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The Defeat Of Dyno Cop
Chapter 2 - Assault of Justice
By Crusher

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Chapter 2.  Assault of Justice

DynoCop has no trouble finding the secret lair of Dr. Demented, and walking along the first corridor, he hears  the sound of Dr Demented's maniacal laughter filling the air all at once. The mighty DynoCop tenses his bulging muscles, powering up for imminent assault. He reacts with lightning speed, locking up into a defensive crouch, rippling butt tensing in his tight uniform, fists cocked, chest thrusting out in defiance ... only to feel the very ground fall away beneath his feet! Taken completely by surprise, our hero falls into the nefarious trap! At the same moment, the very ceiling opens, releasing tons of concretee and steel! DynoCop hits the metal flooring dozens of feet beneath with a thud, landing squarely on his booted feet. But before he can do more than flex his arms in defense, he is buried by the trap laid by the evil doctor!

As the dust clears, and the Doctor scans the scene with his super-science devices, he sees that all is still. Can it be! Can he have already scored a victory against the Dynamic DynoCop, the most powerful hero he has ever faced? Demented checks his scanners carefully. He has prepared for this moment for a long time, studying the hero cop for months, secretly staging events that would bring the people's champion into action. While DynoCop performed his acts of super-heroism, the evil Doctor has all the while been targeting him with sensors to discover a way to defeat him! In doing so, he found that DynoCop is powered by a type of raw, unbridled masculine energy that the Doctor came to call Muscletrons. Demented noted that in times of stress, and especially when the super cop flexed his mighty muscles, he surged in Muscletron readings, and in his super strength. The Doctor theorized that if he could steal this energy, the union of mind and muscle would make him the most powerful villain ever to walk the earthy. Unstoppable! 

He now scanned carefully, and noted with fiendish delight that the level of Muscletrons was low. Perhaps all he had to do was dig out the muscle hero with his machines and then take what was his from the uncoscious policeman! So easy!!!

Just then, the Doctor's grin fell from his face, as the Muscle Meter suddenly spiked high, and he felt a deep tremor course through the building floor!

KAAAAAABBBBAAAAAAAMMMMM!!!! With a terrific explosion, the Dyamic Defender comes flying out of the pit, steel and concrete flying everywhere, nearly demolishing the first wing of the lair! Demented couldn't stifle an "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!" of shock and fear. Then, when the dust cleared again, behold!, the Doctor sees none other than DynoCop standing above the pit, legs wide, arms slowly flexing and bulging, huge chest heaving with effort! 

DynoCop is covered in sweat, and his uniform is partly tattered, leaving his chest bulging through the remains of his light blue shirt. But otherwise, he appears unscathed! "Demented!!!" he roars with deep baritone, "You gotta do better than that if you wanna stop me from draggin' your sorry butt into justice!!! I'm gonna rescue my buddy, Blue Steel, and together we're sendin' you up the river ... for GOOD!!!" The mighty muscled servant of justice tears off what remains of his shirt, leaving his chest and torso free and glistening. He flexes his powerful arms in a double biceps pose, and grimaces purposefully!

The Doctor is awed by the display of raw strength, and momentarily falls prey to fear and worry. But then he looks carefully at his scanner and sees that, as the superhero flexes, the Muscletrons spike upward, but not as high as they were before. Dynocop seems to have expended a chunk of his mascluine energy that isn't recovering quickly enough to bring him back to full strength! With an insane grin, the Doctor realizes that all is going according to plan, after all!

Knowing there is no time to spare, the evil Doctor begins phase 2 immediately. His evil genius tells him that DynoCop will be very wary now against traps, but he knows there is one thing NO true hero can resist, even if he suspects it's a death trap. So with a chortle, he pics up the microphone and begins "I wouldn't be so sure of that, my square-jawed hero" he cackles over the PA system. "And besides, did it ever occur to you that your friend Blue Steel might not be the ONLY person in danger, here? Hmmmm ....?" Just then, he presses a button and a woman's voice is heard coming from long down a hallway, frantic with fear!

"No, no no!!! Take your hands off me, you fiend" she screams! With the push of a second button, her continued screams are heard to meld with the sound of Demented's cackling laughter, all coming from the same location!

Without a moment to lose, our hero springs into action! He knows this could be a trap, but he can't take a chance! It sounds like Demented has some woman in his clutches just down the hall! DynoCop sprints down the long hall at speeds no normal man could match. Seeing a steel door between him and the sounds of the helpless woman and the evil Doctor, the Dynamic Defender takes a deep breath, levels his shoulder toward the door, flexes his arm in tight to make a huge muscle against his chest, then BAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!!! Hits the door with terrific force!

The reinforced steel door flies off its hinge like it was made of balsa wood! DynoCop comes charging into a pitch-black room and hears the screaming coming from the other side. "Let he go, Demented!!!! Your battle is with ME!" he bellows and charges through the blackness.

Suddenly, the lights from above come blasting on! Brilliant light momentarily dazzles the hero, but with his super cop shades, he adjusts within a second - and sees there is nothing but a TV viewer attached to the opposite wall, with loud speakers issuing the sounds of the woman's screams. They stop, and Doctor Demented appears on the screen, laughing like a demon. 

"You stupid, brainless hero! It was child's play to get you exactly where I want you! Mwaaaaahhaaaaahaaaahaaahaaaa!"

Cocking a gloved finger at the TV viewer, the muscleman roars "You can't hide forever, Demented! I'm coming for you!" and he sends one fist smashing into his opened other hand, making a big smack! "Oh, I don't think so, DynoCop. As a matter of fact ... I don't think you're going ... anywhere!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

At that, the hero hears a wooshing sound form above and instantly goes into a defensive crouch, all his muscles tensed and bulging, ready for anything. But to no avail! Suddenly, from above, an enormous, thick, metallic net drops down from the roof, encasing and entrapping our musclecop! Each strand a steel-titanium chain, nearly unbreakable and extraordinarily heavy.

