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The Defeat Of Dyno Cop
Chapter 8 - A Fate Worse Than Death
By Crusher

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Chapter 8. A Fate Worse Than Death

After minutes of gloating and chortling, the wicked Doctor Demented eyes the victim at his feet a final time, savoring the scene! The helpless DynoCop, once the World's Mightiest Hero, still lies twitching feebly, his thick-slabbed, mighty muscles rippling slowly but uncontrollably, completely defenseless at the hands of his arch-enemy!

"Enough!" yells Doctor Demented with sudden vehemence! "We have all the time in the world to savor our victory! But now, DynoSlave, it's time place you in the proper restraints! Mwaaaahaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaa!!!" With that, the Doctor takes a small, metallic object from a nearby cache, then leans slowly, almost lovingly down to the fallen hero. The villain leans low over DynoCop's face, speaking a mere inch above him. His free hand softly caresses the big, meaty chest of the good guy while he speaks. "But because I'm a merciful Master, my handsome slave, I'll allow you a brief time of forgetfullness ... and make the binding easier for my minion ... hee hee hee heee heeee ..." With a caustic grin, the Doctor reaches up his other hand and places it just before the hero's handsome face. Suddenlty, the device emits a thick, viscous green gas, enveloping the helpless hero's nose and mouth. As the fallen Super-Cop breahes in the strange fumes, his bright blue eyes begin to dim and blink, his head gives a tiny spin, then, with a deep "Unnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!" the musclehunk falls unconscious, unable without super powers to fight off the knockout fumes!

Blue Steele, at the command of his master, places a tiny, ultra tight pair of white briefs on the unconscious DynoHunk, then lifts him over his shoulder and takes him to the dreaded Enslavement Room, filled with the mad Doctor's mind-numbing super-science devices! Lifting him to the Portable Control Slab, the Navy SEAL begins to tie the helpless body of his one-time friend, while Demented chuckles to himself from behind.

Hanging limp and utterly helpless, the brave hero, barely able to speak, manages to say defiantly "Unnnhhh ...  ... unnngh ... gonna ... break ... free ... an' ... stop your ... plans ... unhhhhhhhhhh ... "

"Really??? Hahahahahahahahahaha! That's what I expect from you, once-super-fool! A brave defense! But USELESS! Soon, not only your body, but your very MIND will be MINE, and your IDENTITY as DynoCop destroyed!!! Mwaaaahaaahaaahaaaa!!!"

Weakly, focusing all his will, the handsome hero lifts his reeling head and says defiantly ", Dem....ented! You'll ...never ... use ... me against ... the ... people!"

"Ignorant fool! I've ALREADY WON!!  I can NEVER be defeated! Mwaaahhhaaahaaahhaaahaaaaa!!"

At this, the Super Marine finishes binding the helpless stud on the Portable Controller Slab. Now bound from head to foot, the musclehero finds himself hanging limp within the dastardly bindings, unable to move a muscle, forced to endure the evil laughs of his arch-enemy, the Diabolical Doctor Demented!!!

The evil Dr. approaches the captured hero, formally the world's strongest man.  The bound hero is wracked by despair at the thought that Dr. Demented now has that position, the world's strongest man, having stold that very strength from him!  Dr Demented, always inside the hero's mind, catches the stray thought and smiles on the inside.  "Worthless excuse for a hero, it's time you finally realized how truly powerful I am!  Now, let's begin your training shall we??"   Blue Steel walked up on cue and attached two clips to the bound hero's manly nipples.   The clips were attached by wires to a ominous looking device that pulsed wither power.  The Super Marine attached a third clip directly between the defeated Police Officer's battered balls and manhood, the former source of his now drained Super Powers.

