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The Conquest Of Zantar
Part 10
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Stripped of any support Zantar rapidly descended into a shattered state of mind that soon came to see his captors as the only ones who cared about him. Once this concept fixed itself in his mind he soon lost any defiance and meekly acquiesced in any sexual request given to him no matter how much he inwardly despised himself for complying. In a few months he was a complete male slut eager to please those he now saw as his friends inspite of the humiliation he still experienced in doing so.

Without Zantar to inspire them all resistance dissolved. The despot happy with these results cheerfully solidified his reign.

One night Zantar was brought to the throne room where the despot, dressed in robes of state and wearing the imperial crown, sat in majesty with his guards.

Zantar humbly approached with deference wearing, as always, only a skimpy pair of lacy feminine underwear. His strong strapping chiseled body shined in the torchlight.

"Zantar word reaches us you are quite the cock fiend now," the autocrat said mockingly taking pleasure in the flush of embarrassment that came to the handsome rebel's face. "Here we had heard of your super-stud status among the women only to find that your true nature is more...shall we say quite the reverse?"

he joked as he watched Zantar squirm under the combined effect of both his words and the glaring contempt looks of everyone in the room

"Yes sire," Zantar answered still mortified by what he had become but also still desperate to please.

"So tell us is it more pleasing now taking it up the arse for you Zantar?" The despot continued enjoying his stripping of every shred of dignity the buff young man might still have inside him.

"I...ah...I," Zantar stuttered as he tried to formulate an answer that would preserve something of his pride yet still not offend those he found himself mentally incapable of defying.  Someone in the room snorted derisively and finally he just gave up lapsing into silence.

"I believe last time I took your arse you were tied up correct?" He said with a yawn.

Zantar's mind wandered back to that time he had first been anally mounted. It seemed so long ago yet, his anus twitched at the recollection. He gulped and nodded embarrassed at how the memory his initial defilement now caused his body to tingle with the first blush of a familiar arousal. His cock stirred in the satin panties he wore.

 The evil villain chuckled as he gazed at the slight but discernable growth in Zantar's crotch. He signaled to his men with his eyes what he was seeing and some of the guards broke out into their own grins as they took in the sight of the rebel exhibiting the first evidence of a boner. "Now that is no longer necessary correct?" he continued as he fixed his eyes on his men with a sly grin. "You enjoy being mounted like a woman correct boy?" he said mockingly.

Zantar was mortified by what he was hearing. He wanted to scream he was still a man but the growing itch in his anus coupled with the equally growing tented mound in his soft panties' crotch area clearly showed just what he was now.

The tyrant laughed as he opened his robe to reveal his nakedness and, more importantly, a large erection. "Sit on this boy," he hissed eager to solidify his rule over this man in front of witnesses.

Zantar gazed at the assembled men around them. He felt shame but also that desire to please.  Gingerly he disrobed and stood naked before the man he once boasted of defeating. "Please," he muttered abjectly, "not here. Not in front of them," he said softly even as he went up to his former foe. The once proud rebel prince took in the evil smirk on his former enemies' face and let out a painful sigh. Turning around to face the room of guards he gripped his muscled thighs and docilely squatted downward onto the usurper's erection.

"Oh fuck," he groaned as his arse-hole and guts were filled. "Oh fuck,' he whined as his prostate was rubbed triggering his own arousals.

"Oh fuck indeed," the autocrat laughed as he wrapped his hands around the narrow hips of his captive and began thrusting into his anus. "Not such a stud now are we boy," he said as he screwed into Zantar harder. "Telling everyone I'm such a degenerate and boasting of your manliness and sexual prowess with women didn't you?" He rasped as he rammed in deeper.

"Ugh. Oh fuck my arse," Zantar replied as his guts wrapped themselves around the hard invader now ravaging inside him.

"Well look who is impaled on whose cock now my virile young womanizing buck," the despot teasingly said as he screwed away in earnest, "Or should we say my former womanizing hotshot stallion?"

