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The Conquest Of Zantar
Part 7
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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It Continues:

Zantar awoke naked in a bed in a small but comfortable furnished room. He was still somewhat disoriented thanks to the drugs that his opponent had ordered to be given to him.

A guard who until now had been sitting silently in the corner looked at him and spoke. "I'm here to watch to make sure you are safe Prince Zantar," the guard said. "My orders are to stay with you until someone relieves me."

Zantar tried to focus and was about to angrily tell the soldier that he needed no babysitter when a wave of sexual arousal flashed in him. To his mortification when he looked down to his crotch he saw that he was sporting a hard-on. He quickly glanced up at the guard who smirked slightly. Zantar experienced a rush of humiliation. Normally he would have been angrily demanding that the guard leave but somehow his being naked and erect undercut any attitude of defiance he might wish to exhibit. Worse, a growing and now familiar urge to stimulate himself was emerging in him once more!

"I don't suppose you could give me some privacy for short time," he asked trying to keep a deferential tone in hopes of not annoying the guard so that he would refuse his request. "Or get me some clothes?"

The guard's eye never left Zantar. "Sorry Prince Zantar but I must not leave you. Orders sir," he replied in a manner that seemed to show his amusement at the pathetic sight of the naked rebel lying there fully erect.

A sense of total embarrassment went through him to be seen like this. Like most men Zantar had never been bothered by appearing naked in front of another man but that was when he was changing or in some non-sexual circumstance like joining his men to swim in the river. On some level he was proud to show off his chiseled body and particularly with females, the good-looking rebel leader actually liked displaying off his hard form to their appreciative gazes. But this was not the same set of circumstances. If he wasn't hard it might have been different but letting another man see him sexually excited was degrading in his mind. Yet, in spite of this he couldn't stop this desire to jerk-off if only to temporarily relieve this need. The fires in him flared.

"Could you at least turn around for a few minutes," he asked desperately only to receive silence in return from the soldier. He wanted to climax now so badly but the thought of jerking-off in front of this man also filled him with dread. Zantar gulped as he tried to block out the rising craving inside him to reach down to stroke himself.  Zantar squeezed the palms of his hands and tried to think of something, anything, to keep his mind off the one thing he ached to do. He tried, without success, to engage the guard in conversation in a futile attempt to keep his brain occupied and blot out the knowledge that he was buck-naked and totally erect in front of this man. At one point he decided to lay face down on the bed to accomplish some degree of dignity. As he gingerly "adjusted" himself to get comfortably prone on the bed's surface the guard let out a contemptuous snort that filled Zantar with embarrassment. Unfortunately Zantar's "modesty solution" backfired as the weight of his muscular body pressing his erection onto the hard surface of the bed only stimulated him more. "Aw shit," he involuntarily exclaimed growing red-faced at displaying such a reaction in front of the man.

As he moved his body trying to "fix" the problem he only ended up in driving himself crazy to thrust down harder. The friction his movements were causing to his cock's sensitized under-shaft was overwhelming. For a brief few seconds the relief of partly servicing his desire in this manner took hold of him and he ground his narrow hips first up then down onto the bed's surface.  A chuckle from the guard brought him back to reality. He realized, to his horror, that he had been gyrating on the bed in such a manner that was clear to the guard that Zantar was "fucking the bed." He rapidly flipped over and, to his mortification, as he did so a glistening stream of pre-cum whipped up from his engorged manhood's slit to hit the side of the bed sheet. The guard gazed at Zantar and just shook his head in disgust. The captive rebel dropped his gaze in total humiliation but also with a resolve to "behave".

He managed to hold out for one hour until he thought he'd go mad. Finally the guard yawned then, closed his eyes and after a few agonizing minutes Zantar thought he detected the steady breathing that signified the man was sleeping. Hesitantly he extended one hand to his cock.  As he did, he kept his eyes fixed on the impassive face of the guard. When he detected no reaction he just gave over to his need. "Fuck," he grunted shamelessly as he began stroking himself letting his drug addled brain float on the pleasurable stimulation he was giving it by masturbating. "Oh fuck yes," he groaned as he closed his eyes and methodically worked on his meat. Briefly he opened his eyes for a second and saw the guard was watching with a look of contempt. By now however, Zantar was past caring about the man. He knew he was humiliating himself but the relief was getting by his activities took hold and he began to work his meat with a savage fury. "Oh fuck I'm going to..." he whimpered as he approached that edge. Sweat broke out on the ridges or his chiseled torso and his lungs expanded and contracted as his entire frame gave itself over to the sensual thrill of the approaching orgasm. He cupped his round nuts to cradle them for their eruption. By now the room was a hazy blur. He knew on some deep level just how much of a degenerate he must appear to be to this guard but he had to cum regardless of the cost to his pride! With practiced strokes he quickened his masturbation until it hit. His body went rigid as, with a toe curling intensity, he exploded. "Aw fuck yes," he yelped as he climaxed. While he was lost in the throes of spurting he heard the laughter of the guard as he mocked Zantar by calling a, "pathetic bitch."

