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The New Robin
Chapter 1 - The New Robin
By David Circe
Email: David Circe

It’s been over a year and with hard work and help from Batman/Bruce Wayne and his college wrestling coaches.

Tim Drake now has the body he has always wanted.

Tim’s new body is bulking and muscled out to the max his pecs are huge and round.

His biceps are big and rounded he has washboard eight-pack abs.

In general Tim Drake could now enter world class body building contests and win without a problem.

To Tim he just wanted to be like Bruce the love of his life Tim has always been in awe of Bruce’s muscled out body.

When they would make love Tim’s mind would be put into a muscle worship stupor looking at Bruce’s well made muscled out frame.

And now Bruce is in heaven looking at his Tim naked and all that muscle drives him insane with desire.

One embarrassing problem came up a couple of times with the new muscle growth.

When Batman and Robin where called by Commissioner Gordon Robin could not fit into his costume it would rip at the arms and chest area or some where else.

Causing Robin a red face but Batman would smile and be patient and call Alfred to the rescue.

Alfred had a way of fixing the problem fast and Batman and Robin would be on their way to stop crime.

After the second time of costume problems Alfred decided it was time to sit down and talk this over with both Master Tim and Bruce.

All three sat down and started talking about how to solve the problem and it was Alfred that came up with the perfect solution.

Alfred suggested that Master Robin wear blood red Spandex tights with light green Lycra briefs this material would allow the new Robin’s muscles to expand without rips and tearing.

Both Bruce and Tim liked this ideal and Alfred got the job done and had the new Robin three new suits in no time.

Alfred made Robin down to the bend of his knees yellow Lycra capes and made him shinny gold R’s to go on his left pec.

The new costumes fit Robin perfect and felt good as well the Lycra briefs would show the outline of Robin’s penis and testicles.

So Robin would most of the time tuck his penis downward over his balls, which made Batman, go to full erection from time to time.

Batman would have to make his mind think of other things to make his manhood go down.

And the Spandex would show every inch of Robin’s new muscled out body.

After Batman and Robin would take down the criminals and get back to the bat cave.

Batman would tug on Robin’s utility belt and point to their hidden room.

Robin would smile with deep love in his eyes and follow dreamy eyes Batman to the hidden room for hot steamy sex.

Batman being the one on his back most of the time so he could look up at his muscle bound Robin his lover and cohort.

Tim didn’t like the new looks he would get at college mouths hanging open looks from young women and even some young men.

He would just ignore it and go on about his business.

Robin got very amused at the annual JLA Christmas party when Flash came up to him.


“Who are you?”


“Flash it’s me Robin, The Boy Wonder, Batman’s side kick.”


“Robin no that name will not do let me think I got it SuperRobin!”

Robin and Flash laughed at that name.

Flash could always make him laugh and feel better if he was down.

Robin was feeling down and mad at himself he had let his new muscled out body get the best of him.

He and Batman had found the Riddler’s hide out and it was a big building Batman and Robin split up to find him.

Big mistake Batman fell into a trap he walk into a room where the Riddler was the Riddler just sat in a chair calm as Batman told him he was under arrest.

Lighting fast two drug darts hit Batman in both his pecs putting Batman in a mind-zapped stupor.

Batman’s eyes went wide open and glazed over un-blinking Batman’s muscled arms limp to his sides.

The Riddler walks up to a drugged out Batman and removes his utility belt and pulls down Batman’s briefs.

The Riddler goes to his knees and picks up Batman’s limp penis and starts sucking it to full erection.


“All I have to do now Batman is make you cum and the drug I put into you will make you obey my every command.”

But Robin heard what the Riddler said and sneaked up behind him he had removed from his utility belt a new weapon he and Batman had been working on.

A shock coil lighting fast it wraps around the caught off guard Riddler’s waist and shocks the Riddler out cold.

Robin pushes a button on his utility belt.

“Commissioner Gordon here.”


“Commissioner Gordon come right away to the abandon Questmark factory the Riddler’s been caught.”

Commissioner Gordon

“We will be right there Robin.”

Robin removes a set of cuffs from his utility belt and puts the Riddler’s arms behind his back and cuffs him.

Then he goes to Batman and pulls up his briefs and puts his utility belt back on him with the Riddler not sucking him Batman’s cock goes back to limp.

Robin removes the shock coil from the out cold Riddler and fixes it back and puts it to his utility belt.

Robin can hear the police sirens.

He takes from his utility belt some smelling sauce and waves it under the Riddler’s nose.

The Riddler shakes his head fast and comes alert to find that Robin had foiled his plot.


“Well what do I call you now muscle head boy?”


“You can call me Robin Riddler how does it feel to be taken down by the new Robin?”


“The new Robin well I can see all your new muscles but you can be brought down and all your new power drained away!”