The evil Dr. approaches the bound, battered hero and grabs his chin, looking him straight in his heroic eyes.  DynoCop shudders in disgust at the touch of this evil villain who drained his powers.  "Now Listen up DynoFool,  over time I will train your fundamental reflexes that resisting me brings suffering, while honoring and obeying me brings reward.  When I have succeded in my task, then you will be no more than my slave.  Your identity destroyed.  You can thank the gift of your Muscletrons for that!!  When drained utterly, you are finished "  The beaten hero can do nothing but writhe in horror, unable even to physically struggle or speak.   "When this succeeds it will disconnect your heroic will, your awareness, from control of your body, until you effectivelly become a prisoner in your own mind, observing all that goes on but without any control!  I will use my mentalist powers to create a new identity in the driver's seat of your mind, a slave identity, that does only what I say.  You will be forced into the very thing you dedicated your life to fighting, and you will carry out your acts of evil with full knowledge of the heinous nature of your crimes, but with no control, a helpless prisoner doomed to suffer forever!!"  The evil Dr. takes a moment to let out a laugh of triumphs, BUWHA WHA WHA WHA. 

"Then, my friend I shall generously restore you to your Super Powers, and DynoCop shall return, and here, see what I had made for you!  I will give it to you as a gift when the mighty powers of DynoCop are restored."   The stunned DynoCop looks and sees a Policeman's badge, at first he thinks it is his Policeman's badge, but when he reads the dedication around the badge, he struggles in abject horror. It reads: "To Destroy and Enslave"

"NOW BLUE STEEL! " shouts Dr. Demented.  He flips a switch, and instantly the injured and beaten Hero writhes in the grips of a violent electric shock.  He fights to resist, fights to gain control enough to speak.  Shocked, he finds that Dr. Demented is not mentally restraining him, and he is able to shout out, "NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR...... I'LL NEVER SURRENDER!!!!"  Dr. Demented only laughs more and more loudly, "Perfect, Perfect!!!!!"   The pain grows and grows, minutes pass by, then 10s of minutes, then an hour, than 2 hours, as the steadfast Hero resists with all his will, free of the Dr's mental control, using all his heroic mental conditioning to resist the desire to give in, to surrender to the shock therapy.  Finally though, hours into the session, the hero's mental energy reserves simply give out, and his resistance fades, and his concious thoughts are shattered into a million pieces as the disruption of the ongoing shocks break down his mental resistance.  

As soon as he stops resisting, and begins to fade, the shock drastically changes nature and becomes instead gentle, caressing, more erotically stimulating than any sensation the blasted Hero could recall.   The hero mumbled lowly, "No ooo Nooooo .... Stop this... stop it..", but his body,

stressed to the max, grabbed onto the escape offered by the sexual stimulation, overriding the hero's will.  The Dr. laughed, enjoying the spectacle of the hero succumbing to his body, his will to resist, his mental energy so drained from the past ordeal that he could not override his body's response.   The pleasure grew and grew, with our battered hero, our mighty Champion, once the World's most powerful hero, struggling to hold in his rising sexual response.  Mustering his will to fight, to hold off, he held back his orgasm for hours, but finally his will to resist broke, and the shamed sobbing hero shot wads of his hero cum at his master's feet. 

Then, Dr. Demented reached down and collects the hero's cum with a Syringe, and steps over and squirts every drop down back down the bound and suffering DynoCop.  "There there, how was your first session?  I think you see how this will turn out!  I will BREAK YOU DynoCop, you will worship me, and one day you will WILLINGLY help me destroy the rest of the world's heroes and then you will kneel at my feet and kiss your master's boots!!"

Blue Steel walked up, and injected the bound Muscle Cop with a solution of concentrated nutrients and liquids from a giant needle.   Dr. Demented spoke up, "There you go, there is your supper!  On to the next session now!!" 

And once again the electricity began to shock our hero into ultimate submission .....

Months pass, and this is the only life DynoCop knows, being tortured with pain, not always electric shocks, sometimes with Blue Steel's masterful knowledge of various nerves and pressure points that inflict great pain, sometimes with whips, sometimes just physical violence, getting his muscled body punched, beaten and pounded.  But they always ended the same, with DynoCop holding out with all of his heroic will, only to be drained of resistance in the end, followed by a session of sexual stimulation, more and more now, while DynoCop was being stimulated, the hero's eyes were propped open and forced to stare at Dr. Demented, while he stripped and flexed his muscle over his fallen opponent.   The hero's disgust could not rouse his drained will, nor could it overwhelm his body's rising desire, as it was subtly reprogrammed to respond only to the Dr. 

