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Bossy Bottom
Part 1 - Taking the Cop
By Echidna Jack

Chapter 1: Taking the Cop

“So we’ll meet you at the Hammer at 9pm,” Jack said.

“Yes sure. You are convinced Marc doesn’t mind?” Rick asked. “I am sure Marc does not like me.”

“He doesn’t mind. And I don’t know where you got the idea he doesn’t like you. Marc has never said anything to me.”

“It’s just the feeling I get.”

“Nonsense. See you there at 9, and wear those tight blue jeans I bought you. I want to see your thong underwear under that denim.”

“Yes Daddy. See you later.”

Jack was a hot leather Daddy. He was 40, 5’11”, with short blond hair, a thick mustache, and piercing blue eyes. He had a hairy chest and sported two full tattoo sleeves on his muscular frame. He also had a brilliant smile that attracted many boys. And he was a nice guy. He was an Emergency Room doctor at one of the major trauma hospitals in town. He had been dating Rick for the past six months. Rick was 28 and 5’6”, muscular and quite hairy. He had short black curly hair and brown eyes. He was very handsome and cocky. He could get abrasive with some. Rick was a city cop. His father was the governor of a neighbouring state. Rick’s sexuality had been an issue at first, but in the past 18 months, his father had really come around.

They were going to meet Marc. Marc had been a good friend of Jack’s since college. They were roommates for two years. Marc stood 6’1” and weighed in at a good 260 pounds. Marc was a bio medical engineer at the local university. He was designing things such as mechanical hands that could be controlled by the mind for prothesis patients. It was amazing such a big man could do such delicate work.

Rick was right, Marc did not like Rick. He was too cocky, too bossy to be a bottom. Jack’s boy needed to be taken a down a peg or two. Then he might be ok. Break him of his bad habits and you might have a good boy to play with. Marc had dark brown hair and a huge long beard.

Marc was also going to bring a friend to the bar. Steve was just as big as Marc. Steve was 46. He might mistakenly be thought of as Marc’s twin except he kept his head shaved. Steve had trained as an anesthetist and worked at another hospital in town for about 10 years. Recently he began working as an experimental chemist for a big drug firm. Steve also had a reason not to like Rick. Steve’s father, George, had been an up and comer political figure in the same state where Rick’s father was governor. George uncovered some possibly dirt on the governor. Just before George was about to leak details about the scandal, the governor caught wind of the leak. The governor managed to plant evidence to make George look guilty. George was convicted of the crime and sentenced to five years. So humiliated by all this, George hung himself before he went to the penitentiary.

When Marc got off the phone he told Steve of the plans with Jack and Rick. At the mention of Rick’s name, Steve became infuriated. This led to a long discussion of how both men hated Rick’s guts. Finally Marc said, “Maybe if we get the chance, we could let him know that he’s not so hot and maybe that cocky bastard would learn his place.” The two men worked on a plan on how to humiliate the bossy bottom if given the chance.

A few hours later, the four men had been at the Hammer for an hour and a half. There was a bit of tension in the group. Despite his best efforts to be civil, Marc was unable to show his utter contempt for Rick and the feeling was mutual. Steve was able to hide his hatred much better. Jack got a text. A loaded fuel truck ran into a bus on the freeway causing a huge explosion. At least thirty were injured many of them severely. All medical staff were being called in. “Look fellas I have to go but you guys stay and have a good time.”

Marc and Steve quickly looked at each other. Maybe this would give them a chance to get their revenge on Rick. Rick thought about leaving right then but he kind of enjoyed Steve’s company and he figured he could put up with Marc for a bit. “Look guys watch my beer. I’ll walk Jack out and smoke a cigar. Then we can chat some more.”

“Sure no problem kid,” Marc said half smiling. When the two men left the table Marc looked at Steve. “I can’t believe we are going to teach that little snot a lesson.”

“Yes he will soon be at our total mercy,” Steve said. Looking around the room to make sure no one could see him do it, Steve reached into his biker jacket pocket and grabbed a red pill and a green pill. The red pill would give Rick a major headache in about five minutes. The green pill would take about 15 minutes to work and would knock the hairy leather bottom out for about 10 hours.

Rick swaggered confidently back to the table fifteen minutes later. The men talked while Rick drank his beer. Suddenly it felt like a knife was splitting his skull in two. He had had migraines in the past, but nothing like this.

Seeing his discomfort, Marc said, “What’s wrong Rick? You don’t look so good.”

“Awful headache. Don’t feel good,” Rick said weakly.

“Gosh you look awful and you are in no condition to drive. Let us take you home,” said Steve.

Rick gave a weak smile. The men left the bar and walked the block to Steve’s van. Each step Rick felt worse and worse. He thought he would never get there. Finally they reached the van. Steve got in the driver’s seat while Marc helped Rick into the front passenger seat. Marc got in the back of the van and closed the door. As they pulled away from the curb, Rick turned to Steve and said, “Thank mmmmph.” Marc had placed a chloroformed rag over Rick’s face. Rick’s eyes grew wide and he struggled to break free but the drugs he had been given earlier had taken a lot of the fight out of him. Soon the cloying fumes were overwhelming his senses. His last coherent thought left him wondering what the two men were going to do with him. His head began to spin faster and faster. He took another regular breath of the drugging fumes, and then everything went black.

“He’s out,” said Marc with delight. “I knew he would pass out in a few minutes from the drugs you put in his beer, but it is such a rush to rag a man. Now let’s get him home so the fun can begin.”

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