Robin flexes his new muscled out body and even does a pec pump for the Riddler and ends it with a stripper like ass shimmy.


“Take all this power away not today Riddler the only thing your taking is a ride to prison A.


“I see all that new muscle has went to your head muscle boy you better mind your manners or I promise you all that new power and mouth of yours will pay!”


“Shut up cuffs man the Police are coming up the stairs you are fixing to go to Bars City!”


“I promise you muscle boy you will pay for that mouth of yours mark my words!”

Commissioner Gordon walks in with four Police officers they come over to the Riddler and Robin and a drugged out Batman.

Commissioner Gordon

“What did you do to Batman you sick devil?”


“I will not tell you the new Robin has made me mad!”

Commissioner Gordon motions to his officers and two come up to the Riddler and take him by the arms.

Commissioner Gordon

“What do you think Robin standard procedure for this sick fiend?”

Commissioner Gordon pulls out an injection devise.


“Please let me Commissioner put that brain of his on standby!”

Commissioner Gordon hands Robin the injection devise Robin walks up to the Riddler and starts to inject him when the Riddler drives a knee into Robin’s balls.



Robin goes to his knees a painful look on his handsome face.

Commissioner Gordon

“Robin you alright?”


“Yes my fault give me a second.”


“That’s the first of my punishment muscle boy!”

Robin looks at the Riddler with hate and stands and walks behind him and injects him before to long the Riddler’s fast asleep.

The officers take the Riddler away.

Commissioner Gordon

“Is Batman going to be alright Robin?”


“I think so Commissioner I will take him to the bat cave and check his blood for the drug the Riddler zapped him with and give him the antidote.”

Commissioner Gordon

“Alright then got to go take that fiend in talk to you both later.”

Robin goes to Batman and takes him by the hand and walks him when they get to the stairs Robin picks Batman up and throws him over his shoulder and walks down the stairs.

Once outside Robin stands Batman up and walks him to the bat mobile he puts Batman into the bat mobile and then gets in and drives them to the bat cave.

Robin gets Batman out of the bat mobile and walks him to a chair and sits Batman down.

Robin thinks the drug the Riddler used is some pretty bad stuff Batman’s zapped senseless.

Robin goes and gets a syringe to get blood from Batman he gets a sample and puts it on the glass and puts it under the bat drug and venom analyzer.

A bell rings and out pops a strip of paper.

Robin looks at the paper and is very happy to know that they have an antidote.

Robin goes to a cabinet and picks out a vial and a syringe he draws the correct amount of antidote into the syringe.

He goes back to the cabinet and puts the vial of antidote back and picks up a long rubber strip and walks back to Batman.

Robin pulls the tights back from Batman’s arm and applies the rubber strap he finds a good vein and injects Batman with the antidote.

Robin discards the syringe and walks the rubber strip back to the cabinet and closes the door.

He walks back to Batman.

Batman starts coming around slowly he is moaning and weak looking.


“Batman how do you feel?”




“It’s alright Batman the Riddler drugged you with Brainnumb the antidote will make you feel better.

I’ll take you to our room and lay you down it will take awhile for all this to wear off.”

Robin picks Batman up in his arms and walks him to their room once inside Robin lays Batman on the bed

Robin starts removing all of Batman’s costume except for his briefs.

Robin then covers Batman up.

Robin strips naked and climbs under the covers with Batman.

Robin keeps a watch on Batman to make sure he’s all right a few hours later Batman’s more his old self.

Robin lets out a breath of relief and falls to sleep.

In the days ahead Batman completely recovers and both he and Robin fight crime like never before.

Robin’s new body makes him more confident and powerful.

After a big crime bust reporters are at the scene one walks up to Robin and starts questioning him.


“Robin this new look and muscled out body of yours must put the criminals to shaking in their boots?”


“Well now I wouldn’t say that but I must say it does help.”


“Robin can you give us any word about this bust you and Batman just made to the Match Strike Gang?”


“I’m sorry I’m not at liberty to make mention about this bust Commissioner Gordon will make a full statement later on.”


“Well Robin I must say with your new muscled out body criminals beware!”

Robin smiles and walks to the bat mobile and gets in with Batman.


“What did he want Robin?”


“He just made a comment on my new body and wanted me to tell about the bust I told him I couldn’t”

Batman shakes his head in a yes jester and drives off to the bat cave.

On the way Commissioner Gordon calls Robin picks up the bat mobile phone.


“Robin here.”

Commissioner Gordon

“Robin you’re just the one I want to talk to I received a formal request asking if you would please attend a Young Child Without Parents meeting tonight it’s at 1818 Q street the meeting will be in the back of the building at 7:00pm.”


“Sure Commissioner I think I could attend that I might brighten up the kids feelings and make them feel better.”