"Ugh!" DynoCop grunts as the fiendish metal net hits him hard and wraps about him. "Ugh ... unhhhh!" he grunts again as he twist and yanks at the chains, only serving to wrap them tighter and tighter about him. All the while he struggles, the TV screen shows the face of his arch-enemy, and the hero is greeted to the devilish cackle of the villain. 

After half a minute of struggling, DynoCop has only managed to entrap himself thoroughly in the net! He stands, crouched low, huge chains wrapped all about his muscular body, encircling him, restrainin him, arms, legs, chest, torso, all bound about so he can barely move at all, merely grunt and wriggle among the bonds!

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! Foolish boy! You're nothing but a fly in my web! Now beg, beg the good Doctor for mercy, and perhaps you may have it! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Unnnn! Unnnnh!!! No way, Demented, DynoCop doesn't beg any man! And if you think ... UNNNGH! ... this little net of yours is going to hold me, you've got another thing coming!!!" 

With that, the brave hero takes a deep breath, composing himself for a maximum effort, then begins to flex every muscle in his body, leaning into it, making a "most muscular" pose, all his sinews flexing and bulging. Incredibly, all the strands of the web begin to pop like they are made of thread!!!! One after the other, as the musclehero continues to grunt and strain, all the strands begin to snap and fly off of him!!!! He's doing it! DynoCop is breaking free!

But while Demented's eyes are wide with appreciation, he doesn't recoil at the scene. Instead he laughs "Foolish, overconfident hero! Did you think that's all there is to my trap! NOW you'll feel its full force!!!!"

With that, he gleefully pushes a button and ... suddenly the giant net cackles with millions of volts of arcing, searing, electricity!!!! Bright blue-white crackles of lightning criss-cross the half naked body of DynoCop as he struggles to break free! The hero suddenly roars with a grimace of pain "AAARRRGGGHH!! ARRRRGGGHH!" His efforts to break free falter, he wiggles and jerks in the throes of the electric force!!! He groans and twitches and he falls to one knee "AARRRRGH! UUNNNGHHH!"

"Writhe, hero! Writhe in agony and submit yourself to Doctor Demented! Surrender to me now ... and I will spare you!" the Doctor yells at his fallen foe. "Mwaaahaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaaa!!!!!"

But just as it looks like it's all over for the Dynamic Defender, the fallen hero grits his teeth for a final push and ... slowly brings himself back up to his feet, legs wide in a desperate attempt to gather his strength. With a supreme effort, the muscle hero once again forces himself into his "most muscular" pose, and the Doctor sees the huge strands about his arms snap!!! Just then, the hero grabs the bulk of the net and yanks with a tremendous grunt! The net snaps loose from it's moorings in the ceiling and the electric charge ceases instantly!

Demented sees the now-freed hero fall again to his knee. He pants in exhaustion, his skin covered in sweat, his chest heaving. He shakes his handsome head to clear it, then slowly, unsteadily, rises to his feet. He stands tall and proud, looks at the monitor and says "That all you got, Demented? I sure hope for your sake it's not!" He then flexes his left bicep at the camera, with a determined grimace on his face.

The Doctor is somewhat worried when he hears this cocky challenge, but when he looks at his Muscle Meter, his eyes light up in victory. Though the Muscletrons again spike with DynoCop's challenge, he notices the reading is greatly weakened from it's initial numbers. His enemy is expending his masculine energy as predicted! And soon Doctor Demented will have him in a hopeless situation from which there is no escape! Then he knows he can permanently drain the hero, using his own most masculine assets against him! Mwaaahaaahaaahaaa!

As the mad laughter filled the chamber, the Dr. knows he has to act quickly to prevent our the Dynamic DynoCop from recharging his Muscletrons.   The mad Dr. judges he needs to hit DynoCop one more time to give Blue Steel the advantage he needs to finish off the mighty law-enforcement officer.   Before the cocky super hero can pull himself together and stalk Demented, the mad genius pushes a button.  "Why no, as a matter of fact, this is only the BEGINNING of what is in store for you, you big dumb fuck!  You handled steel and concrete, electricity, how about a little refreshing shower to wash the dust off you?" 

With that four nozzles shot out, and sprayed solid, hard jets of some liquid right between the super strength filled mighty muscled pecs, our hero's broad shoulders were targeted by another jet, then a third slammed right into the incredibly muscled ass of DynoCop.  The fourth and final jet targeted DynoCops package.

As soon as the jets hit, our hero screamed in agony, as if he were being burned.   Even muscle harder than titanium will feel it when blasted by liquid nitrogen!!!!!  As for our hero's package, well, the evil Dr. shouted out, "Hope you find your balls again, BWUHAHAHAHA" As the jets continue their onslaught, tracking the madly wounded and thrashing superhero Cop, his movements slow down... "What's the matter, HERO, a little to cold for ya?  Here, let me adjust the temperature!!"   He hits a final button, and the bravely struggling Cop-Hero is slammed by a massive blast of LN2.   The burning pain and damage of the extreme cold is having even more of an effect than the Dr. thought.   The Muscletron readings, after surging to try to fight off the cold, now sink to a new low.   The Dr. began to think that he wouldn't even need Blue Steel.  "Now, my hero pop-sickle, let's lick you and see how you taste...  BWUHAHAHAH".    Dynocop, the mightiest champion and defender of justice the world has ever known, is for the moment at least, frozen solid.   Can he recover, is this it?  Has our hero been defeated, outwitted, by the maniacle genius known as Dr. Demented????

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