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The Defeat Of Dyno Cop
Chapter 6 - Resistance
By Crusher

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Chapter 6. Resistance

"UNNNNGHHHH! UNNNNNNNGHHHH!" DynoCop grunts as his handsome face contorts in mingled agony and ecstasy. The musclehunk stands near naked in the Fiendish Transfer Room, surrounded by super-science devices and blinking panels. Try as he might, he can do nothing more than flex his mighty muscles taught as he fights the Dr's control. But he can't move! Frozen like a musclebound, twitching statue, the helpless hero grunts out his brave defiance: "UNNGH! No way, Demented .. UNGGHHH! ... no way you're ever gonna get my strength to use against the world! I'll ... UNNGH!!! ... fight ... you ... to the ... end!!!" But even as he belts out this brave speech through clenched teeth, he sees his DynoDick has swelled to massive proportions, threatening to burst out of the top of his tiny white briefs!

"Really, now" replies the mad Doctor with oily sarcasm, "It doesn't look to me like you're fighting too hard, DynoSlave!" HAHAHAHAHA! The Dr moves slowly up to the fallen hero and begins to gently rub his huge member with one hand. 

"Unnnnnnhhhh ... unnnhhhhhhhh ...." moans the hero as his vision swims and a pulsing throbbing wave of ecstasy suffuses his mighty frame! His rock-hard penis begins to pulse with excitement!

"Enough!" shouts the Dr, and he steps back from his captive as he sees Blue Steel returning from his errand. DynoCop groans "UNNNNGGHHH!" and shakes his head to clear it. "You see now, DynoSlave, that you can deny me nothing. And when I am finished with you, my handsome young hero, you won't WANT to!!!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~~

DynoCop, momentarily released from the assault, fixes the Dr with a steely gaze of defiance. He grunts again and tries to fight back, but it's useless ... Demented has full control and leaves him standing like a muscle-statue.

"Ahhhhhhh ... at last ... the tools we need to proceed. You wouldn't know it, my muscle-headed captive, but THIS (as he lifts a green, glowing vial of liquid in the air) is the results of long study of your exploits. Oh, yes, DynoCop, I'm one of your biggest fans! I've followed you for a long time, staging events to bring you into action, taking readings and precise measurements, researching the source of your powers. And not only have I found it, but I've found how to take it from you and MAKE IT MINE!!! Yes, that's it, DynoFool, within minutes your mighty power will belong to me!! A powerless slave to the will of DOCTOR DEMENTED!!!" BWAAAAHHHAAAAAAHAAAAAHAAAA!

The helpless hero grunts against the Doctor's cotrol, to no avail, and bellows "You're bluffing, or crazy, Demented! You can't take my power away! I won't let you!"

"Oh, but I've just proven to you that I can! The source of your power is in your mighty balls and dick! If I stimulate you to come, all your mighty Muscletrons witll be concentrated in the release! And with this special serum, I will be able, to ABSORB those Muscletrons!!!  And with my super intellect and psionic powers, coupled with your strength and titanium skin, the Doctor will be ... INVINCIBLE!!! What do you think now, Dynamic DynoFool!!!"

"Unngghhh! Unnnnnnnnhhh!" the hero grunts as he struggles again, uselessly, all his glistening muscles rippling and taught, but unable to respond further to his commands. Helpless, the brave hero knows the Doctor has him dead to rights. He MUST find a way to stop this!!!

Pointing to Blue Steel, Demented continues "Recognize that weapon in the hands of your friend? It's your own DynoStick, an impressive energy weapon, I must admit. I have reversed it's polarity, my dim-witted DynoCop, so that it will now be a weapon against YOU! As I begin the Transfer Procedure, your good friend, the corrupted Navy SEAL will use this weapon against you to ensure you will not be able to rally and fight back. You will be taken from both sides, DynoSlave, surrounded and helpless to resist!!!" At a gesture from the Dr, Blue Steel activates the weapon. DynoCop's on super nightsick sudenly glows a baleful green, shooting emerald sparks from the tip, humming with twisted power!

As the Dr places Blue Steel behind the hero and begins, with a wicked grin, to kneel before the hero, DynoCop makes a last, desperate effort to break free and fight back! "AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!" he groans as he struggles! The Doctor is secretly quite impressed by the power of his captive. In reality, when the Champion of Justice throws himself into this desperate struggle, he's having to use ALL his twisted psionic powers to hold the hero in mental chains. But he knows this struggle is about to end ... definitivley!

Blue Steel sees the rippling musclebutt of his friend practically bursting from his briefs in front of him, the hero's legs spread wide, all his sinews bulging.  He suddenly jams the sparking DynoStick into the crack of DynoCop's musclebutt! "AAAAAARRRGGHHHHHHH!!!!" yells the hero as the negative energy assaults him through his vulnerable butt!!!! "AAAARRRGHHHHHH!!!" he roars as the muscles Marine shoves it in tight, letting it go to work forcing the hero to divert more Muscletrons to fend off the attack to the good guy!

At the same time, Doctor Demented, begins to caress the MuscleCop's mind with an irresistable wave of psychic energy, forcing him to respond to the hand-caresses of the evil Doctor! He strokes the enormous, pulsing member of DynoCop for some time, forcing the hero to respond, forcing his dick to grow to a size and hardness never before reached!!! As the helpless hero groans and grunts, the Doctor finally knows it is time! He rips the last of the tiny briefs from the torso of the hero, then inserts the enormous DynoDick into his greedy mouth. "UNNNNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnn!" moans the hero, helpless to fight back, as the Doctor begins to suck on him, taking his vital Muscletrons away, sucking them into his own body!!! Up and down the Dr goes, faster and fasterf, stimulating the flesh and mind of the trapped hero to the point of no return! As the brave but hapless hero feels he is about to lose all control, he grunts out "NO! No! C ... C ... Can't! Can't ... give ... in!!! Got to ... got to ... unnnghhh ... unnnhhhhh ... UNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHH!  …. The doctor, so eager to capture the semen, he is filled with excitement and expectation, his emotions get the better of him!

So much so that he lets the mental control over the super lawman lax, just a tiny bit. But it's enough!!!   Struggling with all the power in his soul, the Dynamic DynoCop suddenly figthts back against the mental and physical assaults keeping him in chains, summons up his Muscletrons from the depths of his manhood, and breaks the hold!

With one quick, muscular swipe, he smashes Blue Steel in the chest, sending the Marine flying across the room, temporarily stunned! The DynoStick flies away with him, sparking against a nearby machine! The Doctor takes a moment to realize what is happening, then shrieks "NO!! NO!! YOU CAN'T!! “ he bellows as he launches an all-out pyschic attack!

But the sweat-covered hero, standing naked, tall and brave before him, shrugs it off with his own act of will! His chest heaves in manly pride as he points to the Dr and bellows "NO WAY, Demented! You screwed up and let me get my second wind! Now I'm gonna FINISH this and drag you into justice!" With that, the muscle hero flexes his body into a "most muscluar pose" to power himself up, then he leaps forward, flists flying in righteous fury, to take down the evil Dr once and for all!

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