Commissioner Gordon

“That’s great Robin I will tell them you are coming there is a bright green fax number at the bottom I will send your reply right away Commissioner Gordon out.”


“What was that all about Robin?”


“I received a formal request to attend a Young Child without Parents meeting tonight at 7:00.”


“Well you have been doing this kind of thing for awhile now Robin the kids love you.”


“I know Batman and I love being around them I still get letters sent to Commissioner Gordon’s office from a lot of the kids at Gotham Children’s Hospital and Gotham Homeless Kids.”


“Go ahead Robin and take your new Robin Cycle and I won’t wait up on you I know how when you get all that power between your legs there is no stopping you.”

Robin grins big at Batman.


“Alright Batman you talked me into it you know how I love all that power between my legs thank you Batman for my new Robin Cycle it’s awesome!”


“I thought you might like it just a little bit boy was I wrong your in love with it I’m jealous!”

Batman and Robin both grin.


“I love you more then life Batman and I love my Robin Cycle but your number1 always!”


“Same to you chum your number1.”

The bat mobile pulls into the bat cave and both Batman and Robin jump out Robin only has less then an hour to be ready.

Robin runs to his and Batman’s hidden room and strips down to nothing and hits the shower he takes a long refreshing shower and washes his entire muscled out body.

When he is finished he dries his body and hair then brushes his teeth.

He stands back looking at his awesome muscle slab body in the mirror he flexes his pecs and biceps.

Robin shakes his head up and down.


“Looking good very good Super Robin.”

Robin walks out of the room Batman’s eyes are glued to his body Robin smiles and goes to where his new costume’s are and picks one out and some black gloves boots and mask last a utility belt.

Robin walks by Batman slow grinning from ear to ear he can see that Batman has a full erection.

Robin walks back into the hidden room and puts on his new blood red Spandex tights and pulls up his light green Lycra briefs then he ties and fixes his yellow cape.

He then puts on his wrestler type boots and gloves then his mask last his utility belt.

He stands in front of the mirror again a grin spreads wide on his handsome face.


“I better stop this or I will be getting hard like Batman!”

Robin walks out of the room and into the bat cave he goes up to Batman.

Batman is toting a full erection Robin goes down to Batman’s lips and kisses him with deep passion.

Batman moans with pleasure.


“Go on your driving me insane with desire!”

Robin looks at the time.


“Yeah I got to go I’ll get there just on time.”

He straddles his Robin Cycle starts it up and rides out of the bat cave.

Robin pulls up to 1818 Q Street it’s on the backside of town he looks into the window to see a light on way back into the office.

He dismounts his Robin Cycle it shuts off automatically.

He walks to the door and turns the knob and walks in.

He can hear children laughing but not close he walks towards the sounds.

Sure enough as he gets closer to the back of the building the laughing grows louder.

Then Robin looks to see a young boy and girl smiling at him and then they both run into the lighted room the door closes behind them.

Robin smiles and opens the door and walks in he can see both the boy and girl running around and laughing.

Robin proceeds to walk further into the room as he does the door shuts hard.

Robin’s head turns quickly towards the door and then the lights go out he is in complete darkness.

Robin no longer hears the young boy and girl and calls to them no answer.

Then very powerful eye zapping strobe lights beam into Robin’s eyes from every direction he tries to shield his eyes from the blinking lights but can’t.

Robin can barely make out three human outlines standing at different points around him.

Then three powerful jet blasts of some type of spray go all over his face and body Robin can’t help but breath some of it in. and some of it go into his mouth.



Robin sinks to his knees then falls backwards and lays on the floor spread eagle all his body builder muscles paralyzed.

The strobe lights stop and up walk the Riddler with two young very handsome muscle bound men smiling down at the muscle zapped Robin.


“Well how nice of you to drop in Robin I would like you to meet Alpha and Omega my new boys.”


“What did you do to the boy and girl that were here?”


“These two?”

The Riddler takes a box from his belt and pushes a button two holographic images appear of the young boy and girl Robin saw.


“A trap!”


“That it is Robin that it is!”


“What did you do to me can’t move!”


“My boys here and I sprayed you down with a powerful muscle paralyzing drug look at my two handsome young men Robin.”

Robin looks at both young muscle bound handsome men he can see that they are not only handsome and very muscular but both have very long fat penises.

Both are dressed only in gold and silver cock tube thongs the kind that huge penis males wear as strippers.

Fear washes over Robin’s mind he is trapped and totally in the Riddler’s power.


“What are you going to do to me Riddler?”


“I’m not going to do anything to you right now Robin my two hung studs are going to play with you for a couple hours and when they are done with you all your new muscle power will be drained away and then we can begin.”


“Alpha, Omega go get Robin’s motor cycle and bring it back this way and put this note on the door.”

Both handsome men do as the Riddler ask they tape a cardboard note on the front door window and bring Robin’s motor cycle in and put it in a room and shut the door.


