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The Defeat Of Dyno Cop
Chapter 3 - Betrayal
By Crusher

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Chapter 3. Betrayal

When the Fiendish Freezing Trap has finished its work upon our hero, Doctor Demented sees through his viewer a cascade of roiling, icy mist. A quick look at his portable Muscle Meter shows no activity. The evil doctor exults in his triumph! As the mists begin to clear, the meter stays at zero, and the Doctor can see the frozen form of the once-mighty DynoCop!

Demented cannot control his glee! Immediately he leaves the safety of his control room and moves down the hall to the Trap Room. Pressing a control to activate the exhaust fans and clear the room of the freezing mist, the Doctor steps into the room, shivering, but warmed by his wicked triumph! A quick glimpse at the meter shows that all is safe, and his victim helpless and powerless.

The awful scene is enough to bring cries of horror to the good people of the city! Their beloved hero stands tall in the center of the room. In a valiant attempt to pump up his powers and withstand the numbing cold, DynoCop had flexed all his super-muscles! The handsome warrior now stands immobile, covered from head to toe by a thin layer of crystalline ice. His mighty, tree-trunk thighs flexed for maximum size, arms pumped on either side, huge chest thrust out in a perfect double-biceps pose, his square jaw thrust out in defiance!

Demented moves up in front of the fallen do-gooder, looking up into his victim’s eyes. He sees the hero’s blue eyes open, and a faint movement assures the villain that the hero can indeed see and hear all that is happening, and feel the full measure of the crushing defeat!

Stepping up and rubbing his hands upon the frozen chest of the helpless hunk, Doctor Demented begins to laugh and crow over his victory! “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is too priceless, DynoCop! All my research and preparations have come to fruition! Your super brawn has proven to be no match for my superior intellect! And now, my handsome young hero, you are at my mercy. Only … Doctor Demented HAS no mercy! HAHAHAHAHA! I will soon take you to my lab where I’ll slowly drain you of the last of your amazing Muscletrons! And when I have processed them through my technology, I will take them as my own! Doctor Demented will be UNSTOPPABLE!!! Mwahahahhahahahahahahaha!”

Laughing, Demented slowly runs his hands down to Dynocop’s frozen bulge, dreaming of the power he will sap from the hero’s awesome dick! But just then, the Doctor hears a disturbing sound. A “crrrrrrrack” is suddenly echoing through the room. With sheer horror, the Doctor sees cracks appearing everywhere along the glistening, crystalline shell entrapping the hero! A glance at Dynocop’s face shows a grimace of supreme effort, and a sudden beeping from the Muscle Meter confirms … incredibly, the super hunk is powering up and breaking free!

With a terrified squeak and gasp, the archvillain staggers backward, almost falling in shock! He mumbles “no, no … you … can’t … I had you … beaten!!!” Stumbling backward, he makes his way toward the exit door. But just as he reaches it, he hears a terrific CRAAAAACKKKK! and turning, sees the superhero standing FREE!

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhh” groans Doctor Demented. Meanwhile, the Dynamic DynoCop flexes and gasps for air in the middle of the room. He stands nearly naked now, the last of his uniform having been shattered as he escaped from the paralyzing ice. All that remains to clothe him is a pair of tiny bikini briefs, pure white, clearly outlining his bulging dick and balls, riding high up the butt crack between his rippling glutes.

As the Doctor stares in mingled lust and horror, the brave hero staggers to one knee, temporarily overcome by the barrage of diabolical attacks. He used the last of his energy reserves to free himself from his frozen cage, and now he finds himself swaying, taking a knee, struggling to master the swoon that threatens to overcome him.

Suddenly he shakes his head to clear his wits, fixes a grim, blue-eyed stare at the evil Doctor, takes a deep breath and pulls himself to his feet. With all his might he summons the last of his masculine power and bellows “You’re nothin’ but a geeky psycho, Demented! There’s no way you’re ever gonna use MY power to fuel your evil schemes! You tricked me, alright, but you’re traps failed! I’m gonna wring your skinny neck till you hand over my buddy Blue Steel, and then I’m taking you into JUSTICE! It’s time to end this NOW!”