For the rest of that day Zantar tried not to engage in another such activity but soon he gave over to his needs and pleased himself once more under the watchful and contemptuous gaze of the soldier. Zantar was consumed by a feeling of complete degradation but he found now that when the cravings grew too strong to resist he would yield inspite of the debasement he experienced.

 When the next guard came in he attempted not to masturbate but, once more, he lost control. After a few days he just accepted his shame and beat off in front of any guard that was assigned to watch him. The autocrat received the reports with glee and encouraged the palace gossip about the rebel prince's disgraceful conduct. He knew that using the drug to over stimulate Zantar while keeping a guard with him at all times would end up training him to be mentally conditioned to sexually acting out in front of other men. His was a critical and highly necessary step in breaking him physiologically.

As he passed Zantar's room he took extreme pleasure in hearing the sounds of Zantar acting out sexually while in the thrall of the drug.

"AWWW...FUCK YES!" Zantar growled lewdly in a manner that clearly signaled he was climaxing and did not care who heard it.

"I think we will station two guards in his room from now on," the tyrant chuckled as he went to his throne room. "Yes, two men, then three men, then soon my handsome young rebel," he said to himself as he strode the hall, "until performing sexually in front of crowd will be just second nature for you my smug buff boy." He broke in a loud guffaw as he visualized the proud Zantar rutting away under the disgusted gaze of other men. Then another idea struck him. I think I will arrange massages for him with a "special stimulation cream" to be used by his anus, he thought, yes unique that something that will give my strapping young hunk an itch that will demand attention .  The vision of that boastful "oh so manly" Zantar fingering his anal cavity in front of the guards was too delightful. He laughed the entire way to his audience chamber!

Another Step:

Zantar lay exhausted on his bed. The two guards assigned to him sat nearby and smirked. The young hunk had just jerked off in front of them for the third time and his balls ached but still he was engulfed in a low level arousal. As he lay there hoping for some relief rather effeminate small young man entered the room with a bottle.

"My master wishes me to give you a good massage Prince Zantar to keep up your muscle tone," he lisped as he approached the bed.

Zantar cringed in disgust at the thought of this frail effeminate man touching him. "There is no need," he replied trying to do so in a superior & disdainful manner that his nakedness and semi-hard-on undercut.

The small man smiled, "If you do not let me then the men must tie your hands Sir and that," he cooed lewdly as he let his eyes glance at Zantar's manhood, " might prove uncomfortable after a few hours sir." He grinned in such a way that made Zantar ill at ease.

Zantar looked at the guards. By now he had learned to keep himself in check after each ejaculation for at least an hour or more but the thought of that craving rising in him to uncontrollable levels and him helpless to "tap" it shook him to his core. He stared at the unmanly person before him and after a second nodded his agreement. He decided he out muscled this creature so what harm could there be. "But no improper touching understand?" He barked as if trying to assert his manliness to this person.

"Of course, if you will please recline on the bed face down my prince,' the small man answered as he approached the taller more muscular form of the royal rebel leader.

Zantar lay stretched out on the bed eager to be done with this as quickly as possible. The man placed a towel by Zantar's head and poured some oils onto the broad shoulders of the well-built captive.

"My, my we are quite muscled aren't we," the frail man prattled as he rubbed away on the strong shoulders and back muscles of the prince following the flow of his spine toward the exposed rear of the captive

Zantar flinched at the thought of this man's fingers exploring his body and remained silent ready to break off the massage if his arse was touched. At one point the masseur's hand strayed to the small of Zantar's arse "Remember," Zantar hissed, "Stay away from my lower body especially," he grunted as the man's hands loosened the tension from his torso, don't touch my arse understand?"

Of course I won't touch any place near there unless you ask me." The man lightly chuckled as he placed another towel by Zantar's head

Unbeknownst to Zantar the towel was laced with drugs that soon had the strapping hunk in a semi-dazed condition. "I...feel...funny," he whispered as his mind drifted.