“How did you escape Archam Riddler?”


“Why Robin escape the fools still think I’m there in my cell Commissioner Gordon won’t be alerting Batman anytime soon believe me.”


“Alpha and Omega time to play with Robin bring him to me in two hours and make me proud!”

Both handsome muscle bound young men grab Robin ruff and drag him into the next room.

As they do this Robin can hear the Riddler laughing.

They enter a dimly lit room Alpha hands Robin over to Omega.

Omega with his hands pulls up the top part Robin’s Spandex tights then lowers his hands to Robin’s waist.

Alpha starts stripping Robin of his costume first the top then the bottom then Robin’s light green briefs.

In no time Robin is completely naked and afraid.

Alpha removes his gold tube thong and stands before Robin with a devil grin on his awesome good-looking face.

Robin’s brain gets a little stunned at the sight of this handsome guy’s huge long thick penis and he becomes very frighten.

Alpha can see the fear in Robin’s eyes.


“Oh don’t worry Robin, Omega and I are just going to pound and fuck away all that great muscle power of yours.”

Alpha grins and nods his head at Omega.

Omega grabs Robin’s limp arms and holds him up.

Alpha starts rapidly punching Robin’s pecs hard.



After a good five minutes of very hard and rapid pounding Alpha stops.

With his muscles paralyzed Robin’s head just hangs down he can only moan no words.

Omega hands Robin over to Alpha.

Alpha grabs Robin by the hair and pulls his head back so he can see Omega.

Omega removes his silver tube thong and Robin can see that his penis is just as huge and longer then Alpha’s.

Alpha holds Robin up by his arms and Omega starts to rapidly and hard punch Robin’s abs.



After a good five minutes Omega stops Robin’s head hanging down he is moaning in pain no words just moaning.


“Oh you like this don’t you Robin?”

All Robin can do is stutter groan and moan.

In sixty minutes Robin is handed back and forth between the two young handsome muscle bound men.

Both muscle men punch hard and rapidly all his major muscles for a good five minutes.

His awesome muscle bound body zapped drained of all power.

Robin is in a pain and power drain stupor unable to speak only moaning and groaning.


“Now the fun part Robin.”

Alpha grabs from the floor a spray type lube and he slicks down his huge cock he nods his head at Omega.

Omega bends Robin over and Alpha spray lubes Robin’s ass crack then spreads open the crack and spray lubes Robin’s asshole.


“Now aren’t we nice Robin we are using lube we could of dry fucked you!”

Alpha puts the head of his huge cock to Robin’s asshole the head of this hung stud’s penis is much larger then Robin’s asshole he has to force it in little by little it stretches Robin’s asshole very wide.



Alpha keeps forcing his huge cock it finally starts sliding in very slow.

Robin’s eyes are bulging his moaning and stuttering getting louder with each inch of Alpha cock going into him.

Omega starts sucking Robin’s limp penis the painful stimulation to Robin’s asshole and the suction work and Robin’s penis goes to full erection.

Alpha bottoms out and starts pumping Robin’s very stretched asshole Alpha picks up the spray lube and as his huge shaft comes out he slicks his paralyzing cock with more lube.

He hands the lube to Omega and he spray slicks his huge cock.

Alpha starts to pump Robin faster and faster as Omega sucks Robin’s hard cock with Alpha’s pumping and Omega’s sucking, Robin soon climaxes and Omega swallows down every drop.

Alpha shoots a huge load of cum deep into Robin when he is done he pulls a completely power drained Robin off his huge cock and hands him over to Omega.

Omega inserts his huge cock into Robin he has to force it but finally it slides in.

When the hour is up both studs made Robin cum 6 times every ten minutes and they both cum three times each.

With Robin impaled on Omega’s huge cock they walk into the room where the Riddler is.

Robin’s head is jerking wildly his eyes very weak looking his big pecs indenting wildly at his rock hard nipples every muscle in his body spasming.


“Where is all your great muscle power Robin did my two hung studs take it all away from you?”




“You young studs did very well what did you do to his mind?”


“We kept skull fucking him braking him down with each thrust of our paralyzing cocks the muscle pounding zapped his power while the fucking and skull banging zapped his mind.”


“I must say I like seeing him like this did you video tape it?”

Both Alpha and Omega grin big and say.

“Yes oh yes!”


“Damn you two are good look at my hard cock standing at attention oh well next step re-powering him body and mind don’t forget to blind fold him before you insert the mind control drug up his ass.”

Both Alpha and Omega.

“Yes Master we will not forget.”

End of part 1 David Circe.

Batman/Bruce Wayne NightWing/Dick Greyson Robin/Tim Drake Alfred Commissioner Gordon Flash Riddler Belong to DC Comics. This is work of adult fan art. No Copyright infringement intended.

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