Finally, after a year of this constant mental reprogramming, DynoCop's heroic self was losing it..  He was unable to resist the torture or pleasure sessions more than 10 - 20 minutes now.   Finally, it all came to a head when during a sexual stimulation session, the evil Dr. Demented flipped on the news.   The newscaster said, "An update now on the story of DynoCop, the world's Champion, missing over a year and presumed dead.  His secret government headquarters, staffed with a top-team of weapon developers, law enforcement personnel, and other life long friends, including his girlfriend, has been desperately searching for him to ascertain his wherabouts.   However, in a surprise attack the facility was leveled!!  Here is the footage.( The footage shows Dr. Demented and Blue Steel crashing through an upper story window, and the scene switches to inside the facility, as Blue Steel engages 5-6 security guards at once, the Master of Martial arts quickly dispatching DynoCop's muscled, manly friends with body smashing fists and feets, kicking the guards weapons easily out of their hands as they try to point them at Blue Steel, before knocking them out cold.  Dr. Demented smashes through facility, tearing down walls(enhanced by a potion made from DynoCop's cum for the occasion), and brushing resistance aside like flies, until he finds and captures the commander of the facility, the liason between DynoCop's base and the military.  Colonel Davids was the mighty Police Officer's best friend, and had worked with DynoCop after he first mysteriously acquired his Super Powers, smoothing the path and mentoring the younger hero.  Colonel Davids stood tall and strong, muscled, with his buzz-cut hair, and clean-cut all-american look, older beefier muscle, deep chested, he barrelled out, "What's the meaning of this, what are you doing here?"  WHile Colonel Davids stood in disbelief, the evil Dr. Demented chuckled, and sat down at David's computer, hacked into it, and began playing a video showing the torture sessions the clearly beaten and defeated DynoCop was enduring...  "DynoCop!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"  Colonel Davids bellowed out in grief and loss.  With Colonel Davids distracted by grief and pain, Dr. Demented smashes his super powered fist into the manly Colonel's gut.   The Colonel, surprised at this unexpected attack, struggled, managing to gasp out, "DynoCop, if you can hear this, help us, help us, DynoCo..."  His voice cut off, and his face went slack,  he collapsed bonelessly to the floor, as a follow up fist lands deep in his manly face, destroying him, crushed by the evil Dr.  Then, DynoCop's girlfriend rushes out of a doorway, "How dare you! What have you done with DynoCop, you fiend!"  She begins pounding on the Dr's chest, he turns looks at her, grins evilling, and backhands her across the room to land unconcious on the floor.  Turning to the camera he says, "Well DynoCop, here you are, you see what your failure has cost your closest friends and loved ones, will you keep resisting??  Minutes later, the video footage shows the entire base erupting into a series of explosions, utterly destroying it.) " Dr. Demented turns off the T.V and looks at DynoCop.

With Growing emotional devastation, DynoCop could hardly believe his eyes as he experienced everything close to him get destroyed.  All the while, his body, unconcerned got more and more stimulated from the sexual stimulation current arousing his nuts and cock.   As he saw the cruel crushing of his best friend and commander, as he saw the strike that hurtled his girlfriend into the wall, and the final destruction of the base and his friends, a sense of unbearable guilt and inadequecy filled him, he lost all control over his body, his will broke for the last time, and he came in gallons, giving up his very last reserves of Muscletrons, no more will left to hold on to them, sobs of massive despair racking his torturted body and mind.   Dr. Demented knew, that he had won.   Like a switch flicking, he felt the identity of DynoCop get shunted off into a prison corner of the hero's mind, leaving the rest of it a blank slate to reprogram as he willed.  He freed DynoCop's bonds.  He asked in a quiet voice.   "Kneel and kiss the feet of your master, DynoCop."   DynoCop's face took on an odd look, inside what remained of his heroic will rallied, commanding his body to resist.  But his body did not listen, it had a different master.  He was left with no choice in the end, he kneeled, unable to do anything else, he kissed his master's feet, feeling a warmth of pleasure travel through his body at such an obedient act.  In mere hours, Dr. Demented had created a slave identity in the void left inside DynoCop.  The world was now at his fingertips.