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The Defeat Of Dyno Cop
Chapter 1 - For Charity's sake
By Crusher

Chapter 1.  For Charity's sake

Only days before the Navy SEAL, code-named Blue Steel, was kidnapped, both he and DynoCop were involved in a charity fund-raiser where the Navy SEALs would astound the audience with  feats of near super-human athleticism. As a celebrity guest, DynoCop was of course in the front row.

Who was DynoCop, might you ask?  He is the world's most powerful Superhero.  Once a tough as nails Cop, patrolling the streets of New York, a mysterious encounter with an unknown chemical while busting a drug lord's secret lab forever transformed, increasing his strength 10 times over, giving him the ability to recover from any injury, and increasing the density of his thick superb muscle to twice that of Titanium!  Villians the world over feared him, and he worked with a special office dedicated to supporting him, providing him with high tech gear to wear on his weapons belt, the most prominent piece of gear was his DynoStick, capable of stunning any living thing into immobility.    

Before becoming a Cop, DynoCop had been a Navy SEAL, and Blue Steel was his best friend and helped him on missions from time to time, so of course DynoCop was present.   Blue Steel, while not superhuman, was actually far better trained in hand to hand combat and martial arts than DynoCop.   He was simply put, a Master of Martial Arts.  Especially his striking abilities!

One of the demonstrations involved the martial arts technique of crushing a row of bricks with a precise and well-aimed punch or kick. Except, Blue Steel was the master of this technique, and to the crowd's astonishment, he demonstrated the same technique on many other materials than stone, including wood, plastic, and even to the complete amazement of DnynoCop, a plate of titanium 2 feet thick!

Blue Steel had focused his training to the point that he could instantly hone in on the "resonant frequency" of any material, the hidden weakness of even the seemingly strongest of substances. The supremely talented Navy SEAL could deliver any frequency he wished through his well-trained hands of destruction. After the crowd's explosion had died down, the super solder's eyes roamed and rested on DynoCop's mighty form. He looked at the defender of justice, and had a great idea. He suddenly shouted out "Hey DynoCop, here is a proposition for you! How about a bet for charity? If you can stand and take one of my strikes without reacting, then 100,000 dollars goes to YOUR favorite charity. Otherwise, if I, a mere human being without any super abilities, can get a reaction out of you, 

that same amount goes to a charity of MY choosing! What do you say??"

The crowd exploded with delight, but the warrior hero looked hesitant at first. He wouldn't normally indulge in this kind of showmanship, but it was for a very good cause. Of course, there was never any doubt in his mind about who would win, impressive as the soldier's demonstration was, he was after-all packed with heroic muscle that was several times stronger and denser than titanium, he had nothing to worry about. The super hero police officer replied, "Okay, you are on Blue Steel! Only one stipulation: You get three tries to get a reaction out of me, that's only fair." The Navy SEAL, "Fair enough!! Ready?".

DynoCop stood up, walked up to the demonstration stage and stood at attention, hands clasped behind 

his powerful butt, legs spread, black police boots shoulders width apart. Chin raised high, entire form exuding power and presence. The deadly trained Navy SEAL pulled back his fist, concentrated and let fly with his first attempt, deciding to start with the blow he used to shatter titanium and see how that works. The fist flew through the air and SLAMMED into the middle of DynoCop's 8-pack, impacting through the uniform of the hero. DynoCop, although he betrayed no reaction, had felt that one! He was a bit stunned, when the fist landed there was a mild flash of unexpected pain. DynoCop was even more impressed, this Navy SEAL had achieved what no other human had done before.

Blue Steel looked thoughtful, aware of exactly how much damage his punch had delivered. He mentally made adjustments, cocked his fist and let fly again. This time, DynoCop noted that the blow, while centered on his 8-pack, made his powerful muscle start to tingle all up and down his abs. The officer of the law continued to stand, no reaction on his handsome face, as Blue Steel with an almost half-smile on, cocks back for the final punch, his muscle bunches he makes adjustments to find the resonant frequency of DynoCop's flexed muscle, and the strike flies, slams into the gut of the superhero ... and the unthinkable happens. An explosion of agony rips through our hero's ab muscle, as destructive shockwaves tear deep into the Police Officer. Blue Steel looks truly stunned and dumbfounded, hardly believing what he had done as the champion of justice suddenly dropped to his knees in front of him and the crowd of charity attendees, with a look of agony twisting the face of the mighty defender of liberty.