"Just tension going away prince," the effeminate man lisped as he rapidly reached down to pull Zantar's well-developed thighs apart to expose his anus before then pouring oils from a special bottle directly onto Zantar's anal opening.

"" Zantar asked woozily.

Wasting no time the small weaker man rapidly used his thumb to massage the chute ring of the prisoner.

Zantar dimly realized what was happening but he felt so lethargic. "Stop," he muttered trying to formulate a coherent thought.

"The smaller man just kept methodically sensually rubbing the moist soft outer ring muscles of the buff rebels entryway.

"Not...into...that...shit...oh shit," Zantar wheezed as very soon the sensation of the man's finger rubbing him in such an intimate spot caused him to squirm in delight. "Fuck," he hoarsely blurted out as his involuntarily wiggled his hips. His cock responded as well to this intensifying arousal. "Don't please," he moaned lightly as the thought of this frail effeminate man turning him on filled him with shame yet aroused him to new heights. He sucked in a gulp of air trying to clear his head no knowing by doing so he was filling his lungs with fumes from the towel. "Shhhiiitt,' he gurgled as a dazed expression came to his handsome face.

"Oh don't play the macho man with me boy," the masseur tittered as he slipped one of his fingers easily past Zantar's sphincter muscles to hit the captive's prostate.

"Ugh," Zantar gurgled as his firm body quaked at this invasion.  "What are you doing?" He whined like a boy even as he spread his legs farther apart in response to the stimulation that arose in his arse. "Ugh. Ugh," he began to grunt as he thrust his powerful lower body up slightly to get the man's finger in deeper. Whatever the masseur was touching was driving the young buff captive crazy and in his drug induced loopy mental state he wanted more of it. "!" He sighed as a blissful state enfolded over him and his hard-on peeked out from under his ball-sack.

The lisping masseur reached under Zantar and grabbed the captive's erect dick causing the rebel leader to suddenly gasp.

"Oh fuck," he babbled as the touch of the man's hand holding his now throbbing manhood fired him to a new state of arousals.  Zantar had never been touched by a man there and before his capture he would have attacked any man who tried but now this effeminate stranger was taking full liberties with his crotch and, to his mortification, it thrilled him to the core of his being. The shock of this rattled him deeply. "Aw my arse," he grunted.

"I'm just making you more comfy honey," the man chuckled as he roughly adjusted it so that it pointed upward under Zantar's torso before continuing his activities.  The man recalled how once in the village he had encountered the buff hero in a rural tavern and how he had endured a snide put down look by Zantar who laughed along with his friends while subtly putting him down his mincing demeanor. Now the strutting peacock is twitching as I screw him , the masseur smirked to himself. Not the big "all-man" now are we Zantar, he contemplated as the studly form of the captive muttered weakly.

"It's always the 'I'm so manly I'd never let my arse be touched' that goes crazy big time over a nice prostate job," the man laughingly lisped to the smirking guards who watched in disgust and amusement, as Zantar lay there moaning and whimpering in sexual heat with this frail degenerate's finger up his rebel arse. "Just another bottom play acting the macho man huh Zantar?" The man cackled as he finger-fucked Zantar's inner hole making sure every part of Zantar's prostate was smeared with the drug that would keep it stimulated long after the massage was done.  Soon he had the macho Zantar gyrating under him in sexual ecstasy.

"Uh. Uh," Zantar murmured as he bucked under the skillful anal probing of the smaller man. His guts were now on fire. From his occasional barely audible squeals the masseur knew he had the young prince. It was time to play the final card in this game.

"Of course I can stop?" He teased knowing the answer but following his instructions to secure a public response.

Zantar gritted his teeth. He wanted to say stop but his resolve weakened rapidly as the arousals that finger was creating inside him combined with the fumes he was gulping in from the towel by his head drove him into a mindless sexual overdrive. Sweat formed on his handsome face and body. By now he was fully erect. As he continued unconsciously to hump up and down on the masseur's finger his downward movements mashed his cock between the bed's surface and the hard ribbed muscles of his abdominals in a way that had him masturbating it without touching it. He glanced at the guard's faces and cringed. This effeminate frail man had him completely under his control , Zantar thought in embarrassment in between the bolts of exquisite pleasure that now raced him toward an orgasm. He couldn't admit this in front of the guards, he pleaded with himself as, without realizing what he was doing, he thrust his body faster. Soon it grew too intense and despite his resolve, he heard in horror his own voice say: "NO, shove...oh god...shove it... it into...uh...uh... me...I give up...deeper please....I need to cum...please don't stop!"

