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The Conquest Of Zantar
Part 9
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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That night Zantar tossed and turned lost in a in a fevered dream. He was naked in the public square on some stage-like platform in front of the townspeople. Every woman he had ever sexually taken was in the crowd as well as the men who had fought under his banner. He was buck naked except for a skimpy pair of feminine panties. A sign announcing his name was in front of him on the stage. The crowds were laughing and shouting derisively at him. Suddenly a huge fat man appeared alongside him. The corpulent figure was wearing the hood of the public executioner. Silently he gripped Zantar and pushed him forward onto all fours. As the crowd laughed he cut off the panties Zantar had on exposing Zantar's cock and hefty low hanging balls that swung obscenely between his powerful legs. The man lifted the panties up and waved them at the crowd as a flush of mortification came over the rebel prince.

"Eh love I should have checked my undies if I'd known you like them that much," a woman Zantar had once fucked shouted as the fat man threw the shredded material to one side. The crowd roared in mirth.

"Who knew our rebel prince was so delicate," one of his own men cried as the fat man roughly spread Zantar's legs apart.

Sheen of sweat broke out on the strapping young hero. He wanted to yell that he was still all-man. He wanted to turn and show the crowd he could lead by taking out this corpulent pig that was even now coming up close behind him yet, something stopped him from undertaking either action. It was as if he was helpless to resist this treatment.

As he stood in this position in front of everyone his arse-hole felt the strong push of a hard tube getting inside it. While the crowd whistled and yelled insults at him Zantar realized he was about to be fucked by this fat man and worse, he was about to be fucked by him in public.

"No!" he screamed but his body refused to move. His arse entryway felt the relentless push of the rod into him and with a loud grunt of "arghhh...nooo," Zantar found himself being screwed. "MY ARSE!" He yelped as the people watching hooted derision at their one time idol getting butt-fucked right in front of their eyes!

 The obese man grabbed Zantar's tapered waist and huffed loudly as he thrust his meat up the prince's vulnerable rear-end. Zantar felt the man's greasy paws holding him steady while his back sensed the wetness of the man's sweat as it dripped from his obsess frame onto Zantar's well-formed body. "Ufff," the prince murmured as one harder thrust hit into him.

"That's right girlie just you breath a bit and let it get in," another of Zantar's feminine conquest laughed as the flabby man pumped his dick in deeper causing Zantar to emit a series of soft grunts of expelled air. "Just spread those legs girlie," she continued in a mocking manner, "you remember how you had me do it when you played the man and mounted me dearie. Now you just do it in reverse." Upon hearing her comments the assembled masses roared in glee at that

Zantar never felt so disgraced and then, to his added horror he realized the fucking motion was turning him on. The deep hardness moving inside him was causing him to become erect. As the masses cheered the man on he fucked Zantar with a gusto and expertise that soon had the more powerfully built prince totally erect and moaning in ecstasy. "Oh fuck," Zantar shameless whispered as his arse came alive. To his shock he was soon moving his thigh muscles humping back onto the man's thick cock. "Aw fuck," he hissed again as the large gut of the corpulent man slapped against the hard roundness of his muscular rump. The pinpricking pain of this slapping belly-to-rear encounter seemed to stimulate Zantar even more. He closed his eyes and his jaw went slack, as the familiar sexual ride into an orgasm had begun for him once more. Slowly he lowered his upper body down to raise his arse up into the driving hardness while he bent his legs to further the entryway way for that cock that was giving him the ride of his life. His strong biceps bulged as it supported his weight of his powerful torso. The lard of the man's belly continued whacking his rear warming him in its embrace. "Fuck my arse more," he whimpered heedless of anything now!

"Look he's into it," a man yelled as the mob as Zantar slipped into "bitch mode" The chanting crowd went quiet as Zantar, to his utter humiliation, was soon muttering louder lewd encouragements as his hard cock waved between his spread thighs.

"Oh yes," he gasped as each thrust brought him closer to that climax. "Oh take my arse." He pleaded heedless of the men and women in front of him as he discovered the sexual pleasures of having his rear plummeted. At one point he cracked open his eyes and saw the crowd with their disgusted faces milling about in front of him but his sexual needs once more took precedence over any shame now.

"I seen yah strutting around in the country fucking the women pretty boy," the fat man hissed to Zantar as he screwed happily away into the rebel's butt. "Big good looking buck huh." He sneeringly said as he pushed in more with a thrust that caused Zantar to yelp. "Getting all the women with those looks and your strapping figure as you played the big macho man for em huh?" The man grumbled as he savagely worked Zantar's hole. "Me just a fat out of shape slob watching you preening about like some fancy arsed peacock huh. Well my fine manly peacock take this," he laughed as he hooked his corpulent arm under Zantar's waist and cinched in tighter while he rode Zantar with a fury borne in envy.

"Aw fuck me," Zantar replied wanting to cum now so badly. His defined body quivered in obvious sexual excitement as he squirmed under the anal assault.

"Who knew he really wanted to be the one getting fucked," another of his female lovers screamed as a larger roar of laughter filled his ears.

"I am still yes...a man," Zantar moaned as the heat of the butt slapping combined with the heat of his screwing to bring him over the edge, "I am ...still..a..oohheewwoo," he  bellowed as he felt himself ejaculate.

At that moment, he awoke under a sheet drenched in his own cum. A strangled cry escaped from his lips waking one of the guards momentarily. The soldier took in the sight of the stained sheet area by Zantar's crotch and merely shook his head before drifting off back to sleep. For Zantar however slumber would not return as he shivered in the cold night trying to blot out a dream that even now, on some unconscious level, stimulated a part of him. As the images of this public disgrace wafted in his mind Zantar soon realized he was once more erect. An all too recognizable itch overcame him forcing him to reach instinctively down to take his cock into his grip. "Fuck,' he moaned lightly as he stroked.

As he masturbated panting in sea of sexual intensity his mind visualized once more the flabby figure of the powerful executioner pounding into his well-formed rump. He saw his defined chiseled torso helplessly in the grip of that corpulent man being ravaged and degraded while the mob watched. As the events replayed in his brain he lost control again and, with a barely audible cry of shame, he blew his wad. As his mind cleared he knew what he had become. That realization finally broke the last part of his masculine self-image.

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