DynoCop was struggling to master the pain exploding in his strong and powerful muscle, bringing it under control, reversing the damage, draining so deeply into his power reserves that his legs buckled and he fell to his knees in front of the astonished Navy SEAL. The crowd was muttering, was this a trick, or part of the show?? One figure in the audience though, was not muttering, but in fact was transfixed with a radiant smile of evil delight. He concentrated, sending out a cautious mental probe into our weakened hero's mind, using his strange mental powers, he combed quietly in the pain ravaged mind of our hero, taking care not to alert him, until he  found the weakness he sought, which was easy, since it was on the top of our hero's mind at the moment.

DynoCop's power was constantly regenerating his body, as it slowly replenished itself. But, if our hero takes a lot of damage to his powerful muscle all at once, unlikely as it is with his muscle being stronger and denser than titanium, the Cop's power is rapidly drained to repair the damage, leaving him more weakened and vulnerable to further attacks for a time, mental attacks as well as physical attacks. Normally, the Champion of Justice's power is constantly protecting his mind as well as his body, but this protection weakens as his power is drained, which is exactly why the master of disguise, deception, and deceit, Dr. Demented was in the mind of our noble hero rooting out his hidden secrets.

Of course his power will replenish in fairly short order, but if the attacks keep coming, eventually his power will be totally drained, leaving him nothing more than an ordinary human.  He would recover, as his body produces more Muscletrons, but it will take months if he has been totally drained.   As Dr. Demented savored this tidbit, he sensed the quickly replenishiing power of our recovering hero, and pulled out his mind, huming to himself as the Doom of DynoCop began to take shape. Meanwhile, DynoCop quickly gets to his feet, recovering fully in a minute or so. Blue Steel and DynoCop exchange one glance, and without words, both of these dedicated champions of the law knew that no one must know what really happened. They played it off as DynoCop pretending to get hit for charity. The crowd relaxed and loved it!

They were once more safe and secure in the knowledge that the mighty DynoCop, the police officer serving the nation as the defender and champion of law and order, was unbeatable, without a weakness! Except ... one man knew differently ... one man began hatching a plot that would take years to complete, beginning a few days hence by capturing the one weapon capable of taking down DynoCop.

Dr. Demented!!   Who was Dr. Demented?  He was, first and foremost, a brilliant genius!!  And secondmost, he was a mentalist.  He could enter the minds of other men, read their thoughts and root through their memories, and send his own thoughts and images into their minds.  He could, with intense effort, take control of the bodies of other men for a limited time, though it takes massive concentration.   Heroic minded men, with a strong will, were naturally resistant to his powers.   And he could not actually force men to do his bidding directly, but … he was extremely skilled at torture and brainwashing, and his ability to project his thoughts into a man's mind was a valuable tool in augmenting his natural skills and breaking men.

...  Years Later ...

Dr. Demented chuckles to himself as he surveys the equipment that he has spent years developing.   Various weapons and traps, designed to stun, confuse and slow the Cop as he makes his way through the Dr's base.   How does Dr. Demented know that DynoCop is coming??  Because he's about to leak information to the intelligence services that is disguised as a plea for help from the long-absent, now thought dead, Navy SEAL, code-named Blue Steel.   A message that contains a detailed map of how to navigate the Dr's base to the chamber where Blue Steel is kept.  Of course, the route will be ANYTHING but safe ... but it should offer enough of a fight to our mighty hero that he's not expecting the real trap...   Blue Steel HIMSELF...  Finally, after years of very, very delicate brainwashing, torture, and mind fucking using his extraordinary powers, the evil Dr. was able to break through the proud Soldier's mental conditioning and training.  Once he had studied the Navy SEAL's mind, he had been able to come up with a plan of mental attack that preserved the near-superhuman Soldier's abilities, his unbelievable speed, agility, skill, intelligence, and of course his ability to destroy DynoCop, while twisting his loyalties bit by bit.   Finally, Blue Steel, broken by years of torture and brainwashing, was totally convinced that Dr. Demented was his one and only superior officer.   Memories of other loyalties had been expertly ... excised.  And now the plan was set...  DynoCop would come once the intelligence service informed him of the message from Blue Steel asking for rescue, he would fight his way through stiff resistance, meet up with Blue Steel .... and then, oh yes, then the fun will really begin.  The mad Dr. Demented begins to laugh out loud at the thought of destroying his greatest obstacle to domination, not only destroying him, but draining the essence of his hero power, and using it to give himself, Dr. Demented, the power that the mighty DynoCop will surrender as he is beaten beyond anything our hero has ever encountered.

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