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The Defeat Of Dyno Cop
Chapter 7 - Final Battle
By Crusher

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Chapter 7. Final Battle

But just then ... The deadly trained killing machine, the Navy SEAL-trained master of martial arts sneaks up behind the Mighty Hero, in the very moment of his incredible triumph against Dr. Demented.   The evil Dr. is stunned, unable to move, unable to prevent his capture. 

He sat still, very slowly and deliberatly gathering his chi for this strike.  The minion of Dr. Demented meant for this blow to show DynoCop the meaning of pain.    WIth the suddeness of a viper, the Marine strikes, just as DynoCop is bent over at his fullest, the tremendous blow struck right into the small of the hero's back.   The shockwave of the hit traveled up and down the hero's body, disrupting his super-dense muscle, shattering the hard beef protecting his back, and temporarily paralyzing his awesome body, as waves of unbelievable agony rippled out from the hero's spine.  He crumpled into a heap of broken muscle at the evil Dr's feet.  Barely able to put two thoughts together, trembling violently, uncontrollably, the near-shattered hero was rolled over onto his back, and the grim-faced Navy SEAL mounted him, and began his strategy of dismantling the hero, muscle by muscle.  

The shock of being victorious one moment to being the target of a what felt like a bomb exploding in his spine, plus the strain of one of the toughest battles of his life, plus having half his powers transferred to his most dreaded enemy while being violently raped by his own DynoStick, plus being the victim of severe psycic attacks, plus the physical beatdown Blue Steel delivered not to long ago was taking it's toll.  The world's Mightiest Champion was in deep shit.  

The blow to his spine caused nearly all the remaining Muscletrons to be drained from his body in a losing effort to repair the physical destruction wrought by the Master of the Martial Arts, Blue Steel.   His powers had been tested beyond

their limits this day, and his injured nuts were not pumping out enough Muscletrons fast enough to stem the onslaught of destruction.

With Blue Steel mounted above him, looking down at the struggling hero, Blue Steel lifts his hand, and throws it down, summoning his chi, to slam a vicious palm strike into the mighty Cop's Square Hero Jaw.    CRACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK And again, CRACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,   The blows knocking our suffering Hero silly, disrupting his thoughts, the final blow actually achieving what had never happened before, the breaking of his indestructable jaw.  The sound of the superhero's bone cracking was sweet music to Dr. Demented's ears!

The dismantlement continues, as our Hero-Cop struggles to recover, without success, while Blue Steel targets his mighty biceps, those massive guns that are always lifted to defend Justice, always flexed in victory over the forces of Evil.

This day, however, the Mighty Dyno-Cop struggles to lift his muscle, just beginning to recover from the paralyzing blow to his spine, he flexes his biceps to throw off Blue Steel, but the tightly muscled Marine is a skilled fighter, and mid flex, when both biceps are flexed to the max and just before our Hero explodes out, the twisted Marine lands a double chi-strike, both heels of his palms simultaneously driving deep into those storied biceps.   The pride of the mighty hero, DynoCop, those massive arms that have always defended liberty, always delivered the knockout blow, were silenced.   The massive power of the double strike tears up the densly-packed grade-A hero musclearms. The left arm, that was targeted earlier, utterly dissolves into mush.  The other arm is an agony of pain and devestation, our hero unable to move the distorted and deflated bicep, all the muscletron dense beef shredded.  Too much pain and agony, the flow of Muscletrons begin to falter, unable to overcome the masterful dissection of the hero at Blue Steel's hands.    With the arms neutralized, the villain Blue Steel flips around, totally in the zone, totally committed now to carrying out his orders of destruction.

He settles down with his but on the groaning, barely concious hero's head, smothering his face.   Both of the hero's shattered biceps are trapped between the calf and the back of the thighs of the kneeling Marine.   Blue Steel raises up his fists, and then in a series of 10 finely tuned and crafted blows, does what no villian as ever done before:  He breaks through the very center of DynoCop's strength, the center of his physical power, the most massively muscled part of DynoCop, the Core of the Unbeaten Hero.  Row after row of the densest, thickest, strongest muscle every known. 

The first blow lands, and somehow from somewhere, the world's toughest, strongest Super Hero does the impossible, and keeps his flex through the massive power of the first strike.   It takes every ounce of power and will for our hero to resist that first punch.   But he does!   Inspired, he digs down deep... then deeper ... then deeper yet, searching for something, summoning up the muscletrons to heave Blue Steel off of him.   But ..  alas, before he can dig deep enough, the second blow lands...   His abs explode in agony, his muscle vibrating at the perfect frequency to shatter muscletron enhanced beef.  Nothing left to hold off a second attack, or the third, or the fourth, or ... the tenth.   But the time the tenth blow lands, it travels completely throught the broken gut of the hero to slam into his spine beneath.   The flow of Muscletrons from his nuts is practically non-existant now, drained to the utter limit by the massive physical devastation.   The hero is dry heaving from the total destruction to his stomach.  The muscular definition about his middle is gone now, all trace of heroic power and mighty muscle gone, just a swelter of bruises and distorted, wrecked beef.  The hero is badly wounded now, the Core of his power crushed, his arms useless, his body the victim of violent muscle spasms beyond his control.   Unable to even think coherently, our mighty Champion floats on a sea of agony.   Blue Steel looks down at the quivering hunk, and flips around up to his feet.   The mightiest hero in the world lays there, looking like he is in the grip of a terrible seizure as the crushed muscle all over his back, arms, and stomach send violent uncontrollable spasms through him.  