With glee the masseur quickened his pace causing Zantar to squirm and moan in a rapid series of guttural "oh's" and "uhuh's" until, with a roar of "ARGH" , Zantar's entire torso shook and then slumped. The man and the guards watched the heaving body of the once smug rebel leader just lie there afterwards as a growing wet spot appeared on the both sides of the sheets by Zantar's crotch clearly demonstrated to them all that Zantar, manly macho Zantar, had ejaculated while having some effeminate weakling finger out his arse.

The masseur pulled his finger free and walked up to look into Zantar's face. From the dilated pupils the rebel captive was clearly out-of-it in a drugged and sexually satiated state. "Well muscle boy you really got off on that didn't you," he sneered gleefully.

The once self boasting virile hunk slowly lifted his head to stare at the unfocused face before him with bleary eyes, "Uhhuh," Zantar managed to mumble almost incoherently before, with a heavy sigh, his own face dropped flat onto the bed's surface.

"Yeah I thought so." The masseur replied as he reached back to shove two fingers deep between the round beefy butt cheeks of the captive into his anus causing the prone man to buck and issue a loud grunt of "UGH!" As he wiggled his fingers inside Zantar a low moan escaped from the rebel fighter's lips.

"Oh fuck yes," Zantar whimpered as the intense stimulations overcame his mind and he passed out.

The small man broke out into a wide smile as he gathered his implements. After a quick hard victorious slap on the upturned arse of the cold-conked stud he briskly strode triumphantly off leaving Zantar lying exhausted and unconscious on the bed, his jaw slack and a small trace of saliva dripping from his open mouth.

When he finally came too and his vision cleared Zantar saw the faces of the guards. He turned his head and then buried his face into his pillow desperate not to see the looks from the guards who had just witnessed him disgrace himself.

For the rest of the day after his massage Zantar was in torment. He had undeniable climaxed while he was being digitally penetrated. Part of him was humiliated both by that fact and, worse in his mind, the type of man that had done this too him. Zantar had whined and moaned while completely under the sexual thrall of some limp wristed effeminate degenerate. The twin blows to his masculine self-image were doubly hard. Even more unsettling was the growing thought that maybe he had either, on some level, indicated to his hated enemy that he secretly wanted to be sodomized that day when he was in the despot's bedroom or, he secretly enjoyed it as witnessed by these new compelling sexual urges that enfolded his mind and body that had only arisen after that sexual encounter.

As he contemplated these things he slowly became aware of a growing sexually arousing itch in his anus.

More Bangs For The Buck:

By the next morning the itch in Zantar's arse was so intense he thought he'd go crazy from the arousals. After trying to body wiggle or twitch it away he finally just gave into the temptation to plug up his chute with his own finger and stimulate himself into some relief. Unfortunately he just couldn't reach the spot that was soon driving him crazy. Somehow, he realized that the masseur might be able to succeed where he had failed and he counted the days till his next massage!

By the time Zantar received word Aton would be seeing him the strapping young rebel was bouncing off the walls in heat. His masturbations had done nothing to relieve the sensations in his arse-hole and he was mentally desperate for anything that would ease this stimulation his rump was giving to his body.

Little did he suspect that the food he was served had been laced to keep him in such a state nor that Aton's delay in seeing him was designed for the precise purpose of getting him mentally prepared for the next critical stage. Zantar was being set-up for a sexual fall that his own body and mind would participate in. Finally Zantar received word he was to see Aton for "servicing". The guards  brought him, still naked, from his room to another place where Zantar met him. The area was brightly lit and quite large with a Moorish design. The only furniture consisted of a large table beside which was a smaller table holding bottles of what looked like oils.

Aton smiled at Zantar and, with a wave of his hand, indicated that the captive should climb upon the larger platform. Zantar quickly complied hoping secretly that Aton would go quickly to work on "scratching" his itch. He stretched out his tall well-built torso on the flat surface  mentally ready for Aton to abuse him anally as he done before. The anticipation of Aton's digital penetration in his butt, to his embarrassment, aroused him further and he sensed his manhood beginning to rise.  Aton smiled at the sight of the rebel hunk ready and waiting. He heated his oils and plotted his next steps.

As the crafty masseur oiled and rubbed Zantar's firm defined body the rebel prince felt every nerve come alive.

