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The Defeat Of Dyno Cop
Chapter 5 - Decimation
By Crusher

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Chapter 5. Decimation

The Dr. reaches down, and looks deep into DynoCop's eyes.   With a twisted, gloating, triumphant grin, the Dr. caresse's the defeated Champion's mind as it lay overwhelmed, crushed in his mental hold, with an almost gentle touch.  The evil Dr. motions to Blue Steel to pick  up the Champion of Justice by his huge heroic cock and balls.  

Strangely, our mighy hero doesn't react at all ... on the outside,  except, tears of extreme unbearable agony are coursing down our fallen hero's face.   But inside..  the evil Dr. by focusing his formidable psychic powers, drills deeply into the wounded psyche of the mighty DynoCop.and temporarily takes control of even his body's involuntary reflexes, preventing him from reacting to the nut-searing pain as his very man-hood is being used as a handle to lug the fallen Defender of Liberty around like yesterday's trash.   This has to go somewhere, but can't so the pain builds on itself deep inside our hero's mind, growing and growing to the point where the sanity of the Super Hero itself threatens to crack.   Dr. Demented relishes this torture, adding even more fuel to the fire by driving images of his failure deep into DynoCop's tortured mind, images of DynoCop himself breaking into the United States Military's Top-Secret research facility and taking everything.  Images of DynoCop using that very equipment against law enforcement agencies and military installations around the world.   And the very worst, images of the Dynamic DynoCop using his power to commit random atrocities against the innocent and defenseless.  Images of DynoCop being labeled public enemy #1. The very images, the idea that he could be used for these acts against his will filled our hero with a new and growing horror that threatened his very identity as DynoCop!!  

DynoCop SCREAMMS and screams inside his mind until his entire mental identity is near the shattering point.   A little more ... and the evil Dr. could effectively turn the mighty Champion of Justice, the Defender of Liberty, the Dynamic DynoCop into a mental vegetable.  But, that is not the Dr's goal, and suddenly he nods to Blue Steel, as they've now arrived into the "transfer" room as the Dr. calls it.   The mighty Marine drops the muscled, broken super hero to the floor, just as Dr. Demented instantly ceases his mental attack, returning to a gentle caress, followed with words of warning ... "Just a taste of how much power I have over you, and what I'm capable of.   Your resistance is futile, never again will your mind be your own ... but in time, you will want to SERVE me, want to PLEASE me.  Just ask your "buddy" over there."   Blue Steel , looking at Dr. Demented, a look of servile desire to please burning in his eyes.

The stunned mind of the downed hero was barely able to comprehend what was happening after the massive mental attack he just endured.  But he caught enough to get the gist of what the evil Dr. was saying.   Trying to fight off the control of the Dr., to no avail, our trapped hero is a prisoner in his own body about to be subjected to hideous and evil tortures..  tortures that will drain his heroic vitality, transferring that power to the evil genius who stands over him.   With a growing horror, the former Champion and Defender of Liberty was manipulated like a puppet as the Dr. snapped out, "On your feet my new DynoSlave.   Stand to attention before your master!!" 

Without any choice the massive depleted muscles of our once invincible hero respond not to DynoCop's command, but to the evel Dr. Dementeds.   The ultimate Cop, the ultimate hero, the ultimate Champion, stood at attention before the evil Dr.   Demented whispered into Blue Steel's ear.  He nodded and headed off to carry out his instructions. 

Meanwhile the Dr. began to explain quite calmly and in perfect detail how his fiendish plan will drain our muscled hero dry of his muscletrons!   It is quite simple, the Muscletrons originate from our hero's massive manhood.   From the center of his manly balls ...  normally the energy spreads from his manhood to the rest of his mighty frame, but if our hero is sexually stimulated to ejaculation, all that power will instead embed itself in our hero's seed.   The Dr. will then combine this seed with his own top secret "addition", producing an elixir of power, allowing the drinker to absorb the drained Muscletrons, temporarily granting DynoCop's superstrength!!!  

However, that was not the Doctor's ultimate goal his ultimate goal was the slavery of DynoCop.   But in order to achieve that, he would have to drain DynoCop dry of every last Muscletron.   If he managed that, then DynoCop's brain would shut down all higher functions, turning the Cop into a vegetable.  He would keep all his memories and knowledge, but the vital spark of his personality would be extinguished and he could easily be reprogrammed.  It was his greatest vulnerability … his brain was totally tied into his production of Muscletrons.  It had taken years to break the will of Blue Steel and make him into his willing slave , but if he could drain DynoCop's last Muscletron, then the hero DynoCop would die, leaving an empty vessel to be reprogrammed at the Doctor's whim!  But draining him to that point itself might take years.  DynoCop's will was strong.

DynoCop shouts out, "You're crazy, you control my mind, but not my manhood! I WILL never give you ....  ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh unnnnnnnnnnnn noooo ...... stop ........ "     The evil Dr. interrupts our hero's tirade showing him just how wrong he is as suddenly the fallen Hero notices the incredible build on Dr. Demented, how scuplted his muscle his, how beautiful his features are...  No, NOOOOOOOO, the hero battles the rising attraction, attraction to his arch-enemy.  Our hero tried to fight the desire that was overwhelming him. Good heroes just don't have those thoughts … except when the thoughts are injected by an evil, demented mentalist!!!  NOOOOOO.....

What will happen next to our crushed hero?  Is this the utter end for DynoCop, will he fall, and in the process, hand the keys to world domination to Dr. Demented??

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