"Aw fuck," Zantar's whined as his beefy round rump was pounded by his former foe while he took in the sight of the others watching. Despite his humiliation the activity inside his anus triggered his own erection and, as he slipped into that erotic bliss a good fucking now gave him, Zantar reached down and began to masturbate while obscenely humping himself further downward on the ruler's stiff rod. The muscles of his defined thighs rippled in the lights as he gyrating up and down.

"Yes," the tyrant exclaimed as the sight of Zantar jerking off inspired him into an even more savage pentrations that had them both roaring in heat.

"Getting fucked," Zantar cried lost in a haze of sexual stimulations. "Getting my arse fucked!"

The despot reached up and began to fondle the large brown nipple orbs on the captive's fully muscled pectorals until they too stiffened into small hard circles. "Like this Zantar?" The man hissed as he felt up his former opponent until the captive rebel was whimpering in delight. "Like playing the woman's role in sex boy?"

"Yes sire," Zantar replied submissively as he gave himself fully over to the stimuli that soon had him enthralled in its grip. His hard abdominals rippled as his breathing increased. As usual by now Zantar lost himself in erotic submission. "Fuck me sire," he begged as he stroked his own manhood. "Fuck my boy's arse sire."

"Yeah big preening macho Zantar now just my own fuck-boy," the despot snarled as he ravaged the hole of the formerly virile enemy with gusto.

Soon the throne room filled with Zantar's mewing of sexual surrender and the despot's hoots of triumph as the tyrant screwed his former foe in a final victory fuck that shortly had them both ready to spew their spunk.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck," Zantar chanted as he felt a climax coming. His anal muscles contracted on the cock that was deep inside him and his well-defined torso went rigid as it readied to ejaculate. The effect of his anal grip sent the tyrant's own rod into overdrive.

"I'm going to seed you just like you used to do with those women," he growled as he erupted.

"Fuck," Zantar yelped as his insides felt the searing hot juices of the man he once fought cascading into him. The gushing usurper's jism triggered Zantar's own ejaculation and with a final roar of "ARGH" , his own seed shot out & upward from him in such a way that the formerly defiant rebel's spunk hit him directly in his own face. With a sigh Zantar's powerful arms dropped limply to his sides, his muscled legs splayed outward and, he collapsed onto the softening dick of the tyrant while gazing dully at the smirking guards who took in the sight of their once boastful manly foe reclining against their ruler whose cock was still embedded in Zantar's arse. "Fuck," Zantar exhaled while just staring at them with his face dripping in his own cum while the despot fondled Zantar's pectorals with one hand while gripping Zantar's drained nut-pouch with the other.

"I think as a reward," the despot sneered wickedly as he reached down to fondle Zantar's cock into another erection, "we will have you taken to the public square tomorrow for a ...display with Tagger over there pretending to be your executioner but really presenting to the people role here!"

The former rebel hunk slightly lifted his head. Through unfocused eyes he directed his look at the man the despot was indicating. It was the fat man in his dreams! His mind reeled with the images of his former dream about his public humiliation in front of the women he'd once played the man with and even more horrible, the men he had lead. He saw Tagger's evil grin as the pudgy man reached to his crotch to grab his impressive bulge. Zantar's brain instantly recreated the sensations of the arse fucking the man had given him in the dream. His hole itched violently in response to the mental stimuli it got from his brain and fired a bolt of arousal to his cock. The lights spun in the throne room as the former rebel prince 's cock sprang to reply whenever his arse itched like that!

 "," he managed to croak just before his cock fired another tremendous load that left him dazed and fully drained. Leaning his head back onto the ruler's shoulder Zantar lapsed into that after-glow dazed state a good arse banging always gave to him. He involuntarily wiggled his arse, which was still impaled on the autocrat's cock. As he did one of the older guards leaned over to his friend and, with a smirking chuckle, whispered to him, "well looks like the boy finally got his arse on the throne after all!"

The End.