"Hmm," Zantar sighed as he settled into his rub down.

Aton skillfully went about his work massaging first Zantar's broad shoulders and then following the flaring back muscles downward toward Zantar's tapered waist before suddenly skipping the prince's rear and going to each of Zantar's strong legs. A small flush of disappointment came to the buff young man who had hoped to have his rump "intimately serviced" as it had been during their first time Aton's touch.

" arse that too," he hoarsely whispered as the burning in his anus intensified.

"Are you sure...I mean last time," Aton said lightly as he kneaded the powerfully calves and thighs of the prone young man..

"Uhuh," Zantar blurted out. "Yes its fine!"

A grinning Aton applied the warm oils to the full firm rump of Zantar's rear. As he did, the oils oozed along the round mounds of Zantar's butt-cheeks to flow down between his crack and hit his sphincter. "Fuck," Zantar moaned as the hot oils seeped slightly into his ring muscles. He sighed and shyly spread his legs so more of the oils and, hopefully Aton's fingers would make contact.

"I apologize for my indiscretion last time," Aton said lightly as he rubbed between Zantar's  spread cheeks  going between them just enough to  occasionally flick Zantar's chute entryway and causing the captive to gulp in air as bolts of pleasure wafted in his body. The captive prince moved his legs farther apart but Aton's fingers, though coming tantalizing close, never directly hit the outer ring of his anal cavity. "I promise I will not touch you so intimately again," Aton continued as he let a finger  stray once more to the area only to pull back from it. "I understand you are a virile man, as witnessed by your sexual prowess with women, and that while you delight in penetration it is degrading for anyone to try to do that to you," he finished stating with a smirk as he watched the buff young captive's hole twitch in a series of muscular contractions that indicated it was clearly of another mind on that issue. He waited now for the next stage that, judging by the soft groans coming from Zantar, he knew would come.

Zantar was going crazy by now. He realized that if he was to receive any relief he would have to ask for it and that thought filled him with shame. But he knew that need in him had to be satiated! Mortified he heard himself begin to speak. "No its may,"

"May what?"  Aton asked suppressing his glee.

Zantar took in a huge gulp of air. "Pen...Penetrate me!" He quickly blurted out as a flush of embarrassment hit him.

"Are you sure?" Aton queried to drive the point home for the once arrogant young man. "Penetrate you. Any way I want to right?"

Zantar was so distraught by what he had asked and the  cravings his body was feeling he never truly listened to precisely what Aton had said. "Yes...put me yes," he moaned pathetically as he ground his hips into the surface of the table mashing his throbbing hard-on against the surface under him. "I need to me there...please do something to make it stop," he replied fully lost in the throes of arousal.

"Well I will but only because you asked." Aton said as he pulled out leather straps from under the front area of the table to quickly secure each of Zantar's wrists to the tabletop.

"What's going on?" Zantar asked in a rising panic.

"I'm just doing what you asked," Aton stated as he disrobed to reveal an impressively long and thick erection.

Zantar's eyes popped fully open to take in Aton's hugs manhood. "NO, I didn't mean THAT!" he shouted out as he tried to yank his wrists free. The bindings however held him tight to the table's surface.

"Up on all fours Zantar!" Aton said sharply as he whacked the bound young hunk's exposed rear with a series of cracking slaps that had Zantar yelping with painful cries of "EOOOWW!"

"Do it now!" Aton continued saying until Zantar scrambled up into a dog-like position just to stop the spankings. The now laughing effeminate masseur climbed onto the table and roughly spread Zantar's powerful legs apart.

"Please no," Zantar weakly begged. "I never...I...not that...its too...big...I'll...split...I beg you," he moaned pathetically as Aton greased his erection with the nearby oils then placed the large head of his cock at Zantar's anal entryway. "I never thought," he babbled without thinking, "  I mounted .. you are so..."his voice trailed off but his meaning was clear to them both.

Aton laughed louder. "You macho straight men think just because I behave effeminately I'm incapable of screwing guys." He said over Zantar's renewed pleas. "I like to screw guys. In fact I usually do it a lot especially with arrogant "I'm so macho and straight" guys here in this place. They let me buy them drinks while mocking me for  trying to cruise them. They think well I'm such  limp-wristed simpering faggot what harm is there letting me make a fool of myself over them in public. They are so confident in their manly strength and muscles that they figure why not score free booze then pound my arse afterwards. But, the next morning they wake up with a pounding hangover and an arse that got pounded too. They keep quiet about it because if they acted to get back at me everyone would know the manly virile soldier they pose as got his arse fucked by someone like me! So beg and sob all you want you preening smug bastard but I'm going to fuck you and remember you begged for it when I do this," Aton railed as he thrust his hips inward to pop past the oil slicked ring muscles of Zantar's anus.

