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The Defeat Of Dyno Cop
Chapter 4 - Superhero Beatdown
By Crusher

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Chapter 4.  Superhero Beatdown

The mighty hero DynoCop, terribly weakened, contemplates how to snap his fellow hero out of Dr. Demented's evil mind control..  As he approaches the seemingly stunned Navy SEAL,  the corrupted hero gathers his chi, tunes his body into a weapon that will shatter the harder-than-steel muscle of our chiseled Champion of Justice.  The evil Dr. looks on, breathless, mumbling under his breath, monitoring the Muscletron activity, feeling his dick harden at the thought of what is about to happen to the mighty hero. 

Never taken to this level before, our hero DynoCop is being tested ... being forced to endure levels of weakness and pain he has never experienced before.   Can he fight back, can he keep coming?  Is his mighty, superheroic will enough to force our hero beyond even his own awesome limits in an attempt to defend Justice?

Like a deadly coiled spring, the Master of the Martial Arts launches his chi-powered strike.   With plenty of time to prepare the blow, it will be more deadly than any yet.  With faster reflexes than DynoCop even when our mighty hero is at full strength, there is no chance for our hero to entirely avoid the blow.  Almost in slow motion, the Dr. observes the delicious scene unfold..   The palm of Blue Steel, the focused look in our corrupted hero's eyes, the slow dawning of realization on the features of our hero as he notices the incoming blow, the look of extreme fatigue building there, but the determination to fight on at all costs.    Amazingly, the Dynamic DynoCop manages to raise his bulging bicep, flexed to it's max in position to block the blow that was aimed for his incredibly muscled chest, those two plates of solid titanium like muscle that are our hero's pecs.  

Instead, Blue Steel changes his target at the last second, the Navy SEAL's deadly palm strike impacts with full power on the flexed, peaked bicep of the unconquerable hero, DynoCop.  Like a nuclear explosion, a wave of burning, liquid fire more painful than any sensation the mightiest Cop in the world has ever felt.    The waves of destructive energy set every nerve on fire as his muscle vibrates at the perfect destructive frequency to devestate his harder-than-steel muscle.   With a mighty shriek of primal agony, the Dynamic DynoCop realizes in unbelieving shock that he can't feel his bicep, let alone his arm anymore.   Dazed by the power of the blow, our hero notices that his arm is quivering like jelly, and his once proud, peaked bicep is a mass of destroyed muscle, useless.  It will heal in time, but how long ... in his weakened state. 

While he's still recovering, the corrupted Navy SEAL is not standing idle.   In just a few seconds, the downed Marine is on his feet, and facing the wounded hero.   Not giving our Defender of Justice a chance to recover. the skilled Martial Artist grabs the injured arm, performs a perfect judo toss of the massive muscled SuperHero over his shoulder to land face first on the cracked ground!!!  WHAMMM.   Our hero writhes in agony at the terrible pain lancing through his crushed bicep, as the hero-turned-villain Blue Steel follows through by hammerlocking the smashed arm of DynoCop behind his back, laying on his broad muscled back, and pushing back with both boots to apply maximum pressure to the destroyed arm.   His goal to fill the hero's mind with AGONY so Dr. Demented can strike...

While the mighty champion of Justice, DynoCop writhes in the devasting hammerlock, Dr. Demented's voice booms around them.  "Now, DynoCop, do you see?  Do you understand why you are going down, my delicious hunk of Cop muscle? You are too dumb, too musclebound to stand up to my diabolical intellect...  And when I'm done with you, done draining your dick of every last Muscletron, I'll have your muscle too boot!  BWUHAHAHHA".

Even in this trial by fire, this agony of destruction as unimaginable damage is being done to his muscle, his indomitable will shines through.   He shouts out, a primal scream of defiance, "NEVERRRRRRRR, YOU'll NEVER SUCC...ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH"  But his defiance is short lived as the Dr. for the first time turns his powers on DynoCop.   His mental defenses weakened, at an all time low, all his Muscletrons diverted to keeping his body from breaking down, the Dr. sends a vindictive and sadistic mental shaft into the very core of DynoCop's mind.   The Dr's own mental determination and will is not to be dismissed, and he now turns all of it to enhancing the sense of DynoCop's pain, forcing the law enforcement officer's mind to dwell on the agony.  Then, with no subtlty, but vicious brutality, the evil Dr. plays on our Hero's Dedication to Justice.   Twisting it, causing our hero to dwell on how he is failing to uphold Justice, causing him to dwell on how he is letting down the millions of people who depend on him to protect them from the likes of Dr. Demented.   The evil Dr. focuses on this line of attack, trying to mentally shatter our hero while Blue Steel is trying to shatter his body.