Dr. Demented assesses the situation, filled with rage, yet satisfaction at seeing the condition of DynoCop.  He staggers to his feet, grinning viciously at DynoCop.  He nods to Blue Steel, sending him some silent instructions.   Acting rapidly, Blue Steel reaches over a few feet away, and grabs DynoCop's discarded Power Night Stick.   With a deft motion, he powers it on and JAMS it to the hilt once more up the Mighty Hero's ass.   The jolts adding a frenzied speed to the spasms travelling through the devastated hero.

Blue Steel's eyes lock on to DynoCop's, and from somewhere the part of Blue Steel that knows DynoCop was his friend apologizes using Blue Steel's eyes.   Nonetheless, Blue Steel grabs both of the bear feet of the twitching Police Officer, DynoCop, the greatest hope to protect the world from the Evil Dr. Demented.  With one combat boot, Blue Steel pins DynoCop's ball sac to the concrete floor of the Transfer chamber, exposing his balls, stretching them out across the electrifed Power Stick that is sticking out from the downed Hero's vibrating ass.   With a knowing look, Blue Steel looks deep into DynoCop's eyes as he lifts his boot, and holds it in the air over DynoCop's trapped nuts.

"So this is it DynoCop.  You thought you were strong enough to defeat me, but you were too stupid in the end.  You were never a match for me.   Now, here is what I'm going to do to you.   I'm going to give the order, and my friend there, the mighty marine Blue Steel, will stomp down.   Once he connects with your nuts, the impact will be enough to drain your superpowers for months to come.  You'll be nothing more than an ordinary human.   I will see to it you will not recover, however.   Not until I've had some time with you, alone, just you and me.   Not until I've cracked your mind, and destroyed your identity, drained your last Muscletron, making you into my faithful dog, like Blue Steel here.  Until then, you will be without your superstrength and invulnerability to normal physical damage.   You will spend that time 24/7 locked in bondage and having your will assaulted.  Your "noble" powers will finally serve my ends!  Now, what was it you were telling me?  Ah yes, here we go, here are your words turned back on you, you pathetic excuse for a hero: "I told you, DynoCop, Evil always wins over Good!  Your world-defending days are through!  You're Under Arrest!" 

As the Super Marine prepares to vanquish the hero once and for all, DynoCop struggles with his last ounce of will "Got ... got ... to ... fight ... back ... somehow ... can't let ... Demented ...unnngggghhh ... go after ... innocent ... people ... unngghhhh" But it is to no avail.

As those words finish, Blue Steel stomps down, gathering in his Chi, and his powerful boot slams into the defenseless nuts of the world's mightiest Hero, DynoCop.  The blast shatter's the source of DynoCop's Muscletrons for now.  The shockwave rips through the now utterly defeated hero, stripping his superstrength and invulnerabilities from him.   On the heels of the Shockwave signalling the end of DynoCop's power, and his transformation from a badly beaten Superhero Cop, the tuffest and strongest of all the World's Heros, into a badly beaten broken man, come floods of images of DynoCop's torture to come, the breaking of his mind, the death of his spirit, and the restoration of DynoCop's power to be unleashed on the public he once swore to protect.

As the final blow to his DynoBalls is about to happen, the defeated hero knows he has failed! His most powerful attempts to move and defend himself are useless. His massive, muscluar body refuses to obey his wishes, bucking and twitching, completely under the control of Blue Steele's mysterious Chi Strikes! All the hero's sinews twitch and writhe spasmodically, until they finally settle down ... small twitches here and there ... but still helpless! 

When the final blow comes, the MuscleCop feels moments of white-hot pain cascade from his balls through his body, and then the even more terrible feeling of ... utter defeat! The Dynamic DynoCop, Champion of Justice, Strongest and Greatest Hero in the World, feels all his super-power drain from him ... for good! 

As he lies helpless beneath his foes, he looks up with his clear, blue eyes and sees the twisted, gloating visage of his arch-enemy, Doctor Demented. And then, telepathically, he sees the images of his fate: the Doctor's plan to make him a helpless man-slave, locked in bondage, his once-mighty muscles unable to fight back, as Demented combines his scientific genius and awesome psychic powers to break down the will of the Champion of Good, eventually turning him into a super-powered DynoSlave to use against the hapless populace!!! 

As the wicked Doctor laughs maniacally, DynoCop thinks "NO! No way you'll ever use me to fight for your mad schemes, Demented!!" But the Doctor crushes him easily with a Psychic Bolt! "Silence!" Demented shouts. "Unngggghhh!" groans the helpless hero. 

"You don't yet realize just WHAT you will do for me, DynoSlave, but soon ... you WILL!!!!!" MWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

As the laughter fills the room, the powerless DynoCop twitches feebly, unable to do so much as lift a finger. He is defeated!!!

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