"Oh shit my arse," Zantar whined as the large tubular object roughly pushed into him. "I...too big," he yelped as he tried to wiggle forward only to have Aton grab him around his waist and pull him backward tighter.

"If you tense up it will hurt more Zantar," Aton whispered , "Try to relax and just think of how the women you screwed felt," he lightly chuckled as he plunged in deeper into the buff younger body under him despites the loud cries of protest from the captive.

"Oh God!" Zantar groaned as his anus felt as if someone had thrust a lighted torch up his anus. He shook from the pain but tried to relax as he was told. With a great effort his willed his anal cavity muscles to un-constrict.

Aton felt the powerful body loosen up and he slowed his entry. "Good boy,' he said encouragingly. "Breathe deeply and soon I promise that itch in you will be satisfied beyond belief," he continued saying as he let his engorged cock slip inside to the hilt.

"Fuck!" Zantar grunted as the tip of Aton's cock rubbed the very spot deep in him that had craved attention. His well-defined torso quaked as that area was assaulted.

Aton's smile widened. He knew what his erection had hit and, judging by Zantar's reaction, he also knew the rest would be easy. Slowly he began the process of screwing his bound hunk's arse.

"Oh God,"  an embarrassed Zantar soon replied as the pleasures in his guts replaced the initial pains he had experienced. Part of him was horrified that he was receiving sexual stimulations from being anally defiled by this lisping man but ,when he gazed between his own legs he saw, to his further repulsion, that he was fully erect. "I...I'm..," he muttered at the sight of his hard-on.

"Ah you pretend macho boys do really like a good butt-screw." Aton hooted in glee as he too, having noticed Zantar's arousal, reached own with a greased hand to firmly grip and masturbate the bound rebel prince.

"FUCK!"  Zantar loudly exclaimed as both of his sexual areas now received full attention. The erotic stimulations rapidly overcame any further resistance and, though he wanted didn't to acknowledge the pleasures in front of Aton, he was soon groaning in heat while  bucking his hips in ecstasy as his arse was ravaged.

At one point Aton felt Zantar's muscular thighs close to grip Aton's waist even as  Zantar lowered his head to the table top and raised his arse up higher. Clearly Aton, knew, the young man was fully into it. He pumped Zantar's engorged cock faster until the bound  prisoner was in full sexual rutting mode.

"Damn," Zantar weakly said as he felt the now familiar urges of his sexual needs. Aton's manhood was hitting him right where he craved it and soon he was eagerly voicing his desire for more. "Fuck me yes," he muttered as Aton's attentions on Zantar's erection aided in racing him to a climax.

"Going to let me fuck you all the time now right macho boy?" Aton evilly grunted as he vigorously screwed Zantar. "Going to play the woman to my dick right?"

Zantar  nodded lost in a haze of stimulations that intensified with each stroke up his butt. His mind took in what was happening, his reactions to it and then, just gave into it all. "Yes, I'll be your bitch," he yelped as an explosion of erotic fireworks cascaded in him. He felt his balls lurch upward in their pouch signaling to him that he was coming. "I'm going to pop my wad!" He cried as his powerful frame went rigid in anticipation of his eruption. As his anal cavity cinched onto Aton's cock the  effeminate masseur experienced his own need to ejaculate.

"Yeah take my spunk," he hissed as he squirted his jism up inside Zantar.

"Oh gees,"  Zantar responded as the effect of the heated wetness on his prostate finalized his coming sexual orgasm. With a loud grumbling, "EEOOWWAARRGGHH!" Zantar too shot his cream onto the table top before then collapsing onto it's surface with Aton both still inside him and on top of him. As his mind cleared Zantar realized what had happened. He had been screwed anally once more and it was clear he had asked for it to happen. His prior experiences in the tyrant's bedroom flooded back into him and in his now shattered doped mind he decided that he must have asked for that anal penetration before as well from the tyrant. He burned with shame, yet, the flickering burning sparks of the remnants of that drug-induced itch in his arse-hole told him that as  much as he hated it his rump would need this again even as Aton's now deflating cock slipped from his hole.

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