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The Conquest Of Zantar
Part 5
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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A groaning curse from Zantar stopped the man's reveries.  The young man had obviously just shot only to discover his need to masturbate had not slackened. With a panicked look he sobbed like a frightened child. Then with a hysterical laughter he reached down to undertake another sexual stimulation. Not so smug now my strapping young stallion, the villain thought as he watched Zantar's actions. Little did Zantar suspect that his new overwhelming sexual cravings were being created by a tasteless & odorless drug he had been secretly fed that intensified the sexual urges of a man's body to wildly uncontrollable levels that spiraled ever upward in intensity with every ejaculation. After a few weeks of this drug use and "re-education" young buff virile Zantar would be ready for a more public display of his "submission". A performance that would shock his followers and totally destroy Zantar's position as a man in the eyes of the people and as the focal point for further rebellions.

As he turned and walked back to his throne room the corridor filled with the lewd groans of Zantar rutting once again like a bitch in heat. The man's laughter at how the buff young hero was enthralled in a heightened sexual heat only made him delirious with happiness as he reached down to touch his own respectable erection. Zantar, he knew from sources close to the prince, secretly prided himself on his success with women who eagerly yielded to the amorous embrace of his youthful body and dashing good looks.  His sexual prowess with females since he first hit puberty was completely fused in his mind with how he saw himself as the masculine heroic warrior for righteousness.  Violating him sexually had shaken the strapping young rebel's masculine self-image but more was needed. Keeping him in a state of fever pitched erotic heat was the next phase before those ultimate sessions wherein he would clearly convince Zantar that he only received his best sexual release when he engaged in submissive sexual service to another man and further that such activities in reality merely reflected his true inner nature. The usurper knew accomplishing this would crush that macho self-image in Zantar permanently & undermine the rebel's self-confidence and defiant attitude until in the end he would be deferential and meekly sexually compliant.

Heroes are so one dimensional , the crafty tyrant thought as he continued walked reveling in the louder moans of "Aw" and "Uh" coming from the cell that signaled the another sexual climax was approaching for the captive rebel leader. Yes , he pondered, you simply dismantle their critical image of heterosexual masculinity and they crumble into malleable clay to be reformed to one's ends.

A loud obscene painful bellow of "ARGH" echoed in the corridor from Zantar's cell followed by a pathetic moan of "I still can't be...not again!" Hearing those words caused a wide smile to waft across the man's face.  The haughty crown prince was obviously now incapable of controlling himself sexually. The fact he had continued to masturbate while knowing his hated enemy was mockingly watching him was the proof this stage had gone quite well. The final battle would soon begin in the youthful warrior's conquest! As he left recalled the words of a past queen who had once been a prisoner of another ruler. "In my end is my beginning," she had said. For Zantar , he pondered as he heard the grunts of a new rutting commencing, in his end would be the autocrat's beginning!

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