With that, the righteous musclehunk propels himself at the cowardly Doctor! Demented shrieks and runs pell mell down a darkened hall! He can’t believe the superhero had the strength to recover from his barrage of traps! Things weren’t supposed to happen like this! Panting frantically, he careens down the hallway, but hears the heavy steps of the enraged hero slowly closing the distance. If only he can make it just a little further, just a … little further … all … might  … not … be .. lost!

With a final sprint, just as he feels the hero’s hand about to grab him from behind, the evil Doctor flies through a doorway into a large warehouse room. He prays his final trap comes through for him! Otherwise, all is lost and the dumb jock hero will have him!!!

“Come here, you” DynoCop bellows as he makes his grab for the fleeing villain! But just as he is about to close around the Doctor’s neck, the panicked villain shrieks “NOW! BLUE STEEL! NOW!!!”

Suddenly, the near naked musclecop is hit from above as the sinewy but lithe figure of the vaunted hero Blue Steel lands on him from his hidden perch above the doorway. THUDDDD! Steel lands with perfect precision, a product of his superhuman martial arts skill, bringing both rock-hard fists down on the back of DynoCop’s thick neck, hitting vulnerable nerve/pressure points with all of his might!

“UUNNNGHHHH!!!!” yells the supercop as lights explode in his head, and he falls to the ground face forward, shaking his head to clear his senses!  The evil Doctor Demented spins and yells “YES, YES! That’s it! Take him! Destroy him! Leave him helpless for me, Blue Steel! I, your MASTER, command it!”

The handsome muscled Navy SEAL, Blue Steel, appears as his iron-hard body tenses for action … to destroy the seemingly helpless DynoCop! He wades in to deliver a super-stun to the downed hero, raising his muscular arm for a finishing karate chop to the nerves, but suddenly … DynoCop springs into action! Terribly weakened by the endless assaults, he has only a modicum of super-strength remaining, almost none at all, but he still has his finely honed fighting skills. Though no match for the skill of the enslaved Navy SEAL, he catches him off guard and kicks his legs out from under him in a perfect ground-fighting move, taught to him by Blue Steel himself!

As the musclecop gets to his feet and raises his fists, he yells “Buddy, you don’t have to do this! Fight him! Fight him, man! Nobody’s got a will like yours! You’re a hero, man! And my friend!” DynoCop however, is wasting his time.  The Blue Steel he once knew is gone forever, broken and defeated, reprogrammed to be Dr. Demented's loyal slave. “I command it! Get him! Destroy him for me!” yells the evil Doctor, and Blue Steel attacks the supercop!

The two men battle in the warehouse, destroying scientific devices that go up with a BANG!, grappling and tussling like two angry behemoths, the battle seesawing this way and that. Suddenly, the near-naked DynoCop takes advantage of a momentary weakness in his foe. He pumps up his right bicep, channeling the very last of his super strength, yanks back his mighty arm, and BAAAAAMMMMMMMM! connect square in the deep, powerful chest of Blue Steel! The heroic blow sends his opponent flying several yards. Blue Steel careens into a stack of boxes and sends them flying.  The musclecop shakes his head, fighting off another wave of dizziness, all his strength gone now, his last reserves depleted. When the dust clears, he sees the handsome Navy SEAL lying among the boxes, out cold! With a fierce glare at Doctor Demented, DynoCop strides over to his buddy to check on him, make sure he is ok. “Once I snap Blue Steel out of this, Doctor Demented, you’re history! You’re gonna pay for whatever you’ve done to turn this hero into your slave, I promise you!”

But just as the Dynamic DynoCop reaches down to touch his friend, the downed Navy SEAL springs into action! Hurt and momentarily stunned by the super blow, Blue Steel’s body control was too great to be finished by the blow. He used the seconds he had to regain his wits, channel his awesome chi energy, and await his foe’s approach …

What will happen now? DynoCop, even in his weakened state, is still tough as nails, but he faces the Master of the Martial Arts, the Navy SEAL Blue Steel, whose deadly hands can chop through solid iron! Is this the end for our hero?

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