the tufted patches under the arms, exposed by the enforced ‘x’ shape the labourer’s outstretched physique now held. Slowly but surely, all the hair on his torso and legs was removed, a smaller blade was used for the delicate area between his legs and on his balls. This latter producing barely restrained howls from the muscular victim. His hands clenched and unclenched, his powerful body shaking and quivering against his bonds. When the hooded figure had finished, the only hair left on Angelo’s body, apart from that on his head (stubble rough chin included), was the neat bush surrounding his cock and the soft golden-reddish trail leading up to his navel.

Angelo felt his body washed with cool water and dried with the coarse towel, each sweep of hand or towel near or over his erogenous zones sending bolts through his flesh; though his entire body now felt like one huge erogenous zone, every touch sending tsunami’s of sensation throughout his nervous system. A cup of cool water was brought to his lips and he lapped at it greedily, until it was swiftly removed, leaving his thirst also unsatisfied; a napkin used to dry his moistened lips and chin.

The feel of even the air moving over his newly re-sensitised skin was exhausting and Angelo lay panting, conscious of the level of arousal that every shake of his body brought to him. Once again the exquisite torture started up as warm hands gently explored the sizzling surface of his flesh. Angelo felt the fingers once again sliding, lubricated with saliva, inside his hole and he deliberately relaxed his internal muscles, allowing free exploration. He was rewarded with a gently raised eyebrow and a gentle firming of the lips from his torturer, an indication of approval. Angelo started to wonder about his captor and as the teasing, tormenting hands, nail grazed his naked flesh he tried to imagine the body semi-concealed by the hooded tabard of the man beside him. Men had never previously entered into his consciousness as subjects for sexual fantasy, but something about his own helplessness suddenly gave this idea enormous erotic appeal. A distant part of his mind dispassionately considered the words: ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.

As Angelo’s mind wandered, the hands had once again taken to stroking up his legs thighs and hips coming to stop on his inner thighs; never at any point being so light or ticklish as to be irritating, but always with a soft positive pressure, never losing contact, sliding over his body. Gently the back of a solitary finger stroked his perineum, the thumb and forefinger of one hand slid slowly up and down the length of his almost vibrating penis as his balls were gently cupped. The figure behind his head leaned forward and Angelo’s nipples were briefly teasingly circled then the pads of thumbs were stroked repetitively directly over them. It was enough!

It started as a an electric wave, which seemed to travel down his body from his nipples to meet a similar wave travelling from his ankles to his groin, the sensation centring on his cock and balls, yet felt simultaneously all over his body; as if every touch and caress he had experienced since this trial began were being experienced again and all at once. Angelo’s whole body tensed and went still and his breathing became shallow. As if waiting for this signal, the two figures stepped away and stood either side, watching in stillness. The wait was not long, with a series of deep groans that emanated from deep in his gut the waves of sensation rode his body. The taut muscles of his abdomen pumped, clenching and unclenching. A clear stream of precum started to drip from his hugely engorged penis, this became a steady torrent which after fifteen or so seconds, started to become milky, and then with loud unrestrained cries, his mouth in rictus, half gasp half groan, One...two... three... four... and then a fifth and final jet of ropy cum, splurged out of Angelo’s rigidly pulsing cock, shooting up into the air to splatter back down on his naked body; his toes curling and uncurling, his wracked body heaving as his ragged breath came in huge gulps. Unable to contain his reactions Angelo was awash in the afterglow that was only just starting to subside like the backwash of a tidal wave when in an act of unbearable cruelty, he felt a hand gently grasp the base of his still trapped and engorged cock, and sliding up it lubricated by his own juices, he felt the palm sliding and rolling over the knob end. The sensation was beyond intense; he screamed! “Pleeease! No NOOooooo! Pleeease!” To no avail, the heightened friction on his slimed and sensitive organ continued on and on, implacable and impersonal yet sending the most personal of sensations shooting through him, creating an almost painful thrill on his swollen glans. Just when he thought he really might die from the massive sensory overload, his pounding heart punching against his ribs, he felt the cinched strap isolating his genitals removed and the sudden and painful rush of blood felt like a hole had opened in his solar plexus; like he’d just been winded by a punch to the gut. The throbbing ache in his nuts jumped up a notch higher than he thought possible and he almost passed out.

The hand ministering the sliding ballet of agonising delight to the end of his cock now slid down his throbbing member with gentle pumping motions encouraging the last few drops of orgasmic juices to drip from his slowly detumescing organ. The hands proceeded to smear and slide the cooling cum spattered over his torso, sliding up and down his body, sending more aftershocks quivering through his system. He clenched his teeth as he bucked and jumped at each new wave as the hands continued their smearing. The slide became a sticky, rough feeling caress, as the motion continued with no extra pressure, but the texture of his cum altered as it lost moisture and was pushed and massaged into his skin. This odd sensation continued for several minutes and then altered again as the stickiness disappeared and the now dry feeling hands, slid freely over his skin stroking and massaging the tired muscles of his arms legs and torso; the copious quantities of jism having been salved into his skin like body lotion. The now free flowing movement felt like warm silk being slid across his body.

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