Can the strongest Super Hero in the world, the Law Enforcement Officer with more power than any other, the unbeatable Champion and Defender of Liberty and Justice withstand this double assault?   What will happen?  Can our hero somehow, someway survive this latest attack?  And if so, how much more can our mighty hero take?  How much longer until our hero's mind or body, or both, simply shatter under the unceasing brutal attacks?   Leaving DynoCop in the evil Dr's clutches, the evil Dr. who plans on draining his dick, the source of his Muscletrons, and adding DynoCop's awesome power to his own formidable mental powers.   He will be unstoppable!!  DynoCop knows the stakes, he can't let this happen.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" screams the Dynamic DynoCop as the two-fisted assault on his mind and body overpowers his desperate defenses! As his once-mighty musclebound body writhes in unspeakable agony, his very mind is ripped apart by the relentless mental assault of the sadistic Doctor Demented! The Doctor exults in triumph as he feels his evil mental powers stripping away defense after defense of the helpless hero! With the most extraordinary mental powers on earth, the fiendish Doctor overwhelms and crushes the resistance of the muscle-hero, whose Muscletrons are too depleted to fight off the wicked assault! The Champion of Good finds himself giving way to images of tormenting despair, as all the faces of the helpless citizens who will suffer at the hands of Doctor Demented course through his agonized mind! One after the other, women, children, all those who will suffer at the hands of the super-villain seem to accuse him of his weakness and stupidity, his utter failure to protect them when they needed him most. Not content with this, the diabolical Doctor sends visions of his future deeds to the fallen hero, visions that show him utterly unstoppable, using his own super-mental powers and scientific wizardry in tandem with the physical invulnerability and ultra-strength he plans to steal from the very loins of DynoCop to destroy any hero or law enforcement agency that tries to stand in his way! In short, the evil villain plainly shows the struggling lawman how he will contribute to the downfall of the world in giving over his Ultra Strength to the world's most dangerous villain!

The twin assaults threaten to break the beleagured hero utterly, but just as his very last modicum of defense begins to fall, the Doctor is suddenly reminded why DynoCop is known as the world's foremost superhero! For the champion of justice rallies at the last possible moment! Knowing he cannot and will not be a part of such a terrible future, the heroic lawman makes a firm decision to sacrifice himself at any cost to defeat this evil, and in so doing brings forth one last surge of power through his mind and body! In a sudden and prodigious effort of will, he throws off the mental assault of the dreaded Doctor and twists his musclebound body to throw off the vise-like grip of the incomparable Blue Steel! WHAAAAAAAMMMMM!

Blue Steel, taken by surprise by the sudden surge of super-strength, finds himself thrown off the prone form of DynCop, through the air, to land with a Thud! right into the body of the screaming Doctor! "NOOOOOOOO!!!," Demented shrieks, then "whooof!" as the air is knocked out of him!

Blue Steel, shaken but unharmed, immediately springs to his feet. He reaches down to help the gasping Doctor to his feet. Demented, legs wobbly in shock and fright, finally stands up, and coughing, threatens "How dare you, you musclebound buffoon! How dare you strike my person! I'll destroy you for that, if it's the last thing I do!" Then he composes himself and studies the hero, scanning him intently for signs of weakness ...

The Mighty DynoCop stands yards away, alone amongst his enemies. He stands tall and proud, but it is all-too obvious that he is a wounded lion, beset by evil jackles who threaten to take him down. His huge tree-trunk like thighs sway as he fights to hold his ground, his left arm hangs limp and useless, his right one cocked up in a defensive fist, but weakly, barely staying aloft. His proud head circles from side to side and his eyes flutter as he struggles manfully to fight back. 

"No ... way ... ungh ... Demented ... no way ... you're ever ... ungh ... gonna use ... my strength to harm innocent people. I'll ... ungh ... die ... before I let ... that ... happen. You'll never ... unnnh ... get away with this. I'll stop you ... somehow!" Bravely, he raises his only good arm, ready to fight back against the two-pronged attack of the villains!

With this, angry and afraid as he was, Demented can't suppress a smile. True, the near-naked musclehunk wounded his pride by fighting off his momentous mental assault, something no one else has ever done in a weakened state, but ... it is clear that the hero is all-but finished. One look down at his Muscle Meter shows the incontrovertible fact ... after a brief spike with the last heroic effort, the reading now signals low once again! With his super intellect, he deduces that the hero is now only capable of short bursts of strength ... and the Doctor quickly devises an evil plan to finish this battle once and for all. 

With a wicked grin, he leans over to the majestic form of Blue Steel and whispers an instruction into his ear. Steel nods mechanically, then the two separate, slowly surrounding the beleaguered hero, circling him from front and back. The embattled DynoCop spins this way and that, legs spread wide for maximum leverage, tense and cocked for combat, unsure which way to turn, which way the attack will come from!

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" belows the malicious laughter of Doctor Demented. "That's it, hero, where will the final blow come? From your one-time comrade and friend? Or an attack on your weakened mind? Hmmm? Which will it be??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Sudenly, the Doctor composes himself and strikes once again with a vicious psychic attack, lancing into the weakened brain of the muscle hero! "Writhe, DynoCop, writhe in hopeless agony as you fall to your knees before your new MASTER, the Diabolical Doctor Demented!!!" he shouts as DynoCop sways in his efforts to beat off the assault. Mentally, the brave hero flexes his astounding muscles and barely, just barely manages to fight back the attack! But even as he does this, Blue Steel springs into action, enacting the plan whispers to him by his evil master. Taking a few seconds to build his Chi to maximum power, he lunges at the swaying hero, pretending he has come to strike again at his massive muscle chest! DynoCop puffs out his titanium pecs to defend against the blow, but even as he does, quick as lightning, the Super Marine shifts his blow for the real target ... the Super Lawman's unprotected and vulnerable package! THUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD!!!!!!! The blow lands with astounding power! But more than a mere blow, Blue Steel actually turns the blow into a vise-like claw, holding fast the king-sized dick and balls of the groaning hero!!!!! He locks on and channels all his power into the deadly claw!!! As he does, the fiendish Doctor Demented sees his chance and throws all his evil mental power into one more assault on the mind of the helpless hero!!!!!

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